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HALF-LIFE Games on an old Gaming PC

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This is my old Gateway Performance which was my first gaming PC. I spent hours on Team Fortress and Counter-strike on this PC which was very fun back in 2005. This PC was manufactured in December 1999 and is a kickass machine. It is still on the original OEM Gateway version of windows, and it is running Windows 98 PLUS!. It has 512 MB of ram in it with an Intel Pentium 3 CPU. It is on an IBM hardrive which has been making the same buzzing noise for what seems like forever, and has 30 gb capacity. Half Life games run at a constant 30 fps.
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Basic Dos Gaming (13 days ago)
Geeze clean those fans lol
autismo jones (18 days ago)
I remember seeing my pops play this and the intro never failed to give me chills even the box art left a heavy mark in my brain lots of love
Dylan Ring Productions (4 months ago)
Ah! Classic.
NathanDarkson984 (8 months ago)
And yet the FPS in that PC is stable, holy fuck!
Israel andersonHOME (1 year ago)
Too bad TF2 isnt this well optimized.
Eugene InLaw (1 year ago)
what's this game menu? I've absolutely never seen it before
perplexedmoth (9 months ago)
It's the original game menu! Oh even the software rendered graphics look and feel better.
PRO TECH-KID alpe (1 year ago)
your old pc is actually so fast than mine. i have an intel atom d325 processor and in that half life runs around 15 fps only. your old pc is really awesome
Broder The Hedgehog (8 months ago)
PRO TECH-KID alpe try to run it on OpenGL, it runs at fully 60FPS on my lap using opengl, and directx is weirdly low fps
ArmenianAlchemist (1 year ago)
TheGamingVidsChannel (4 years ago)
Would tf2 run on that
Ike OrangeBox (2 years ago)
+Gaming Lobotomy CS 1.6 runs on the same engine as half life. It used to run fine with 60 frames at most times. CSS used to run pretty well on the retail version back then when steam used to run on Windows 98.
ReaLT1mE (2 years ago)
he brought it out the last time i was at his house and he ran CS:S at like 30 fps. the reason he got rid of it is when valve made steam mandatory for CS:S which which lagged his PC. therefore he got a newer PC Yes I know Ike irl you can ask him he was just at my house
Gaming Lobotomy (2 years ago)
I don't even think CS:S would run or HL2. CS 1.6 would
ReaLT1mE (2 years ago)
no but cs:s would
Alex Kirves (4 years ago)
do you still mod on xbox 360 team fortress 2?
ReconRivaldo (4 years ago)
HOW! Frank HOW!

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