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Souls Games Ranked From Easiest to Hardest

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DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaI7Y3X0T9M ► Shirts and Merch: https://tinyurl.com/y7sbgb3j ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/glplaygr0und ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/glittlep ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/gLpLayground ► GLP TV: https://www.youtube.com/c/glptvee Video Created by Mystery Mr. R - https://www.youtube.com/user/MysteryMrR Which Dark Souls or Dark Souls-type game do you think is the hardest? This video comes from our good friend and parter Mystery Mr. R! He's going to be doing in depth videos like this for GLP. If you enjoyed the vid, make sure to give sub to his channel!
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Gamer's Little Playground (11 months ago)
Which Dark Souls or Dark Souls-type game do you think is the hardest?
tweeking-on-ice (1 day ago)
Gamer's Little Playground im playing dark souls for the first time and its my first souls game. I reached the bonfire and boss gate at sens fortress and i died only twice and i dont use summons. How can u play every from software game using a hacked sword and still cannot beat ds1? That is hilarious!
Caleb Mueller (2 days ago)
I feel ya Nioh is kicking my ass!
Hardest to easiest bloodborne > dark souls 3 > dark souls 1 > demon souls > dark souls 2
Zato Nation34 (12 days ago)
Dark souls 2
Cadentboss _ (12 days ago)
Ds1 is the easiest for me.
Ubuntu FTW! (6 hours ago)
From my own experience, parts of DS1 were hard AF but I did get through it eventually. I enjoyed the game so much I bought Bloodbourne. That was a BIG mistake. Bloodbourne sucked ass, I couldn't even get to the first save point! 😡
Zoe Pen (1 day ago)
kevin21lols (3 days ago)
Guess I'm playing the hardest souls game right now
HowYouGetShitDoneTV (3 days ago)
If you pick anything other than ds3 as easiest and Bloodborne as most difficult then you are fucking RETARDED
rafael gayon (3 days ago)
this guy is on crack. the dlc in darksouls 3 was crazy difficult. Ariandel was insanley difficult.
Dubura Kiba (3 days ago)
dude what world were in playing in demon souls white normal or black
Deathwish Nineteen (4 days ago)
I think dark souls 2 is the hardest
parry_kong (5 days ago)
Difficulty is subjective
Roxanne BP (6 days ago)
excuse me, but bloodborne deserve to be higher. You have no defense, the only thing you can do is parry and dodge.
H1V1 (6 days ago)
WTF is this list
Kai Nelson (7 days ago)
I found the first Dark Souls was the easiest out of all of them I’ve completed 1, 2, 3 and bloodborne with the DLC haven’t played demon souls or Nioh though, The first dark souls is easy if you do the glitch to get the Black Knight Halberd within the first 15 mins
Lady Valkyrie_I (7 days ago)
For me from easiest to hardest is differrent. Dark Souls 3 ( has bonfires EVERYWHERE) Bloodborne Dark Souls Demon Souls Nioh Dark Souls 2 Salt and Sanctuary
Rhyne Aguilar (7 days ago)
He died to the asylum demon??? I got him first try in my first ever playthrough on my first ever souls game my first death was the first normal enemy in the next stage after the asylum i forgot what it's called
Shino Mikazuki (7 days ago)
I got through Dark Souls 3 on a SL 20 Knight, and I'm getting r*ped in Dark Souls 2. 3 hours in the game, not through the forest of giants yet.
JTT 2185 (2 days ago)
Shino Mikazuki difficulty is subjective, DS2 honestly was a cake walk for me. In terms of of the games I've played. Easy to hard Dark Souls 2 Nioh (I'm a rpg fanatic and you can break the game with builds) Dark souls 3 Bloodborne Dark Souls
Rich Goldendoor (7 days ago)
>Has a list ranking the difficulty of the souls games >Doesn't include DLC because that makes it hard >Says Dark Souls 3 bosses are easy and mentions the easiest bottom of the barrel bosses possible lacking the mention of any of the actual challenging bosses >Hasn't faced the DS3 DLC bosses which are the hardest in the game, but still says the game has easy gimmick bosses...................... >Has DS1 at number 1 even though the game is hella short and easy once you know what you are doing. k
Yvan Cluet (8 days ago)
Dude, I'm sure you can beat Sen's Fortress. If you beat all those other games, you definitely CAN do it.
