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TOP 50 Amazing Games PC With 64 MB / 128 MB / 256 MB VRAM Graphic Card - Low Spec | Laptop

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Text Comments (811)
MehamedGamer (9 months ago)
The best Youtuber Like Guys
User K (10 days ago)
Yes, best youtuber.. doesn´t have sounds in many of the games in the video plus he includes games that never came out on pc like mgs 3, but he is the best youtuber.. of course...
YoussefSeyam (22 days ago)
اكيد :]
Driver Nephi (1 month ago)
Matt Peck (2 months ago)
Ah, what a grand marketing scheme. BEST YOUTUBER LIKE GUYS!! 8===D
Zmei (10 minutes ago)
Where is Gothic 1/2 ?
Vladislav (3 hours ago)
I don't see the best game : Big Rig over the road racing disliked
Lucas Torres (7 hours ago)
where is age of empires 2???
More games in mind: All the classic doom engine games The sims 1 & 2 That's all I can think of, not exactly huge on older games.
Sagara Sousuke (9 hours ago)
very few people know IGI, a master piece
RUBICON (13 hours ago)
minecraft? Looool
X-Tech Gam!nG (14 hours ago)
UT2004 instead of Quake 4. That game was shit...
KLzfAeFFp (17 hours ago)
256 vram rly ? XD
Jakub Bar (18 hours ago)
MGS3 hasn't got a port on PC
GK 83 (18 hours ago)
Donnie (19 hours ago)
whats games are using what? It doesnt say what card are using 64 mb cards ect.....
Trinh Binh Minh (20 hours ago)
5:15 "Hitman : Codename 47" damn walking simulator sure looks fun
POL Alp (21 hours ago)
project igi the best
HAMODY_ GAMER99 (1 day ago)
Thank you for this video ❤
Kuki Gamer (1 day ago)
Reyyan Sattar (1 day ago)
Wow thanks man! You are the best thank you very much for telling us top 50 amazing games
KIỆT - MINECRAFT (1 day ago)
I like minecraft is my favorite game
Game&Life Production (2 days ago)
I am very grad to see Half Life 2 there
Leonardo x (2 days ago)
Say amazing games... put Minecraft.
MyNama Jeff (7 hours ago)
its the best game ever made and there's no argument against that.
Marco Sulu (2 days ago)
1995 - 2005 = the best time of gaming.
ASP (2 days ago)
8. is Tony Hawk's underground 2, not pro skater 2
Iulian Sacuiu (2 days ago)
very nice games bro ......i play some of there
A Polite Cat (2 days ago)
I didnt thought this level of ram was possible nowadays
Merculian0808 (3 days ago)
Blade of Darkness Advent Rising
Desolate Carnage (3 days ago)
Honorable Mentions: World of Warcraft (Lich King) Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 Starcraft Plants vs Zombies Serious Sam: The First and Second Encounter Fallout Diablo Warcraft III Command and Conquer: Generals Deus Ex Unreal Tournament 2004 Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Alien vs Predator 2 F.E.A.R. Rainbow Six MX vs ATV Unleashed
In 2004-05 I was playing Half-Life 2 with Ahtlon 1900+ 256 mb ram and 128 mb radeon 9200. It was about 25-35 fps on LOW. not so cool.
ツzWally (3 days ago)
RTX 2080TI 8GB ??
Martin K (3 days ago)
project igi best of the best
Erwin Smith (3 days ago)
hello guys !!! my hp laptop has 4 gb ram and intel core i5 what games can i play there??? thx from adv
tHE_FROOZZEN (4 days ago)
i have a nice pc but minecraft need 2 gb graphics card
Kashif Saad (4 days ago)
most famous were gta vice city and freedom fighters
Skolman 360 (4 days ago)
the graphics are not a problem i hav 78kb/s....
TheR#ck (5 days ago)
Where is Far Cry 1????????????????
J4DEE GAMING (5 days ago)
anyone with 4gb of Vram?
i love CSS and Minecraft
and half life 2
Peter (5 days ago)
*IL-2 Sturmovik - biggest nostalgia.*
Dwarf Mamba (5 days ago)
where can i get this games ?
WindowsXpTrojan (6 days ago)
what about killing floor.
Hulya Gul (6 days ago)
is it counts for 32-bit?
Hottzy (6 days ago)
Prince of Persia. Total war. Stronghold.
anton tretiak (6 days ago)
Call of duty 1
cvxee cvrle (6 days ago)
where's Alien vs predator? :$
Hdkd Ndhd (6 days ago)
Where is combat
KolkitowMG (7 days ago)
Amazing top man! Really good ♥
Alonzo Harris (7 days ago)
OMFG MIDTOWN MADNESS I REMEMBER THIS GAME. I remember playing this thing back then i forgot what it was called since my brother installed it for me. Holy fucking shit thank you.
