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[SERVER HACK] Counter Strike 1.6

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Hello My friends , Today i'm putting my BEST video ( it actually is the only one that i made a HUGE efforts to make it) ­ [FOR NOW ;) ]! SUBSCRIBE →→ http://adf.ly/pbcyn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ :::DOWNLOAD::: *4shared*: vzlomik2.rar (Equipment.rar) → http://adf.ly/pof9g ­*mediafire*: http://www.adf.ly/1IrNEB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Looking for servers? :::SERVERS::: http://www.cs-monitor.ru http://gametracker.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :::COMMANDS::: HlChecker → RULES : statsx_shell Counter Strike 1.6 → CONSOLE : mm_plugins sositesyki (you can also view some informations using : mm_plugins sosimandy ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :::SONGS::: 1-Linkin Park - In The End http://adf.ly/pofJO 2-Eminem - Survival http://adf.ly/pofdk 3-Grifts - My life be like http://adf.ly/pofik 4-Sorry i don't know the last soundtrack : ( ! It's about the famous FPS ♣♣COUNTER STRIKE 1.6♣♣ ! This time i'm teaching you how to HACK ◘SOME◘ and only ◘SOME◘ Servers , (NOT ALL SERVERS HAVE THE SAME PLUGINS) I hope it work's for you , like it did with me . Well as i shown in the video use the HlChecker to FIND the SERVERS that are Hackable and that by PUTTING "statsx_shell" on the *RULES* Tab, Once the Servers Appear copy the good ones , and then , CONNECT to them and write in the console "mm_plugins sositesyki" and a whole big list should appear ! Scroll up till you find the Rcon Password "#######" , and that's it! Please leave a blue thumb , it will be greatful for me and Please Subscribe! :) Once again , I'm Sorry for the Lag ( but i killed that one in a very laggy situation xD ) Thank You For Watching , if you enjoyed , then please leave me a like and subscribe for more! and..I.......... MAY be releasing new "HOW TO.." and maybe some other "HACKS" But , you just tell me which game you Want To hack , and i'll see what i can do! Thank you :) ! ♠Ryan♠ See Ya in other videos \( ^o^)/ !
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Text Comments (197)
Kemoo Da Ana (1 month ago)
thanks bro
megaknight iron (3 months ago)
BSHER ExPLoDeN (5 months ago)
name Music plizz man plizzz
BSHER ExPLoDeN (5 months ago)
i Want name of music? what is
Ryan T.A (5 months ago)
CHECK VIDEO *description* .
Zenith Kokkodan (6 months ago)
Bro my server is not coming under good
OTHER Gamer (7 months ago)
Calvin Rr (7 months ago)
virus fuck (
Emanuel Gomez (8 months ago)
Bluffy (11 months ago)
Deskalt Shydrak (11 months ago)
https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/77b66648aaf7030a09adff9bd7f8f24950b72561af7dc1197b83c92b6aebc317/detection Sorry bro u is a Skiddid
Muhammad Zain (1 year ago)
both links are not working
Henrique Gamer (1 year ago)
alienware cs 1.6 hacker ? yes pola si xd ;) :D
Bilguun Ps (1 year ago)
how to ha
fuck fuck fuck virus !!!!!
Rayen kaabar (1 year ago)
t5oun fi bladek ti fama virus
C R7 (1 year ago)
all servers not Good Wtf !!!
matls lskaf (1 year ago)
Fucking VIRUS
Joshua Pro (1 year ago)
its have a virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Pro (1 year ago)
heihachi mishima (1 year ago)
SarseN TV (1 year ago)
PASWORD ???????
KAKASHI kecske (1 year ago)
HighRusher (1 year ago)
I download the file click on the "HACK ADMIN" 2 times and it wont open.. Can u help me.
Mr Saba (1 year ago)
You Are Recording With ZD? lol
TryndamereDemon (1 year ago)
ONe qustion mm_plugins sositesyki uknow command!