Pascl (8 days ago)
"bloodborne is hard because there is no defense" and defense makes the game boring. you said yourself with demon's souls, just dodge, and that's what you should do in all souls games, and blocking is even punished in dark souls 3, where bosses take up most of your stamina when blocking, and will throw you back like it's an anime, but I'm not sure how that is in other games. bloodborne isn't hard because of a lack of blocking. it's more complicated than that.
Pascl (8 days ago)
dark souls 3: "a lot of the bosses were a gimmick" there are 5 gimmick bosses. hmmm... other than that, one boss was a tutorial, two are super hard for beginners but no problems if you aren't new, a few more are not that hard, like aldrich or oceiros, and atleast 5 bosses are extremely hard. I can see where you're coming from with saying the bosses aren't that hard, but very few of them are actually a gimmick.
BenderHD (8 days ago)
Watching this video gave me cancer. You never even finished the first game...even with a hacked weapon? Holy shit man you’re garbage 😂 literally just started playing dark souls when remastered came out and I’ve already finished it. This order is behond fucked. How tf does your retarded ass even have subscribers 😂
Ghost81 (8 days ago)
It's hilarious seeing all these younger folks crying about Sen's fortress like it's the hardest thing ever, when levels like and much harder than that were the norm in early 3D action games on the PC and PS1. Cracks me up.
Ghost81 (2 days ago)
I really hope most people can: I've seen it listed as one of the hardest areas in the souls series plenty of times though, and I'm just... no. People should play the PC games "Die By the Sword" and "Deathtrap Dungeon" and see what true nightmare is.
ThePhantom Timelord (2 days ago)
Ghost81 most people can. This guy is just kinda bad
Ghost81 (2 days ago)
At least the old many stereotype can beat Sen's fortress without being brought to tears.
ThePhantom Timelord (2 days ago)
Ghost81 you sound like the gaming equivalent to the old man stereotype
Isaiah Stewart (8 days ago)
I personally thought dark souls 1 was easy
Spaghettiio Assassin (10 days ago)
Demons souls was the easiest by far. Darksouls 2 had the only boss Ive never been able to defeat (twin tigers in Ivory king dlc). And Darklurker was such a bitch.
Logan Hodges (10 days ago)
sen's fortress got you stuck? it was tricky and I think its harder than blighttown but its not unbeatable. I cleared the area in a hour
Zachary Chapman (10 days ago)
Disliked purely for calling Nioh a souls game. It’s no where near the level of those masterpieces. Salt and Sanctuary too. These aren’t souls games dude.
Omegawolf 87 (10 days ago)
I hate sins fotrees
Omegawolf 87 (10 days ago)
My friend beat dark souls remasterd like in 30min to an hour
Megashark 101 (2 days ago)
You see, Dark Souls 1 and 2 are so hard because they're a bit unfair. Remember Snake Fortress? Remember Blightown? Remember that feature where every time you swing your sword, it bounces off a wall? Remember the enemy that Curses you, poisoning you forever? Remember how you're constantly fighting the camera, because it's more interested in the fucking tree than the goddamn boss fight!? Keep in mind that I love Dark Souls, 2 not so much. But as an old game, it's weighed down by some problems. Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne are "easier" because they're better designed and polished. You won't find yourself getting weighed down by annoying glitches and bullshit, but it makes up for it with foes who are absolutely relentless. Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne are tough, but fair.
