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How to Create and Upload Gmod Workshop Addons! BEST WAY!

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Please watch: "(HE FREAKED!) Lottery Prank on Friend 😱 [Cash 4 Life]" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WohXgdFcDM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- In this video, I'll be showing you guys how to CREATE and UPLOAD Gmod addons! NEW VERSION: https://youtu.be/37Ie3ditfqU DOWNLOAD: http://sh.st/U1kox Follow TacticalFilms on Twitter ➤ https://goo.gl/CR6Ey5 Facebook Page ➤ https://goo.gl/8wk3UX
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Text Comments (175)
Yatchel - Random Vids! (2 months ago)
lol "Gmod Hack Loader.exe"
Darkwolf (3 months ago)
it says "not allowed by whitelist" what can i do?
Dragon Cola (9 months ago)
Those mic peaks though
MrSoldier (11 months ago)
- sees roblox - OH SHIT ITS ROBLOX NUKE IT!!!11!!11!1!!!!1!!!11!!
FlamingKitty24 (1 year ago)
how do you make them on mac?
Super Massive Goot (1 year ago)
this is copied
Pixel BoomBot (1 year ago)
how do i get rid of this? [Not allowed by whitelist] File list verification failed
Tactical Films (1 year ago)
Gmod does not like on the the files that you used. There are specific file formats that it accepts. From the Gmod wiki (https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Workshop_Addon_Creation): info.txt or addon.txt are not needed You can only upload files that would normally be mounted by the game, except for: .dll, .exe, .htm, .html, .css and .js files are restricted .txt files are restricted too, except for vehicle scripts There's a newer tutorial btw: https://youtu.be/37Ie3ditfqU
Shane Kasdorf (1 year ago)
Shane Kasdorf (1 year ago)
i do not see a discription
ScrubGaming (2 years ago)
can you help me make a weapon
Tactical Films (2 years ago)
I'm not avid at making Gmod game weapons but here is my tip: decompile an existing weapon addon pack and modify/tinker with the code. Then try to make your own weapons. Eventually this will lead to you being able to create the Gmod weapons yourself.
FelixFace (2 years ago)
When I opened the GMAD.exe file it opens up a lot of times, I rebooted my computer ... then I saw my work area disorganized
Eono (2 years ago)
NTGames (2 years ago)
How do you get the thing to make the Folder show up
Cat_Man9000 (2 years ago)
what is r theme songs name?
OverdosedOreos (2 years ago)
This is just clickbait you dont tell us anyhting about how to create one its just how to upload one
T Alsing (2 years ago)
Creating = not making
XephyrCraft (2 years ago)
I keep getting the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin\gmad.exe is not a valid Win32 application. UGH
Tactical Films (2 years ago)
Hey, check out the newer version: https://youtu.be/37Ie3ditfqU
Crooton (2 years ago)
He hacks
3rd Avenue (2 years ago)
hate you
Slice of pizza (2 years ago)
he has played 1575 hours.
PoProstuJa (2 years ago)
how do you make the texture for your car
matt (2 years ago)
ok i tried restarting, redownloading, and EVERYTHING and it still will not work please help me i cannot change the settings it wont open
Tactical Films (2 years ago)
What issue specifically are you running into?
개인2저장용 (2 years ago)
addon.json error: Couldn't find file why... please help me
Black|KillGamer (3 years ago)
It asks me "are you the author" and it can´t publish the addon... pls Help ;D
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
No problem!
Black|KillGamer (3 years ago)
nice thx m8
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+Black|KillGamer Here's a video explaining a brand new way to do it, the old method is slow and hard, the new method is fast and easy :) https://youtu.be/37Ie3ditfqU
IVM Gaming (3 years ago)
addon.json error: couldnt find file
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+IVM Gaming Just released a better video, follow this link for a newer, faster, and easier version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37Ie3ditfqU
Thousand of winows opened in CMD. Didn't work either.
Detonage (3 years ago)
Vedran Ilinic (3 years ago)
thank you but plase make another video showing how to make and edit your addodn
The Muffin Man (3 years ago)
Hey so I see other people are having the problem with cmd keeps opening with gmad.bat.. The same thing is happenening to me but I'm launching it off the right drives...
