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Family Guy Destroys Political Correctness & Millennial Internet Culture

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Text Comments (6618)
Red October (3 hours ago)
Is your forehead really that big??? Btw you sound like shay cormac from assassins creed rouge. Sorta
Red October (3 hours ago)
Is your forehead really that big???
firewoodtime2 (5 hours ago)
Info most don't believe. 2 are proven true. Truth. Sodom and Gomorrah. https://youtu.be/mwL0pbFkZNI Red Sea Crossing site. Chariot parts found on both sides. Saudi side and Egyptian side. Over 8 miles across...https://youtu.be/Lzb4ekyX1kc. 23 Minutes in Hell. He was made to know the time. 23 is the number for death in the bible. https://youtu.be/AYxKRoONrfY
firewoodtime2 (5 hours ago)
Trigger warning equals Witchcraft spirit. Truth. Sodom and Gomorrah. https://youtu.be/mwL0pbFkZNI Red Sea Crossing site. Chariot parts found on both sides. Saudi side and Egyptian side. Over 8 miles across...https://youtu.be/Lzb4ekyX1kc. 23 Minutes in Hell. He was made to know the time. 23 is the number for death in the bible. https://youtu.be/AYxKRoONrfY
Tyler Sproles (17 hours ago)
Do what i do, don't give a fuck. Not a single one. Life is to short to give a fuck about anything.
meltedplasticarmyguy (17 hours ago)
You know all this crap, is well... crap. All throughout history societies rise and fall, some fall hard while others just fade away. It is hard to say if we are on the up slope or down. One can not say with absolute certency where we are going, only where we have been. If we are falling then we cannot stop it until we hit rock bottom, then and only then can we rebuild and hope to be better than what we were. I am not conservative nor am I liberal, I am me. I for one would be glad when the proverbial shit hits the fan then it won't matter what side you are on because it's all meaningless, and I hope others will see that as well. Sadly, it takes something larger than ourselves to slap us back to reality. Trama has a funny way of changing one's outlook.
Rich Smith (1 day ago)
Uber just means super
Alexander Kucheryuk (1 day ago)
Good stuff
Adro Harv (1 day ago)
oh come on now I think things are starting to show that things like this are simply deliberate ways to fracture the divide. The amount of people gravitating towards such lunacies is up but it wasn't to begin with until this massive push. Yet channel don't highlight this as a point at all which makes you wonder if most are shills simply there to further this agenda
FMJPatriot (1 day ago)
All of a sudden I want some lucky charms...
beensey boy (2 days ago)
Damn I wish they would do a remake of All in the family.
Meeeeer waaah waah wah SJW Pricks wah waah waaah Meeeeer 😡🖕 whiny snowflake cunts ... also nice video
LYLE PARKER (2 days ago)
Thanks for a voice of reason!
Bill Shaver (2 days ago)
shows like this are absurdity... not worth the time it adds to the disharmony in society, nothing of value.
Steven Sessions (2 days ago)
Dam all these bullshit comments over a cartoon. America is doomed. God bless yall in Jesus name
emilyy vazques (2 days ago)
I Love that he HATES Trump but also still against the SJW movement from both sides
Cornell Waters (2 days ago)
Simple, did me and we are done.
ayechill bro (3 days ago)
This pc insanity has to push some genius to study so fucking hard they invent time travel that can be bought by a smart billionaire so he can use it to go back and set up a run for president at the perfect time to save humanity....wait... holy shit.