Shambler (12 days ago)
Sen's fortress isn't that bad once you spend some time there. Just take it slow, pay attention to the environment, and manage your estus.
Yuma (12 days ago)
Lol in DS1 just get a black knights halberd at the start of the game, +5 it as soon as you can and you will pretty much 1 shot most normal enemies and kill bosses in like 5 hits.
Draf Goller (12 days ago)
I'm sorry dude but if you don't take in consideration DLC's and if you haven't played all the games you can't just make a list and say "i saw someone play it and i think it's easy" it does not work like this. YOU have to have the whole experience of the game to make a list like this by playing the game and experiencing the adrenaline and the anxiety.
jifyum07 (13 days ago)
I want to make more Yt accounts just so I can dislike this video more.
reyreyking1 (13 days ago)
Didn't play nioh, didn't know it was made by the same people. My rankings: Demon souls game is hard if you haven't ever played a souls game before, but it's the easiest one out there. Dark souls 1 probably had the hardest areas ever, but the bosses are the easiest in the series after demon souls. Dark souls 2 would be harder then dark souls 3 if they didn't have lifegems. If I counted pvp for difficulty then this game would be the hardest one. Don't know how many times someone invaded me, poisoned me with a rapier and ran away. Dark souls 3: medium difficulty areas, with probably some of the hardest bosses in the soul series and some of the easiest. Bloodborne: I quit this game at first because I wasn't use to how fast pace it was, I kept getting murdered. Went back and got use to the new mechanics and beat it. Only reason I put it at number one was because of the dlc, that shit was extremely hard.
feel good (13 days ago)
Are you kidding? DS1 is by far the easiest game I’ve played thus far, you can soul farm the shit out of it and the Gravelords sword is so op that you honestly need no other weapon
Dēkü (13 days ago)
feel good I agree the only time i actually had trouble in this game is the 4 kings ng++ and up the grave sword wasn't helping in the slightest had to switch to dragon tooth power within and moonlight blade to beat that shit it was hard
El Sexy Taco (13 days ago)
this was the worst ranking video iv ever seen
Calum79 (14 days ago)
This encourages me to get the original Dark Souls 1 c:
Justin Sea (14 days ago)
Nioh harder than bloodborne and dark souls 3?? Um no
Omar H (14 days ago)
This video gave me cancer. How does this channel even have that many subs?
Natalie Smith (14 days ago)
I started on ds2 gets a lot of stick buts the clunkyness adds difficulty bloodborne next easy easy ds3 was piss
chaos blades (14 days ago)
Dude no no i know you are entitled to you're oponion but first 3 seconds and you choose dark souls 2 !!! My goodness i would at least choose ds2 last come on the enemies are way more difficult have you even played ds2 ??
Im NotKitten (14 days ago)
Dark souls 1 is easy as fuck
Alfredo Lopez (15 days ago)
Sens fortress ain’t shit
Aerociviz Nicholas (15 days ago)
Bruh you don't count dlc? What's the point in that lol
H Sanpedro (15 days ago)
Fuck you for putting that freaking loud part. Like wtf dude
Ray Zaffarese (15 days ago)
I haven't played demon souls. But I played the other 4. And here is their difficulty. 1. Dark souls 2. Bloodborne 3. Dark souls 2 4. Dark souls 3 Dark souls objectively had the easiest bosses. Only 3 gave me a hard time. (O&S Kalameet and Manus) but, dark souls had some of the absolute hardest areas... The area's in the game were so long, and artificially hard... It was unfun at times... Bloodborne had the hardest bosses period. This is a non issue and not up for debate. While Midir is the hardest boss I think in the series, after that it's Laurence, Orphan of Kos etc. Hard areas as well. Dark souls 2 was challenging, mostly because of the length. It was a chore to get through all 41 bosses. At it's peak a very fun game, that at times was down right easy, and other times excruciatingly hard. Dark souls 3 us my 2nd favorite game trailing bloodborne in the series. It's peak is undoubtedly the most fun. All in all the game isn't that hard though. I beat bloodborne first, dark souls 3 was my 2nd souls like game. I was waiting to hit a wall and really never did in the main game. I breezed past all the bosses up to pontiff. I heard he was challenging and got a little intimidated. But he only took me 9 tries. 20 tries and up is a wall in my opinion, and that didn't happen until champion gundyr. After that Nameless king. In the main game those were the only two. I thought the areas were spectacular, but not necessarily hard. The DLC came along, and the demon princes, friede Gael and Midir.... Incredible DLC with some great bosses. All the games are fun, but I definitely think dark souls 3 is the least difficult. Dark souls most difficult because of the nonsense factor. A lot of areas just felt unfair. And bloodborne. A masterpiece.
