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Make Your Own Electricity with Steam

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Pellet powered Steam BOILER for home or small business to run your electric meter backwards. Part 1 of a series. Home-PowerSystems.com
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Vahagn melikyan (3 months ago)
You can use uranium fission to make electricity, it can last year's.
TheEZGZ (3 months ago)
Sure it will but Home Depot is out of stock. LOL
aaron billiot (3 months ago)
Intelligent man right there
Fred Broecker (4 months ago)
I was hoping to see the steam turbine & generator instead of just the boiler. A look at the boiler's burner unit would have been nice. An okay video but short on showing all of the components and the thing in operation.
Wesley Robbins (5 months ago)
Combined with geothermal you could power as well as heat and cool while distilling your own pure water!
Kesha Borja (5 months ago)
I love use Avasva Solutions for that issue.
Arcuri Sano (1 month ago)
Love that too
Carmelina Katzman (7 months ago)
If you like to make your own energy you should go to Avasva
contingent exe (7 months ago)
Middle fingers, best fingers
NOBOX7 (8 months ago)
very impressive build
free dom (9 months ago)
Plz, show how to make electricity with steam. That's looks like only small boiler.
TheEZGZ (9 months ago)
I feel your pain. He isn't going at it very fast
I think it is a great Idea.
Syn Kronos (10 months ago)
All good but 10c per watt? Think he means per kilowatt hour.
Ryan Brown (10 months ago)
Where did you find the clear tube and pressure release valve?
TheEZGZ (10 months ago)
Any HVAC supply house carry's that stuff or you could check a Grainger Catalog
Ndoro Kakung (1 year ago)
where is part 2?
Dale Collett (1 year ago)
So you can make steam. Do where is the machine that drives the alternator. That's the critical part in my opinion.
Sans Handlebars (1 year ago)
We need people like you to engineer solutions for Puerto Rico
TheEZGZ (1 year ago)
Thoughts and prayers coming your way. Hang in there
HellboundKIU King (1 year ago)
amazing how about taking a wind turbine generator go into the ocean and rig the boiler to spin the turbine Incredibly fast!... hehe free electricity for ALLL FOREVER FUXK THE GOVT!
TheEZGZ (1 year ago)
Hell ya we are all Hellbound anyway right
Wisco Kidd (1 year ago)
9000+ views not so bad. Beautiful little boiler, stainless, big $ but worth it if you have it. I'm going to look through your other videos to see how far this project has gotten. I have built an off grid/wood/steam electricity system myself and it is in service since this video: "Off Grid Wood to Electricity Cogeneration System" which you should be able to copy and paste into youtube search. Thank your friend for working on energy alternatives K.
Zig Ji (1 year ago)
Great ! at a tradekey from Bio Steam there is 17 hp Engine abt 2k in price, just seen yr video due to search of steam engines - boiler is great ! ))
Henrique Losada (2 years ago)
is there an update? very interesting, would like to see the complete thing running thanks
TheEZGZ (2 years ago)
Your not the only one. I'm not sure what the hold up is. He did have some health issue's. I will have to get on his case. Winter is coming.....
llsdigitek (2 years ago)
Retired and tinkering towards a product.. Cool! Love it!
HistoricSteamTV (2 years ago)
I run a stainless 4ltr boiler I had a red seal welder tig up, that tube stack was well welded. I use a rocket stove flue to superheat my steam.
daniel girodat (1 year ago)
HistoricSteamTV a
daniel girodat (1 year ago)
TheEZGZ (2 years ago)
Sounds Sweet. I like those rocket stoves
verde luntian (2 years ago)
the finger tho hahahaha
bucketlistbeginner (2 years ago)
Awesome video, I have run high and low pressure boilers, my wife and I are going to retire on some average, I would love that see a video showing the parts list with the newer electronic water level controls, a small boiler like that is what I'm after, and am still thinking about which way to go on the engine, I like your system has a recirc pump, a lot don't, what a mess,,thanks again, keep up the great work
PizzaPastaSoSo YumYum (2 years ago)
im a middle school student and our prototype is somewhat similar to this, we just dont have the idea how to make things happen, how to turn steam into electricity. :'(
yanik ivanov (2 years ago)
nice work also pellets are green energy. think of field of wheat as solar panel and convert straw to pellets and make electricity
pavel mihai (4 months ago)
I have spent weeks researching average cost to install solar power system and discovered a great resource at Ewans energy roadmap (google it if you are interested)
Paolo Brignoli (2 years ago)
+yanik ivanov really? you work good with pellets? i need gain to 3.3kw and cut all my bills from this damn italy
TheEZGZ (2 years ago)
+yanik ivanov Funny you should mention that. Lance has a pellet burning to heat the main house. Thanks for your contribution.
notsosilentmajority1 (3 years ago)
You cannot post videos with this headline and not show a working prototype.  People want to see the thing working. Hope it works. Good luck.