The Muffin Man (3 years ago)
Okay. Thanks for the help!
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
No problem :) Hmm.. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong because a lot of people are having this issue and all the .bat file has in it is basic code that is even edited by the user. There is an alternative to this that I did not yet make a video about, it's called GMPU (Garry's Mod Publishing Utility). It's a nice GUI that's way easier than following this video :)
The Muffin Man (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials Off the desktop and off the c drive it's self. Thanks for the reply too!
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Hi, are you running it off of the C:/ drive?
The Mewtwo Lovers (3 years ago)
it said file name contains Capital How can i fix this
The Mewtwo Lovers (3 years ago)
it just says cannot parse addon
Icalestro (3 years ago)
I'm pretty late, but um...It says that the file could not save.
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+OfficialAngryGaming Hmm not quite sure what the problem is, but I assume that you are running the file on an external drive of some sort, OR, you may be saving a file that's too large/corrupt? I would just perform some trial and error, I'm not really sure what else I can say. Here's a link to the Garry's Mod wiki for help if you need more: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Workshop_Addon_Creation Hope it helped :)
ComedyGTV (3 years ago)
How do I upload a trailer video to the preview on workshop?
ComedyGTV (3 years ago)
Okay thanks, I shall have a nosey now :)
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+ComedyGTV You need to go to the settings of the workshop item and there should be an option for video/images on the right side when you look at the addon's page. Hope it helped :)
what type is picture model folder or .png?
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+POUNDPAUN CH The picture needs to be a  512x512 JPG image.
TheMattChannel (3 years ago)
it says addon.json error: type isn't supported type! any help on this?
TheMattChannel (3 years ago)
and lol thanks for putting my comment lolololol
TheMattChannel (3 years ago)
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Just made one: https://youtu.be/37Ie3ditfqU
TheMattChannel (3 years ago)
Ok. So do you have a tutorial to publish a map from hammer editor? Cuz ive been looking forward to that
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
That's right!
nemesism (3 years ago)
fucking idiot makes repeating cmd, oldest trick in the book dumbass, didn't even run the .bat and already figured out. Fuck you and your shitty mic
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+woozy Wow bruh, I hope you know that you have to run the .bat file on your own drive, not an external drive or plugged-in thing. If you run it on something other than the drive that came with your PC (by "run" I mean, save it on it) then it will spam windows of batch files. It's not a problem with the file :/
Elliott Igglesden (3 years ago)
*Clicks on GMAD.bat* - couldn't parse json*Clicks on GMPUBLISH.bat* - Error opening addon*Click on GMPUBLISH_Update* - Cant edit workshop idHELP!?
Elliott Igglesden (3 years ago)
Do I need to find out my addon path, workshop item id and changelog for the update file?
Elliott Igglesden (3 years ago)
For some reason it didn't let me go on a new line, its a bit squashed...
Kaiser9321 (3 years ago)
I get #tool.EpicSword.Name along with other things, how do I fix that??
Olly Rickard (3 years ago)
whats the link
Sniper07 (3 years ago)
Downloads? Are you FREAKING SERIOUS?
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+Sniper07 Bros Yes.
RCTestKid (3 years ago)
You have made it impossible to follow...
RCTestKid (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials I ended up using the java program for uploading my workshop stuff. So much easier!
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+RCTestKid Tried my best :D
Drew (3 years ago)
GMAD.exe just spamm my pc with consoles they say's : Path not found what do i have to do ?
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Make sure that you paste in the right path into the file otherwise it doesn't like that and spams.
Evatron (3 years ago)
i miss toybox
Chip (3 years ago)
I did everything, but when I run gmad it just continuously opens cmd windows until my pc crashes, help?
Angry Swede Chilean (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials when i activate the GMAD.bat file i get a message in red in the command box that says: "file list verification failed". Does this has to do with the addon.txt i have in the folder or is it something else
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Angry Swede Chilean (3 years ago)
Fixed it, still had some files with capital addons. thx :)
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+Emilio Andrée This has to do with the files inside your addon. I believe you cannot use capital letters as well as there being a restriction to certain files. There's more about file restrictions and such here --> http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Workshop_Addon_Creation
Kleneu66 (3 years ago)
How to create JSON file?
Kleneu66 (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials Thanks.
