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Act 1: DNA | 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015

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Are you mesmerized yet? This visual embodiment of our DNA reminds us of our uniqueness, while connecting us to one another. Watch as the stadium blossom into a white kaleidoscope of shimmers -- from the brilliant floor projection on the field, to the hundreds of young performers shining as strands of DNA, to the LED medallions illuminating every single audience member and transforming them into a glistening galaxy. Five unique animals of Southeast Asian will arc proudly through the still of the night, as the images of the DNA double heliexs bind the participants together in an opening act of unparalleled spectacle. Subscribe to http://youtube.com/SingaporeSports/live or download our free SEA Games TV app for live broadcast of 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015. iOS Devices: http://apple.co/1IIDrIr Android Devices: http://bitly.com/1INiNVQ
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Text Comments (50)
Arya Putra (10 days ago)
Pulau jawa sama pulau kalimantannya jauh banget.
Taufik Hidayat (2 months ago)
muhammad ilham (3 months ago)
all about teknologi, dont have culture of singapore....where the culture tradition show ???? the melayu dance ???
ARMYXSIMMER (2 months ago)
muhammad ilham Singapore is a multi-racial nation. You’re saying we lack of tradition and diversity? We have the malaysian, the indian, the chinese and even the western cultures practised in this very petite island. I would say (if you will) that Singapore is a culture-rich country as Malaysia ;) what about yours? Dude can you pls don’t be so ignorant? Its not cool if you live in a big country, but your brain is small.
Teratai Putih (4 months ago)
Lagunya bikin ngantuk
MrKimiloh (2 months ago)
Krisman B dududu asian games 2018 cuy
Krisman B (3 months ago)
Teratai Putih Teknologi nya canggih tak macam indon miskin
Edhi Rachmadi (6 months ago)
Awesome 😍
intan lestari (6 months ago)
Eye catching! Luv it
Armeino Fadhlan (10 months ago)
The kalimantan island and the java island is too far
Sue Saait (11 months ago)
the best opening sea game singapore and malaysia...
Ana Yuliastuti (5 days ago)
Indonesia 2018 asian games is the best!!
Simon33196033 H (1 year ago)
We are the greatest, we are the ones who will overcome, al we need is love
el faro (1 year ago)
What the meaning of that fish?
Andika FTN (1 year ago)
bagus walaupun budayanya sikit, dari pada kaya tetangga sebelah, budaya sikit , eh malah claim budaya orang
Fa Fa (3 months ago)
Andika FTN takbulih kau julid buaaaank! 😌
Krisman B (3 months ago)
Bkn ke indon yg suka claim? Oh negara sampah tu baru igt..
mutiara insani (4 months ago)
Lah terbalik kalee situ yg claim budaya indonesia
Shahdan Turung (1 year ago)
Lebih mending dari negara kuat claim seperti negara terbalik itu
Ayska Zamzami (1 year ago)
this is amazing, i am mesmerized right now
Phúc (1 year ago)
The Best All of the Opening Ceremonies SEAGAME.
mauro navarenho (2 years ago)
porque não passou na tv brasileira ? se fosse nos states passava , né ?
Jairul Joe (2 years ago)
im sleepy.. haha
Victoria_E (3 years ago)
Glad to be a part of this :)
Soda :3 (3 years ago)
Im it yay it was a great to make Singapore proud
Alexis Lei (3 years ago)
I performed in this 🙋 mg gurlll
Gaming Studio (3 years ago)
Yay I feel so proud looking at what I have accomplished! Go RI! Go Singapore!
Cheng Kai Lim (3 years ago)
Yay I performed in this!!
Dada Yip (1 year ago)
Chengkai Lim cool
loc au (3 years ago)
Hoàng Sa Trường Sa của Việt Nam đâu ???? 3.07
ajju Yakkala (3 years ago)
I performed in this too
I was in act 2
sarapatch khamplod (3 years ago)
What is name of the song??  on time 3.30
Regan Ng (3 years ago)
The song is called "still" :)
Thebelovels (3 years ago)
+sarapatch khamplod Still by Charlie Lim
Anna Leo (3 years ago)
What song is this?
Colin Yeo (3 years ago)
+Anna Leo
Roland Win (3 years ago)
Yay Im in this XD
Da Fun Otaku (3 years ago)
Ooh me too :)
Anthony Yip (3 years ago)
+Chengkai Lim same
Cheng Kai Lim (3 years ago)
+Milton Lee Lol I performed in this too I'm from Raffles
Milton Lee (3 years ago)
Class? I prob won't eat you.
Roland Win (3 years ago)
Lukas J4 (3 years ago)
Where are Hoàng Sa Island & Trường Sa Island in the ASEAN maps?
so cool
Elle Concepcion (3 years ago)
Anindita Larano (3 years ago)
So proud to have been a part of this performance :) GO TEAM SG!
็Ho. I'm speechless!

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