John Hosty-Grinnell (1 year ago)
Enough people are interested in this, perhaps if money is an issue you can start a gofundme page?
TheEZGZ (3 years ago)
+notsosilentmajority1 I hear you. Lance is retired and working on this as time and money permit. There has been progress but nothing to show you yet. You just can't rush genius....... Thanks for watching and commenting
Camaro Love (3 years ago)
can this operate from a wood burning stove ?
Michael O Callaghan (3 years ago)
Its possible to make methane gas to run boiler 
Allan Wideman (3 years ago)
Is the price for power ten cents per watt or ten cents per kilo watt?
fastacker2 (1 year ago)
I think he should have said 10 cents per kWH (Also referred to as 100 mil power). But he said per Watt.
TheEZGZ (3 years ago)
+Allan Wideman Sounded like he said Watt.    Might need further clarification at a later date. Thanks Allan
NewRiverRepair (4 years ago)
Interesting project EZGZ. I'm interested, but the boiler is just one component of many needed for power generation. What I know about steam power could be written on a postage stamp but I met Hao Johnson and examined his miniature steam locomotive and I was floored. Let's see more!
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+NewRiverRepair Thanks for your input. I will try and do follow up's. We are waiting on parts we ordered.
gizzo123us (4 years ago)
I wood love to see him making that stuff !!
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+gizzo123us Lance.......   are you reading this?    Go man Go
Ironheart Fabrication (4 years ago)
Good video Sir!  Looking forward to see the series.  Take care, be safe!
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+Ironheart Fabrication Hey Buddy, haven't heard from you in a long time.  I'm excited to see what Lance comes up with as well.
Greg's Garage (4 years ago)
Interesting GZ.  I'm curious to see how it works.
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+Greg's Garage Me too.   
lakesideranch (4 years ago)
Very cool brother, Can you film in HD now that you're retired so we can see the details clearly ..lol Very clever friend there, he's obviously put much thought into this design. Very impressive build, wanna see more detail !
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+lakesideranch  I'll see what I can do.  I can't even imagine how long HD would take to upload.  Stay tunned.
Laura Light (4 years ago)
This system looks efficient and environmentally friendly! Could save a ton of money!
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+Laura Light I agree. I can't wait to see it operating. We need to light up Lance's burner and gitter done. hehehe
builtrodewreckedit (4 years ago)
So this system is 1cent per watt cheaper than the grid power. With the initial cost and maintenance not to mention hauling tons of pellets around i bet it takes a long time to see any savings. Would you also need a boiler operator's license? It sure makes solar panels seem attractive to me.
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+builtrodewreckedit It's all good brother. I'm sure other people were wondering the same thing. Thanks for bring it up. 
builtrodewreckedit (4 years ago)
+TheEZGZ Thanks for the reply ez. Don't get me wrong i think its a very interesting project and i can't wait to see the end result. I tend to add up losses or think of downsides to a system like this threw my own limited knowledge an experiences.
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+builtrodewreckedit  It may not be attractive to everyone if you have a cheaper more reliable source or at different times of the year.  Some folks are trapped into there provider and are forced to pay outragous rates. This system will give them an alternate source and also provide back up reliability and     independence. You do not need a operator's license for a small home boiler. Residential steam boilers have been around since the beginning. It is the most efficient way to transfer BTU's of heat over distance. A very large percentage of the worlds electricity is provided by steam or hydro power (water). Thank you for watching and offering your input. Future vids will enlighten many.
Rodder Files (4 years ago)
that is really cool, looking forward to see her in action
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+StrtRodder100 Me too.
wtbm123 (4 years ago)
I like
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
+wtbm123 This is going to be a fun one.
MrWillis5719 (4 years ago)
WOW EZGZ Yes show and tell me more, That is fascinating, Thanks for bringing this to us. Take care. 
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
Your welcome Steve. This is very exciting to watch this come together. If there is enough interest I will post more. Thanks for your view and comment. 
Tim the spannerman (4 years ago)
Very interesting I hope your friend has a patent so no one steals his idea.
Sails (4 months ago)
Nothing patentable here. Its all old, old tec. For gods sake he is still using water to make steem. This guy does not even know the difference between a watt and a kilowatt. We pay by the kilowatt.
TheEZGZ (4 years ago)
Got it covered.  You are very wise in your observations.

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