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+Goat All you do is start with creating a .txt file and then change the extension of the file to .json
Kater (3 years ago)
it doesn't explain how to CREATE one.
Longest Of Times (2 months ago)
+Tyren Dimmitt dumbass those are the addons you have
Tyren Dimmitt (3 years ago)
+Mateus Kater Yea, I was like "Where the hell is the Addon folder he is talking about?!" I searched my GMOD folder I found addons but no Models were in there! But yea I agree. :P
Matthew Cupelli (3 years ago)
JHMninja89 (3 years ago)
Hey Tomm, after I run the .bat I get an erros "Couldn't parse json"
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
You probably have a mistake in the file path and/or are using incorrect slashes. Try to use opposite slashes or try to re-insert the file path.
MrDoradoFett (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials Help, it keeps saying couldn't find file. I put everything correct. what am I missing?
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Np :)
JHMninja89 (3 years ago)
Yep, i fixed it. Thx for the tutorial anyways.
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Your .json file must have an error.
Logan Tate (3 years ago)
lol in my gmad file it wasn't the thingy. It actually said C:\Users\Tomasz\Desktop\Tutorial in it XD
NJLamp Films (3 years ago)
When i opened up GMAD it started opening up endless CMD prompts, and then my computer froze. I couldnt shut it off with the power button so i unplugged it from the surge protector, but also accidentally unplugged the lamp too. Fumbling around in the dark, i shocked myself on the outlet by accident. Thanks for the useless, computer crashing BAT file, and go to hell.
+NJLamp Films Its actually quiet impossible cuz in the run section there is nothin that opens more cmds, just starten the gmod file and compressing the one
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+LittleBinx Hmm, what operation systems are you guys running, I ran this on Windows 8 and Windows 10, and it worked fine Not sure what's going on, a few other people reported the same issue with endless CMD windows opening.
Eecer (3 years ago)
+NJLamp Films I just clicked Close all. But it did make endless CMD's
LZD Bros (3 years ago)
+Sgt. Pepper That Comment though
Moose (3 years ago)
+NJLamp Films savage
mkololpier123icer (3 years ago)
Compressing failed what do I do?
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Maybe the addon is too large?
Dylan - (3 years ago)
Eww darkrp xD
Naruto Uzumaki (3 years ago)
way to got tom replace the directions with your information we totally needed that!
dead account lol (3 years ago)
4:14 ; struggled quite, I dunno how to edit it exactly..
dead account lol (3 years ago)
Also, when I downloaded the thingy, It already had the details on it which is shown in the video, so..
dead account lol (3 years ago)
>.<; I don't know what a text editor quite is..
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Any text editor will do.
R O L U C K (3 years ago)
Looks at his desktop. e.e Real messy man... Real messy.
dead account lol (3 years ago)
+Ayciate :3 Oh go- Oh good!
Ayciate :3 (3 years ago)
+PlanePond you should look at mine. Its at its smallest icon size and yet its still full :P
dead account lol (3 years ago)
+PlanePond ikr
Derpy Gaming (3 years ago)
Ummm when i launch the gmad.bat its REALLY fucking up... it keeps opening new cmds saying it cant find the directory somehow and just keep spamming them
Derpy Gaming (3 years ago)
+CaptainDeagle62 (Community Channel) nope. :( but i have used gmpu 2.2  to make an addon. i will give you the link if you want to try it, its very simple and easy.
Sorrow Sky (3 years ago)
+Derpy Gaming I Have the same problem as you, and i did everything in the video. still no fix?
Derpy Gaming (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials Okay, thanks for the advice. Also its a really informative video you made, most isn't. :) 
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+Derpy Gaming You must not have the proper installation of gmad or Garry's Mod. Try reinstalling Garry's Mod.
NightMarcher2000 (3 years ago)
Worked for me!
Steelecrusher (3 years ago)
When I try to download it my chrome blocks it because it says its a virus
Steelecrusher (3 years ago)
Thanks also that doesn't really make since i use .bat files all the time to run programs I make or use ect. Like running servers for example. Idk though it's your program so.
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials There you go, new link :P
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
+Steele Anthony Darn, sorry about that. It detects .bat files so it automatically rules it out as a virus. I'll upload a new link. Sorry about that.