Spaghettiio Assassin (10 days ago)
Ray Zaffarese if you think darksouls has easy bosses then you’ll love demons souls. I’ve never died to a single boss in that game because they are a joke. By far the easiest game in the series. DS 2 was a completely broken game with broken hitboxes, broken parry and extremely bullshit boss mechanics (Twin Tigers, Blue Smelter Demon, Fume Knight). Then they nerfed all magic which made the Darklurker nearly impossible. Bloodbonres core game had easy bosses. The dlc and chalice Dungeons had the hardest bosses. DS1 has pretty easy areas and easy bosses with the exception of O&S. Anor Londo and New Londo were the only hard places. Never had trouble with manus or the dragon. Beat them both on my second try. Artorious was very easy because he telegraphed his attacks. DS3 was pretty easy all around. You never felt the need to grind for xp. The bosses were fairly easy and the pvp was awesome. The Dlc was extremely good and had some hard bosses. (Could never beat the dragon because i was on NG+7 by the time the dlc came out, plus I was getting invaded while i was in the boss fight which I didn’t know was possible.) Overall I’d say that DS2 is the hardest mainly because the game is completely broken and they nerfed the shit out of it and Demons souls is the easiest because the bosses are a joke and the levels are extremely linear.
Ray Zaffarese (15 days ago)
When you die to the moonlight butterfly... Cringeworthy
Powers (15 days ago)
Dude sen's fortress is so easy if you take your time.
BDK Jojo (15 days ago)
Bro i beat every souls game over 15+ times including bloodborne and demon souls is the hardest dark souls is easy asf boss moves are easy to study while demon souls got fuckn tanky npcs with fuckload of damage..
MOCHEE GAMING (16 days ago)
Nioh and salt are not dark souls games bad list
Miltos Gamer (16 days ago)
Although i do agree with most of your ranking,i disagree with nioh and bloodborne cause regarding the stamina,for me coming from bloodborne it made beating opponents a hella lot easier knowing that they dont have unlimited stamina like dark souls and i can wore them down
FlyingFox_Gaming (16 days ago)
I only have Bloodborne on my PS4 and it is hard af. I've had the game for months and have only defeated the 2nd boss.
StyckRicc (16 days ago)
Bro you say souls like and you put an actual souls game on the list wtf
JediOptimusPrime1 (16 days ago)
Dark Souls 2 is hard and tedious. How is it the easiest?
IEatModels (16 days ago)
salt and sanctuary is one of the easiest imo, its super easy to get op in that game
IEatModels (16 days ago)
i always considered demon souls to be the hardest but maybe just because that was my first game. might have to go back and try it now that i’m so seasoned
Ouss -TheBigBoss (16 days ago)
LOL Saw DS 2 first, instant dislike.
anas elhardouzi (16 days ago)
fuck you
Mohannad Al-Shareef (17 days ago)
Sens fortress is the hardest souls game
Mastodon (17 days ago)
The fuck is wrong with you? Get dark souls 3 dlc, the fuck?!?!?!! Just finished the video, ds1?! You are a pussy.
your1emperor (17 days ago)
Truth is, the hardest souls game is always your FIRST souls game!
