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The Sixty Dollar Myth (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch I'm often told that videogames have be a mess of greed-fueled bollocks because the $60 price tag never raised along with inflation. This is crap. It's a myth. Games stopped costing $60 a long time ago. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com
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vicimgd (6 days ago)
tbh it's the "not paying royalties" part that pisses me of the most
Jonthan Kent (8 days ago)
The thing that always baffled me is what do these CEOs want to do with all this money? What could they possibly want to do that requires this much money, even on a completely personal individual level? It almost seems like CEOs and corporations want this money just to have it, like they value money as an object rather than for it's utility the way society values gemstones.
RadThatsAwesome (8 days ago)
P.S. Got to factor in the Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. You forgot that.
Dalton Growley (11 days ago)
I hear alot of whining but it aint like your gonna stop playing games. no doubt you get them for free now because your a journalist though.
Toki Wartooth (19 days ago)
6:53 "can't keep my dick in pants ayy"
Seneca Gray (22 days ago)
Games should be 30 bucks, in all honesty. The less a game is priced the more people there are willing to pay for it.
Frying1Pans (22 days ago)
Valve did this stuff with Half-Life 2 with the Bronze, Silver, and Gold versions of the game http://www.ign.com/articles/2004/09/29/half-life-2-packages-revealed
Charlles Ferraro (22 days ago)
I'm an avid defender of the free market, the right of a private company to charge whatever she decides for their products. But I think the industry is now profiting on playing the victim under the 60usd umbrella and prefer the shady businesses of multiple versions, microtrans and gambling boxes rather than just charging 70 or 80 bucks for the entire product. Either we vocal our discontent with our wallets or we may face an even darker future in the gaming industry.
Roach DoggJR (1 month ago)
Alright, you convinced me.
Laura Emms (1 month ago)
This defence for these corporations only applies in America whereas in other regions, at least in England, the base game price has gone up by £20 from £35-40 to £55-60
Iron/Pacifist (1 month ago)
just for the record i paid $60 for my new PS3 game and i pay $80 for my PS4 games here in Canada
VideoGameHistory (1 month ago)
Nobody seems to realize that at some point the publishers were noticing that develolkment costs were greatly increasing while the cost for the game was remaining the same. Frankly, I wish games were $80 to $100 here in 2018 instead of $60 for some of the game and the rest locked away behind a $40 to $50 pay wall plus microtransactions and loot boxes.
Caleb Tynes (2 months ago)
This kind of shit is why I stopped buying video games on launch day. You just can't tell how much (or how little) content is going to be shipped in the game. No publisher or developer would ever tell you that.
jonathan erinder (2 months ago)
Caleb Tynes My GameStop buys games for almost the same amount as I bought it for, point? Theres still consumer options in the physical market, making it a bit easier to buy new games in good faith.
Robert R (2 months ago)
By and large, I agree with all of this. I want to emphasise though that as costs have gone up and the $60 price tag has remained static, _something_ has to be done to maintain profit margins (before anyone leaps in, I said margins, not "remain profitable at all"). Now I think some of those methods are worse than others (loot boxes are worse than LoL style microtransactions; proper TES/Fallout style DLC is better than carved up Day One DLC; pay-to-win is worse than cosmetics) and the layering of these methods on top of one another is shitty. We absolutely _should_ be outraged about Shadow of War, Battlefront 2 and so on but we also need to start talking about what additional money making measures we _are_ ok with. For me, proper DLC that's made after release is good, microtransactions are ok as long as you can choose what you want, it's not pay-to-win and the "shell" price point is lower (≈$30 or less), season passes are ok as long as you indicate what it's going to include and none of the content's exclusive (XCOM 2 did this well) and sponsorship is ok as long as it's not immersion breaking. P.S. There's a contingent of people who look at TF2 and DotA2 and insist that every game should be a hatconomy: free to play with all content and entirely optional cosmetics. Valve can only afford to do that because those games have such massive communities; they don't _need_ to make much money from each player to be successful. There's no way in hell a smaller F2P or mobile game (or even a lot of AAA games) could do that.