Sam Smith (3 days ago)
"family guys has always been a hilarious show" pretty much invalidates any argument you could ever make involving humor.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
I'm starting to think the way forward is to set up an alternative society for people who don't want to be part of political correctness. So that everyone who wants to be part of political correctness can live like that and the rest of us can live how we want to live. I don't know how this would work... something like a network of residential communities and businesses which all have a non-pc ethos. Everyone will be welcome, with one condition - that you're not easily offended.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
I just want to say, if anyone's reading this in October.... They've now BANNED "MAN SIZE" TISSUES. Because someone complained that that was sexist. Just another stupid little thing that's happened.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
South Park and Family Guy have done some great work on this, but what we really need now is a FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM that absolutely goes to town on this shit. SJWs need the LIFE OF BRIAN treatment. Hell, it could even star John Cleese - he hates political correctness.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
"I'm so sorry." "Oh you're SORRY are you? Well I find that offensive." Ok, I'm not sorry. "Oh, you REFUSE TO APOLOGISE?! Well I find that triggering!". Ok, you know what, I didn't mean to offend you. "Well that's not good enough! You must be shamed!!!!". Ok, you know what? FUCK YOU. "[GASP] WHAT DID YOU SAY?????"
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
"It's 2018 guys!!!!!". Give me a fucking break. Enough already. "But oh em geeeee, I can't belieeeeeeeve people have opinions like yours. After all, it's 2018". CRINGE.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
"Right, now everyone calm down." "NOW YOU'RE TONE POLICING US!!!!". That's exactly what it's like. When you reach that stage, the mob have already made up their mind that they're going to find fault with everything you do. Anything you do or say is grounds for further attack, and so is not saying or doing anything. Bart said it best...
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
"I'd just like to tell everyone who I've offended to FUCK OFF. I'm not playing your game."
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
It's true. NEVER apologise to SJWs. Give an inch and they'll take a mile. Nothing is good enough for them. Vindictive sanctimonious evil bastards.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
Bloody fuck, I had no idea family guy had got this 'woke'. It's fucking awesome. I thought it was only South Park that was having a go at SJWs... "I identify as a basketball!". GENIUS! :-)
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
I think I might be triggered by gluten-free-ness.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
"Hi, I'm the new employee. Here are my triggers". Puke. Jeeeezuz fucking Christ. I'm picturing the scene now, we all have to share our triggers. "And what are YOURS?". I don't have any fucking triggers because I don't have self-diagnosed, self-invented PTSD. Wait.... I get to have one? I'm allowed to have a thing that I can have manipulative meltdowns over? I get to ruin your life if you don't respect this, okay? Right, I'm sure I can think of something. Ok, this can be my trigger, new employee. You can't EVER say ANYTHING negative about the Beatles. YOU GOT THAT, PUNK? You better, you fucking fascist. If you do, I'll ruin your fucking life. You'll be shamed on twitter.... the works. Maybe even doxxed. You can't ever say anything negative about the Beatles. Not at work, not during lunch break, not on your way to work. Not even while you're at home. Ok, Turkeyfucker? Or I'll be TRIGGERED, and you'll be twitter-shamed. That's your WARNING. (Excuse me, just a thought experiment. Trying out for size how it would feel to have that kind of stupid bulshit power over people, lol).
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
"Good morning, class, I mean, employees. In today's lesson, I mean workday, we're all going to share our triggers... But first everyone say your name and tell us your pronouns".
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
I don't get "Only kidding, I'm white and went to college". Is that not just racist? "Die in a fire" though? WTF?
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
4:53, Haha he's got a manbun. So hipster.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
Ground-level traffic lights? I don't get it - why not just let them get run over and #DarwinAward themselves?
Joseph Miller (3 days ago)
No... I don't want to clean bloody hipster douchebag off the fender of my car. A more amusing tactic would be for the city to offer an AR navigation app for pedestrians. It pops up a small windows in the corner of your screen and tells you when to stop, when to walk, where to turn etc. Then they never have to look up. Why is this amusing? Muscular atrophy of the neck. By the time they're 50, walking around like hunch-backed bobble-head dolls, physically incapable of lifting their head, it'll be hysterical. They'll have to trade in their Periscope app for a literal periscope if they want to look at anything other than their phone or their own feet. Whole-body erectile dysfunction. Sure, it's not funny yet, but give it 20 years, I promise it will be.
