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Souls Games Ranked From Easiest to Hardest

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DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaI7Y3X0T9M ► Shirts and Merch: https://tinyurl.com/y7sbgb3j ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/glplaygr0und ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/glittlep ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/gLpLayground ► GLP TV: https://www.youtube.com/c/glptvee Video Created by Mystery Mr. R - https://www.youtube.com/user/MysteryMrR Which Dark Souls or Dark Souls-type game do you think is the hardest? This video comes from our good friend and parter Mystery Mr. R! He's going to be doing in depth videos like this for GLP. If you enjoyed the vid, make sure to give sub to his channel!
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Text Comments (2439)
Which Dark Souls or Dark Souls-type game do you think is the hardest?
Real Neighbors Hours (5 minutes ago)
I haven't played them all so im probably out of the discussion but id say dark souls 3
A (3 days ago)
The dark souls 3 bosses kicked my ass the most compared to the other bosses in other games I just dont know why.
sealdog derp (9 days ago)
You shouldn't rank a game without ranking the hole package
A13X (1 month ago)
Actually, I really have a hard time with Dark souls 2. Mostly because of the overhauled equipment load system, and how bad shieds are. Not to mention decreasing HP everytime you die, AND iFrames, AAAND you get staggered and stagger every single thing. *Also, Dark souls 1 was the easiest*
Miles Williams (1 month ago)
90% of the time the hardest souls game will be the first one you played. Bloodborne was my hardest because it was my first. Now I've put hundreds of hours into all of them.
Real Neighbors Hours (2 minutes ago)
Yall its a fucking opinion so calm down
MakkaraPervo (5 hours ago)
dark souls 1 too ez
Nintendium Armour (2 days ago)
For me, bloodborne is by far the easiest, and nioh was incredibly difficult, and souls 1, 2 and 3 were pretty much on par with each other in the middle
k.k __ (2 days ago)
6-noih 5-demon souls 4-dark souls2 3-blood borne 2-dark souls 1-dark souls 3
TxRi Y (2 days ago)
I’ve only played DS3. I didn’t find it that hard apart from the tedious farming to get Darkmoon blade haha
A (3 days ago)
Dark souls 3's areas and monsters and were a lot easier than the other games. But for some reason I find dark souls 3 bosses the hardest out of the 3 souls games(not counting bloodborne) I had my struggles here and there, but when I compare my first playthroughs between the 3 games, I had the most trouble with dark souls 3 for some reason.
AlbaMeira (4 days ago)
I've platinumed all of the souls like games so I'll like comment and subscribe to you out of respect. Here's to you beating Dark Souls 1 never give up. PSN: AlbaMeira
Jack Howard (4 days ago)
In my opinion the most difficult part of the souls series was the blue smelter demon, mainly because of the annoying path to get to him. Also fume knight was a crazy challenge,
the renx (6 days ago)
You forgot crash bandicoot
Big Sean (6 days ago)
Sens fortress. Ahh... good memories
PIMPSTA951 (7 days ago)
I played and completed all these games and my list from easiest to hardest: (1) Dark Souls 2 (2) Demon Souls (3) Dark Souls (4) Bloodborne (5) Dark Souls 3 (6) Nioh
Cyber Depressio (6 days ago)
I don't get why everyone thinks Dark souls 2 is the easiest, I only played scholar of the 1st sin ps4, but I started with dark souls 1 then Dark souls 3 then Dark souls 2 then bloodborne, I think 2 is the hardest, besides the bosses but dark souls 3 I would say is the easier it's just a bunch of rolling, then dark souls 1 I went back and played it found it kinda slow compared to newer souls and didn't die much at all and had no online help, I think bloodborne is the easiest, maybe it just seems bloodborne is easy because i got use to Dark souls 3 which the guys kinda act the same and are over tall and skinny, for some reason 2 just seemed the hardest to me, an I enjoyed the play through the most of Dark souls 2, 3 was just great because of the graphics and being the end of souls as they say, I played demon souls but I didn't get to far into it, it was sorta easy but clunky because I played it so late and after all these games.
Daisuke Nomura (7 days ago)
What is it that classifies a game as a souls-like game? I see that tag line a lot and have been wondering.
Tropik Venom (7 days ago)
Puts demon souls as 2nd from least hardest but ds1 as hardest hmmmmmmmm get gud?
Gamers Cathedral (7 days ago)
You just need to change souls games ranked from hardest to easiest ... ....
