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All 32 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update For Week 5 October 2018 | Nintendo News

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This week 5 October 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games announcements and release date update. Which one of these games do you like? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 15 NEW Nintendo Switch Games Coming NOVEMBER 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EpHHRjUX18 -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (375)
SwitchPlanet (19 days ago)
15 NEW Nintendo Switch Games Coming NOVEMBER 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EpHHRjUX18
Mic2000 (14 days ago)
Thanks for the video! Nice to be updated. May I ask what is the end song you are using? I like it!
+SwitchPlanet no problems. Anyway thanks for your videos.
SwitchPlanet (17 days ago)
+Максим Зубарев sorry for the lack of sale videos this last few weeks. we are a little busy and it will be back soon
Where are "ESHOP SALE" videos?
Epicurus (19 days ago)
Can u please make the red name text smaller, and make the intro quicker into the videos?
純中司 (1 day ago)
やっぱり 洋ゲーは いいね!Ψ( ̄∇ ̄)Ψ
The Animoose Project (4 days ago)
All I want is fallout NV, and of course halo ODST but I know for a fact that will never happen and that’s fine, but fallout NV, I NEED it
Softball Louie (6 days ago)
You guys ready to play red dead redempt.... nvm. Maybe we'll get Diablo immortal, or Fallout 4 online despite what they say those games are trash. Still waiting on that FF:15, just heard they canceled the rest of the dlc.
s trav (7 days ago)
Any first party games?
Nasser alsolame (7 days ago)
OMG, RE4 I'll be a dead, Wow I love resident evil
likes2play (7 days ago)
Bin ich der einzige deutsche Hier?
Octavio Arreguin (8 days ago)
Pintaza el Ushiro, el Vampyr es otro que caera... los Resident.. ayy los Residents caerian si no fuera pq ya los tengo en muchos sistemas distintos (todo dependera del precio)
Richard Lowe (10 days ago)
nintendo has the licence for fatal frame/project zero. if only.
Tyler Johnson (10 days ago)
Yesssss! Resident Evil 4! I’ve been waiting for this!
Karma (10 days ago)
Dynasty Warrior indeed.
Neil Mohammed (11 days ago)
Skoodle (11 days ago)
You need to start making the list Non-Eshop exclusive unless the game is really good. Because you're filling the video with a bunch of crap indie games.
KiKfilms (11 days ago)
Year 2075-they still put out Resident Evil games from GameCube.
tunisian jin kazama (12 days ago)
No tekken, no buy Switch
davidmlaso (12 days ago)
As i read ..."rumors" in the title of the video, i stoped it. Rumors are like NOTHING, the most of the rumors ends in nothing. I thought this video was about announced games, but if some of them are rumors it means they could be or not, in other wars, i could say there could appear a Red dead redemption on switch only becouse some friends of mine said that... STOP RUMORS, ONLY TRUE INFO. Dislike.
Treteiro do Youtube (12 days ago)
Canal brasileiro mas só dá gringo kkk
DatSky (12 days ago)
Can we have more pokemon games
Not bad
John Chi (13 days ago)
Luciano Lamberti (14 days ago)
Vampyr, resident evil remake (i don't like Zero hehe) and 4, xcom like games like phantom doctrine and far west and Grim fandango (that i got today)... That makes a great catalog
Mikel Dizon (14 days ago)
vampyr and Ark
Aronrich Zoleta (14 days ago)
Why the heck does Sonic needs a car for?
Diego Rojas (15 days ago)
Don't you just love it how there are people here just saying all games in each of this videos suck, based only on up to 30 seconds, including good games shown?
José Oviedo (15 days ago)
Someone knows the intro song's name?
Christian Velazquez (15 days ago)
Bullshit... a bunch of old games and crap indies you can download on your phone for free. Get your shit together nintendo! I miss the old "Only For Nintendo" N64 days... whenever you saw that little notice on the corner of the box you knew you had hold in your hands
TRU MAN (15 days ago)
The switch just doesn't look worth it to me
Derpy Devil (15 days ago)
Looks like Brave dungeon 2 made it on the list at 5:19
Peuti Rayan (15 days ago)
Mais mec vampyr n'est pas sorti sur switch en 2018 et ARK non plus
Snailboy (15 days ago)
The only games I’m interested that are on this list are vampyer, all of the resident evil games that are coming, ark and roller coaster tycoon and ion maiden looks kinda interesting.
mohamed kenedy (15 days ago)
Great games
RONNYE CASTRO (15 days ago)
Vai ter The evil within?
michael fergon (15 days ago)
Our World IS Ended? Shouldn't it be Our World HAS Ended? or something like that? It doesn't sound grammatically correct.
Cesar (16 days ago)
Jajaja play red dead redemption 2 on switch.
crazyBloodmonkey (16 days ago)
besides the resident evil games everything else was just shit
BigSkylar (16 days ago)
What's the game in the thumb nail?
drakey poo (16 days ago)
Oh RE4 you really are the biggest whore.