ZXR Productions (1 year ago)
Here's the First song (Remixed by ZXR) https://soundcloud.com/zxr-productions-inc-r/in-the-end-linkin-parkintensezxr-remix
skyvider (1 year ago)
its VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DOWNLOAD
Kentuber1205 YT (1 year ago)
and all you have to do is click the link Ryan again and its downloading :D
Kentuber1205 YT (1 year ago)
and first open it and go to sitting and click turn off :D hope i help
Kentuber1205 YT (1 year ago)
if its say Failed-Virus detected then go to the cleaning and turn it off
Kentuber1205 YT (1 year ago)
is this still working :/
PoonCoolMoon (1 year ago)
virus bro ;(
skyvider (1 year ago)
Attila 400 (1 year ago)
Pls download link?
sandra jagieliene (2 years ago)
what music 8:00
Esteemer (2 years ago)
File contains Trojan...nice man.
Edan S.c (2 years ago)
9999 fps For Seconds (._.)/ Best Pc for Year
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
Hamza Akhrib (2 years ago)
What the name of the first song I wish I could answer now please
ZXR Productions (1 year ago)
Here's the Better version by ZXR Productions Inc. https://soundcloud.com/zxr-productions-inc-r/in-the-end-linkin-parkintensezxr-remix
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
+Hamza Akhrib You're most welcome, bruh! 👍
Hamza Akhrib (2 years ago)
thank you.👍👍👍
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
Linkin Park - In the end (Check the description)
VIP3R (2 years ago)
There is not good servers!
HeatoN Youssef (2 years ago)
Thx Thx for hack i working thx thx thx :D
Godly Anims (2 years ago)
Not work
GamerLTU (2 years ago)
giogio (2 years ago)
giogio (2 years ago)
Nick Hitman (2 years ago)
FuCk you hack Cmd this virus FuCk you hack Cmd this virus FuCk you hack Cmd this virus
Caro Line (2 years ago)
ryanta plzzz ra link mome :( plzzz
Caro Line (2 years ago)
link ?
Caro Line (2 years ago)
link ra dzmurad link
Caro Line (2 years ago)
link mome t ra plz all link
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
Excuse me, i did not understand. Please use www.google.translate.com to communicate.
enxbaatar ganchimeg (2 years ago)
HLchecker not work ???
enxbaatar ganchimeg (2 years ago)
Corny Martin 007 (2 years ago)
Corny Martin 007 (2 years ago)
Not Working Bro :/
DRaGON WAR (2 years ago)
links dosnt work..Stop fooling people
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
They do, and if they don't to you , then there is a mediafire link, just in case.
Caro Line (2 years ago)
Albin Qerimi (2 years ago)
hlchecker doesn't work
JØKÉR JãĈK (2 years ago)
http://www.mediafire.com/download/hccbi8dscb3tdxa/cshack.rar Close Assad Antivirus download and run the Type pop-up console and server ip address has collapsed
Caro Line (2 years ago)
+JØKÉR JãĈK link mome ra
JØKÉR JãĈK (2 years ago)
http://www.mediafire.com/download/hccbi8dscb3tdxa/cshack.rar Close Assad Antivirus download and run the Type pop-up console and server ip address has collapsed
Dash Gamer (2 years ago)
Me gusto por que me salio bien, a y me podes pasar la musica la primera?
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
Graciás. La musìca primera es Linkin Park - In The End.
AlbaniaPlayer (2 years ago)
i put all servers in the hlchecker and i press start but then say checking... [39-49] for some seconds and then say idle... and nothing show at good servers help me please
Ahmad GunsB (2 years ago)
What's music name bro
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
+Ahmad teeti Then give me the time interval of the song( between #*:*# and #*:*# ). 
alwaz aamir (2 years ago)
+Ahmad teeti --- In the End
Ahmad GunsB (2 years ago)
+Ryan T.A I don't find it
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
You can find the music I used in this video in the description.