Karsyn Day (7 days ago)
Your fired you haven't beaten dark souls!
Karsyn Day (7 days ago)
My scale 1.bloodborne 2.dark souls 3.dark souls 3 4. Dark souls 2
ArchieIM (9 days ago)
I'd say DS3 > DS1 > BB > DeS > DS2 Dunno why 3 gave me so much trouble, but that's my list.
Gilian (9 days ago)
Funny that... Dark Souls (the first one) is the only one that I've beaten. Fought one tough as nails fight with Smough and Ornstein; beat it after maybe my tenth to fifteenth attempt.
Edims (9 days ago)
You literally copied The Text and Gameplay from another Video
Taylor Gomes (10 days ago)
You... you stole footage from Snoman gaming... I hope your channel dies. For those wondering, he took bloodborne footage from Snoman's Bloodborne versus Dark Souls 3 video. He didn't even bother to edit out the red arrow. This is just what I noticed. I'm sure he also stole more footage. Anyone else notice anything? Sources?
Amine Boucherit (11 days ago)
really? Sen's fortress is not that hard i pretty much beat the iron golem first try, i did lose a bunch of souls when i went exploring after that though!
Zelyo Rai (14 days ago)
5- dark souls 2 4- dark souls 3 3-blood borne 2- Demon's souls 1- dark souls 1
JASON Tsai (15 days ago)
wtf is wrong with number 2 and 3, i promise you can get a job as a game journalist. "Just like dark souls...."
Bal00 (19 days ago)
I have only played ds1 and 3 my first time playing ds1 i beat it with only 6 deaths 5 of them was in the dlc i died more times on abyssal watchers in ds3
DG THE YT KING (23 days ago)
Dark souls 2 is hardest because: drinking estus flask is very slow,as you die your max health reduces but you can restore humanity you get health back, and some areas are very badly designed and there were random enemies thrown at you but this doesn't mean that dark souls 2 is bad . Dark souls 2 wasn't worst souls game either . I found DS3 easier then DS2 because DS 2 WAS MY FIRST SOULS GAME
Fantom (23 days ago)
Easy - Dark Souls II Medium - Dark Souls I Hard - Dark Souls III (it may be tricky if its your first souls game(mine too) but now for me all dark souls are easy)
Kyle H (24 days ago)
Fuck me.. the hard-ons people have for Dark Souls 1, its so overrated. Yes i get it was many peoples first.. But after playing every other game in the series and heading back to it. Its Fucking Boring. The Second half of the game is so lazily done. Its no where near difficult.
Naufal Fauzan (25 days ago)
DS1 is my First SoulsBorne Game. Yep, I F*cked Up a lot..
Ace Uncanny (26 days ago)
They probably didn't hack demons they just used the item box glitch
Ace Uncanny (26 days ago)
Ds2 was one of the hardest for me Because I played it first Now ranking them demons, dark souls 1, 3, blood borne ds2 I played ds1 and Mastered it Ffs I could speed run it on ng+6 and not die So reasonably ds3 was easy Mind the fact I saw others speed run it and used their strat which got me screwed at the start I really want to play nioh and let it die
NotSoHappyBoi (26 days ago)
Bitch,have you ever played Horizon Zero Dawn on Ultra Hard with Dlc?I've played All the souls games but that shit was way harder
Alex Butzler (27 days ago)
I just feel bloodborne is harder not because of maybe increased difficulty, but because you had to adapt an entire different playstyle. The dark souls game were very slow paced and relied on patience/timing, while bloodborne was more of an aggressive all out hitter. They both executed them perfectly though lol.
Gamer 16 (24 days ago)
Yeah but this list is about difficulty so bloodborne wins because it's harder
Midnight Howl (30 days ago)
it depends on what you played first i played DS2 first too and it was kinda challenging after i finished it i played DS3 and it turned out to be really easy then i played DS1 kinda challening especially on ornstein and smough boss fight After i played all of the 3 i tried bloodborne and it was not really challenging for someone who played Darksouls alot my ranking would be (based on boss and map) 1.Demonsoul 2.Darksouls 2 3.Darksouls 3 4.Daksouls 1 5.Bloodborne
Clark 老C (30 days ago)
DS2 is so much harder than DS3, I never spend fighting any boss in DS3 more than two time. But in DS2 I spend like 5 times fighting the pursuer.
sedfrtr (1 month ago)
DS1 harder than BB? Pshhh pls I had to personally use a blood echo glitch to finish my first play though. So many deaths on bloodborne I couldn't continue.
