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Space Engineers, Steam Workshop, Mod Support! (Update 01.042)

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Space Engineers now has built in Steam Workshop support, for it's mods! -------------------------------Patch Notes----------------------------------- Official Patch Notes: http://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=7028589 Features - steam workshop mod support and integration - automatic mod download when joining multiplayer game - moddable thruster glow - added new character animations playable from toolbar - added control panel access block - added gyro override - added more types of catwalk blocks - added mod debug screen (F11 in single player) Fixes - fixed invisible and invulnerable cargo ships - fixed not hidden HUD tag after switching to third person - fixed autosave on dedicated servers - fixed player loses ownership one death,save/reload - fixed respawn in owned medbay results in permadeath anyway - fixed bugged ownership menu - fixed toolbar hotkeys (missing options/too many options) - fixed disabling "control thrusters" from one cockpit disables the thrusters completely - fixed block not available message - fixed rotor displacement issues - fixed trapped in cockpit, crash on exit - fixed cannot create "new ship/station" - fixed error when loading a saved world - fixed pistons with a drill attached refusing to extend after reload - fixed turret sound playing even if turret is OFF - fixed overflowing menu for various blocks (turrets, rotors) ---------------------------What is this game?----------------------------- It's Space Engineers, you can get it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/244850 ------------------------------------Music--------------------------------------- Background and outro music from Space Engineers' game files. ----------------------Custom Models and Skins------------------------ Download Custom Models: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EctoSage/myworkshopfiles/ ----------------------------------SAGE Info----------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAGE_Channel Star Citizen Organization: (Join us on this journey, to convergence.) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/CONVERGE
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Text Comments (146)
Ola Negård (3 months ago)
Thank you🙌
Ronen Risenberg (1 year ago)
But if i downloaded like mod (model) ship, how do i spawn it????
Trieu Pham (2 years ago)
You sound like Roman Atwood.
Oniix Windrunner (3 years ago)
how the do i add mods to an existing world? because every fucking site i go to keeps giving bullshit instructions that are impossible to figure out and are no help at all. this is bullshit! i never would have bought the god damn game if i had known your practically need a college degree in computer programming to work the fucking thing! please help me i beg you. im about to say fuck this game and never play the piece of shit again.
Dharmesh Mistry (3 years ago)
If I subscribe to a ship on steam, how do I load it in?
TheFortex (3 years ago)
i need the backup! please!
Dark_MC48 Fenix48 (3 years ago)
Gaming Frog (4 years ago)
ugh space engineers wont start up and there's no vids or steam help which will fix it :(
jimstormcrow (4 years ago)
Unfortunately the latest update seems to have made your skins mod faulty... the jetpack doesn't work anymore.
Sage Channel (4 years ago)
I noticed, damn annoying, and I have no idea why. Devs are aware of the issue, hopefully they will tell me how to fix it, or fix whatever caused it on their end.
Ned Geake (4 years ago)
Do more mod showcases
Phillip Nunya (4 years ago)
What happens if I join a game and try to paste a ship that uses mods that the admin is not using?
Phillip Nunya (4 years ago)
+Video Sage That's great news! I will try to be the first to subscribe on steam :P Keep up the good work, and thanks for making more mods :)
Sage Channel (4 years ago)
+Phillip Nunya Well, lets see how long it takes for this video to finish rendering & uploading, then you can see some functional stuff. Not doors or turrets yet, even though I plan to do a few doors & windows next week if everything goes to plan.
Phillip Nunya (4 years ago)
+Video Sage  Thanks for the quick reply :D   Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really like your mods. They are very effective in making ships and stations look better. I have one small criticism, though (constructive, I promise!). You don't have any functional mods. Don't get me wrong, I think your current mods are great, but your modeling talent could make some awesome functional parts. I would kill for some awesome doors and turrets made by you!
Sage Channel (4 years ago)
o.o I genuinely had no idea, never thought of that, so I did a test. 99% sure the ship will copy/paste in without issue, just missing the mods, so you don't have to worry about crashing servers.
incarey77 (4 years ago)
The gyro changes could make for a possible orbital defense grid (Orbital gun/missile batteries). If you can get the settings just right and the proper size of the intallation figured out to allow such a thing. Would be great for stationary bases and maybe (utilizing gravity generators creatively) slow moving capital sized ships.
Illuminarty (4 years ago)
You should make a ninja fighter
SoulTechnology (4 years ago)
hwo do you edit the skins, and first off, can it be done in photoshop cs6?
