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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review Scores Revealed. One Of The Best Games Of All Time!

34 ratings | 995 views
Review scores for Rockstars latest game Red Dead Redemption 2 just came out. Right now it sits on a 97 on metacritic. This makes it one of the best received games of all time. It is possibly one of the best games of all time a Red Dead Redemption 2 is a contender for goty 2018. Rdr2 will have a great story and has great graphics. Learn more about these Metacritic review scores for Red Dead Redemption in this video! Please consider subscribing to this channel for more content to come!
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Text Comments (34)
Fart Sniffer (18 days ago)
Everyone sucking rockstar dick again lol. Nothing new here. Of course all the journalists forgot about 2k removing missions to make them pre order bonuses. Scummy but because its rockstar it gets a free pass. God of war is still goty.
CoolBoy Conundrum (19 days ago)
Man i was sooooo bummed when I bought this game and found out the multiplayer portion wasnt coming until later :(
Si Filey (20 days ago)
Still looks fantastic on base PS4. And only for a fraction of the expensive price for a total Xbox X price of over $1000. Worst version on base Xbox One. *PS4 the absolute only console you practically need this gen. All The Best games, stunning graphics at the very best price. No need to break the Bank* PS4 also has Skyrim in VR
Memento Mori (20 days ago)
It looks like shit on Xbox One S Watch Digital Foundry, its horrible xD
Memento Mori (19 days ago)
+joshua knows It needs 60fps and completely new graphic settings to "blow" an opponent away..
Memento Mori (19 days ago)
+joshua knows Bro they look like same mostly. Sure on X textures are a bit sharper, but no big difference... The One S Version is bullshit anyways xD
joshua knows (19 days ago)
Looks the best on xbox x watch digital foundry video it blows ps4 pro away
Drake Selafino (20 days ago)
I´ll check it out
extremeskins04 (20 days ago)
It's rated 97 on ps4 and 98 on xbox
Bob Shrubb (20 days ago)
Jone Cuntapay (19 days ago)
it sates the hype dude..
Krieg (20 days ago)
Shut the fuck. Up.
j0nnyism (20 days ago)
Gosh and i was expecting a 75 on meta at best
MEGATRON L (20 days ago)
Holynshit cant wait till October 31 im getting red dead redemption ps4 pro
Silver Back (20 days ago)
Looks Great.. I'm Still enjoying Spiderman so I'll wait to see if Black Friday has it for cheap.. but it looks awesome.. What an amazing year for games!
Drake Selafino (20 days ago)
Agreed! We are getting hit after hit
Riteous Right Hand (20 days ago)
Congrats to R*.
Calum Hunter (20 days ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if it went to a 99 on both when more reviews get submitted
GamE FrEak (20 days ago)
Soul Calibur 6 just release also last day. They should have delayed the game just like Days Gone did. When all this heavy hitter game coming out. To release a great game like this is stupid move. I wish all the best for Soul Calubur 6. What i read n see on youtube looks like it's the best Soul Calibur game with the finest tune for every character. I'm also angr at them because I'm broke. Spiderman, COD, Red Dead 2 with Pro. I just sold my base PS4. To play
Gaming 101 (12 days ago)
+Syn IsterV you won't ever make one so no problem
Drake Selafino (20 days ago)
I bought Soulcalibur 6 day one. Hope it will meet expectations because I like the series
KitanMax Corona (20 days ago)
It's amazing no game publishers choose the dead silent summer to release games
GamE FrEak (20 days ago)
+Syn IsterV Even Battlefield V backed out releasing there games which also has a battle royale. Which still can be good we just dont know anything yet. But they delayed it too December. Smart move. Same thing SONY did with Ays Gine. They old. U hoonesstly that month is too heavy. A new ip like DAYS GONE need roam to breath. I'm afraid off the Soul Calibur 6. This game must succeeds.
Syn IsterV (20 days ago)
Do developers even check when the heavy hitters are coming out?!? I will never release my game if any big name games are coming out that month forget waiting a week, I would wait a month or two after any COD, Battlefield, or any Rockstar games......
JPLoco (20 days ago)
Not surprised, if I recall correctly, the first Red Dead Redemption scored a 95 on Metacritic. I haven't watched any Gameplay or any of the Trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2, as I knew this game would be overhyped by everyone (and rightfully so), so I wanted to go into Red Dead Redemption 2 completely blind with little to no expectations.
Gta 4 was rated 98 back then
Dan P (20 days ago)
Really... I heard that games hade some complaints.
Luvsta Grind (20 days ago)
Yeah, I was expecting a 95-97 score. Will probably wait til it goes down in price though til I pick it up. Too much on my backlog as is. Plus my roommate is picking it up so I can just borrow it off him while he is at work
Drake Selafino (20 days ago)
How do you feel about those review scores? Any interest in picking this one up? Join my Stream tomorrow!
holamoco17 (19 days ago)
It's overrated.
Dan P (20 days ago)
Getting my pro version tomorrow. I do have an ☓. But i don't think i will continue with Xbox next gen. So I'll go with ps4 and wait for the enhanced bc version on ps5
GamE FrEak (20 days ago)
This game will cost me here over 80$ plus. What the hell should i do now. You guys r lucky. Get to buy on those crazy deals. I just calculated that if i buy Pro n COD it will cost me 476$. Now add 80$ at least for this game if i buy now. We don't have official PS store or any store like that. Here gaming business run by syndicate. They always double the price for game like this. What should i do man? If i wait minimum one month then I'll be able to get this game on 60$ price. Should i wait or buy one game sacrificing Spiderman n COD for one now. My initial thought is to buy Spiderman December with all the dlc in one. If i see any sell on PSN store than i can do that. There is a catch also. Every 100$ PSN card i purchase. I have to cough up 10$ minimum. That's why im broke.
Dilapidated Banana (20 days ago)
Jesus fucking Christ. A 97 with 71 critics. This game will go down as the greatest game of all of the time.

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