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Everything Wrong With The Hunger Games In 3 Minutes Or Less

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Did you love The Hunger Games movie? You probably read the book. Here are all the sins we found in the box office hit, The Hunger Games, recounted in three minutes or less. Which movie's sins should we recount next? Comment below to suggest one, or Subscribe above to be the first to know what we choose. New films, old films, classic films, beloved films... no movie is without sin! See the sins of The Amazing Spiderman's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy-v4c4is-w See the sins of The Avengers': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYVZjKgoKdg See the sins of The Dark Knight Rises: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2tE-BCwZtw See the sins of Prometheus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BWnTW4rL0U *Copyrighted content used under the Fair Use exception for review and commentary.
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Text Comments (28298)
Simo Hayha (17 hours ago)
Also a sin, in the movie she hallucinated that talkshow host with purple hair, as he was talking about tracker jacker venom. That was something she couldn't have possibly have known as the talking happened as she was in the arena.
Moji Adegbulugbe (1 day ago)
Emma Martin (1 day ago)
You’re saying age differences matter at this age? True. You’re saying that Katniss should easily dominate the other girl? Not necessarily. Clove is 15 and Katniss is 16. That’s not a huge difference
Heatherlily Shiver (1 day ago)
😡😡😔😞😤😦😦😦😦😦 brush keep or thoughts to yourself. The fire will go out. I do not now how but its a movie about the future.
_Flootershy_ (1 day ago)
I honestly think the movie was good. I just wish it was more like the book. I’m still mad at them for not adding Madge. And I definitely think the mutts could’ve been better.
Katie. cat (2 days ago)
You know that he thinks that the movie is actually pretty good when it is really long and he only has 53 sins
Matlangi Hauhnar (3 days ago)
I, liked it too.
Karkat Vantas (3 days ago)
Tahleeyah Rose (3 days ago)
I love the hunger games but I can’t lie, this is funny..
Chloe_ 23 (3 days ago)
But it’s more than 3 minutes
Casey 1000 (3 days ago)
Ha this is funny but I still love hunger games
Peppercorn Latte (4 days ago)
"You have a shadow." "That's a pretty racist thing to say." LOL
Justine B (4 days ago)
Half of these things would sort themselves out if you P A I D P R O P E R A T T E N T I O N -im fun at parties-
Oscar /W B (4 days ago)
Only 3 minuets and 50+ sins ? Damn
Bee Draws (4 days ago)
Everything Wrong With The Hunger Games for me: -Peeta -Peeta -peeta
Mamoon Umar (4 days ago)
Half of these "sins" were just you not understanding wtf is going on. e.g: She shot the arrow as a distraction because if she shot to kill the enemy, he (the enemy) would have killed peeta....
PUR3 BR33D CH33S3H3AD (5 days ago)
Princess Asuna (5 days ago)
These vids were short in 2013 O•O
Jake Rules (5 days ago)
again they have to move away from the dead body for the cannons to go off they probably just didn't show it happening
Jake Rules (5 days ago)
and all the others
Jake Rules (5 days ago)
in that movie atleast
Jake Rules (5 days ago)
they probably can turn the forest fires on and off the pretty high tech you know
OuterSpaceBandit (5 days ago)
"looks like you have a shadow" He then says thats racist. Then at 1:41 says how did will smiths daughter get into the tree so fast lol.
Umaibo (5 days ago)
Not the same cream.
Umaibo (5 days ago)
He actually does use the trap fucking idiot
Most of these 'sins' are solved in the book. Read the dam books
Rushez (6 days ago)
"Director of Photography, Michael J. Fox" Bruhhhh
Veronica toothpaste (7 days ago)
Voice sounds so different
TheFrostyBoss 07 (7 days ago)
3:25 !!!
:D (8 days ago)
0:9 john wick
ismartroman gamer (8 days ago)
In the books it shows how the cream is only for the burns not anything else like rues wound or peeta’s leg. Also seeing fox face(her nickname in the books) jump over the land mines isn’t supposed to show where they are, but that they exist. As for the riot, rue was 12 and everyone in the village liked her. The dogs, they could’ve easily disentigrated when he wished.
