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26th SEA GAMES Palembang 2011 Official Song - Wa E Wa E O (Kita Bisa)

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Lagu ciptaan Yovie Widianto, "Kita Bisa" terpilih menjadi Official Song SEA Games XXVI 2011, Jakarta dan Palembang, yang akan berlangsung 11 hingga 25 November mendatang. Lagu ini dinyanyikan oleh beberapa musisi papan atas Indonesia yang tergabung dalam Yovie and His Friends. Mereka di antaranya adalah Dudi Yovie and Nuno, Dikta, Ello, Judika, Terry, Astrid dan Lala Karmela. "Kita Bisa" sendiri merupakan lagu Official Song, bukanlah lagu Theme Song dari ajang ini.
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Text Comments (84)
Paman Syamsa (11 days ago)
Minta saran nya dong master biar view nya bisa sampe ribuan :))
lazuardi (2 months ago)
So proud as Palembangnese..
Faiz (2 months ago)
Mendingan ini yang dijadiin theme song #AsianGames2018 ketimbang lagunya Via Vallen
Aprian Muharam (2 months ago)
Im Bot (3 months ago)
Bubun Burhanudin (3 months ago)
Bikin semangat ❤
anisha _monita (4 months ago)
Agung setiawan (4 months ago)
Best ini
Kevin Oktavianmaldini (4 months ago)
Berharap Om yovie ikutan buat lagu Asian Games
hezron santos (4 months ago)
bagusan yg ini dibanding Ost Asiangames 2018 Versi Via
Krisna Dhanes (1 month ago)
Betull... Aransemennya yang bikin Yovie Widianto soalnya. Dan kedua mgkn karena selera musik orang Indonesia udah degradasi mgkn. Jadi OST Asian Games ya kaya begitu. hehe
Yg Energy lah lebih bagus
odiviamega v (3 months ago)
hezron santos ku juga mikir gitu haha
Jack Aja (4 months ago)
mantap skali bang
imanuel alvin (4 months ago)
Still better than asian games 2018 theme song
imanuel alvin correct!! I'm agree with u
Nanus Alvin (5 months ago)
official song terbaik..👍👍👍
Reza d (11 months ago)
Yang 2017 masih denger lagu ini mana suaranya
Fikrimbarr (1 year ago)
Kalau denger lagu ini finger almarhum paman, beliau dipanggil yang maha kuasa saat jadi panitia panahan di event ini :((
JohanezZ 96 (1 year ago)
saya bangga jadi orang indonesia ...asian games pasti lebih baik lagi ...
Ari Fajar (1 year ago)
semoga jadi theme asian games 2018
Naufal Rizqi (1 year ago)
Better than theme song of asian games 2018!!!!
Putra Wahyu Jonan (1 year ago)
Penonton 2k17🙌
This Song I Listen In SEA Game 2011 In Live TV In Thailand Is Going For 6 Year I Forgot Name And The Music To This Day I find this song I Love It "From Thailand"
ujangsaid said (2 years ago)
ooo no . . . After check Waka Waka (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup ™ Song) is very different with the Wa e wa e o (We Can),This isn't a claim, please re-check ya??
Bros (5 years ago)
so coz the tiitle is wa e wa e o we claim the song of waka waka ? bitch please we dont claim that song even the lyric is diferrent .. if u want translate it to english u will know it 
Lets Move Asean you can proud number one in the world
Elvis Antero (6 years ago)
Elvis Antero (6 years ago)
hi!!!!cant recover with this song..!!!!! from the PHI
budi santoso (6 years ago)
with thailand, philipine, laos, kamboja..yes..we can be freind..with malaysia? hell ya noooo way
carol jane lee (6 years ago)
although i didn`t understand the song, but i really love and appreciate it because it shows how south east asian nation stands out to the world., greetings from Philippines, long live south east asia!
