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Rachel Boivin (4 hours ago)
My cat got mad and ran into the other room to eat because the laser kept disappearing. This was supposed to help but now she hates me even more so, thanks. -written by sadkatmom
Liz Graham (5 hours ago)
my sis's cat went just shoked and stared
Sarah Crowe (18 hours ago)
My cat didn't even care lol
Laluna (1 day ago)
Idk why I watched this the second the laser pointer got on screen I tried to get it..
My cat was suppose to go after the laser instead it's kept on messing with the logo down in the corner😂
Hello CookieX3 (2 days ago)
You sucked out all the energy from my cat, now she can finally let me cuddle her! Tysm 😂
My dog loved it
Mrs Swami (2 days ago)
Wow this just really worked on my cat she chasing it and biting my phone
Jared White (3 days ago)
My cat is not chasing the laser
sam tirey (3 days ago)
I don’t have to put my cat in front of screen. Dude hears this shit from a mile away and come running to watch this. This ones his fav😂
Traci's Tube (4 days ago)
I use my Apple TV to street this to my tv. My cats love it. As soon as they hear the music they both run to the tv.
Sir. Bork (4 days ago)
My cat just started pouncing at the screen 😂
My cat just looked st the screen
Brian Unger (5 days ago)
My cat stared staring at it and hitting lol 😺 Love this
100% fan (5 days ago)
My cats likely what????
Agus Koswara (5 days ago)
Ny cat fckn ny screen :D
Midnite Rose (6 days ago)
My kitten tried eating the screen and attacked it
Dr. Royal (6 days ago)
Boy that was fun, and I'm not even a cat :)
Tommy Glennon (7 days ago)
my cat only bite my screen until I had to repair it
GlitterStars_18 (7 days ago)
The stray cat in my backyard isn’t falling for it
JesseCake Gaming (7 days ago)
My cats don't do anything
sleeping titanium (7 days ago)
My cat loves this❤️thank you for making kitties happy❤️rest in peace little kitty
LEBARGO (9 days ago)
puppy unicorn yay (10 days ago)
My cat was only looking
Theconmicbud (10 days ago)
My cat started to stare at my screen and started to purr
TheLittleWolf 208 (12 days ago)
my cat tried to get it but gave up. she is such a lazzy but
Deniz-gamer (13 days ago)
OMG it worked my cat tuched the screen
Zoa mae Dixon (13 days ago)
I have a cute kitten and I can barely tipe because of him and he is and he is messing with my phone and messing with my key board and he loves this video
Wolfy Blitz (15 days ago)
My cat smelled my screen
Shianne Rosenberg (15 days ago)
My cat loved this thank you
Emily And more (19 days ago)
My cat attacked it XD
Gala Abdallah (19 days ago)
My cat just chased the red dot on the screen and scratched it 😒😂😂
Delustional00Idiots 29 (20 days ago)
Am sorry for your loss 😔
Lemon the Fox Owl (21 days ago)
My cat got pissed off because it kept disappearing so he just knocked over the tablet and walked away
Brutus Youngchang (22 days ago)
my cat just watches dissaprovingly in his old age, remembering the old days when kittens caught real mice.
Siri The Dumb (23 days ago)
not a good idea if you have a computer. my cat was stepping on the keyboard and mouse trying to bite the laser.1 and as i am writing this comment he is biting the keys oh crap he just bit one off and is biting the screen too. HES STANDING ON MY COMPUTER NOW! JUGGIE STOP BITING MY TOES.
panda pop999 (23 days ago)
welll that was fun while it lasted she attacked it for around a minute or so then ran off to eat
she followed it off the screen then attac me
aesthetic vaporwave (24 days ago)
*vou por na tv ele vai ficar feliz* 🍺
Fake : (25 days ago)
My keep trying to get it
cry6 baby66 (26 days ago)
My cat just keeps attacking my hand😂😂
Mancha culwell (26 days ago)
ummmm is it ok if i chased it?
Izzy TheYoutuber (27 days ago)
My cat just looked at it and walked away
R.L Gaming (28 days ago)
It put my cat to sleep lol like hypnosis lol she was watching intently then slowly drifted off to sleep in my arms
Meryem Ergin (28 days ago)
My cat don't look😹😹
Ana Ulloa Mondragon (28 days ago)
my online cat pet is creepy he says creepy stuff to me..
Mei Misaki (28 days ago)
My cat is to Dumb for this when the cat sounds come she walks behind the screen
OwO SmOl beAns OwO (28 days ago)
My cat ran ._.