David Řez (4 years ago)
Can you make a tutorial on how to create custom character skins for Space Engineers? Cannot find any tutorial. If anyone knows any, can you give me a link?
Sirilith (4 years ago)
Any one whom watches the joint survival the thing in the asteroid is a Deadspace marker
Randomoddy (4 years ago)
Sage! Now you need to do some tutorials on how to actually make the mods!
SoulTechnology (4 years ago)
+Ectosage you could start off with a couple of shorter videos doing modding you already know? like how to edit character skins, or making custom models? nothing fancy, just what files to look for and quickly explanation on importing and exporting, what formats, what software you can use or atleast what do YOU use?.... i got photoshop cs6 and im looking to make a SE character skin but don't exactly know where to begin and games in beta so nobody has any modding tutorials on youtube... yet.
EctoSage (4 years ago)
That's my intention, just trying to get a few more things sorted first... mainly getting the character to sit in the chair of the Work Desk.
Gamers Weekly (4 years ago)
What kinda recording system do you use?
Gatetrek (4 years ago)
why change the cargo ships they set them to unknown so there going to shoot u even when not moving.
red10ish (4 years ago)
Sorry to bother you but am thinking of getting space engineers but will it work on a Toshiba Satellite laptop please let me know thx u
RocketmanEXE (4 years ago)
Pretty dang cool
bdamasterdark (4 years ago)
I cant get to the Mods menu, when I click on it from New World it goes to the Loading... Please Wait screen and never gets past that. Its a fresh download, anyone have any suggestions?
Damien G (4 years ago)
i noticed the privat sage skins mod has a steam icon does that mean you released it to the steam workshop
ANAS AZ (4 years ago)
john connor (4 years ago)
Hey Ectosage my name is Connor and I had some questions about how to make custom astronaut looks and I like some help, so give me a hand sometime my gamer tag is Jconnor030 I've tried to friend request you a few time
Fenrirboulder (4 years ago)
patrol ship incoming!!!!
Darxshadowhammer Dsh (4 years ago)
The medical table is not on the work shop pls put it on
Uso Gaming (4 years ago)
Sage I see you have OBS and was wondering what editing program you use for your videos.  I have OBS as well, but my editing program Pinnacle 15 Ultimate seems to replace the audio so I'm looking for a program to maintain my original audio as well.
YGO Scotsman (4 years ago)
do some mod showcases of all the cool ones
Zolen Delocus (4 years ago)
Fuck yeah, mod support!
Sierra (4 years ago)
No orbit examples using thruster and gyroscope overrides?
BOOMDIADA BOOM (4 years ago)
I think they are on the path to programing, if so I would be very happy, that make this game a wholelot cooler
ColdEvil (4 years ago)
Sage! You could make your station orbit something! ;D
jake stein (4 years ago)
GorillaRed85 (4 years ago)
I wonder if there is an engine you can fix to your ships to move it to other players worlds? :)
Zagrusz Ventus (4 years ago)
all your mod are belong to us
masterrecon118 (4 years ago)
+Bob Marley Not that much it seems...
Afallon Imaging (4 years ago)
ii wonder how many people get that reference
Tatskaman (4 years ago)
All your meme are belong to us.
Jacko Byrnes (4 years ago)
Covered everything incredibly quickly, thanks!
Dylan Shierk (4 years ago)
hay sage can you please make me a alien skin for space engineers please.........
OtakuMage (4 years ago)
*clicks "View Legal Agreement" on Sage's shameless mod advertisement at the end* What? Some of us enjoy walls of text.
NolanSyKinsley (4 years ago)
WAIT!! Video Sage!! You missed a big feature!! Large ship cockpits, landing gear, conveyor tubes and more can now be painted!!!
NolanSyKinsley (4 years ago)
For anyone interested in getting Spage Engineers single player or dedicated servers running under linux, they work rather well now under wine, I posted easy instructions on how to do it on the Space Engineers subreddit here: http://www.reddit.com/r/spaceengineers/comments/2cvktb/linux_space_engineers_rejoice_se_now_works_100_in/
Nathan Ege (4 years ago)
Are you still doing the Survival Series while Tazoo is away.
MrKingOfNever (4 years ago)
You forgot character animations
Michael DiGiulio (4 years ago)
Watch the WHOLE video.
Anne Scott (4 years ago)
EctoSage drinking game: take a shot every time he calls something purih-tty dang cooool.
