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Sarah Jeong on The Internet of Garbage

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Women are disparately impacted by harassment on the Internet. Harassment can be framed as a civil rights problem, with legal solutions proposed and vitriol directed towards platforms for failing to protect female users. But, as Sarah Jeong -- a lawyer and journalist who covered the Silk Road trial for Forbes -- suggests, the Internet has figured out interesting ways to deal with other kinds of online speech -- like spam and malware. And using this lens could inform the fight against online harassment. More on this event here: https://cyber.law.harvard.edu/node/99138/
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GreatBigRanz (2 years ago)
People have the right to be assholes, just where did those "comments" from anita's videos come from? She doesn't have comments on any of her videos.
Fried-egg-on-head chan (2 years ago)
+GreatBigRanz People do have the right to be asshole (up to a certain point) and she agreed with that, outright saying free speech should be curtailed as little as possible. But the issues is that there aren't sufficient tools for people to filter out content directed at them. What ever someone has the right to say, the other party should have both the right and the tools not to hear what they say, if they so please.
marknickelgreatjob (2 years ago)
these two guys obviously didn't hang around long enough for the Viagra joke.

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