Foxtrot YT (3 years ago)
whenever i double click gmad.exe it says its not allowed by the white list
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
You can only use specific files in an addon. For example, you can use .lua files but you cannot use .zip files. You can easily find this whitelist if you look it up on Google, just search up something like "Gmad whitelist."
Justin Seebeck (3 years ago)
Thanks mate. Now I can finally upload my weapon packs to the twerkshop.
Lemi (3 years ago)
You had GTA V.exe before it came out?
VivaLaAnthony (3 years ago)
+Deuce It's a save editor for a game console (playstation or xbox)
Mat Smith (3 years ago)
You are a fucking griefer, that GMAD.bat if fucking malicious.
Mat Smith (3 years ago)
I was a bit pissed :P I thought it was one of those troll batch files that was mean't to make my computer crash
Mat Smith (3 years ago)
Sorry, I over reacted. There was an error, so it got caught in a loop so it started making an infinite amount of instances of the cmd window. made my computer crash
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
It's no malicious, FYI. Chrome simply detects is as such because it is a .bat file. Try uploading one that has no text in it, same message will show up. Use something called Google next time.
dshaynie (3 years ago)
the downloads are broken
lRoberth (3 years ago)
Garry's Mod Addon Creator 1.1 Looking in folder "C:/Users/lRoberth/Desktop/stealserver/"         gmod.jpg                 [Not allowed by whitelist]         lua/bypass/bypass.json                 [Not allowed by whitelist]         lua/stealserver/stealserver.json                 [Not allowed by whitelist] File list verification failed C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin>
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
There is a whitelist of files that Garry actually allows in a workshop add-on, you can probably find this on garrysmod.org
user (3 years ago)
I tried this... then when I opened GMAD.bat, DOZENS of command prompt windows opened, my PC started lagging to shit, then my antivirus fired off...It took HOURS to close all of the windows before restarting my PC
oh ok
user (3 years ago)
Nah I just typed the wrong stuff, did something else and now my stuff is on thw rokshop :D
+ʃȍɳɡʃȍɳɢʊȿɛʀɲǻɱɛ +TommTutorials this happened to me too, how do I fix it?
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
This is because you most likely opened it on an external hard drive or hard disk that is not directly connected to your motherboard. This would create a spam because it tries to call the same function over and over with a delay as it is on direct.
ALMarkAZ Studios (3 years ago)
Addon was uploaded and made successfully when I tried that but my picture of the addon at the steam workshop did not appears, only a black screen :L what I've done wrong ?
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
The picture was probably uploaded but Steam might not have processed it yet as of it receiving a heavy load of images and addons through the workshop. What I would suggest doing is to wait a couple hours and see if the picture is working — this usually works for me.
SwagLike Caillou (3 years ago)
left side Gmod Hack Loader
UsernameWhoNeedsEm (3 years ago)
Why the fuck does he make this stuff to workshop uploading so uncessisarily complicated.. not you, garry.
FAZEDIE56 (3 years ago)
doesnt let me download because google blocked it since it may harm my pc
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
It shouldn't do that... try going to the downloads and click "recover malicious file", this sounds a bit sketchy, but it works.
GmodTH judy hopps (3 years ago)
like the maps in the workshoop
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
You need to have steam launched while doing this, if that does not work, check if the directory is correct. If both of these do not work, try to either restart your computer, or task manager out of steam. I've experienced this problem before, and that is how I solved it, Mike Witteveen.
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
Please re-watch the video, I have clearly indicated this.
Flxur (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials I have a question how to put the stuff u want in it in the models folder cuz i got some stuff, but i have no clue how to put the stuff in there and where its located?
Tactical Films (3 years ago)
No problem :)
Mike Witteveen (3 years ago)
+Mike Witteveen Well nevermind fixed it. there was a part of the code missing "gmad.exe"! Thanks for your help though.
Mike Witteveen (3 years ago)
+TommTutorials Tryed both :/ seems it didn't worked.. Any idea's left? :S
Mike Witteveen (3 years ago)
Eey nice tutorial, clear voice and good quality! I just got 1 problem, when i press the publish file it says this: "Error opening addon (does the file exist?)" I tryed multiple things but i can't find a way to fix, please help.

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