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SADX Next Gen (DOWNLOAD Fixed)

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It s a character pack MADE BY PABLODRAGO, NOT by me. Links: 3 Hedgehogs, Omega and Supers: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zcv38q To make them work, you need to download another .exe Characters switched using SADX Trainer (Dont have the link, so dont ask) Song: "Born this Way" by the queen of pop, Lady Gaga DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION AND .EXE IN PABLODRAGO1 CHANNEL Enjoy :3
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Text Comments (109)
lady gaga
gorngorn gorn (2 years ago)
отчего все на англ. языке
EgyGroup (2 years ago)
thanks :) :)
El niño wasabi (4 years ago)
Hi,i hope you understand  missing icons life (CON_REGULAR_E)  names (M_CHNAM)  Silver racings (MILESRACE)  the another Sonic in the title ( AVA_TITLE_CMN_SMALL and AVA_TITLE_CMN)  the mistic ruins (ADV_MR00 / ADV_MR01 / ADV_MR02 / ADV_MR03)  station square (ADVSS00,01,02,03,04)  we expect the upload, cheers!
Diggin Diancie (4 years ago)
I have this mod, but I can't figure out how you become the Super Forms. Can anybody help me? Is it a mod or something?
TheDBZhedgehog (4 years ago)
CoolJhon YT (5 years ago)
is phothos no is he
E123OmegaShow (5 years ago)
Yes I LOVE it :)
joy kizey (5 years ago)
do you like total drama island
GoroBenja (5 years ago)
hey you ruined the characters are all fuzzy head and branded me play!
MilesLifeformPrower (5 years ago)
Oh, Thanks
6hst (5 years ago)
is not a game, is a mod for a game called Sonic Adventure DX for pc
Sonicalibur III (1 year ago)
No shit, Sherlock!
Squig Rattlehead (5 years ago)
Wait, what about Iblis Perfect Chaos? I was wonderin' if Perfect Chaos' model is also in CHRMODELS.DLL
heyheyitsjoeway (6 years ago)
santihappy100 (6 years ago)
cual es ese juego kiero a silveeeeeeeeer
MilesLifeformPrower (6 years ago)
This game need to run any application?
E123OmegaShow (6 years ago)
Diana Sivenkova (6 years ago)
What kind of music?
Blur Corperations (6 years ago)
Blur Corperations (6 years ago)
i have PABLODRAGO's exe yay
Dylan Weaver (6 years ago)
hey if u guys like this song try form this way its way better than born this way
Lymed (6 years ago)
Jake's Corner (6 years ago)
Mine has demented faces
shadowhedgehogfan22 (6 years ago)
@BrianEDWingz leather pants is better
E123OmegaShow (6 years ago)
@moesa2000 No problem :D
Moesa (6 years ago)
E123OmegaShow (6 years ago)
@moesa2000 You need pablodrago s .exe. I dont have it right now, but I m sure he uploaded it somewhere on his channel: 1pablodrago1
Moesa (6 years ago)
and in the description it says i got to download another .exe what do u mean by that plz plz help i so want this D,=
Moesa (6 years ago)
can someone help me, this isnt working for me. When i replace the stuff only sonic works the rest is just empty if u know what i mean.... and sumtimes it says error when i go on "Adventure" someone plz help =(
Birliban100 (6 years ago)
weird why gamma look like that
MrRisingDragon (6 years ago)
Should played Bald this way
E123OmegaShow (6 years ago)
@perfecttakara And 17 million Gaga followers think otherwise too. But figthing for this is stupid xD Both are great
E123OmegaShow (6 years ago)
@Iceeman234 Ok, that s your opinion.
Karby64 (6 years ago)
@perfecttakara There's a difference. Michael Jackson makes good music. Lady Ga Ga doesn't.
Karby64 (6 years ago)
@perfecttakara That would be shit.
Slatethehedgehog (6 years ago)
@E123OmegaShow now how did you do that? i want all three hedgehogs in it to replace knuckles and tails but when i try to the character is all messed up, plz tell me how
E123OmegaShow (6 years ago)
@MATON829 Nop. He is on Knuckles!
hypershadic900000000 (6 years ago)
what do u mean by download another .exe?
lolobal1000 (6 years ago)
how the heck i can place that mod???
E123OmegaShow (6 years ago)
@perfecttakara I know, right? :D It would be... Epic! Paws up :3
E123OmegaShow (6 years ago)
@perfecttakara Finally someone who likes her :D!
Exidel (6 years ago)
Alright, I may need step-by-step instructions on getting this thing to work. I have the file and the trainer, yet the file says "sonic.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Help?
Bl Scott (6 years ago)
@rimiolek No Inthelitlewood's form this way
FE Freak (6 years ago)
am i the only one who sang form this way???
Kippy Kinz (6 years ago)
who is omega over?
Rimiolek (6 years ago)
@MatiasMishel96 Just mute and play temafourstar's bald this way instead
LusterPurge5678 (6 years ago)
@LusterPurge5678 awesome. well i never said "retard", you put that in yourself lol
AKA Prom (6 years ago)
@TehComentar I don't like Mister gaga, that is all.
Bobby Corwen (6 years ago)
@projackX >.> Uh? wow, that's just, I dunno what to say.
AKA Prom (6 years ago)
@TehComentar yes...
Bobby Corwen (6 years ago)
@projackX Would you rather he played Friday?