BigSkylar (16 days ago)
Is it just me but is ion maiden almost an exact clone of Nuke Nukem 3D
Diegoloso (16 days ago)
Nintendo dejame respirar un rato, mi billetera esta sufriendo :c
на телефон игры лучше)
FrnchFriez (16 days ago)
my god I cant wait to get more cell phone games released on the switch!
Vile Vicar (16 days ago)
I didn't know the sega megadrive had a new lease of life.
Mattia Zenuni (16 days ago)
50/60 euros for games that you found on different consoles at half of the price and less...
Arcane Shadow (16 days ago)
Hm... Just a bunch a mediocre indie games and a couple of indie games that I have heard of and are not TOTALLY interested in. Might be ok to spend 20 to 30 dollars on them and keep myself busy for 48 hours till I get bored of the repetition. And then I saw maybe 2 or 3 games that actually caught my attention... Not looking promising for the switchs future of games till late this year and into next year.
Robert Falkenberg (16 days ago)
WHen I saw that Resident Evil Zero, 1 and 4 was coming to the switch next year, I got excited. My hopes finally happened about them coming to the Switch! Now all they need to do is to get Resident Evil 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 on the Switch and I will be avery happy camper. If both Revelations work on the Switch, why not the others esident Evil series?
I Wallace (16 days ago)
None of these games are new just ports... -.- just gonna wait for smash
방봉구봉구방 (16 days ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅅㅂ한글화ㅈ도없네 닌텐도코리아 일안하죠?
Final Fantasy (16 days ago)
Final Fantasy (16 days ago)
I'm only interested in re4 and that's not a new game.
G man (16 days ago)
all new . all new . switch games. and still no games. just sadd. enough is enough . where are the games.
Cheese Crumbs (16 days ago)
Vampyr and ark survival
THAT2KBABY (17 days ago)
I just want Netflix and YouTube on the switch !
THAT2KBABY (17 days ago)
I'm just still wondering is the switch worth buying ? Any advice
Just go (16 days ago)
+Idee vee it's your choice. Nintendo Switch games and stuff are expensive. Low graphic and for TV I prefer the Pro Controller +60$. The Ps4 have fantastic exclusive Titles like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. U can play the new Assassins Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption too. The best games ever. I have a job and so I can buy more but I prefer to the Ps4. Better games and better graphic but when u want the ps4 buy the pro version. The slim ps4 is trash. Monster Hunter on normal Ps4(under 30 fps). The Switch have good exclusive Titles: Zelda, Octopath Traveler, Hyrule Warriors.. But the most games only make fun if u play with friends(Hyrule Warriors). Mario Odyssey is to easy, Mario Party is bad and other games how Skyrim u can play with better graphic on ps4. Sry for my bad English..
Idee vee (16 days ago)
+Just go so which one should I go with? I own none of them
Just go (16 days ago)
+Idee vee ps4 have better titles and more games. I own the switch only for exclusiv titles: Hyrule Warriors, Octopath Traveler and Zelda.
Idee vee (16 days ago)
Do I buy PS4 or switch? planning to buy it on christmas
kakashi san (16 days ago)
Nope. If you want to buy better wait for 2.0 switch or something. Until then you wont be missing anything so keep your money for something more worthy
Sir Lethamaius (16 days ago)
ok when we will have real games?...ok i continue playing with my note8
sophiedehrarehaggis (17 days ago)
90% of these indie games are all available on steam with half the price Nintendo switch are asking for. With the new paid to play online subscription it just made buying games on switch less worth it. Not to mention having to pay an external internet monthly fee ;(
sophiedehrarehaggis (11 days ago)
+Plume Grise wow did the cat ate your caps lock key buddy? If you have the money to get a switch with that price and plus the games you get there ($60 for most big title games) that's basically ENOUGH to get a decent laptop to work with games.
Plume Grise (11 days ago)
Vega Music (17 days ago)
Pathetic console, yet it has the nerve to charge for online play... Never buying a switch nor should you. Buy a windows tablet.
Christopher Browne (12 days ago)
​+Vega Music like i say once u run doom or doom eternal, or any switch game on it then come talk to me without needing a converter and a controller come talk to me. and if you think in a nintendo fanboy u can go fuck ur self cause im not, i hate what they are doing with their online and havent even purchase it the same way i havent paid for sonys online either also i own a ps4, ps vita, psp, ps3, nintendo, 3ds, wiiu, switch, and 3 pcs one being a gaming laptop, so when u can send me a vid of your shitty talblet running doom at a higher res and framerate that the switch then come talk to me.
Bay Yon (12 days ago)
Hey vega, which windows tablet do you have?
Vega Music (16 days ago)
+Christopher Browne - My tablet is $160. it runs borderlands 2, skyrim and Fallout New vegas natively. One hdmi converter and i have it connected to the TV. Have fun sucking Nintendo's dick.
Christopher Browne (16 days ago)
well the day ur windows tablet can play botw, mario oddysey, doom, doom eternal, bayonetta, wolfanstein, and skyrim, can connect to the tv out of the box and is not over $300 then we can talk. so until then you can shove your tablet up your ass cause i dont want it.
where is the dark souls
l'm very sad because l not buy Nintendo switch
rickjamesia (17 days ago)
Dang it... now I’m going to have to beat Rogue Legacy again.
