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Family Guy Destroys Political Correctness & Millennial Internet Culture

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Text Comments (632)
Jarin Xeno (1 hour ago)
SJWs are just racists that think they are superior to minorities and feel like it is their duty to stand up for the poor oppressed masses.
princessbinas (8 hours ago)
At the end of the day, I still don't like Family Guy for one big reason. It is just not my cup of tea even before seasonal rot. However, I will give approval for calling out the Liberal Bullshit.
Gallen Dugall (19 hours ago)
No. In reality one third of the population has a physical defect in their brain that grants them an endorphin rush for inflicting harm on others. Historically this has been reigned in by social pressure, but what the Nazis did was teach the world how to harness that sadism as a political force. SJWs are Nazi 2.0
AussieBlokeGordo (1 day ago)
Seth Macfarlane is an island of reality in a sea of insanity
Andres Armendariz (1 day ago)
this is plain cringy
Jim of Aotearoa (1 day ago)
I'm a victim. I was victimized. I was victimized by a victim. My victimizer had also been victimized. Because of this victimization by victims, i am demanding that YOU, the internet, give me money. So lets err... start the "healing" then shall we?
DarthShadie (2 days ago)
I have triggers, they're called emotional flashbacks, because of abuse trauma. But I don't tell people what theya re so that they don't trigger me, I notice them, the triggers, and that alerts me to what needs healing. Then I work on it to heal it so that it NO LONGER triggers me. So a few years ago, I had maybe dozens of trigger warnings. Today, way less. I get triggered, that's not YOUR fault, that doesn't mean it's MY fault, but I'm taking responsibility in order to take back control and gain self empowerment. As a wise Canadian Professor once said, to speak freely means that we will inevitably offend the other person at some point, but that's freedom of speech.
John McSween (2 days ago)
Apology = permission to ruin your life completely. You're better off starting that speech with "fuck you... have a nice day."
javis88h (2 days ago)
panameadeplm (2 days ago)
i've always said that rick and morty is the family guy of our current time a generally good show turned into a witch by insipid collectivists that can only derive value from being contrarians, that cannot, under any circumstance, tolerate enjoying a show that someone they view as inferior also enjoys, because that's as deep as they go
JD AR (2 days ago)
Nevre apologise. Do what I do, when they call you a racist say "yeah, I am a racist. Now what?" It throws them off and they don't know what to do.
ItzzNigel (2 days ago)
The only reason its on air is because it is on fox
Mr X (2 days ago)
These SJW, LGBTQ, snowflake harpies have invaded the computer games industry as well, pushing their ideologies.
Amber Anderton (3 days ago)
That man bun.😂
J.J. Dawes (3 days ago)
Brilliant video. This whole world is going completely irrational and insane. (Maybe I shouldn't have wrote that lest I offend somebody)
Max L (3 days ago)
ÜBER -> see German dictionary
Mike Thomas (3 days ago)
Great video. Family Guy is hot as hell right now and skewering SJW culture like no one else (except for a bit of South Park and Robot Chicken). MacFarlane is one of America's great minds of the 21st century. He's taken great pleasure in publicly calling out scumbags like Weinstein while being hilariously obnoxious re: "We Saw your Boobs" song and dance number on the Academy Awards show. His music is phenomenal and the guy can sing like a motherf**ker.
So on the money!
G*man (3 days ago)
yeah yeah- but seth supported sanders , ffs. and hes dane numerous anti-trump rants on twitter.
EHDROCK (4 days ago)
Trigger Warning (4 days ago)
Loved it. Thanks.
Mark Edlons (5 days ago)
My trigger warnings beating the blind deaf handicap and being a prick but I'm not off by words if you piss me off il work harder then you better than you and I'll make more money then you but I will not be a cry Baby
The Kost (5 days ago)
4:18. I just shot you in the face bra. I don't care about prison bra. Because it was worth killing a subhuman liberal over bra. When I get out, I will kill the rest of you liberals in the coming civil war bra. It will be Nazi Germany round 3 bra.
AkridHunter (6 days ago)
OK, "I AM A PARROT WHO MIMICS WORDS BUT DOESN'T COMPREHEND THEM" was actually fucking funny. I may have to give modern Family Guy a watch sometime.