Halmai Levente (3 years ago)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!WARNING! VIRUS!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
No , it is safe 👍.
jack and swan (3 years ago)
is not work :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
jack and swan (3 years ago)
+jack and swan salam nta jasa2iri
jack and swan (3 years ago)
+jack and swan helppppppppp plssssssssssssss
Ryan T.A give me your fb
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
nassim-312 Nassim (3 years ago)
ya ssahbi kifah ana ma9derteche bhadi Oo but i now  old trick to hack servers and be admin hkhkhkh   add me fb nassim DEVDAS  men 25 el khroub mais nmedlek wetmedli ssa7bi machi hakak
Dims Dims (3 years ago)
fuck HaCk
V.S Brothers (3 years ago)
help me ??
V.S Brothers (3 years ago)
bro not working
ABDOU PRO (3 years ago)
i find alot good server but the mm_plugin dont work :(
Minecraft_PT_79 (3 years ago)
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
Alae Chekroun (3 years ago)
please ? 3aWnonii dirT dakk server waHaD me makhdmtchii oktabtt Dakk statsx_shell waloo makhdmchii ?? jawbnii
calli krono (3 years ago)
Khoya Kifach Nred Rassi Admin o Nbani ? Wach hada no virus . ;(
i can't download it men  :(
Sameer Mahadule (3 years ago)
where do i find the hl checker
{F}ury (3 years ago)
Hi , is there any other Link i can download "Equipment.rar" from Plzz !!
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
Hey , I will upload a new one on  *mediafire* ASAP !
What program are you using for recording?
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
+Biscuit Gaming You are most welcome :D
+Ryan T.A Thanks :)
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
+Biscuit Gaming  Camtasia Studio , here are the links to *download* it , i'm not sure though if they are 100% secure : -*INSTALLER* https://7fc682ddc1ee72b444aed6272b0b85d6f0f23012.googledrive.com/host/0B6XAKOA8UZusenB5TGM0WmFxMU0/Camtasia%20Studio%208.0.exe -*CRACK* https://7fc682ddc1ee72b444aed6272b0b85d6f0f23012.googledrive.com/host/0B6XAKOA8UZusenB5TGM0WmFxMU0/Camtasia%20Studio%208.0%20+%20Crack.exe -*SERIALS* Camtasia Studio 8 Trial Key: 1.  G4DCD-9CC5J-JTDPC-FQJ9X-X735A 2.  GCABC-CPCCE-BPMMB-XAJXP-S8F6R 3.  EA5AC-CLMAM-A8W6W-EZLYM-LM58F 4.  HLCZF-HDCPL-KGB6W-ZSCAZ-VF6A2 5.  CD2AA-QZBHD-C3KJL-E9HRV-Q797C 6.  ABHKC-9YZZB-55MCB-5A4C7-S5868 -*-_-SOURCE-_-*- bit . ly / 1E6Gp8f
LuxurioN (3 years ago)
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
It's diamond clear in front of your eyes, and yet you deny the truth.
Manav Agrawal (3 years ago)
I want to hack a server where only steamer are made admins.Can you help with that?
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
You could use the 'status' command to get a steamer's id , then download a steam changer config (.cfg) and apply, you will be just as that steamer.
EagleS Eye (3 years ago)
mm_plugins sositesyki does this command requires HlChecker i try hacking some servers using only this mm_plugins sositesyki and it didnt show anything it will be the same with hichecker?
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
HlChecker will only help you find good servers , sometimes the one with root access may change the server's plugin to a compatible one. It happened to me.
Armn Ads (3 years ago)
can you add me on facebook armin redzovic 
Armn Ads (3 years ago)
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
Yes? (Wow, sorry for being 364 days late)
Lolo Trollo (3 years ago)
try and nothing find :/
Mind Hell (3 years ago)
Trojan, update@!
anis Abdel (3 years ago)
Ryan ta
Itachi Uchiha- (3 years ago)
link failed
SAND WICH (3 years ago)
when i write mm_plugins sositesyki it didnt show me list ?Help
Tautvydas S (3 years ago)
update the link!
it works on hl servers man ?
