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Studio Killer EA Shuts Down Visceral Games

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EA is a serial killer of studios. Two years ago I said Visceral was coming soon on the kill list. I wish I wasn't right. #VisceralJobs on Twitter for those at Visceral looking for work.
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Synwolf (7 days ago)
Will never touch a game attached to EA again, ever, even if it's good. Won't do it.
cobra Jack (18 days ago)
They already took enough lives now this wow i cant wait for this dlc named thanks for money sucker
Devon Thornhill (22 days ago)
Rip in spaghetti never forgetti
Tom Müller (1 month ago)
Fuck You EA!!!!!
Elizabeth Parker (3 months ago)
Looking at the pattern of Visceral, Bioware definitely looks next to the block. They fucked up Andromeda and are now making a new IP no one was fucking asking for. So when Anthem turns out to be a boring half baked Destiny clone, they'll be next to go... ffs
Accelerator (2 months ago)
Bioware is soon to close, plz make a video about t
Austin Reed (3 months ago)
At least Activision revived Sierra...
The N7 Spartan 111 (3 months ago)
Im calling it now EA will kill BioWare and remaster Mass Effect the way George Lucas re released Star Wars! Konami, EA, Microsoft, all have top executives that need to be FIRED and never to return to the industry again and replaced with people that have brain tissue untainted by greed
T Timeler (4 months ago)
Maybe EA WANTS to make all the studios shut down. Studios like rockstar are too big for EA to buy. But it can snub any competition from studios like visceral if they just buy them out and then destroy them. It is by design, I think
Tr Tech (5 months ago)
BIOWARE already has a mausoleum reserved in the EA crypt, right next to Bullfrog and Maxis.
Tr Tech (5 months ago)
I came to the conclusion that you are always right..so thank God for Jim Sterling.
Vasily Klyukin II (5 months ago)
Welcome to EA, where we rape, slaughter, and kill your favorite game studios
Keep It Zen (5 months ago)
Battlefield 1 was casual garbage with little content as well.
Imyme. Philosophy (5 months ago)
_"They're serial killers, like Dexter except Dexter has a code of honor but EA has one code which they force the studio to rewrite before killing it"_ ROFLMAO!!!
Otaku Nori (5 months ago)
EA the studio killer
Deny (6 months ago)
This video is great but I just need to add one more thing to it. I would like to say that Visceral Games did us (the fans of Dead Space) a massive favor. They knew that the series were going to turn into mindless zombies like assassin's creed for example that only care about making money so they put and end to the series by making and ending in the DLC for Dead Space 3. Now, I know that it's not the best ending but it's a fucking ending at least right?! It isn't like fucking half life that has become the biggest internet game meme nowdays all because the ending to episode 2 is a cliffhanger. It is dissapointing how people overlook this thing. But one thing is shure. Dead Space lived and died like a great game despite all of the flaws and hate in the third one. Press E to pay respects and spit on EA.
Han Lockhart (6 months ago)
So how do you _really_ feel? But, seriously, I agree with you.
Polverine74 (6 months ago)
EA aka Egotistical Assholes
Dr Potato (6 months ago)
Boycott all EA games let's make EA die its been long overdue for a death with how shitty they are.
Jack Ransom (6 months ago)
The bottom line, not the long run.. Fuck them indeed.
Morph Verse (6 months ago)
Its not just Dead Space, but also Dante's Inferno.. Dante's Inferno was suppose to have a proper sequel called Dantes Purgatory/Purgatorio
Universal_ Wisdom (6 months ago)
1 shot for every time he says fuck
bladske (6 months ago)
Bioware is on the list man. Give it 2 more years and it'll be fully digested. Then EA will look for new prey.
Gregg Perales (7 months ago)
https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/363186--new-ideas/suggestions/32376235-rehire-the-visceral-staff I think Microsoft should rehire the staff that was once Visceral Games. They have a pretty good track record of making some good games if they are just given the chance to do their own ideas.
ElonMusk 668 (7 months ago)
2016: Hey good job on Battlefield 1 EA. EA: Wait we're not hated... 2017: What the fuck EA
Cody Mayo (7 months ago)
Behold, the Cassandra of Youtube.
CoffeeDragoon (7 months ago)
pray for respawn! knowing titan fall 1,2 didnt get populer and hit. next studio will close is respawn. if you love titanfall say farwell to run down into the ground
Msagz Jr. (7 months ago)
I want to find the president of EA and FUCKING STRANGLE HIM!
Joey witcher (7 months ago)
Ohh man bioware is in deep shit after andromeda 😓😓
Joaquín Druetto (7 months ago)
Troin (7 months ago)
I like to think that this fueled the fire for everyone’s hate for Battlefront 2’s loot boxes.
Blackdeathteal (7 months ago)
Prism Sage (7 months ago)
Dawn gate .. Ill never forgive u ea for that!!!!!! :( didnt even try to keep that alive gave it not even minimum time in beta lol so it died with no more updates and u blame us fck u ea... Tht moba was so different no meta always changing it up xD Zalgus main with mina :( hell even adc could be a badass support and a mage could jungle xD fun game refreshing. It showed no mana costs didnt break a game as long as cooldowns where in check so f u :(
JetNet (7 months ago)
Burn in Hell, fucking greedy EA-scumbags!