a Nobody (1 month ago)
I started with dark souls 3 and have completed it many times I then bought ds remastered and have completed it. I found remastered so so easy compared with ds3
Matthew Lucas (1 month ago)
I really wish I had the patience to play these games, they look really fun
RobbidyRob (1 month ago)
\[T]/ \(----)/ Ahh, the magnificent swinging Axes dangling from the ceiling. The super tiny walkways on which a roll in any other direction but forward and backward sends you to your near inevitable death. These lightning throwing Snake Men at every 2nd corner just waiting for you to catch a breath, and at that moment flinging their Lightning Rod hurling towards you. The joyeous traps laid around the whole structure gave us ample opportunity to outwit our Enemies and Friends alike. And when you finally reached the top, oh boy, that spectacular view. Glancing right between the Humongous Iron Golems legs as he takes a swing of is Enormous Metal Axe toward his tiny foe, You. Narrowly avoiding each lethal strike just to then get blown to smithereens from Mr. Giant's 3 Man tall explosive Death Ball hurdling towards you from the Air like arrows were blocking out the Sun. Then you realize you can actually perma-sprint through the whole thing, perfectly dodging every single axe while doing so and hit the Iron Golem 4 Times with a Zweihander to break his poise and send him flying down the fucking castle. Good Times. TL;DR: Look at this scrub, getting rekt by Sen's Funhouse. It's not Hard. git gud.
Christopher Foley (1 month ago)
I think Nioh is more artificially difficult (bosses only, mobs are super easy) due to lack of healing and huge health pools. Other than that I would put bloodbourne in higher difficulty and dark souls original I found super easy with the exception of a couple areas.. you know which
Geeky Griffin404 (1 month ago)
How tf is a side scroller like dark souls
blackear danny (1 month ago)
Wait a minute u said DS2 was hard at first and u played other souls and played DS2 again and it wasn't hard maybe because you played the f ing game before and had more experience in it
Snoopy Dog (1 month ago)
Doesn’t he know that blood borne also had stamina?
Matthew Morais (1 month ago)
Man I still havent beat Dark Souls 2 and im something like lvl 192.. then again i didnt know you could use a human effigy to be able to summon players to help with bosses. I am basically at the end of the game but am stuck at a certain part that makes me want to tear my hair out. That being said I found Dark Souls 3 to be frustrating but I found it quite easy compared to the 2nd. The DLC was somewhat hard but still didnt find it as hard as Dark Souls 2 and I am on NG+6 with Dark Souls 3. I have been debating to play the remastered edition Dark Souls. I need a challenge.
sicdedworm09 (1 month ago)
The great thing about the souls series is I’ve never seen a majority come together and declare one of them the easiest or hardest. It’s still an ongoing conversation that varies a lot person to person which stands a testament to the games design... Except dark souls 2. It’s the worst in the series in my opinion.
Noah Feher (1 month ago)
Lol lords of fallen isn’t on this
Alex Doran (1 month ago)
I find bb easier than ds 3. Also bb was my first and also my favourite
soqaaa (1 month ago)
lol nioh harder dark souls 3/2, bb. looooool u really stupid
David Modica (1 month ago)
In my case : Bloodborne,Dark Souls 3,Dark Souls,Demons Souls and Dark Souls 2. Nioh is not difficult,Nioh is absurd and unfair and salt and sanctuary has that plataform component that makes you die like an idiot in a fall,but besides that is not that hard
Alex S (1 month ago)
You beat every other Souls game but couldn't make it through Sen's Fortress?? I enjoyed it and didn't think it was even unreasonably tough. I thought plenty of sections of DS3 we're tougher.
Alex S (1 month ago)
You beat every other Souls game but couldn't make it through Sen's Fortress?? I enjoyed it and didn't think it was even unreasonably tough. I thought plenty of sections of DS3 we're tougher.
Thanos Car (1 month ago)
Get good
ImpactZ (1 month ago)
Nioh above souls games? Bro you're bad lmao nioh is the easiest game I ever played didn't know that was a souls like game
Dan Taylor (1 month ago)
Couldn’t comment as I’ve never played it and don’t intend to.
ImpactZ (1 month ago)
Dan Taylor compared to the souls games nioh is a joke
Dan Taylor (1 month ago)
ImpactZ easiest is definitely an exaggeration there
Miklós Szabó (1 month ago)
Sen's fortress is easy unless you're braindead.