Fateh Erriri (5 months ago)
Sa7iiit Charaft Bladek Ya Ryan Enfiin Un algerian Ydir Hack Videos LoL :)
BABA records (3 years ago)
thanks man
BABA records (3 years ago)
one shot
Ryan T.A (2 years ago)
Arber Govori (3 years ago)
doesn't work for me i actualy didnt findy any good srw...!
chinmay mhatre (3 years ago)
which IP u r use in server database
chinmay mhatre (3 years ago)
K :D TY 
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
I changed nothing bro! *Each* thing was still by _default_ , i used my *own* ip !
amine toxine (3 years ago)
Good Job man ♥
Kula Stoi (3 years ago)
the server  close  only  in your  computer not in  people computer  so  that  you well think  you hack  it  hhhhhhhhhh  XD  
Zinou Z_gaming (2 years ago)
+Gαм̨ǝя Dƶ hhhhh w ana tani dz ! :D
ana tani dz wtf all DZ :3
BlackWolf TV (3 years ago)
+Khalil madrid hhh Ana Tani dz + video dz -_- + Ryan T.A
Khalil (3 years ago)
+Kula Stoi hhhhhhh ana tani algerien
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
+Younes polino 1 *Allah ibarek* Sa7bi! :D
Omar Tammam (3 years ago)
Please ur FB I need help
xERREU erreur (3 years ago)
thank you  <3333333 i hacked 10 server :v =d
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
You're welcome!  I _sincerly_ would like to *thank you* for your *_supporting comment_* :D !                                        - *Hope* you enjoy                                  .*Greetings*.
shaurya yadav (3 years ago)
i cannot download the file from the given link whenever i open the link a blank webpage opens what shall i do?
amine toxine (3 years ago)
you dectivete the anti -virus
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
+shaurya yadav *Hello* , *I Apologise* for the late response!  To download the hack , Just click on that *"SKIP AD"* wrote in *yellow* in the *top-right* of the screen , then click on DONWLOAD , then FREE DOWNLOAD !   .*[WAIT 20 SECONDS FOR THE DOWNLOAD]* The LINK: http://adf.ly/pof9g                 .*Thank* *you* *for* *your* *_support_*.
shaurya yadav (3 years ago)
plz help me
TheGreenSanta (3 years ago)
its Hard ! and u can hack setinfo To Admin ? :D 
Hamza King (3 years ago)
Awsome bro i will try this <3
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
Fizzle (3 years ago)
auther , your fb?
C Crazy (3 years ago)
hello! i ask you a litte question, how can i find only the admin setinfo password "setinfo _pw ***" how please?
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
It *depends* if he's *Admin* by password or else, *I suppose* , when he's set by name, it shall affect him , if he's _set_ by *IPA* he may well stay *admin* !        ,And you _may_ *ask* *again* if you still *_doubt_* it , thank's for the comment *:D*
C Crazy (3 years ago)
when he changes his steam id and then use the setinfo password, can h e be admin again?
Ryan T.A (3 years ago)
Hey, *First* , You _must_ know that the "setinfo _pw" could be a "password // IP Adress // username..." , so... using the technic in _*_this_*_ _*_video_*_ may lead you to another _*_Administrators_*_ password , as in the video , a _*_password_*_ // _*_username_*_ // _*_rights_*_ // _*_flags_*_ appeared, i could've use his _*_pass_*_ // _*_username_*_ to like... be him , so try it , but it _*_could_*_ _*_also_*_ not_ work , you know , it *depends* on the server's *PLUGIN* , Good Luck             Oh, And *Thank* *you* *alot* for *_sharing_* *:D*

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