Brigid Martin (6 days ago)
LOL thinking of 2 millennials I work
Angry comic zombie (6 days ago)
I hate the fact that most people think millennial are stupid or SJW as in Ireland most people hate SJW Though some may say we voted in abortion We have reasons. Reasons I will not say
cedonullidude (6 days ago)
Seth McFarlane is a system approved “rebel”, with one rule for the select and a different rule for the proles. Like these hypocritical actors who having roles with plenty of gun play, who have bodyguards armed to the teeth but champion politicians who want everyone else disarmed.
nilsthatboi (6 days ago)
Who wants to join my new group D.T.A.F. (death to all feminists) If you want to join the only thing you have to do is posting a mean comment under a feminist video.
jahibbyutube (6 days ago)
Audio a little low.
Heather T. (7 days ago)
I think it’s possible these self righteous SJWs seem like the majority because they’re constantly making a mountain out of a mole hill while the actual majority is just being I guess you could say normal. Also another thing that’s just as bad as an SJW is someone who is the exact opposite. Basically there are some people who choose to be excessively offensive, rude, and hurtful and get away with it, sort of, by labeling anyone who speaks out against them as an SJW Liberal snowflake. The people I’ve seen do this the most on the internet are cyber bullies, and some conservative talk shows. I think the reason some people do this is because they’re so sick of SJWs that they decide to be excessively offensive and disrespectful in spite of the SJWs. Theirs still such a thing as going too far and when people forget about that they either become an SJW who believes anything is too far or the exact opposite and think nothing is too far.
Fercho (7 days ago)
I consider myself to be somewhat progressive and “left” leaning on my opinions and so forth, but this PC sub culture (not culture because it’s a minority I believe) is getting ridiculous! People need to take a chill pill and not make everything seem like it’s the end of the world! Geeeeezzzz! That being said, if you are on social media, think before you type, and be prepared for the backlash! Oh, and as this video implies, don’t waste your fucking time with non- apologetic apologies, because the proverbial MOB does not adhere to reason, check out the history on this, no matter your sociopolitical leanings. And that’s all I have to say about that.
chris campbell (7 days ago)
chris campbell (7 days ago)
CommanderM117 (7 days ago)
sooooo true
ThunderstruckGaming (7 days ago)
Wow, this is so cool. I've never been a fan of Family Guy but I'm definitely giving it a second chance after this!
jon williams (7 days ago)
Social media is aids.
cmdraftbrn (8 days ago)
eh. george carlin would eat this place alive.
G A Pratt (8 days ago)
Welcome to the sad reality of media so hyperspecialized in order to satisfy every minority while at the same time sowing division.
Brian Minghella (10 days ago)
Seth is just riding the formula wave so he can claim the cutting edge on social observation. But he is still their Bitch.
m_hicks12 (10 days ago)
Brian: "I'm the self-righteous liberal douchebag, not you!" This right here is why I don't trust those liberals that call themselves "The rational left" when they appear in the comment sections of right-leaning YouTube videos. It's just the left eating their own and when they get attacked by their own kind, they want others to seem like they're the good ones when "the rational left" gave birth to the Cultural Marxist rabid leftists that have infected Western Civilization. The "rational left" and their rabid dogs are cut from the same cloth. Once the Marxist left dies off, these "rational" leftists will go back to becoming the enemy of the right, they will recreate the Marxist leftists we're dealing with now, and thus the cycle will repeat itself.
David stowe (10 days ago)
Great job and good luck 👍
Jason Bellows (10 days ago)
Awesome Video Dude!!!! ;) I agree with you about these dumbass SJW jerks! ;) I've done dumb stuff and I've good stuff I like to do nice things for friends and family and coworkers. Internet is not that good with these assholes running everything. I've made mistakes that I'm not proud of myself. Dave Cullen your are Awesome and right about this!! :) Keep up the great work! @DaveCullen
undeadgaming (10 days ago)
I had a Twitter mob harassing me for an apology once. I responded with the word 'nigger' to fill all 255 characters at all of them. They stopped instantly. If I said sorry they'd have fucking eviscerated me.