Druid The_Legend (7 months ago)
So I guess DICE is next..😞 I hope not, I love Dice
irllcd13 (3 months ago)
If Dice is just going to shit out Battlefronts every other year as a mechanism for EA's insatiable greed, I can't really say that losing them would be all that bad.
leatherneck2549 (7 months ago)
I would love to see the minds of the companies who were screwed over by EA to create a groundbreaking game without EA. Someone needs to stop the monster called EA. They are too powerful and are ruining the core value of what gaming is: Fun.
Rustyhound (7 months ago)
So why shut down the companies though?? Like in what way would that benefit EA?!
LaidBack Gaming (7 months ago)
Let’s just hope guerilla games don’t do it
Chrono Ryono (8 months ago)
You know what's the worst part here? Nowadays if you buy the old Dead Space games, your money is going to its new owner. The AAA fucker that didn't make it, and quite the opposite in fact, RUINED it and then shut down its actual maker.
Edward Roland (8 months ago)
EA - убийцы студий!
Hyperion5182 (8 months ago)
Bioware already Buried it when Andromeda was proven to be a dumpster fire.
RYANGamingz (8 months ago)
Zachary Morgan (8 months ago)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/282501542259187/ Some friends and me not enjoying the predation of game designers anymore.
Armagan Sengül (8 months ago)
Holy Fuck? I loved the first Dead Space! And now the very company responsible for it, is shut down by EA! Fuck this!!
Eric medomuffen (8 months ago)
I just fucking wanted my Dead Space remaster. That was all I fucking wanted.
MDM1109 (8 months ago)
5:37 The website that you showing was using the wrong Maxis logo. That logo was belong to a Malaysia communication company also called Maxis
TheLiveAssasinHD (8 months ago)
If the CEO of EA was in the universe of Persona 5, he would have a fucking massive palace. I wonder how it would manifest though, maybe it would be a slaughterhouse or something.
Xavier 89 (8 months ago)
TheLiveAssasinHD That would be likely.
Christopher Smith (8 months ago)
I'm so tired of EA's cannibalistic tactics and mediocre products. I've not purchased anything from them since Dragon Age. I will continue boycotting them until things change there.
Troin (7 months ago)
Christopher Smith Thankfully, a change _is_ happening. They lost $3.1 billion in stocks from the poor sales of Battlefront 2, caused public debates about loot boxes, and will have to pay fines after loot boxes were deemed gambling. I like to think that if Visceral Games was never shut down (or at least, not yet, considering EA does this all the time), the backlash towards Battlefront 2 wouldn’t have been as huge nor have created such huge financial failures for EA.
youngling slayer66 (8 months ago)
Rip isaac clarke
youngling slayer66 (8 months ago)
Ea's logic: make a horror game developer ruin his 3rd dead space installement and force him make an fps
Leon Reaper (8 months ago)
well Horror games don't do well, blame the consumers. they'd prefer generic FPS/Sports games.
이형재 (8 months ago)
Since EA shuts down visceral, dead space 3 dlc becomes true ending, doesn't it? Isaac Clarke is dead for sure :(
casey gray (8 months ago)
I miss Westwood, the original red alerts were amazing
Jonathan van dorsten (8 months ago)
why are studios/gamers so surprised that when they go into business (selling their souls) to EA that they end up dying? your soul your life force THE FORCE was ripped out of your body what did you FUKKIN EXPECT?
Nathanael Erik (8 months ago)
Extraction on the wii was great too!
Ivan Kuznetsov (8 months ago)
All I wanna tell the EAssholes is “Fuck you!And fuck your company!”
Abuzer Komurcu (8 months ago)
battlefield will be on the chopping bord soon.... bf1 is sooo casual and shit now...
JokerKiddUSA (8 months ago)
#FuckEA Get that trending
I wanted Dead space VR!! Fuck you EA. Deadspace is one of the best games ever. Sure if Visceral was one hit wonder but there gotta be salvage, we need Dead space VR!
Fancy Action Now! (8 months ago)
Justin Brantley (8 months ago)
Bioware is next.
Doctor Sam (8 months ago)
Working for EA is like working for a druglord in middle-east or Asia, they have a certain quota for every day and if the sellers are failed to meet that quota they dispose of that poor sook. It's nothing less or more than Slavery
djbare9 (8 months ago)
Bioware is already a walking corpse.
Kirbae (8 months ago)
I'm never buying another EA game ever
HealingSwordsman (8 months ago)
EA doesn't get it - if you could have a lot of moderately profitably IPs you could make more money in the long run, but now they just drain it - they are going to buy up ips and run out of them before long!!!
Fraser Souris (8 months ago)
Didn’t EA also just reshuffle many staff and projects from Viceral to other studios, particularly to EA Vancouver (their Star Wars games are still in production)? Didn’t Rockstar do a similar thing with their Vancouver studio?