Adam (1 month ago)
This is literally the worst ranking i've ever seen. Before you make a list ore something idk, maybe finish the game? Including DLC and without cheats? No, seriously when I watched it, I wanted to kill myself.
Rowin Schoon (1 month ago)
Theres coming a remasterd 😂
Krzysztof Korotko (1 month ago)
Dark Souls can be hard but magic build makes it too easy most of the time.
Joey Evola (1 month ago)
Bloodborne should be at least 2 if not 1
Grayson Isaacs (1 month ago)
Bloodborne was the first souls game I finished and I must say as a whole package, I found bloodborne way more challenging than dark souls 1. The only real problem I had with DS1 was finding my way around the areas.
lying ace58 (1 month ago)
personally I'd of put bloodborne as the easiest as I found it way easier then all the other games on this list due to how it was alot faster then dark souls and demons souls
hogo _ (1 month ago)
Soo... About that screaming.
Michael Arias (1 month ago)
The title of your video says "Souls". Bloodborne is not a souls game
Eero Kolu (1 month ago)
The fortress wasn’t that bad lmao
ThePhantom Timelord (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who thinks DS2 is far harder than 1?
TheLuckiestFish (1 month ago)
Trust me, I've played all "Soulsborne" games and Ds2 kicked my ass the most. I guess it's just all down to how you play the games and your own strats and comforts.
Cat Playz (1 month ago)
This list is ass. Non souls borne games? Boi...also, "I'm not gonna include dlc because that makes the games harder." Bro, that's the point. 🤦🏿
I have played Demon's Souls , Dark Souls PTDE and Dark Souls II SOTFS. First of all i don't understand why you don't include DLC as they are part of the complete product. Starting with Demon's Souls i think it had the easiest bosses by far except a couple of them but it was so unforgiving due to bonfire placement. Also it was the first game that gave you the option to challenge yourself playing in Black Tendency without wearing both the cling ring and the thief's ring which were OP.Dark Souls by itself was not that hard but it was considered like that due to one fight in the game the infamous O&S duo which made many people rage quit when it first came out. The DLC made it considerably harder though and gave you also the option to challenge yourself by acquiring the calamity ring and trying to go to NG+ wearing it all the time. Dark Souls II had some overpowered builds when it was released which were nerfed after some time but it looked easier because of bonfire placement and bad level design giving you the opportunity to cheese some of the enemies. The DLC for that made it considerably harder for the sake of being hard (gang squads). These were the reasons it is the worst of all. Noteworthy is the fact though that if you decide to join the covenant of champions the game hits you with a steep difficulty spike that completely changes its nature.
Ggg Ggghhk (1 month ago)
From my experience D1 for me was the easiest as a tank build. Had no problems even no struggle with titty guards.
Ggg Ggghhk (1 month ago)
Dark souls 2 is pretty much nothing. Have you ever met The Fume Knight and Blue smelter demon?
Nick P (1 month ago)
I've beaten DS3 and the DLC. I played like 3/4 of Bloodborne, about half of DS2 and I'm in the middle of Demon's Souls right now. I understand that I'm not the best person to make claims about this series, seeing as I haven't played all the games. But in my opinion I still think the hardest is Bloodborne, even though it wasn't my first Souls game. The beginning of Bloodborne is really difficult, and it doesn't get much easier from there. No shield puts your entire strategy out of whack from the rest of the series. Bloodborne has to be the hardest. After that I would say Dark Souls 3, but only because of the DLC, which is insane. Take out the DLC and I think Demon's Souls is harder based on what I've played so far. I just fought Flamelurker the other day and he was really tough. I beat him after a few tries, but man, he was a tough boss. Harder than most DS3 base game bosses. Dark Souls 2 was piss easy for the first half. Like I said I've never played the second half, but it almost didn't feel like a Souls game because of how easy it was. The bosses were a joke (it was like they didn't even try, they take an hour to swing an attack at you lol), and the only hard part was getting past that damn dragon in one of the early levels. EDIT: FInished Demon's Souls and I take back what I said. It's way easier than Dark Souls 3. Nothing is even close in difficulty to bosses like Nameless King, Sister Friede, Pontiff, Aldrich.