Szabolcs Gärtner (2 months ago)
There are however still enough games that are worth 60 bucks or more and contain a full experience (Regardless whether there are DLC shenanigans or not) which makes your points somewhat unfair, or at the very least, one-sided. You just have to know what to buy. Ubisoft formula games are definitely not it ^^ Good point about fair wages and bonuses for the employees however- that is unfortunately a general issue with today's working conditions, where employees that truly matter and/or make these companies what they are are paid shittily, despite the ever-present demand to work more, take more responsibility and always improve, regardless how efficient or logically sound it is even though profit margins rise. That is one of the truest problems of our time, and there definitely have to be changes made. Question is...how?
Enosh Starcrod (3 months ago)
I do hate it when fighting games put you under a extra paywall to get all characters and future DLC characters.
Olle Hugoson (3 months ago)
Sadly, graphics are a huge part in marketing.
Destroyer Inazuma (3 months ago)
I once attended a lecture of the economist J.Genereux. He said that most messed up things in most industries happened because the lion share of decision making executive power moved again from managers to the finance folks. These people care so much about short to mid term profit they're blind about big blunders.
Joseph Kroll (4 months ago)
It's worse in Canada, games have added $10 to the price twice in less than 10 years and also have everything you just listed in Canada where literally over half the population identifies as gamers, you think AAA devs treat you badly? Come to the north, we share your pain and then some
Charles Q. Banks (4 months ago)
Thank God for you Peter, thank God for you. I mean Jim.
Lino Silva (4 months ago)
I've only seen this season pass crap on shitty ass console games, so it's not really a problem is it?
CJ B (5 months ago)
Botw and Mario oddysey cost 60 each for the full beautiful experience. It goes to show that if u want to make alot of money in video games, u should just make great games and cut the crap.
D R (4 months ago)
CJ B BoTW has a season pass.
Anáil Mhín (5 months ago)
And everytime I get people defending this pricepolitic... I just dont get it
ItsNightmar3 (5 months ago)
I NEVER paid more then 30 Bucks for anything and waited for GOTY edition so i get all shit in one bundle cause fuck Cake Piece buying. the only 2 i really see DLCs as real bonus cocntent they created after are CD Project Red and Gearbox. Ubisoft never bought a game there no matter how good i though it is as i hate those DRM they fuckily duckily come arround.
tanki motoko (5 months ago)
why does the rabbis crossover have to be nintendos fault when ubisoft is the one known for season passes
Hi & Hello (5 months ago)
See I thought it was a myth cause I se 70 and 80 dollar games....
DragonRaiderX9 (5 months ago)
I came back to watch this after hearing about that recent Extra Credits video. I needed another dose of Jim's righteous indignation.
Mike Fluff (5 months ago)
This became relevant again
Muammar Thangkhiew (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who caught ABBA's "Money Money Money"? Nice one OP...
Torben Hansen (5 months ago)
good required rant :)
MakiPcr (5 months ago)
I love how Jim preemptively responded to all of Extra Credit's arguments
Barney Collington (5 months ago)
Eyyy, Just came back to this from there as well
denteddig (5 months ago)
$60? I'm in Australia and monster hunter came out at $109:95 and final fantasy dissidia is $99:95
CatPresident (5 months ago)
11:20 Why aren't you subscribed to SBH? He's great and is 1 of 3 people I support via Patreon (including you and another non-videogame related person)
Cheez (5 months ago)
thank god for Jim!
Tristin Hamilton (5 months ago)
Dev costs have gone up for sure, but # of players and buyers have gone up sooo much, so it is a moot point to justify in game transactions when the playerbase of games are really massive compared to what they were.
Axioanarchist (5 months ago)
Someone send this to the Extra Credits people.
WarlordPete (5 months ago)
UsernameNeutrality (5 months ago)
People often fail to mention that the number of potential customers has been rising steadily, faster than worldwide populations even. So while games may cost more to make, successful games sell in higher numbers to offset that. Almost any way you slice it, the bottom line goes up. Combine multiple factors, all signs point to unabated greed.