AgentIceX (4 years ago)
*burp* I lost :(
Clash Account (4 years ago)
Sage are you going to do mod spotlights
Alter Ego (4 years ago)
Plz someone make a light saber
James Fenton (4 years ago)
I'd Like to see your SAGE stations orbit an asteroid. Be useful defense like the Death star had by being hidden behind a planetary body via orbiting it like a moon.
Lilpappaknox (4 years ago)
I hope this update means that Sage and Aaron will be able to have new blocks for their survival series such as the Hydroponics and what not to make the base feel more complete.
Jakob Bell (4 years ago)
Whenever I go to put mods on, it wont work, it just keeps telling me to check the mods
TheRatman2010 (4 years ago)
Hey sage can make some tables and chairs where u can sit at please
Varrmak (4 years ago)
hey sage can pistons be used as conveyors? e.g. moving ammo from storage to the gat gun
Varrmak (4 years ago)
nvm saw your piston vid
MayContainHyjinks (4 years ago)
Thanks for covering the update Sage
Peri1ca (4 years ago)
Kevin Schultz (4 years ago)
Yea but there's one thing they should have added a long while ago which is the ability to spawn items such as ore so that if u r playing in creative u can build a huge base without havering to set up tones of solar stuff, or go mining and copy and paste the ship with all the materials over and over again. So I don't know how u get ore or have reactors automatically have some uranium in it if u were building in creative. How do you get your materials in creative. Or do u somehow spawn materials in a way that isn't widely known yet. If u know how to spawn ore please tell me cuz I'm sick of having to do some of the tricks I wrote above. Many thanks and maybe someone can make a mod which allows you to spawn ore and raw materials (I'm going to try to make the mod but I will probably fail as it isn't my expertise). And keep up these good vids. (Please maybe u could make a spawn mod Sage!).
Josh Repavich (4 years ago)
So does this mean that all mods can be fully functional? For example, the AI core: can the Creator of the mod now make it so you can make a ship AI controlled? Or are that many files not available yet?
Navillus Cloud (4 years ago)
Thx god for this update
Calvin Elite (4 years ago)
Marek Čabák (4 years ago)
It never cease to amaze me, how fast are you able to make an update video after the official one.
Heroprime (4 years ago)
I think introducing mods to SE is dangerous because it can kill the vanilla game. But it's still cool ;)
Pepic Walrus (4 years ago)
Pretty sure the skybox is client side only. I've been on lan with a downloaded skybox and it worked fine before this update. I don't see why it would change.
Pyrobird (4 years ago)
Their guide for installing the skybox is to basically override the default one. Setting it as a mod I'd assume means anyone on that server will have that skybox. I'm just guessing here though
darkblood626 (4 years ago)
No,No,No! Complete the game, then make mod support. Its just going to be a jumbled mess otherwise.
Derr Mann (4 years ago)
+AHS Valor Untrue, up until two weeks ago, the structure was in such a way that the mods would survive multiple updates and still retain full functionality, even if Cubeblocks.sbc was altered.
Valor Vanguard (4 years ago)
+Derr Mann but also take EuroTruck2 for example, they do have mods, but they end up breaking in new updates anyway...complete game or not, the modders will have to update the mods when the devs update the game anyways... 
Derr Mann (4 years ago)
Or you can not use mods. Modding support was actually annihilated completely two updates back, and has finally returned. Besides, the game feels empty without mods after using them.
Robert murdock (4 years ago)
This update broke my game =(
Doc Dewrill (4 years ago)
hope for a Sage-Modpack soon!
One2XU (4 years ago)
1:45 mtlplyrsvrs yes
Swaffle (4 years ago)
BigAntoni (4 years ago)
I have waited so long for those damn control panel displays
Neil W (4 years ago)
My idea for small control panel is to put outside of a ship to open/close an assault ramp
Bob James (4 years ago)
Can you take down your mods on the old site
FlyingJetpack1 (4 years ago)
Can you teach us how to do the orbital path?
Kevin Y (4 years ago)
great for you sage,,,, now you could build your lovely marker in multiplayer
Afjellicore (4 years ago)
Can you make a tutorial on how to make a custom spacesuit
Afjellicore (4 years ago)
Can you make a tutorial on how to make a custom spacesuit
Dim (4 years ago)
I wish the devs mentioned the catwalks and keypad in their video.
Sage Channel (4 years ago)
They have to leave us something to talk about :P
Marek Čabák (4 years ago)
Uso Gaming (4 years ago)
They mentioned keypads, but I didn't know about the catwalk until I watched Sage and LastStandGamer's Arron.