Hugh Jones (3 days ago)
"And now you're fired, Bruh!". #Crybully.
AdurianJ (3 days ago)
"Married with children" made fun of their media storm. But that was the 90s
Jake Maruth (3 days ago)
Wow it’s almost like a very vocal minority pretends to speak for a group of people and gives those people a bad rep. Never seen that before.
Jake Maruth (3 days ago)
Also maybe just don’t be an asshole. The only people I’ve ever met who feel attacked by SJWs and Feminists and Millennials are all assholes. I’m starting to think that there may be some correlation there.
Blowing Free (3 days ago)
Gestapo informers, NKVD informers, denouncers of witches, manginas, PC libs who feel offended, most politicians etc; they are all the same people with the same lack of courage and humanity. All out to prove that they are politically aligned to some dogma and are politically beyond reproach. They all lack any courage or common humanity. The biggest problem is that we have so many of cowards in the media, industry and politics, all anxious to kow-tow to the vile outpourings and accusations of some enraged minority, by pretending that yes indeed a hideously disrespectful offence has been committed by a white man and all laws and practices must be changed accordingly, to the detriment of free-speech and liberty. These people in power care not a jot for the majority, they focus entirely on the minority. It happens frequently in the UK. Theresa May recently went all out to protect the rights of European workers in the UK, but made no attempt to protect the rights of British workers in Europe. It is because she is a coward, but wants to masquerade as someone of principle. The irony is that none of these people would have had the courage to fight the Nazis.
Adam Hoey (3 days ago)
I'm a centralist but it's funny to see the right wingers saying piss like "were not bigots stop calling us those nicknames" even though they call left wingers 'snowflakes' which is basically there nickname for leftists....heheheh hypocrisy..........
RigorMortis81 (4 days ago)
It was only matter of time I guess, that a fellow countryman would get on his Tayto box and parrot off these stereotypical conservative talking points as clickbait. Maybe Dave has critiqued the right and if so, well done I guess. Just seems to me like a commentary on the lowest hanging fruit. Sort of like RTE's Joe Duffy show on Youtube for a contemporary niche audience.
Nikolebichon (4 days ago)
Social Justice is Social Terrorism . Nothing about justice at all.
John Brooks (4 days ago)
Brian should have started with “Dear Imbeciles” !!
Silent Witness (4 days ago)
That is why angry mobs are shot. I wish I could take a Starship Troopers 3: Mauraders "Q-Bomb" to planet Earth and the human race as a whole. There's their apology right there. It's time for Humanity as a whole to be destroyed.
Thank you Dave for telling me why a funny show is funny.
podak10 (4 days ago)
Can someone tell me the year all this horseshit started?
Giovanni Laux (4 days ago)
I'm 24 and i'm completely disgusted of such behaviors. You can't say anything anymore without running the risk of someone snapping at you.
Byron Burnett (5 days ago)
why does uber have to be named after what it does?
Susan Black (5 days ago)
Why are these dislikes being blamed on feminists? In my lifetime, the intolerance of issues like certain books has been based on the religious sheeple too stupid to think for themselves. I can't imagine any feminists caring about most of these issues.
Lethal Pigeon (5 days ago)
Saw the thumbnail and I came in with the expectation of a master shitpost. But it's serious. This is a gem.
David Roberts (5 days ago)
Aussie Dad Reviews (5 days ago)
funny tears flowing
Joseph Hines (5 days ago)
Ever thought that getting offended for a minority group you aren't part of is patronizing them? Doing that is basically sending the message they are incapable of handling their own emotions and problems. PC Culture is inherently patronizing to those it claims to protect.
Billy JEAN (5 days ago)
I love that she said get out and vote, make a day of it. I and my conservative friends will. Will the Dims.?
James Miller (5 days ago)
A world view based on a cartoon. Yep that sounds like conservative Boop.
undeadpresident (5 days ago)
Jews run the media they must approve of everything on TV
Alexandre Galin (5 days ago)
All that crap we re experiencing nowadays is due to democracy being practiced by morons.