Not Todd Howard (4 months ago)
UsernameNeutrality Don't forget digital downloads. It used to cost $10 to $20 to make a single cartridge. Where was the price drop when they moved to CDs that could have a game burned to it for pennies on the dollar? Where was the collapse to $40 a game that all the media outlets reported we were going to see just a few years ago when digital downloads took over? Game dev costs have gone up but the sheer amount of shit needed to cover that cost has gone up far more and far faster than those costs. Between this and what you mentioned about the amount of potential customers being several times what it used to be publishers are full of shit.
austemousprime (5 months ago)
@Jim Sterling, curious what on your thoughts towards EC saying this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhWGQCzAtl8
OdanUrr87 (5 months ago)
Anybody here after watching the EC vid?
AKHEEL WARIDH (5 months ago)
OdanUrr87 yup...fuck EC and fuck microtransactions.
Thomas Johnson (5 months ago)
Given Extra Credits' latest bullshit episode, I am so glad this episode was around as a rebuttal. Thank god for Jim.
Fenrir's Gaming Den (5 months ago)
Jim, I know I'm late to the party on this topic but I wanted to provide just a couple more arrows for you to add to your quiver.  After all we'd never want to let the gaming industry off the hook when it comes to peddling a false narrative.  And while it's quite likely that someone else in the 5600 odd comments has mentioned this.  I honestly just don't have the time to dig through them all and I'm not going to waste my time.1. While it's true the "base" price of their games still rings in at $59.99.  The sheer number of gamers has risen dramatically in the last decade or so.  What was once a time waster for the limited few is now, more or less, an extremely common place hobby of most people.  Take Destiny 2 for instance.  A game that through sheer force or advertising sold millions of copies to come in as the second highest sales, second only to CoD WWII; yet another Activision game.  The cost of making the game may have been higher, but the number of eager consumers has also risen.  And over half these sales were digital.  Which brings us to point 2.2.  With the ever increasing number of digital sales versus physical copies, game companies don't have to shoulder the burden of cost that comes with the production and distribution of their games in the same way.  The convenience of just clicking buy on your screen and downloading the game directly means more direct profits to the developer and publisher with fewer middle men standing with their hands out.  Not to mention this "convenience" means that people who perhaps don't live near their favorite gaming outlet or want to play on release but wouldn't you know?  They forgot to get their Amazon order in on time and now they'll have to wait a few days for shipping.  That's all gone.  Just click "buy now", open your wallet and punch in those numbers.  All told this means that developers have ready access to a remarkably larger audience who themselves have astonishingly easy ways to get their hands on said developers products.  And when a publisher like EA can take the microtransactions out of Battlefront II and still feel confident enough to report to their shareholders that this shouldn't have any significant negative impact on their bottom line?  I don't think they really need all the money their asking us to shill out.  All hail the modern world, amiright?  Well anyway.  Hope to see this addressed in some future video perhaps.
Scott Redford (5 months ago)
This is all incorrect, dude doesn’t even do the math
Mr na (5 months ago)
They are not even worth $60. $20 max for those games with paywalls
Kari Martin (5 months ago)
If we pretend 60$ is all it is, no DLC or any other purchases.... You can say more people play games today to justify it staying at 60. In the days when that pricing started, it was necessary to help cover the cost of making the game and paying staff. Now 60 dollars is plenty to cover costs and make them rich if the game is good and merits bunch of people buying and playing
magicmandj (5 months ago)
You can't be mad at Nintendo for making a season pass. It's because Ubisoft is involved. :^)
AthkoreProductions (5 months ago)
I can literally find 5 indie games a day that are thousands of times more compelling and well made than any triple-A shit
Nipzzy Huzzle (5 months ago)
Shut the fuck up jim, taxation is theft
Noneofyour Business (5 months ago)
Yes the cost of games is higher than in the past, but they also sell a lot more copies than in the past. And if you really are that desperate for money, just be honest about it. I would pay 80$ hell even upwards of 100$ if I got a game that I think deserves that kind of price.