Han Lockhart (10 days ago)
Never apologise for something you did not do or you did but you know is not an issue. Morgan Freeman foolishly apologised and now he`s got a huge fight on his hands even though he later said he did nothing wrong and only apologised to placate.
GarbageHumanTJM64 (10 days ago)
Which episode is this? Gave up on FG a few years back, but would love to see this episode!
Psychodegu (10 days ago)
Did MacFarlane get jealous of Southpark?
Euroheat0022 (11 days ago)
When Seth, who is a leftist, rip' on SJW's then you know they're pathetic and worthless
sweetblue44 (11 days ago)
Dave, respectfully in its infancy UBER was called UBER CAB since they deemed themselves superior to traditional taxi services. Not defending the name but it did have some relevancy to its core business. Thank you for your perspectives.
Will Higgins (11 days ago)
I liked this episode, thought it was funny, felt kinda like the millennial jokes were almost beaten to death. But I am tired of people acting every SJW joke is ground breaking comedy.
Val Kilmer? (11 days ago)
Brian is Roseanne Barr, told a bad joke ,got crucified, she apologized, got crucified more, her show got cancelled, other countries cut her reruns, cable tv channels cut her reruns. She is blacklisted. Shes done. Life imitates art imitates life. Also, in UK it IS illegal in 2017 and prior to offend anyone online, 3500+ people got arrested for offending someone,making them feel uncomfortable. Not a joke folks, look it up. UK police website even covers it saying it isnt against the law but will arrest you anyway if an offense is registered by them or a 3rd person onlooker even.
And all this because Al Gore invented the internet.
Luke M (12 days ago)
Ain't Cultural Marxism GRAND? Goddamn those Frankfurt psychopaths for starting this avalanche of social unity all those years ago.
TrueCarthaginian (12 days ago)
He's about a decade late to the party. Family Guy is just pandering to what they perceive as the bigger crowd to make more money.
J-Wolf17FTW (12 days ago)
Could Family Guy be getting better? For a while it was going down in a trash fire.
Tadicuslegion78 (12 days ago)
Although I still mostly hate modern family guy, seeing that scumbag Brian’s life get destroyed was worth that lousy episode. Mostly I’m of the opinion Brian should have stayed dead
spikes glitter bomb (12 days ago)
I love family guy. I am lgbtq and all so a wheelchair user so find joe's storyline really funny. long live family guy
Snowflakes don’t watch family guy
Mike Cat (13 days ago)
I think both sides of the political and ideological spectrum are cry babies. Wether it’s getting offended for someone ( the left ) or boycotting Starbucks because of a cup ( the right ). Both are heavily flawed when it comes down to it. It’s a social media problem for allowing the loud minority speak for everyone.
Mr DribbleShit (14 days ago)
This didn't show up in my sub feed
Carver Harrison (14 days ago)
Look up the list of companies that ends with ly. It's really long.
MGTorque (14 days ago)
"An apology is blood in the water". Another great internet commandment.
NerdLife234 0 (15 days ago)
That's good that he is doing that in family guy. SJW's just need to die, their all useless bigots with no purpose in this world.
Homeschool (16 days ago)
nice job Dave Cullen
Seth De Shallow (16 days ago)
This entire video is the definition of a sigh, for the most part. You did hit on a couple good points.
Alex Kaplan (17 days ago)
James Woods?
Aeon Underhand (17 days ago)
Seth is WOKE
David Denmeade (18 days ago)
Mate, you definitely have a new fan here. Roseanne is Brian.
mogwaimofo (18 days ago)
Wow. THIS just became unbelievably relevant. Every single thing you said has come true in this whole Roseanne debacle.
Paul Lee (18 days ago)
Cool video bruh. We are swimming in bullshit. It can be hard to breathe. Some relief is nice though.
Kip Lambert (18 days ago)
Family Guy is awesome!! I binge watch that show more than any other .. Last time I was so addicted to a show was M*A*S*H,and "All in the Family".. I'm old,so,yea... :-)
Billy Bob (18 days ago)
Brilliant. What episode is this?
Gee Tee (18 days ago)
I think Dave should review the movie "Wag the Dog". Its about a war staged for political influence.