Bobby Corwen (6 years ago)
@LusterPurge5678 then I'm apparently one of the "retards" that like the "diarrhea".
Bobby Corwen (6 years ago)
What's with all the hate? Lady Gaga is a good singer.
Bobby Corwen (6 years ago)
@MatiasMishel96 14 people don't know what good music is.
LusterPurge5678 (6 years ago)
hahaha sorry, but using a gaga song for a sonic video is like topping a cake with diarrhea in place for frosting.
AKA Prom (7 years ago)
@sonicfan456 Shitty music for a shitty game (I mean sonic 06)
Karby64 (7 years ago)
Oh god Sonic Next Gen GTFO my PC.
Vinny Diaz (7 years ago)
whats with the shitty music?
GamingReloaded (7 years ago)
It didnt work for me... I click the exe but it wont open. BTW i have the original SADX in another folder if that info might help me. Answer me ASAP plz!
sonicfan739 (7 years ago)
how do you get the mds to work plz tell me how I did it at least 15 to 20 time and it didn't work plz tell me
MegaNikola3000 (7 years ago)
have you download for racebar and life icons
KeyblademasterX73 (7 years ago)
Voxollous (7 years ago)
3 supers together was cool!
Encøre Maverix (7 years ago)
sorry, what, when i put it in the game, i start it, and the faces are ruined, are a "error on there". when i jump, it see like would be. but, when i are walking, it see "whit no faces", Knuckles (Shadow) see like shadow when i jump, but, when i walking, knuckles turns black, and he haven't got EYES. Tails (Silver) and Sonic (Sonic Next-Gen): "SONIC" when i jump, game stops, Sonic got no face. "SILVER" it got no face. when i jump, it see like Silver! fix me that! please! sorry for my bad english.
sharke76 (7 years ago)
@waltdisney19282008 FACEPALM
Milesthumbs (7 years ago)
RaidonzComedyFactory (7 years ago)
MY MODS FACES ARE ALL screwed, what do i do to fix it?
RaidonzComedyFactory (7 years ago)
what exe do i need to make it work
TheGeoXWar (7 years ago)
@shaddiGhumri no
Jogita6 (7 years ago)
@XxLiamxXTEX you cannot (well with this hack anyways) but u can only turn super at the final boss
aharte17 (7 years ago)
Shadow = SSBB Model?
RavFrom Yetti (7 years ago)
ok.. YO CRAZY !!! O>O gona downlaod now o.o
HMH013ify (7 years ago)
Please turn off the fucking lady gaga
Dusk Shadows (7 years ago)
How do you use it? Like I downloaded it but when I extracted it/tried to open it it said: "sonic has stopped working... " then i just won't work. Any ideas on how to make it work? I've downloaded the memory thing also.
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@jellyfishjosh2 No. It s the PC version of the game.
Matias Villagra (7 years ago)
I hate gaga
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@waltdisney19282008 Original PC release :)
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@waltdisney19282008 SADX PC.
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@rommygirl1 Dont forget to add a mask to the PVM
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@rommygirl1 Check PABLODRAGO1 CHANNEL, he alredy made it :)
William Billing (7 years ago)
0:35 , epic, just... pure epic...
supermanic258 (7 years ago)
@E123OmegaShow it say it's deleted
sonickjuice (7 years ago)
yo, whats the texture pack in general? i already have the iblis boss because kim (from back in the days) helped me with it.
Kuroro Zoldyck (7 years ago)
por favor subis todo de nuevo upload this again please
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@CrocStar764 The links work perfect for me. Try again later..
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@SonicFan344 Yeah, Gaga is amazing :D
gimmy25ify (7 years ago)
hey,tiggo mods closed and i just saw the video so where can i get exe file from?
Garzelm (7 years ago)
oye espio el sonictiggo.exe esta en el iblis.rar yo lo encontre ahi y ya sabes que tengo sadx asi que mandame un comentario sobre un personaje o nivel que me quieras hacer
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@Multi123bob123 Name "Sonic" the "Supersonic" file
Juan SPY (7 years ago)
este mod es genial yo lo tengo pero me sale asi todo asi como pixeles el unico que me sale bien es omega buscare el sonictiggo.exe me parece que esta en tools por cierto la musica es genial
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@Juanchapa97 1. No uses ese vocabulario >_> 2. Lee la descripcion, yo NO lo hice ¬¬
Yuki SR (7 years ago)
@E123OmegaShow I added the 2 links in the description to my list, and activated it trough the exe in the Iblis zip file
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@ShadowRobn If you got the exe and mod... it should work good :/
Yuki SR (7 years ago)
Nevermind, found that, however I can't get it to work properly, any help?
Yuki SR (7 years ago)
I can't find the exe you need in the description, if you would be so kind do link the post?
E123OmegaShow (7 years ago)
@ashuraxd321 Tenes que descargarte el sonic tiggo.exe, creo que esta en su web
benjidanet (7 years ago)
OH MY GOD ! Pablodragon managed to do something I always wanted to create but never managed to ! This is so coool, and great music btw (LOL long live GaGa)
Riderssonic123 (7 years ago)
buen trabajo! XD
ashuraxd321 (7 years ago)
@NukeTotalDestruction solo pon en google sadx mods y luego comenta
Mazgid (7 years ago)
Sonic Next Gen, how everyone think, was crappyest game of the series. So if that so - why peoples tribute their time and feelings, to make such a masterpieces?))

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