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Gwent (Free) First Impressions

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https://www.playgwent.com/en This video can also be found at freemmostation.com
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Archeal Koen (1 year ago)
What kind of card game is this? i don't get it yet ... also the tutorial is not good to learn, he's taking decisions in your place but for bad ones ...
Archeal Koen (1 year ago)
Thank you for the informations, but it seems kind of hard game comparing the usual ccg games.
Jane Doe (1 year ago)
the tutorial is actually pretty spot on. you need to take into account, that there are at least two rounds, so wasting all your good cards in one round is generally not a good idea. So passing and losing a round but winning the next two rounds in return is a big part of the game and was addressed. Sky would have lost the last match for that very reason, but the practice ai seems to be pretty bad atm.
Stuart Stone (1 year ago)
You're not stupid. You think before you speak so you can't be
Jerry Senseney (1 year ago)
thanks for the video. i still don't like fucken card games lol
FrostPanda (1 year ago)
I never played any of the games of The Witcher can i play this and understand something atleast? xD
Wojciech Zylinski (1 year ago)
Acey (1 year ago)
Can you put your Twitch in description
xplusziefv (1 year ago)
have you played the witcher? all of the witcher..
xplusziefv (1 year ago)
wow first hi skylent dont talk about my mom again please :DD

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