くんマフムード (6 months ago)
14:00 yes, i totally agree that it's their own fault, besides, games aren't expensive to make, it's just despite the fact they look good and actually PLAY GOOD, they are still garbage and that's why no body buys them, and they end up gaining alot of infame which hurts the sales alot, yeah, it's their own fault. Besides, DLCs where acceptable when they were actually good, " like Witche, Borderlands, and Dark Souls good " not ripped from the main game.
Rob Satanta (6 months ago)
So how crazy is it that back in 1986 I bought the Legend of Zelda for $50? Ouch!
Soullessgingerftw1 (6 months ago)
Lost my shit when I noticed “Money, Money, Money” as bg music 😄
Malo 2901 (6 months ago)
Moral of the story? Capetalism ruins art and reduce it to A way to make money
Epicvampire800 (6 months ago)
You forgot to mention that by having different price tiers developers open up their customer base beyond what it would have been, allowing them to maximize their profits. Although pretty obvious if you think about what you said, i think it would have strengthened your argument to explicitly point it out.
ANKUR SAINI (6 months ago)
Loved your intro song
Cadmus (6 months ago)
Let's not forget games cost less to release since many copies are sold digitally and there is no middle man or should I say stores that sell the product, since there are no physical copies transported, which lowers the price tremendously, it's pure profit with a cherry on top. Too bad so many young gamers believe the bullshit from publishers that say we need to charge you more otherwise we can't turn a profit. They are taking advantage of your ignorance to get you to pay more money.
Joshua Dogood (6 months ago)
Loved hearing drill queen again
Faris Irizevak (6 months ago)
I remember when the highest price a new PS2 game would go for was 40 bucks. Oh, the glory days.
Thenewestweb (6 months ago)
Wow $60 here in Australia its $100-$70 for the standard game.
TheLucky025 (6 months ago)
Why can't people understand that game publishers need more money to develop game using all the slimy tactic they can use? Because they are too poor to spend money on making game since they are trying to buy ten personal aircraft make out of diamond.
Jtjelani (6 months ago)
Remember when news broke that video games might go from $60 to $65 at the dawn of the new console generation? I would love if that had happened instead
Scott Wild (6 months ago)
This is why I wait a while before purchasing a game as either the price goes down, or they’ll actually release a version with all the content in it. Great example is Red Dead Redemption. If that fails, then I stick to playing retro games since those don’t have the slimy practices companies have these days.
Paya Chinglish (6 months ago)
this is why we need socialism. inb4 dirty commies russia.
cas cal (6 months ago)
Australian gamers on average pay $100 for a video game, when they should only be paying around $76 based on the US (average?) of 60 dollars. Gamers here not only get ripped off by game producers but also by retail stores that sell the games...and this does not take into account limited or collectors' editions of games which can sell from $130 upwards.
Movie Man Reviews (6 months ago)
Whoo! FINAL FANTASY IX AGAIN!!! Do you love this game like me Jim???
Movie Man Reviews (6 months ago)
Uncharted 4 and Final Fantasy XV were COMPLETE GAMES sold for 60 bucks but they did offer higher deluxe editions but actually added stuff for the higher price. Not season passes or content that was suppose to be in the original game but extra stuff. Some stuff that isn't even in the game like collectible figurines and the like. Just saying...
Aidan Schmitt (6 months ago)
Dragonball fighterz dlc is kind of shite too. Pretty disappointed, another game that otherwise is probably a great game that I won't buy into. old Dragonball games had soooo many characters.... 30-50 dollars for shit that should be in the game... 20 dollar upgrade version for 8 character would be whatever but of course they're fucking milking it.... Lowering standards for other companies dlc. Witcher 3, Skyrim and other have the same price points of dlc for 100 times the content. When companies see how little they have to do to get the returns, of course content will be cut, gimped, smaller and smaller.... More and more lazy
joshua armstrong (6 months ago)
oh god, its true, they're becoming advertisers now, alongside being monopolies, they're advertisers now, not just trying to get you to buy certain armor or weapons, just because some random moron on a game has them and beat you with them, but using products like snickers and kfc to sell you stuff 0__0 no wonder they view video games as a service anymore, instead of entertainment, its because they use HEAVY advertising and encourage gambling, they want to break you to the point where you freely shell out cash just to get that sweet release of owning the full game, while lining their pockets with even more money, the adpocalypse has finally infected our games now, its getting worse o.0
Megami (6 months ago)
The adpocalypse typically refers to the *lack* of ads on Youtube, might wanna choose a different name to prevent confusion.