Max Thomas (1 month ago)
my cat wanted to run away and chase a laser
Michelle Pic (1 month ago)
my just sat there trying to bite it. Man he is lazy
Rest in peace, he lives in a better place
Jade Snavely (1 month ago)
My cat had no intrest in it .. she had more intrest in my earbuds XD
Valeria Carranza (1 month ago)
My cat loves this lol 😂😂
alex huskey (1 month ago)
My cat loved this she would also chew on my phone
Alyssa Braa (1 month ago)
vbv bmmmn bbbncbb b v. B. My yhv ye. Lol my cat did this with her paws
yama2841 (1 month ago)
PrettyZoe (1 month ago)
Aww my kittens tried to get it .. they were so confused where it kept disappearing too lol
Cryptical Abby (1 month ago)
Great for dogs
jontsa apina (1 month ago)
My dog is cat
tom campbell (1 month ago)
my cat didn't care and sat on my phone for a 2 hours
Ulti Mataio (1 month ago)
LOL it worked
Pedro DaSiva (1 month ago)
A real laser pointer is easier on the TV
shadow raze (1 month ago)
for cats only, pfftt, i played this for like 10 minutes on loop, best moments of my life!!!
wolfy girl 17 (1 month ago)
My cat lived it
Rita .s (1 month ago)
My never learned how to
Tashara Holmes (1 month ago)
My kitten looked up the she touched the screen and the video was gone i had to find it again after that she went to sleep
Ronnie Daniels (1 month ago)
My cat was like let me sleep and if you pin me I'll be happy ☺
Mia Woolever (1 month ago)
My kitten just pounced all over my screen. It was so cute!
Dino Jennie (1 month ago)
I put this on for my cat but my cat walked away and my dog came and played it instead lmao XD
Meghan Warner (1 month ago)
My cat wasn’t interested
meriem mimi (1 month ago)
My older cat slept on the phone lol .. While the little kittens went crazy over it .
[uBicGaming 2.0] (1 month ago)
Rip =(
samurai2871 (1 month ago)
My cat told me to complain that every time he double hits the screen it pauses the video... I tried to explain that it was because he was watching it on an iPhone but he didn’t listen and then demoted me to litter box clean up crew.
Kyle Hayze (1 month ago)
My cat saw it zoom out of the screen and ran the direction it went and hit the wall lmao.
Mangle Kawaii_ Box (1 month ago)
my cat ignored and sit
Miho Funtime (1 month ago)
I tried it on my kitten it he would just start at it try to catch in till near the end of the video he ran to get food and he tried to get your logo in the bottom
Jim Catungal (1 month ago)
My cat's too lazy to care
My cat was just moving his head around constantly like ‘Huh, Huh? HUH?!?!’ And then my dog also did the same.
whysick simon (1 month ago)
my cat attack the computer
Xxangel bear xX (1 month ago)
My to cats licked the screen
J-HopeIsMyHope (1 month ago)
She just sat there like “u dum?”
Cukt (1 month ago)
I am hooman acting like a cat
SiennaJade Forever (1 month ago)
chrystal P (1 month ago)
Cat is currently attacking tv
SportGamingComputing (1 month ago)
My didn't even care, he just laid on his back and slept lol
_Underturd_ (1 month ago)
My cat didn’t even acknowledge this at all
Zero001 LP (1 month ago)
My parrot chased it.
Zora (1 month ago)
My cat went back to sleep.
Sofia Miller (1 month ago)
My kitten did nothing
5kids_hehe Sabrina (1 month ago)
My cat Leo only watch for 13 sec
King Of Darkness (1 month ago)
My kitten played with it and licked the screen 😂 then she looked behind my tablet to see if the dot was there.
Cukt (1 month ago)
Cats are comediants
Grinchest ‘ (1 month ago)
My cat kept making a sound like she was rolling her r’s
Mine loved it thanks keep him entertained so I can have a rest
Matt Soper (1 month ago)
Or you could get an actual laser pointer and play with your cat you lazy fuck!
Matt Soper (1 month ago)
"Place cat in front of screen"? Seriously? Place cat? Have you ever been around a cat? The only place any cat I've ever known to be in is whatever place it chooses to be in. Now if we luck out and that happens to be in front of a screen then we'll be golden. But I'm not holding my breath.
My cat slapped my phone then was hitting behind it
Gregory Papadogiannis (1 month ago)
WELLL when my cat saw this she threw up.
Fortnite Jay (1 month ago)
I remember playing with this with my cat one day she was very sick and ran off to the backyard somewhere where we couldn’t get there and she never came back
vegan.nugget (1 month ago)
my cat didn't care and he just rubbed his head on my computer lid xd
کسور ي 120 (1 month ago)
ngwat 😇

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