Dim (4 years ago)
hm I must have missed it.
Marek Čabák (4 years ago)
They mentioned keypad.
Zicetec2000 (4 years ago)
That should make for some interesting missiles
Zicetec2000 (4 years ago)
That should make for some interesting missiles
Another option that the thruster override allows for is you to make non-gravity based self-propelled missiles.  Why would you want these?  Because they are much cheaper to produce.  This will also allow you to set a ship on autopilot (in one direction obviously) and go do something else without having to sit in the cockpit.  Since you can do this without going into a control seat, and with the addition of the place-able control pads, you can now build many creations like the crane and elevators and such, without breaking immersion as much.  Oh and of course they will be a bit less glitchy.  
Gary Chang (4 years ago)
You forgot the gesture Pardon me for my inpropper grammar
Max The Fox (4 years ago)
You should do some mod reviews
Colton Tweed (4 years ago)
That name though.
Tocsik (4 years ago)
You have the GREATEST NAME, OF ALL TIME!!@!@!11!1!ONE!!1! SEDUCE ME!
Your name made me drop my like.
Ben Davies (4 years ago)
Sage you forgot the animations! on the tool bar >:( :P
Ben Davies (4 years ago)
oh did he I had to go before i SAW THE NED :p
Llamadog (4 years ago)
He added it after the outro.
Jester Blackguarde (4 years ago)
Also, the ability to make defense drones would be awesome. Have a small ship consisting of a reactor, cargo container, a gyro, and a gun of some type that is programmed somehow to track enemy ships so that you can lay out like a screen of them and defend your base.
CookieJarvis (4 years ago)
saw your comment on the preview video and i was like its only a matter of time
Jester Blackguarde (4 years ago)
Time to go download a shit-ton of mods.
tiago martinho (4 years ago)
Miasmark (4 years ago)
did you notice that you were mentioned at the bottom of the patch notes? I almost think that the gyroscope override deserves a video of it's own for people who don't think in yaw pitch and roll, maybe as a simple 'how to' for a stable orbit. only thing is that we probably could not maintain these flying  drone things, at least not easily. really need remote controls next.
vovapsix (4 years ago)
you can make small orbital satelites with solar panels flying around your base )
ReaperChief (4 years ago)
Right now, Sage, you have to make more mods to make us happy!!! Interior blocks should do.. I also love other mods, such as the Titan Engine, awesome stuff, and fits my humongous ship design perfectly.. People should make more things like those and maybe a more powerful generator.. I wonder if someone will do a Warp Core..
Uso Gaming (4 years ago)
I'd love to see a Warp Core, currently working on a vessel that is Starfleet influenced design.
Sam Russell (4 years ago)
Personally I love the fighter cockpit and it should be added to the default game my opinion :P
Jack B. (4 years ago)
Hooray! Mods are now easy enough to install that my laziness will no longer get in the way of me using them!
Connor Lightfoot (4 years ago)
sage  801 hours of game time how long have you owned the game?
DoreanGrace (4 years ago)
Ever since the first release?
Dennis bij de Weg (4 years ago)
haha quick :D
Vergil Noone (4 years ago)
i'm getting a lot of banging noises to my bigger ships with this update for some reason
Pyrobird (4 years ago)
+BUDDER SAUCE  well yeah, sparks are the main thing to worry about
Alec Huntsman (4 years ago)
i have been getting it for all my ships for a week now idk what it is but i am just pretending its ments to do that lol
Pyrobird (4 years ago)
Expect glitches. Not everything is spotted or ironed out for the update initially
LanceAtlas (4 years ago)
sounds like a personal problem :P
Nolan Power (4 years ago)
6th like
Temido2222 (4 years ago)
Hey Sage, will you do a facecam?
Peter C. (4 years ago)
+Nathan Fraser Nice try farquaad
Spoon Fox (4 years ago)
+Jackson Ledford Then I guess he is love, and he is life.
Jackson Ledford (4 years ago)
+Nathan Fraser what is he is shrek?
Spoon Fox (4 years ago)
+Video Sage Honestly, I don't like facecam either. Don't let peerpressure get to you. You'd get haters too. I like you just how you are, lad.
Tempest 99999 (4 years ago)
+Video Sage Just remember. No matter who you are, no matter what you look like... you will never be as "unpleasant" as Shrek...
Jason Ratz (4 years ago)
There he is:)

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