George Brady (6 months ago)
currently indie games are where its at, or just play old fun games like the original fallout. A good example of a new game, that's low priced and you get the full game for around £15 is sonic mania.
jance gareau (6 months ago)
I can’t even remember the last game I paid 60 for a game but in Canada they’ve almost always been 70-80
Ray J D J (6 months ago)
That's why I just wait 6 months to a year for the super turbo mega hyper arcade complete edition.
Chris Allie (6 months ago)
You can tell the extent of the addiction prevalent in the gaming community just by witnessing the kowtow and acceptance of the literal trash that people buy into the simplicity of the content pasted over with pretty colors.
supermike777 (6 months ago)
The better attack against the 60$ myth is that the sales of games have also risen with the cost and that the continued profitability of the price point demonstrates that market expansion is outpacing fixed production costs
Thetechgenius (7 months ago)
I agree 100%! It's all about greed! Take Two games make billions of dollars (or very close to it) with just a single title release. Take Two games are making like 50x or more of thier money back that they spent on development. They are not happy with making 10x or 15x thier money back by making an all around great game. No, they add Micro Transactions, season passes to sell things that were ripped from the main game before launch, and multiple expensive versions of the same game, just so they can make billions of dollars from a single game release. That is the definition of greed. And the people, the gamers, had enough. That's why EA has been called out on thier bullshit, now Government Politicians are getting involved with the Loot Box gambling systems. And for the first time, these politicians are on our side for a change! However, I do think it's a bad idea for the government's to get involved with games in general. You give them an inch, and they take control of the entire gaming industry. But if these greedy publishers don't get thier act together, then that's exactly what's going to have to happen.
Snake Friesia (7 months ago)
Great piece of work sir.
Phantom of the comments (7 months ago)
games are too expensive to play, not to make
Shion Sinx (7 months ago)
Funny how I only wanted a FF VII remake with, lets say, FF X or FF XII level of graphics at most (for those who dont know, both are PS2 titles), but instead I got... FF XV. Yeah... and no, I did NOT buy it, didnt I even buy a PS4, neither will I until I SEE what the 'new' FF VII or KH 3 look like.
canadiananim8r (7 months ago)
the irony here is in canada games can now get as high as 70, not 60. For ages we had pretty similar prices to the states, but it seems our cap went up in recent years :S luckily i dont play anything thatd charge such a ridiculous amount
Sergio Augusto (7 months ago)
FDMK (7 months ago)
This is why I usually just wait for a $20 GOTY version of a game that has all the DLC included.
you are a hero, and youre my hero. thank god for Jim Sterling
Kenpatchi Ramasama (7 months ago)
You really expect companies to not be greedy? Did the Industrial Revolution not prove anything about companies larger than a certain point!?
ArtilleryCrusader (7 months ago)
I think it's unfair that you don't mention Amiibo at all. Like you've got some sort of bias towards nintendo.
Megami (6 months ago)
He's gone after nintendo multiple times in the past, criticizing them in this very video and mocking those who treat Nintendo as a saint in the past as well.
I'd just like to add that we did have proof that they make games and then cut them up into dlc. Multiple games had people delve into source code and those people found out that some of this content was in the game from the time of launch. Yet regular players couldn't access it untill they paid extra. There was nothing to download. It just got "unlocked". Fuckers.
Wybrem (7 months ago)
It's very simple, stop buying them, I can't remember the last time I spend over 25 eur on a game.