#JoshuaWilder (1 month ago)
To me bloodborne is the easiest I mean you can be greedy. Getting home back from doing damage and those healing items if grinded as hell make you literally invincible. You can say the same about demon's souls but because of the lack of check points I died more often. To me the hardest souls like game is either the surge or dark souls 3( which is about as hard as bloodborne without those advantages you have that I listed earlier)
macdanglers (1 month ago)
thats funny id say dark souls 3 is harder than dark souls 1 😂 to each their own though
Nate 08147 (1 month ago)
If your struggling in DS1 try using smoughs hammer, in my opinion it’s by far the best strength weapon in the game, it might help you out a lot 😃
Victor (1 month ago)
I'm a new dark souls player and my first entry is dark souls remastered , it's had its learning curve but I'm loving the hell out of it. I haven't beaten it yet but some day I'll thank myself for going for the dark souls 3 with dlcs 25 dollar bargain!
Flare78x (1 month ago)
For me demon souls is the easiest. I played dark souls before it. I picked the royalty class and then got homing soul arrow. You 3 shot bosses GG.
SickStrings (1 month ago)
Funny vid, but so true about Dark Souls 1. Although I completed it, I'm never going back, just thinking about it makes me shudder.
Derrick Fritts (1 month ago)
Darksouls 1 was the hardest for me cause it was my first darksouls experience after u beat it I got a lot better darksouls 2 was a cake walk so was 3 but bloodborne was different took me awhile to get used to it but I eventually got a lot better at it orphan of kos is easily the hardest boss in all of the series
Michael Slayder (1 month ago)
I only played one recently and it was the first one. I did finish it and felt.. empty yet oddly satisfied just like how I felt starting the game. I didn’t find it that difficult to be honestly it was only just a matter of trial and error to understand how everything works
JaiselMendez21 (1 month ago)
Ds2 and Ds1 are the best in my opinion just started playing Ds2 again on 360 so fun Ds1 went through in had a blast it's hard though Ds2 is harder than Ds3 Ds3 is a joke how easy it is but it's fun
God (1 month ago)
DLCs shouldnt be included
Nolan Wild (1 month ago)
Your hardest dark souls is the only one I’ve beaten 😂😂😂. Love the list tho bro. Liked it
Pa1eDrake (1 month ago)
Your entire list sucks other than that dark souls is the best
Pa1eDrake (1 month ago)
DARK SOULS 1, 2, 3, are the only dark souls games, this should only have 3
Horizon Valley (1 month ago)
For me Easiest to Hardest, 1.BloodBorne 2.DarkSouls3 3.Dark Souls2 4.Nioh 5.Dark Souls1 Never Play Demon's Souls
Martina Saez (1 month ago)
Horizon Valley grindy bitch
jemi rendiansah (1 month ago)
Just go to the tomb of giant... Its delicious
JTMUSICCHANNEL (1 month ago)
Dark souls 3 over dark souls 2 really ??
DeathRips1132 (1 month ago)
It pisses me off that DeS is a fucking 6!? And this list doesnt even make sense
amjad al-abaisi (1 month ago)
man dark souls 2 was very hard almost like bloodborne
Derek Smith (1 month ago)
Bloodborne hardest
Nerd pepe (1 month ago)
There was two gimmick fights in dark souls 3
Steven Dunn (1 month ago)
Demon souls I think was the easiest one...it was the first I played and I dont even remember rage quitting...and if you know my history with souls games, I’ve gone through several controllers from just snapping them in half.
Orange Squat (1 month ago)
Smelter demon from ds2 was impossible, and the bloody fume knight took 52 tries
S0N3X (1 month ago)
Dark souls perma death edition
Mazayah (1 month ago)
Fucking bullshit fortress
arbiter569 (1 month ago)
see I will always say dark souls 3 is harder than blood borne, granted I played blood borne first and the shear amount of factors in dark souls 3 (vitality and dexterity) was crippling for me. I also felt like some of the levels (smoldering lake) were not worth the time. There were also SO SO many bosses and levels. idk I thought it was a pain in the ass.
Tom Deubel (1 month ago)
you're such a lying shitbag nigger
Chris Smith (1 month ago)
Boy sens fortress easy af
Ubuntu FTW! (1 month ago)
From my own experience, parts of DS1 were hard AF but I did get through it eventually. I enjoyed the game so much I bought Bloodbourne. That was a BIG mistake. Bloodbourne sucked ass, I couldn't even get to the first save point! 😡
Zoe Pen (1 month ago)
leavemealone (2 months ago)
Guess I'm playing the hardest souls game right now
HowYouGetShitDoneTV (2 months ago)
If you pick anything other than ds3 as easiest and Bloodborne as most difficult then you are fucking RETARDED

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