Naimy Zam Zam (6 years ago)
congrats Indonesia ... :) :)
Vitria Dwi (6 years ago)
huss . . both team is great, dua2nya bagus semuanya bagus. jangan hanya karena hal yang sepele kita berantem terus, kayak orang yg gak berpendidikan aja.
joelx615 (6 years ago)
even though i don't understand the lyrics, i love the song so much. Congrats Indonesia much love from the Phils.
fixz reyez (6 years ago)
@santoso221 hahaa... we're not malingshit... we're malaysian... =='' we already had better than this song.. i mean. the best song in the world.. "gemuruh suara" ^^ and i hope malaysia and all malaysian can be friend with all indonesian and indonesia.. i'll pray to god everyday that he could fulfill me pray and wish.... hope so... ^_^ we're family.. peace no war!! >.<"
fixz reyez (6 years ago)
hi im from malaysia.. n i love this song.!! "KITA BISA" thats indonesian..! they proved it when they come as the number 1 who got lot of gold medal!! ^^ good luck for the next time!! ^^ i love jakarta!! >.<!
RWD Design (6 years ago)
bersatu bersama , dalam satu jakarta.. dalam meraih kekalahan.... ;)
Thecalling (6 years ago)
I love this song, I am Thai. Ignore some bad comments from others. ^^
Thecalling (6 years ago)
ชอบมากเลยครับ ฟังแล้วติดหู ^^
budi santoso (6 years ago)
malingshit, can you make one of these?..your national anthem it's using our folk song...what pathetic
Agus Sigit Wisnubroto (6 years ago)
the best lirik in this Song : menang kalah bukan masalah - win or lose it doesn't matter persahabatanlah yang terhebat - friendship is the best senyuman hangat takkan terlupakan - unforgettable smile dan tunjukkan kepada dunia - and show it to the world
Agus Sigit Wisnubroto (6 years ago)
@crised143 wae wa e o, wae wa e o, wae wa e o.. aku di sini kau di sana (I'm Here And You're There), tak menghalangi jiwa kita (not break our spirit), dalam hangatnya sang mentari satukan jiwa dan hati (in the warmth of the sun united heart and soul), etc...
naitsirhcodimos (6 years ago)
Wisnu Tanggono (6 years ago)
@48082531 คุณตลกมากเลย!
ifash25 (6 years ago)
keren juga lagunya.. biarpun indonesia kalah oleh malaysia,, tapi tetap indonesia yg terdepan!
(ID is 48082531) (6 years ago)
@rizkywisnu Yes, THAI PEOPLE IS NOT LIKE ME. but same as your FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL FANs, HARDCORE & AGGRESSIVE. and I "wish" your autherities in sport should be like you!!!!! (Equality and Standard to other???) Well, I heard the news about your football fan will fire the stadium if they don't have tickets. such a positive perception for sport. LOL
Wisnu Tanggono (6 years ago)
@48082531 Why you're so negative thinking bro? winning and losing are just normal thing in games. i 100% believe that you're not representing the vast majority of the peace loving Thai, i have a lot of Thai friends, thanks God they're not like you!
prapam pam (6 years ago)
Bagus lagunya..i like it tooo......
JustNazry90 (6 years ago)
Waka waka lah sangat...
mohd saufi Jamain (6 years ago)
this opening song so sweet...i know that this is a way to foster multi cultural ethics which could be found arond indon...as Malaysians,I'm proud what u did just now...GOood job!
(ID is 48082531) (6 years ago)
Copy and Import many technics from Previous Opening Ceremony. China, Qatar, South Africa (It's Waka Waka). Where is your native rhythm......your identities. I want to see a creative openning. well big size country but use foreign organizers to create an opening but don't give a proper welfare to athlete from other country except indo. LOL your epic FAILURE.
(ID is 48082531) (6 years ago)
@rizkywisnu Want to Look Good Right??? We're Bigger than Others country so you're brother or sister to other (We = you and your citizen Right???) Glory and Kindness with Sport Fan???? (Your comment tone is so CEO Remorseful with an agenda) I know your hidden agenda, Your official website ignore and claim that Thai accuse, well, their is an evidence so it's truth. Well, Singapore is nothing but Flag, many transfer athlete from China by change their nationality and the referree can buy, too.