T00N3Y - SA (6 days ago)
China laughs at the regressive left... so much so they have their own term for triggered white people. https://www.opendemocracy.net/digitaliberties/chenchen-zhang/curious-rise-of-white-left-as-chinese-internet-insult
Luke Townley (6 days ago)
as peterson says; in the abscence of a lie like religeon, people either turn to nihalism or totalitarianism... it seems femenists have achieved both.
Ken Chorney (7 days ago)
I identify as a basketball,,,,,,freakin genius!
DavidFMayerPhD (7 days ago)
"Trigger Warnings"!!!!!!!!!! "Micro Aggressions"!!!!!!!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Wittle Snowflakes cannot stand anything that might upset them. Modern colleges are perfect places where snowflakes can prepare for careers living on welfare in their parents' basements.
J George (7 days ago)
Look up the meaning of “Uber” in German dimwit
jemjean100 (7 days ago)
Absolutely!!!!! Watched a TV show be destroyed by SJW mobs on Twitter. An actress was actually boxed into admitting she "was not a fan" of her character. A character who had great promise UNTIL the SJWs decided she was too white to be married to the white male lead. I don't watch TV anymore.
Jacques Untel (7 days ago)
You're not wrong, but I don't need to have the "jokes" explained to me. I get it!
Jarrod Lehman (7 days ago)
I swear, I'm drawing more and more parallels with 1984 every day.
Neal Valero (7 days ago)
PC is offensive LOL I"m Free So F@#$ YOU !
matt ola (8 days ago)
SJW's are now referred to NPC's (Non-Player Characters) they seem to like that a lot.....
Lancelot2000Lps (8 days ago)
Come on i am on your side but that is not right that in germany walkways in a city that you not named( wich one is it) has lights for zombie handy users!!! Plz what city do you mean because i live and born in germany!!! Usa sucks, germany rules and girls must cook food for me!!! Mfg. Lancelot
Mark Ramkhelawan (8 days ago)
No its on both sides. Its the left intolerance that led us here !!
Malcolm Nicoll (8 days ago)
“Virtue cannot separate itself from reality without becoming a principle of evil.” -Albert Camus (1913-60)
Malcolm Nicoll (8 days ago)
Does Seth MacFarland look like Jim Jeffries or am I crazy?
scortch2000 name here (8 days ago)
here take my like you've earned it with this one and a sub
Kera Dasilva (9 days ago)
i saw this starting with people when i was 24 in maine...im going to be 34 ....people like this need to get on a big boat....sail out into the ocean and drown themselves or go find an island that the rest of us can easily conquer .
Kera Dasilva (9 days ago)
these people who get offended in america so easy .... they are whats wrong with america ... they are not what we are about ...in the 90s we had more freedom and fun....this generation is gross or their parents who let them grow up to become pussies...i hope for everyones sake this dies out very fast.
C.T. P (9 days ago)
thanks stationary talking cartoon face, I didn't get the joke the first time all jokes aside a good explanation of the retarded internet culture these days
Toussaint Vashon (9 days ago)
I identify as a basketball! Lmfao
OptimisticBleach (9 days ago)
"Gender fluid? Yes, there will be a lot of that" I've deaded
Glywnnis Wells (9 days ago)
Its backed by powerfull unlimited funds
marco polo (9 days ago)
"Pearl clutching" !!! I love it.
menckencynic (9 days ago)
A "CLASSIC" liberal? No. No, dear.
Politically Incorrect (10 days ago)
*I am glad that I live in Eastern Europe, where words still have a limit and if you keep insulting on someone's face like that, you should expect a good punch in return...and that's just fair ;)*
Verty (8 days ago)
I didn't say you were a muslim you dolt. What was the point of your pointless rant kid.