Foster & Molly (9 days ago)
Lexi Starbuck (9 days ago)
Wait, what's up with the number 42? (About 19 seconds into the video)
Niemand Nineteen (11 days ago)
This is my step mom's favorite movie... Have seen it several times because every time I visit, they want to watch it or some other one in the series. Every time, all I can think during 70% of the scenes is, "Battle Royale did it first". (The manga, not the movie)
Paige Acker (11 days ago)
You need to read the book first, that way half of those sins would be void
MegaGothmog (11 days ago)
The title is highly misleading. The sins are in total exactly 3 minutes long (just check the timer :)
connor tumilowicz (11 days ago)
Yup they are annoying
Till Kruger (11 days ago)
Shuttle leaf political count ceremony process average advise second like need formula.
Kamerbom Kai (11 days ago)
Did movies get worse or did Cinema Sins start noticing more sins?
Al Capone (12 days ago)
8 million subscribers congratulations man
Al Capone (12 days ago)
I honestly liked the first one but the rest are crap I loved the books
Celina Astbury (12 days ago)
It’s actually over 3 minutes...
? (13 days ago)
0o0 1:14
Mosgamers (13 days ago)
…*Everyday* "Diiinng" xD
Neyonius (13 days ago)
There's so much wrong with this that could be understood by reading the book before watching the movies.
Uncomfortable_ S (13 days ago)
Charlie Rushworth (13 days ago)
I love the hunger games lmao
Cole MacGrath (13 days ago)
according to his standars (of 100 average sins) this movie is really good!!
Elise Warnicke (13 days ago)
1:36 you get a sin because Haymitch just uses money that sponsors give
bea ysabel (14 days ago)
she actually shot the arrow at his hand because if she shot him fatally he would've taken peeta down with him since his arm was around his neck
saham khalif (15 days ago)
hun ger
anime fan1 (15 days ago)
Do a sin video on bridge to tarabithia
Adrien Miller (17 days ago)
“That’s a pretty racist thing to say” that’s just fucking picking, it’s obviously not meant to be racist...
Kaylin Marie (18 days ago)
Okay so, Peeta was not being racist, he was just saying that Rue was following Katniss around. Haymitch did not just send Katniss the gifts, he convinced sponsors to send them. If Katniss had shot Cato in the face or something then both Peeta and him would have fallen to the genetically modified dogs. Read the book or pay attention!
Annie's Comedy (18 days ago)
Shut up the hunger games is perfect. Like ur channel but hunger games is amazing.
Soups (18 days ago)
"I guess we try to forget" "Yeah, me too" LOL
Qwerty (20 days ago)
For all those tweens THE BOOKS DON’T MATTER
Grant Gryczan (20 days ago)
I expected more severe sins, considering how many people don't like this movie. These were nitpicks.
Peter _C (20 days ago)
does anyone realize how advanced this society is, but they apparently aren’t advanced enough to create robots to mine coal for them.
Fishey Cakes (21 days ago)
Like to point out this was so old it only was three minutes, but still managed to reach half the total sin count for a lot of movies he does these days which average about 15 mins
Lauren Cabello (21 days ago)
You're just searching for mistakes but most of them are just part of the movie and add to it in a good way so you failed with this one
Seth Sutton (21 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with hunger games accept for the haircuts
M4levolence (22 days ago)
Ah clove :3
Heavy Smoke (22 days ago)
The michael j fox line....lmao
Tablet Gamer (25 days ago)
Actually, there is nothing wrong with the Hunger Games. Its perfect
Howler Land (25 days ago)
It’s 3 min because there’s barely anything.
Aziaol Animations (25 days ago)
*-3 minutes hmmmmmmmmm-*
Karolina Lolix (26 days ago)
Dogs, but aren't running like dogs
Tristan Greene (26 days ago)
*Several dogs*
Sissy Apu (29 days ago)
If you read the books almost every single one of these sins are solved lol
wolfz woof (29 days ago)
my long lost muffin (29 days ago)
This has the least I've ever seen. Plus the book is better.
Andy carroll (29 days ago)
Arthur Traynor (30 days ago)
A ton of the things on the list were explained in the book. Like most of them actually
Random Dude (1 month ago)
shut the f up it was a great book and movie . die in a hole if ur counting evrey wrong thing with the movie. u try to make a fliping movie!!!!