Up down (17 days ago)
Dark Souls 1 was hard Dark Souls 2 easy trash Dark Souls 3 harder than 2 but not as good as 1
Henry Rigerman (17 days ago)
I've only played Dark Souls 1, and it's not as challenging if you you know the controls well, besides doing a pary or backstab, also summoning helps a lot.
Shogun Joseph (18 days ago)
think id flip dark souls 2 with demon souls as the easiest other than that good list
Nicholas Deserto (18 days ago)
Not gonna lie: first time I fought Yhorm, I fought him for thirty minutes straight. I'd only played bloodborne beforehand, so I was really confident in myself. Just two handing the Irithyll straight sword, and fighting like a bat outta hell for thirty minutes straight
tanner thompson (18 days ago)
i thinck ds2 is the hardest and ds1 is 2 hardest
Macks-A-Million Gaming (18 days ago)
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Altigue (19 days ago)
Dark souls III I would say is harder. Much faster pace and less defensive (poise mechanics work entirely different than DSI) I personally had no quarrels with beating Dark souls I. The enemies are slow and tanking is kind of like cheese mode if you build your character that way. Dark souls iii forces you to play much more aggressively, can’t just hide behind your shield the whole time and back out when your stamina is low because the enemies will come to you and quickly. DSIII is half rolling through the levels dodging attacks versus just running through the enemies. Bloodborne is by far the hardest because of the complete lack of any kind of defensive play. It’s all aggressive and fast paced. Now let’s talk bosses. Again, DSI bosses are sluggish and give you plenty of openings to attack and they telegraph their attacks pretty obviously. Gwyn was a joke when comparing him to Soul of Cinder. I had to stay under leveled for the game to pose more of a challenge to me. Whereas DSIII I had to over level for a few bosses just to have enough health and stamina to dodge and take more hits. Can’t really “tank” the bosses nearly as much as you can in DSI. The move sets for DSIII bosses take after Bloodborne, too, albeit toned down a little. But still very fast and they just get right next to you if you try and scurry away. Take a boss like Twin Princes. If you roll back to heal, he’s just going to teleport and put your face in the dirt as punishment. These bosses hit like Mack Trucks too. Fight NK/KotS on NG+7 and get hit twice, you’re probably on the verge of dying after two hits. As for DLC, DSIII delivers with the Ringed City DLC. Gael was a big boss with large health and Bloodborne mechanics. Midir overshadows Kalameet entirely idc what you say. That burst stream of destruction attack will 1 shot you every day of the week and adding more and more people over makes the fight harder. The large arena combined with the dragon’s mobility makes tracking down the dragon and actually getting what little damage you’ll deal even harder, versus kalameet just kind of stays where he’s at and moves much less. The head (the weakest part of these dragons) is also much easier to hit whereas its very difficult to hit Midir’s head consistently and even getting near the head is dangerous because those fire attacks had a huge hit radius. As for my objective list if anyone cares for it: Hardest to easiest: 1: Bloodborne 2: Dark Souls III 3: Dark Souls 4: Demon’s Souls 5: Dark Souls II
Crazy Sour (19 days ago)
Dark Souls 1?? Nioh is so much Harder.
Trysten Sanders (19 days ago)
DS1 for me is extremely easy so just like get good.
Campbell the Campbell (19 days ago)
Lol I beat dark souls 1 6 times, currently playing 3 rn tho, it's not so bad.
theshitpost channel (14 days ago)
Why is nioh and salt and sanctuary Edit: Why is nioh and salt and sanctuary considered a soulsborne game? I forgot what the name of the 2d game was and went to search for it but then i just commented instead of finishing the comment.