Politically Incorrect (8 days ago)
Verty, I am not a muslim, but an atheist. I live in the 14th most populated city in the world, it's a nice metropol to live in if you have money. But these are not my point. Do you think countries like Sweden, Canada or Australia are better - where you can't even defend your own culture, can't say shit without risking your whole life get ruined, where men get accused of anything without proof and destroyed, where muslims build ghettos that you can't even get in and criticize nothing ? Where feminism, transgender activism is on its peak, where men are not even allowed to be men anymore ? Sorry faggot, I am an old school man and I like to keep it that way ;)
Verty (8 days ago)
You live in the biggest liberal muslim shithole in the world and you're glad? Good, stay there.
C. Lincoln (10 days ago)
Honestly, you're like the other side of the same people you're putting down. Conservative snowflake.
K.E. Lancaster (10 days ago)
"South Park" does a far better job of exposing hypocrisy on both sides. To quote Brian on "Dying Network Television", McFarland's team has been lazy, churning out whatever they think may offend viewers. Ironically, the so-called "PC Liberals" did not cry fowl during it's first original run. The "MORAL MAJORITY" (i.e. Right) objected to its "crass acts and depictions" (i.e. a cartoon did not conform to their values) People, similar to the 1860s we're experiencing a period of social change but we have much more pressing issues. Let's please settle the bullshit differences because I don't know if you've heard but WE'RE FUCKING RUNNING OUT OF DRINKABLE WATER!!!
Loonytoones85 (10 days ago)
Foreigners talking about American stuff reminds me of the little suckerfish feeding off whales.
DerpyDosh (10 days ago)
>seth macfarlane >excellent writer Pick one
insanity wolf (10 days ago)
At some point they are gonna get a bit older and start to live in fear. Because they only have each other.... Brrr!
Mark 7's (10 days ago)
Turn it back on them! "Your attacking me is one of my triggers!". "I can't believe you'd be so cruel!😭". "That hurts my feelings!". Even they can't fight their own stupidity.
Shane Bales (10 days ago)
I love how this guy is criticizing behavior he himself is utilizing without even a hint of irony or self awareness. Lol
Oscar Jiménez (10 days ago)
Excellent message.
Connor (10 days ago)
owning the libs by explaining jokes XD XD EPIC
Arcade Assassin (11 days ago)
what episode is this it looks really funny.
Melissa Jennings (11 days ago)
There was a study done that shows ppl are more depressed & lonely than EVER! Said it's got a lot to do with them not getting enough "likes", "followers", etc. I don't care if anyone follows me! Heck, on here, ALL my playlists, etc are private! I really just don't care, I have a REAL life, not a VIRTUAL life, get one, you'll like it, you might even go on a date that isn't playing with their phone the whole time!
Joe Barron (11 days ago)
shut your mout
Jeff Kravchenko (11 days ago)
Tell them bia bias to go eat shit coverd maggots. We dont walk on egg shells round here fukk them pussys...
marlb0r015 (12 days ago)
biggiesmiley (12 days ago)
fuckin' sub'd
bigraviolees (12 days ago)
PC or politically correct really pises off rotten bastards who want to delude themselves being a rotten bastard is a viable stance.. Fuck U grounds keeper willie
MrGamingPigeon (12 days ago)
I'm a conservative. But honestly I miss the seth MacFarlane and bill mahers, the classical liberals of not so long ago. At least when we argued and debated we were civilised and coherent now it just feels like we have been shipped out to the middle of nowhere to fight a legion of tribal savages.
Todd Smith (12 days ago)
Aren’t you doing the same thing with this video that the pc culture does towards those it deems not pc enough? This video is very meta. And wouldn’t that make those agreeing in the comments, ironic? Mind blown. We become what we hate.
Ricardo Fernandes (12 days ago)
PCMaster race... Shiet wrong PC
John 23 (12 days ago)
Thank you, Dave. I've never watched Family Guy, but now I'll start.
Oliver Leonard (13 days ago)
I was born in 1991 - and I would like to apologise for the behaviour of my generation.

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