Anti-HyperLink (18 days ago)
Is there a joke in there about the internet turning on a dog? Or is the internet collectively more into cats? Is the "that was a problem before" thing just a stand alone joke or is it, like, Brian is white so people are less likely to hire him. And he's a dog. And has had sex with human women and Quagmire's new mom/dad/whatever. Brian wrote BoJack Horseman?
Anti-HyperLink (18 days ago)
Why do we need to work for all good things? Some sure, but why is it that if I don't go work in some Hell hole for 8 hours a day, I don't deserve to live?
Anti-HyperLink (18 days ago)
Oh yeah, it's only SJWs that get mad at TV shows. Definitely no religious morons that do that or people who get mad because there's a gay kiss on the TV. That certainly never happens!
Anti-HyperLink (18 days ago)
"Peer to peer ride sharing" What does that have to do with Uber. Uber is a taxi company with a fancy name and has been able to convince idiots that it's different. Uber different? Uber good?
Michael Foye (18 days ago)
We must drive Leftists out of our culture the same way St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland! And for the same reasons.
Michael Foye (18 days ago)
PC culture must be stomped out like a fire on the living room carpet!
GM Steelhaven (18 days ago)
9:00 This is why Trump won. When called out, he doubles down. So refreshing.
n3r0wolfe (19 days ago)
while i agree with most of this video, and your perspective, mcfarlane is hardly a "classical" liberal
Bear Clarke (19 days ago)
Great discussion about SJW etc. Would love you to do more in-depth discussions about the current social cancer.
Esteevius (19 days ago)
Too bad Roseanne didn't watch this video.
NewJourneysFireLP (19 days ago)
Yet American Dad, the show that was literally born out of politics seems to be too cautious when it comes to politics.
Rene Vejbirk (19 days ago)
Why is the speak so low? I got everything on max and i still got trouble hearing what the speaker says :'(
Mathieu Leader (19 days ago)
this current season has been headed up by a new showrunner called Alec Sulkin Macfarlane has not written an episode in the show in ages
Itachi Uchiha (19 days ago)
Comedy is an effective tool that the British now can't use thanks to PC faggots
Lee Johnstone (20 days ago)
Snowflakes millennials are nothing but 21st century socialists
Windwaker 5000 (20 days ago)
I completely agree
Michael Buehler (20 days ago)
Have to watch this episode later.
P Mason (20 days ago)
McFarlane and Bill Maher seem to be the only two semi classic liberals left. At least Maher will call out Islam. If we're supposed to get frankenstien castle angry at some religious nutter in the US not liking gays then we should be a 1000 times more angry at an ultra ultra conservative ideology that wants to kills gays. Only safe place in the middle east for gays is Israel and who does the left attack? Hmm? And who do they defend? As I always say, progressivism might be a good ideology... if progressives actually practiced it. But so many simple hijack it as their excuse to bully someone.
Wardner213 (20 days ago)
I loved Family Guy in season 1 but after that they started to frequently shoehorn PC speeches into their scripts. Even if I happened to agree with what they were saying I think I'd still be repulsed by how opinionated it was. TV used to be about entertainment. Now it's all about one sided politics and stigmatizing those who don't share the extremist view points.
Johnny Marvéll (20 days ago)
(((Leftists)))...they should make fun of that euphemism too.
Conor Phillips (20 days ago)
I keep liking him more and more each time. One of his orville episodes also takes on the whole internet culture and mob mentality.
Samuel (21 days ago)
1:40 The last username: 'socialjusticepaladin'. Comedy gold.
J V (21 days ago)
Not so fast Dave, this guy is partly responsible for the rise of marxism in the west by way of his practicing of critical theory
65firered (21 days ago)
Family Guy actually got something right for once!
frank tomeo (21 days ago)
This is amazing and I am encouraged to watch Family Guy episodes. I gave up watching anything current on TV other than sports and the weather network. Thanks Dave.
Pépé JO (21 days ago)
I don't know if Seth MacFarlane is really a classical liberal. He's just not a crazy leftist
mat2000100 (22 days ago)
1:42 Those girls would have been arrested if they were British.
Skinny Guinea (22 days ago)
Squeaky wheel gets the grease, but empty wagons make the most noise
Benjamin Aswad (22 days ago)
Not being an SJW is Freedom. For instance, you get to just be instead of crying about everything and nothing at once.

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