Pro_Triforcer (7 months ago)
And then they say that piracy is bad. Suck balls, my friends, i only pay to good developers.
Chrono Ryono (7 months ago)
"It stops being about need at some point..." Alas, capitalism summarized in eight deadly words. The past 5 years watching the game industry have basically turned me against it. I'm not big on communism either (which is a hurdle a lot of us have to deal with whenever we dare criticize the Great American Way). And the other sticking point- "The developers doing the hardest work..." Yep. This isn't unique to the game industry, but a capitalism-wide issue. It resembles a pyramid scheme. It doesn't work exactly the same way, but the fact remains that the lower you are, the harder you work and the less of the spoils you get to keep. The cunts at the top take it all while earning approximately none of it.
Vance Cooley (7 months ago)
This is why I don't buy new games. I grab them used or wait until they're free.
Back Country Pastimes (7 months ago)
I'm honestly fed up with these greed driven games companies and their devs, it needs to fucking stop and people need to wake up. People just accept this shit and even praise these ripoff games, why are people so clueless, do they not understand? Do they not realise this is damaging the games industry? It sickens me that these corporate bastards get away with this. Screw them.
H3LLGHA5T (7 months ago)
Time for some regulation...
Arijit Sarkar (7 months ago)
Thank fucking god, I don't have to bear any of these shits. I am a patient gamer. Unless GOTY edition (which must include base game and all released DLCs) available in at least 60%+ sale, that game will never make way to my Steam or GOG library. I don't play MP games or Online competitive games. So these shitty business practices will never affect me!
Ishaan Pitcon (7 months ago)
just don't buy this shit...
Tor Ivar Sæternes (7 months ago)
Great FistFuckin' of the game industry. Lets hope they crash and burn soon..
cjrosa6 (7 months ago)
Love these videos but he background music has always been fucking awful.
Brekner Catalin (7 months ago)
That's why you wait and buy games 2 years after launch when all DLCs are compiled into 1 game that costs a lot less, especially when on sale.
Victor Savelle (7 months ago)
It's sad that it has come to this point. Where gamers fight for rights. Like the great orange says: #sad
Major Tom (7 months ago)
This makes me sick
Adam N (7 months ago)
I think GTA series is quite good in this regard. Hard to feel you've been ripped off when you buy the latest one. In fact I feel I've got good value, comparatively speaking when I get the latest GTA offering.
Reiden Lightman (7 months ago)
Wasn't there a time when a game selling 100,000 to 200,00 was considered good and/or successful sales? Now-a-days, if something doesn't sell at least a million, everyone loves to pretend it's a failure since most AAA titles are selling somewhere around that number. So, $600,000 per game made or $6,000,000 per game made. Yeah, the audience has grown which is why developers can build larger games with bigger teams and charge the same price. There's a larger audience. It's how a lot of the same games can be successful on Steam for a fraction of the price. For $60 I can buy the entire Bioshock collection on Steam, or one new copy of Mario Maker. (Actually, I bought the Bioshock collection for $20 on sale, the same price I sold a used copy of Super Smash Bros for Wii U.) These extra cash grabs are to appease share holders. As long as share holders are involved in decision making (Yes, even Nintendo makes compromises to appease share holders), we will be screwed overs are consumers. That's true for any industry. Share holders must make money for simply holding share, and corporate suit wearing pansies must have their six figure Christmas bonuses while everyone else gets laid off. Only when the people working on video games love video games themselves all the way up the ladder do things begin to look ethical. Look at how Sotoru Iwata cut his own salary so the company could survive without layoffs.
Some Random Ass Canadian (7 months ago)
Ya see, shit like this is why I either buy games used or buy them off of GOG. Why would I buy a shitty EA "service" game for $70-$160 that'll only pester me for more money when I can buy 10+ games off of GOG or go to a used game store to pick up a few older games I missed out on for the same price.
bad4ever2010 (7 months ago)
Honestly? I give zero fucks about How much game cost, if your game is shit I ain't buying it.

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