Amirul Adli (6 years ago)
@MrSays456 bro, lagu shakra lah bro, bkn rihanna.hahaha jgn bagi malu malysia bro.
Amirul Adli (6 years ago)
buat apa tiru lagu shakira. dah takda idea ke?
Joko Slamet (1 year ago)
Amirul Adli gak punya budaya ya bosss...
Joko Slamet (1 year ago)
Amirul Adli malaysia tu yg suka colong budaya orang... kkkk... malu2in...
Siti Suria (7 years ago)
tiru Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amin Zack (7 years ago)
negara mana yang maling ni sebenarnye?? buat lagu tapi tiru style waka waka..adoi buat malu je
สวัสดี sawasdee from thailand
Siti Humairah (7 years ago)
Bangga jadi INdonesia.. OPening ceremony-nya keren banget.. :) <3
Name Cannot Be Blank (7 years ago)
ASEAN is One......
RWD Design (7 years ago)
waka waka...
M.Faisal Yumarta (7 years ago)
Palembang,Indonesia,Modo-Modi :D
Dicky Candra (7 years ago)
Vietnam ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ from Indonesia
RWD Design (7 years ago)
kita bisa..
MrBanban99 (7 years ago)
Liat deh menit ke 2:36 kaosnya anak perempuan yg sedang senam , benderanya bukan bendera Indonesia Tercinta..., tapi bendera Singapura.... ini gak sengaja apa sengaja yaa..???
RamasurA AoNPEKU (7 years ago)
Thumb up if you love ASEAN ♥
kyakya111 (7 years ago)
@YOudied100 well, the government has tried their best
Amanda Ratih (7 years ago)
Keren banget!! Indonesia kamu bisa.... ^^ -Amanda,penulis ngekost yuuk leutika-
Captain Ban (7 years ago)
from VIetnam :D
BelialBKK (7 years ago)
I love sea games
Wisnu Tanggono (7 years ago)
@YOudied100 Despite all your negative comments, we Indonesian support the Thai during bad situation in your Kingdom, our prayer goes to the victims of the flood. We're brothers/sisters of the big nation of South East Asian Nation, we should support each other! i personally have been visiting Thailand for over 5 times, i love Thailand, i hope you can love us too PEACE!! อาศัยอยู่อย่างสงบสุข!!
KIKIE BLOG (7 years ago)
The SEA Games. Live TV= bad. The graphics = bad. Indonesia's Sports = sly eye make up Indonesia's gold medal. Stadium = bad. Media = bad. Bad management. I think that sports can play better than this SEA Games. Cancellation of the game.
Very nice
Akbar Widigdo (7 years ago)
@Sonic09Tails RealPlayer Download
Iyan Yudiarna (7 years ago)
Zankokun (7 years ago)
mending ini dah dari pada theme song nya south africa 2010
andri tri wibowo (7 years ago)
lagunya buat fresh.... mantaph, semoga Indonesia lebih bisa....
DKITNG (7 years ago)
ada versi bahasa inggrisnya ngk sob?
Mustafa Syechbubakar (7 years ago)
@rzzzq87 Waka waka? dari mana samanya jeng! bikin malu negara aja komen lo, dibaca sedunia tuh goblok!
Khelvin Aidil (7 years ago)
Iramanya optimis, semoga para atlet Indonesia bisa mengharumkan nama bangsa di Negeri sendiri......
Eni Astuti (7 years ago)
Awesome !!!! hahahaha
bennlucky7 (7 years ago)
niatnya bernuansa papua ya, tapi udah keduluan sama south africa...
rzzzq87 (7 years ago)
wa e wa e o ?? really?? sooo UNORIGINAL mau nyaingin wakka wakka... hadeehh.. and the song is awful.. kyk lagu taun brp.. sorry fail

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