Yousef - ME (7 days ago)
mine craft still good i love mine craft
SárKány (7 days ago)
Get_Rekt :D
SárKány (7 days ago)
VeriXus! (8 days ago)
portal 1 is for me
reza Shahili (8 days ago)
Mafia/ Call of duty, IGI. were the best.
Mehmet Scholl (8 days ago)
Max Payne and Igi . Brings back my memories from 2001. Intel Celeron 733 Mhz, GPU 8GB of RAM :D
raMMMzi (8 days ago)
Where is Blood Omen 2 ?
H2NB Productions (8 days ago)
oh yeah minecraft. it cannot even run on my $500 laptop because of shitty proccesor
KuraPika (9 days ago)
why there is not unreal tournament ?
Данило Г. (9 days ago)
Weird list. It looks like random. There is Hitman Codname 47, but there are no 2 Silent Assassin and Contracts. There is MGS 3, but no MGS 1 and 2. There is GTA San Andreas, but no 3 and Vice City. And so on. How did you decided which game from the series include to the list which not?
Martinstars (10 days ago)
1:08 NANI
nico gerlero (10 days ago)
I played sooo many games in this list when I was a kid that I even forgot their names... this gives me back soo many memories.
Fernando Stirnimann (10 days ago)
omg 21:51
elgull0 (10 days ago)
ещтн hawks underground 2^but it says tony hawks pro skater 2... seems that guy didnt even play this games
HanKyeolYoon (10 days ago)
Valve was such a legend. Sad that they quit developing own games, though i can understand why.
daltonrussel (10 days ago)
a lot of valve games, they not always make a good game, but when they do they can't count to three
Weird Manheim (10 days ago)
конечно нихуя! майнкрафт пиздец какая требовательная!
Arshad Ali (10 days ago)
Games like IGI will never come again
fetis26 (11 days ago)
смешались в кучу легенды и какие-то ноунеймы
Squid Elvis (11 days ago)
You mean 50 games that are my chilhood
Amro Hegazy (11 days ago)
shit IGI and Delta force were my favorite shit back then ...
Ivan (11 days ago)
That was good old days... better games then now if you ask me...
PRO STREET (11 days ago)
where ıs cs go ?
_ Aquamarina (11 days ago)
nice video.... great games
baer mann (12 days ago)
Le Flachzange!
Minas Morgul (12 days ago)
mafia 1 the best
Meatloaf (12 days ago)
I love the Source engine, hope they wont overdo it
Xtreemo Productions (12 days ago)
Another recomendations: Command & Conquer Renegade, Quake 3 Arena, Driv3r, Constructor 2: Street Wars
Cricket Fan (13 days ago)
Best m pro
triple M (13 days ago)
Need for Speed Underground 2 should be on list. It's awesome game
Bruno Rodrigues (13 days ago)
Muito bom
Pedro Daquota (13 days ago)
DMC WERGIL (13 days ago)
gta 2pl gta 2pl (13 days ago)
gta 2pl gta 2pl (13 days ago)
Radioactivo99X (14 days ago)
Дэниэл (14 days ago)
Were is GTA Vice city?
Glider FS (14 days ago)
Where's Tribes Vengeance ?
TheRicokarpovka (15 days ago)
marc ecko's getting up
Kyudo Kun (15 days ago)
Thanks for making this video, it helps a lot. Keep up a good work.
MarSh GaMinG (15 days ago)
I have an i5 3470 paired with a gtx 1060 6GB and 16GB Ram, idk why im watching this ^^
MarSh GaMinG (12 days ago)
+Juan Dang it I miss those days, most of these games didn't even require a dedicated gpu
Juan (12 days ago)
well I have a gtx 1080 ti and a i7 8700k so I can flex even more 🙃
Marcelo Aranibar (15 days ago)
Project IGI <3 <3
Ket (15 days ago)
where is FlatOut 1/2
H3nta1Lover (15 days ago)
maybe i will help somebody. Try to check chaser game , 2003-rd year , fps, very nice game
SweetNight & Gxmer (17 days ago)
puro juego culero xd
THE TWO SECOND VINER (17 days ago)
you all should also try invention 2
Nyrisith (18 days ago)
i have a GTX 1050 Ti but I always come back to these games because they were so fun to play.. Especially MDK 2, i was playing that game a lot
엑쥬페리갤러리 (18 days ago)
미친ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ MDK2 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Sebastian Hult (18 days ago)
Cool fucking garbage video with games that were never even released on PC.
STEPHEN MBIZA (19 days ago)
Сергей (19 days ago)
Gothic 1 ??????????????????????????????????????????????
Bongo Cat!! (19 days ago)
Red alert 2 and 3?

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