Abdullah Alkanderi (19 days ago)
Who ever is saying Nioh is hard doesn’t really know how to use a ps4 controller. All these games are hard and challenging but they can all be finished if you give it your time
Ben's Gaming (19 days ago)
Did you die to the moonlight butterfly
xMightyTinfoilx (20 days ago)
When you admit to torrenting DS3 on your video lol Derp
Punyr (20 days ago)
Sens fortress is ez af
King Warrior (20 days ago)
Bloodborne is not that much harder.
juniorthedoll (20 days ago)
9:51 boi do I have news for you
Teroskull (20 days ago)
I'm sorry but Dark Souls 1 is easier than Dark Souls 2. The only boss who gave to a probelm in dark souls was orenstein and smough. The lord souls bosses are a fucking joke. Sen's fortress is not that hard and the iron golem is a joke too.
Feadus (21 days ago)
Are you allowed to rank it if you haven’t beaten it?
Rahhhbort (21 days ago)
Sen’s fortress is bullshit
kirk cavenaugh (21 days ago)
The 5 gargoyles in ds2?? Dark lurker..
Spegy N Merbles (21 days ago)
How the fuck do you beat every souls like game, but not sens fortress. Sens fortress isn’t that bad, you just need to strategize each room. If you think that’s hard, you never made it to tomb of the giants. I would gladly go through sens fortress 1000 times before I ever do tomb of the giants again.
YAIR MORA PARRILLA (21 days ago)
All information is false 😠😡
The Adhd Viking (22 days ago)
daniel kelley (22 days ago)
The first dark souls wasn't that bad I've beat it quite a few times I thought bloodborne was harder
BOSTASH (22 days ago)
TRAGIC Hades9282 (22 days ago)
Personal I found Dark Souls 3 the easiest mainly because of my own experiences in the old games and the rolling. I found dark souls 2 harder
BOSTASH (22 days ago)
Dark souls 2 is a thing and it's DLCs is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT thing
Goldfish (22 days ago)
Ds2 is the hardest but not because of the famous tough but fair, its the hardest becuase of terrible hitboxes to many enemies clunky movement etc... It was just terrible and filled with gliches. Also you cant say how hard a game is if you havent even played it. Also the title is souls games! I can understand bloodborne becuase its made by fromsoft and is pretty much the adopted brother of dark souls but the other games should not be on this list.
Ouss -TheBigBoss (16 days ago)
Isaac Bernardez (22 days ago)
Bloodbourne chalice dungeons fucked me up man
William Bancroft (23 days ago)
Sens fortress? Hoooooboy. You will have a fun time in anor londo.
Walking Panda (23 days ago)
For me Dark Souls 1 was easier than Dark Souls 3. 3 would be easier if it wasn’t for Pontiff Sulyvan which for me is the hardest boss I’ve ever fought in any game.
Fryax (24 days ago)
Dark souls 1 is my first souls game, I was kind of guided till pre qualaag, I made another account, did up to four Kings by my self and some light guide stuff, send fortress isn't there Ben the hardest part, try crystal cave blind or tomb of the Giants blind, those are a pain in the ass.
Joseph Joestar (24 days ago)
I lmfao when he put ds1 hardest
Joseph Joestar (24 days ago)
Nioh is trash tbh
Joseph Joestar (24 days ago)
Can someone add the guy roasting and laughing cause dark souls 1 is easy as fuck
Holts Zom (24 days ago)
when its just about the maingame like in this pointless video...Darksouls 3 definately takes the cake
Guilty (25 days ago)
As much as I dislike dark souls 2, you claiming it is the easiest game just hurts. I got a solid 25 hours on my current ds2 char and I'm on shrine of amana... While I beat dark souls 3 in 15 hours in my first run with only one summon for the lothric brothers. I just can't understand how dark souls 3 would be harder in any way, sure it was much more fun, but the only difficult bosses were Lothric Brothers, Dragonslayer Armor, Dancer, Pontiff, Aldrich, Nameless King and Soul Of Cinder if you exclude DLC
YourLocalWalmart69 ig (25 days ago)
Scrubs always say soulsborne games are hard af

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