Alex Thompson (26 days ago)
Random Dude first of all calm down. Second of all he does include crap in this. The first on was not a sin
Jetpack Blues (1 month ago)
0:19 42... What an oddly specific number.... 🤔🤔🤔
Dominican Budd (1 month ago)
Btw rue wasn’t will Smith’s daughter
The Random Guy (1 month ago)
Plus infinity for ripping off Battle Royale
Alicia Rapp (1 month ago)
You should redo some of your really old "Everything Wrong With" to see how much more you sin
CatVMouse Rubix (1 month ago)
Double the sins because most of these were explained in the books, PROVING IT WAS BETTER
Ali Conradie (1 month ago)
Oooooooe... The inglorious bastards reference though...
Aniarable Channel (1 month ago)
"Yeah, me too" lol
Anna Chatley (1 month ago)
he truman show is a movie of where a man was trapped in a fake world. Then if he gets close to leaving they do things like pretend something is wrong and he can't leave. Also they made him deathly afraid of water so that also stopped him.
ssppeellll (1 month ago)
Worst Cinema Sins I've seen. I mean, really, really poorly done guys. Probably my last Cinema Sins. I know it's all in good fun, and we have to cut you some slack, but ... after this, you just don't seem worth it.
ssppeellll (16 days ago)
Nah, you were fine. No harsher than I was, at any rate!
Courtney Quinn (16 days ago)
ssppeellll oh okay 😂 now I'm afraid I seemed rude
ssppeellll (16 days ago)
Courtney, I have to admit I was totally unaware of this point. I have never been a regular viewer of CinemaSins--just an occasional, random one--and have never noticed the post date of any particular video. Your point is valid. (And well expressed to boot.) Thanks for your response.
Courtney Quinn (16 days ago)
ssppeellll dude this video is more than three years old. You wrote this 2 weeks ago. Seriously I know they didn't pay as much attention but this was around the time they started. You have to admit they're way better. Dont judge a channel on how they started if they make way better content now. If you do, then you don't deserve to be on Youtube in general.
ssppeellll (1 month ago)
#51 -- Again, you really didn't understand the story, did you?
ssppeellll (1 month ago)
#38 -- You REALLY didn't understand the very heart of this story, did you?
ssppeellll (1 month ago)
Where do you get the idea that Haymitch is her sponsor at any point? The sponsors give money to Haymitch and he chooses how to spend it. Or he asks potential sponsors for money for certain items. Duh.
Gymnast Fox (1 month ago)
Ok I want to say a few things... 1, 0:56 Peeta means Rue following Katniss around, not her skin color 2, Haymitch needs ppl to like Katniss so he send her sponsors he can’t just do it on his own, 3, Katniss could not use the cream on Rue when she was stabbed because that cream was for burns, and another thing, when you said Katniss should not be surprised be the cream when it healed her and Peeta because she used the cream before,no that other cream was for burns it was not the same cream. And I do not want to hate, it is just something that came to mind and I thought I should say.
Mike signs (1 month ago)
2:12 maybe they never had a f**king 12 year old did before
Cerys The Introvert (1 month ago)
Everything wrong with the hunger games in 1 comment or less: ITS NOT THE BOOK! THE BOOKS ARE SO MUCH BETTER! AHHH ALL THE MOVIES SUCK COMPARED TO THE BOOKS!
Everybody 48AJ (1 month ago)
I’m not trying to TrIgGeR anyone but I don’t like the hunger games. I watched the movies only tho so idk. Like you had the chance to be this awesome sci-fi story but no it’s about love. Also: I didn’t watch the sequels. Fight me.
Fawn Z (1 month ago)
3:31 minutes not 3 minutes!
Stardust Aj (1 month ago)
Did we not add a sin for the dogs not being the same as the books? Sin for our ignorance.
username1nmillion (1 month ago)
CinemaSins Has Jennifer Lawrence seen this video you've made? 🤔💘🎯♨️
Diamond Explorer (1 month ago)
Blaze Chaka (1 month ago)
Most of these are not mistakes they are your opinions or your lack of observation skills you idiot so stop making videos and end this gay channel you moron
Sanita Flores (1 month ago)
All of your points were explained in the BOOK.
Four 11 (1 month ago)
You need to look close right around 1:47 and you will see that the faces of the workers are one and the same
Four 11 (1 month ago)
Should've mentioned the super-shaky camera It's annoying.
RednashoGaming (1 month ago)
Lol that last one

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