RED SEA GAMING (8 months ago)
Okay now that visceral is dead who's next? Is it bioware it's definitely not going to be dice because their Battlefield franchise is great. I don't know what other developer is under EA. But who's going to be the next victim can somebody answer me
Grohiik (8 months ago)
It almost doesn't matter really. Because of how they do business every game they make no matter how talented the studio is going to have at least one game that doesn't do amazingly. After that as we saw with this they will shift the team into something safer, IE something else that won't do amazingly, which will start a trend in their mind. Bottom line, every EA studio is just about guaranteed to hit this eventually.
Caleb Pelethite (8 months ago)
I miss Westwood
Xilivian4560 (8 months ago)
"Visceral Games in; Don't deal with the devil!" Oh...far too late for that...
TheParagade (8 months ago)
I'd say we'll see Anthem and Dragon Age 4 from BioWare, then they will hit the chopping block
Flea Market Hunter Ohio (8 months ago)
Technitium (8 months ago)
Never thought about how fked ea is. But also these studios get the right funding and man power to put out the game for EA
Rich Mond (8 months ago)
Once again Electronic Arts rises to the summit of most despised companies for closing down one of the most acclaimed studios in video games. Again.
Scott Hawke (8 months ago)
We need to go EA HQ and burn it the fuck down along with everyone inside
THE ONE ABOVE ALL (8 months ago)
Wow, just wow. Jimquisition's prediction abilities are intense. Great job.
Brian Hendricks (8 months ago)
Looks like EA wont be getting any support from me
Cosmic Enemy (8 months ago)
Nicholas Bankett (8 months ago)
FUCK YEA thay couldn't cook a hot dog
Jonathan Bernardi (8 months ago)
*EA your sir, you're a blight.*
Pigglesworth (8 months ago)
Leaving flowers on your grave Show that I still care But black roses and Hail Mary's Can't bring back, what's taken from me
Rama drama (8 months ago)
So if EA is ditching singleplayer all together...i guess i should stop expecting bad company 3 coming out anytime soon.
Jay (8 months ago)
Eat All
Rebellious Q (8 months ago)
i feel bad for Amy? basically had forced resignation w/ U4 when Neil/Bruce came over from TLOU and changed all her work (likely warranted after 3 lol) then she gets this gig and EA just fucks it.
WhiteRoseSamurai (8 months ago)
I am NEVER playing anything with EA on the label again.
al videos (8 months ago)
Challenge Everything....
johnny rockin (8 months ago)
Fuck you EA
DEFALT 2.0 (8 months ago)
EA ruined mercnaries 3 and pandemic
SpyengoEen (8 months ago)
Fuck EA. Fuck Patrick Soderlund in particular. This fuckboi has no soul.
Kale P (8 months ago)
EA is such fucking garbage. Haven’t bought anything from them for many years, and never will. Not like they care considering the amount of money the rake in from MTs.
RhaegarStorm (8 months ago)
Wow, when reading the list of studios shut down by EA I realized how much I have unknowingly been affected by this. I played and loved games from about 2/3rds of the studios :'(
Toshiro Hitsugaya (8 months ago)
im seriously glad horizon zero dawn is not from EA because sony actually took risks on releasing zero dawn and i actually like the game and it is only going to have just 1 DLC. but if it was EA they would be like no multiplayer? no microtransactions? no 5 more DLCs = don't release and shut down the whole studios cause i want more money.
Alex M (8 months ago)
This video sucks
Ted Cameron (8 months ago)
This is the problem with having publishers. Awesome video.... we need to boycott them and not buy one of their "big" games and see how they like a big "fuck-off" tablet
SweetDaddyBrown (8 months ago)
Criterion is probably next on the chopping block :(
RoguelikeMike (8 months ago)
Heh, you made one prediction off the top of your head and it happened. you're not a genius or anything. don't get a bloated ego over this. I mean, nothing was really happening with Dead Space anyway, and they pretty much fucked up Dead Space 3, so nobody was even really excited for future games, even if they may have wanted them, the outlook wasn't good regardless. Nothing to see here, just a fancy lad havin' a bit of a stroke. Take that sentence however you will....
Basilisk Space Marine (8 months ago)
I hope against hope EA doesn't get its claws into 2K and 4A games. Seeing EA basically do to game companies what Isaac Clarke does to Necromorphs, it would take a mere shove to destroy 2K, which is barely hanging on as it is after the kerfuffle that was Ken Levine dissolving Irrational. 4A is doing okay with the Metro 2033 games, but it's small and doesn't have power....a perfect target for the traction city EA has become in recent years.
17joren (8 months ago)
It’s more like EA chewed them up, swallowed, digested, and shat out visceral if they are indeed keeping some of the developers to recycle on to other projects in its bloated body.
TeK (8 months ago)
just do what obsidian did and crowdfund your games, ppl will support good games and good Devs in anyway possible, it's a fact
NinoTheSinner (8 months ago)
Don't worry, Jim. Most of us indies know not to sign with companies like EA.
jordan rivard (8 months ago)
So isn't bioware making an open world scifi multiplayer based game with anthem? How does it make logical sense to take a single player linear Star Wars and make it into something that's going to compete directly with a planed tittle well under development?

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