Alex Ganz (17 days ago)
3ds has really nice collection of awesome games, what happen nintendo? they keep cranking out this trash...
LeZaphyr (17 days ago)
The best is ark elvoled
Deathtrap 400 (17 days ago)
Resident evil is a must have for me👍
Vlog & Gaming Youtube (17 days ago)
All the games are pretty shit
DoctorJones42 (17 days ago)
Which game is highlighted on the screenshot?
Kentendo 64 (17 days ago)
Animal crossing 😎
O K (17 days ago)
Not bad
Juliano Debaldi (17 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkkkkk nunca vi tanto jogo lixo anunciado pra um console... nintendo 3ds pelo menos tinha jogos mais legais
Hasan falih (17 days ago)
DEAD SPACE series on switch would be awesome!!!!!
Sugai Nco 偶想 (17 days ago)
Nada bueno para el Nvidia switch... Digo, Nintendo Shield
Islam Taha (17 days ago)
MAN vampyr is so bloody 😲
Angel Lawless (17 days ago)
Switch is starting to disappoint. Maybe not if you’re 10 y/o i guess. I havent lost hope yet but things need to turn around.
Dr. Snowman (7 days ago)
It's gonna have the new Doom on it
Gabriel Segura (17 days ago)
holy shit they're bringing back ushiro? One of those games i was so sad got cancelled.
acemanZ (17 days ago)
Waiting on the danganronpa series :c
Taci 93 (17 days ago)
Zero good games
Le Ookami Senpai (17 days ago)
If the switch doesn’t get Kingdom hearts the story so far or 3 Returning mine for 8$ at GameStop
Eric Hardeman (16 days ago)
What makes you think it has a realistic chance of getting KH3?
Colle_Der_ Fomento (17 days ago)
Metal gear solid 2 and 3 released on Shield TV one year ago....when they will come on switch? Its the fkn same chipset wtf, Konami come on!!!!!
Trey Milton (17 days ago)
Kinda sad when you are addicted to games and fall asleep to a video like this. Love my switch for the few good games but when i go to the nintendo store it makes my stomach turn.
BoringStar (17 days ago)
제발 광고 쳐박는거 상괸없는데 게임벼ㄹ로 시간대좀 쳐쓰라고
HoloBat (18 days ago)
I just discovered your channel. And your news are very interesting. Very good job !
Z6NE SOSA (18 days ago)
wtf switch, yall got so much potential but yall wanna drop all these games noone fuckin cares about 😒 atleast drop the games we care about FIRST , then maybe we will gaf bout this bullshit lol
Shouzin error (18 days ago)
These games are really good beside ushiro
Marko H (18 days ago)
Fucking hell, I love my switch and it's Nintendo triple a titles and some indies but holy fuck the eshop is a complete toilet 99% of the time. What's with this open door, let anyone dump any shit on it policy?
Aru (18 days ago)
Where is Red Dead Redemption 2? oh... wait!
VideoJays (18 days ago)
video top!!!!!
TheMariokusanagi (18 days ago)
Switch Planet wants the Switch to be the portable indie machine. Some of us want to move forwards not backwards.
Angel Lawless (17 days ago)
TheMariokusanagi yea, it seems that that is what its turning in to. Hopefully not.
sexy korean girl (18 days ago)
the screen is still crap compared to the original vita
rafowens (16 days ago)
+Multiplatform Gamer what the fuck are you going on about, the original vita literally has a resolution over 720p plus it's OLED as well
Multiplatform Gamer (16 days ago)
Lol switch has better resolution
D Ø (18 days ago)
la mitad son basura
un user comun 7u7r (17 days ago)
No todos los juegos tienen que ser oro :v
Patryk Halley (18 days ago)
Oh yes!!! Resident Evil!!! <3
Charlyb 2009 (18 days ago)
Resident Evil 1,0,4... Ok Switch you got me here
Tfue is gey (18 days ago)
All of them are trash except resident evil 0 1 and 4
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha (18 days ago)
Bushiden is the only game on that list I actually want to play or buy.
John Paul (18 days ago)
Puro juego horrible anda saliendo la mayoría son puros juegos de dibujo y ni como ayudarlos
Digital_get_Down (18 days ago)
When Nintendo does what Nintendo does... it's amazing... Groundbreaking... But when it's trying to be like the others... Its stuff looks outdated, pure garbage.
Hunt (18 days ago)
Silent Hill remastered?
Bernd Siebert (18 days ago)
So viele Spiele und ausschließlich Müll. Schade Nintendo. Du bist zu Sony geworden, nur in schlecht!!!
Amari Tate (18 days ago)
87 percent is all bullshit
RetrO GameBeard (18 days ago)
To much indy shovelware in my opinion.
Cione Er (18 days ago)
all of these games look like releases for the Gameboy or SNES
logan brent (18 days ago)
All of these games a pretty ass tbh

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