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Robocop (ZX Spectrum) - Full tape loading - Complete game

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Complete gameplay
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iulian ispas (1 month ago)
I saved over 100 game tapes on rw dvd they never crash if recorded properly
Naumai Ἀφροδίτη (2 months ago)
music alien
Kevin Mulgrew (2 months ago)
37 now and I want this loading sound played at my funeral 🤣.. shit these were the days.
Narik Dimarik (3 months ago)
Ммммм.... ОБОЖАЮ этот звук загрузки кассеты!
jb32647 (3 months ago)
Perfect thing to listen to when you're pulling an all-nighter and need to stay awake! I'm not even being sarcastic, I have had to do this before.
Saltire (4 months ago)
I had this! Great game!
Oscar Travis (4 months ago)
Fantastic nostalgia. Hard to beat this music and the voice clips for the Speccy. Still makes me curse how I could never beat the end of level 1 baddie, I was so crap at this game! Still loved it though.
Toady Splash (5 months ago)
Kids will never know video gaming appreciate moments. You will play the game and damnit You will play it for longer than it took to load!
Ovo Ovo (5 months ago)
This brings some good memories, my 1st spectrum I had I was 6 and my brother 10 , man I feel like getting one on eBay to show my kids the top end games of the 80”
Woltato (5 months ago)
This is unrealistic. Spectrum games usually crashed just as they finished loading meaning you had to sit there for another 5 minutes trying again. Hard disks are a superb innovation.
Sergey Novikov (5 months ago)
I remember this music...
Red Knight (6 months ago)
When I was a kid I finished this game probably 50 times. One of very few games on Speccy that I actually managed to finish. To this day, I have played many Robocop games, but to me this is the ultimate Robocop game, because it simulates his movement perfectly! He doesn't jump like in other games, and the setting seems very faithful to the original movie. Add to that face recognition mini-game, the first person hostage mini-game and you have a real classic! Tried playing it a year ago and I got so rusty that I barely managed to get through Level 1.
The blankers Bible (8 months ago)
The kids of today will never understand the struggle
Michael-john Brown (5 months ago)
I never understood the struggle my self i was a console gammer not a computer gamer and i slowly quit gaming when load screens came out i was a gamer till the gamecube then i quit gaming except for handhelds thats the only gaming i do as of lately
Dukes 83 (6 months ago)
The blankers Bible lmao they still feel pain. Lagging hackers etc. This was knife edge stuff though :)
Craig Megson (8 months ago)
I remember this. thinking about it now they could of put something that sounds better than that while loading
Oswell E. Spencer (8 months ago)
just happy ...
Miroslav Petrinec (10 months ago)
good signal :D
delaney300 (10 months ago)
Thank you..so many memories of my best mate and I trying to get past level after level in his room late 80s early 90s...great times.
musikdoktor (10 months ago)
The cool thing is if you connect this to your spectrum you will load the game :D
Mr. DerpyDirector (10 months ago)
I've never heard that skrillex song yet
Tony Stanley (11 months ago)
Remember these games taking ages to load (especially the 128 version ones) and often having to use a mini screwdriver on the +2 tape deck to tune it. Still got my +2 :-) Think my faves were Robocop, Renegade II, Myth, Starglider 128, Aliens & Batman the Movie
Simon the truth detector (5 months ago)
Tony Stanley once you fucked about with the screw you then had to keep fukin about with it to load different games 😤😤😤 😂 the good old days
Flamin Komainu (11 months ago)
Well at least the zx spectrum has a killer soundtrack. It should be titled “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* À̸̶̛͠A҉͜͏̕A̸̸͡͝A҉A̶̷̧̛͡A̷̢̕͟A̛̕͏̵҉A̧͜҉̡Á̶̛͠A̷̕͞҉A̷̕̕͞Á͝͏̶͢A̡̕͝͞Á̀҉͟A̛A̷͝͡҉̕A̧̧͝A̢͞҉͏A̶͘͞A̸̸͡͏A̸̸͢Ą̢͡A͘͟͢A͘͝A̷̵A̷A̵̷̧͏A̢͠A̸͢”
BanjoKiD2K (1 year ago)
what a great game this was
Chris Winter (1 year ago)
Wow. It loads faster than a Map on BF4.
Alex Bukreev (1 year ago)
gosh so many memories
sarnobat2000 (1 year ago)
Wow I'd forgotten that some games took this long to load.
PotaJoe (1 year ago)
when the loading sound for your console is worse than dialup, you messed up some shit
Maximus Panin (1 year ago)
Nostalgia :)
Kash 0 (1 year ago)
Este eral el momento ideal para leerse bien el manual cuando jugabas por primera vez. Era como un ritual. Todavía uso un +2A real. Hay algo especial en cargar los juegos de cinta.
notanfningain (1 year ago)
I just like to sit and watch games load.
mistofoles (1 year ago)
I thought Robo was supposed to be impervious to bullets?
Steve Foden (11 months ago)
He's resistant - not impervious. Remember the bit in the film where the cops all attack him and blow the crap out of him and Lewis gets him away - he got pretty f'd up then.
mistofoles (1 year ago)
I still have a working Speccy !
robuk1981 (5 months ago)
mistofoles my 128k died but my 48k should work with a new Psu.
Lucas Isaac (1 year ago)
Back in the day when the words, "I'm just having a quick go on my zx spectrum" didn't exist.
Li Zhang (1 year ago)
Ого. А у меня забава висла, когда взрывался 1-ый ЭД-209. Пришлось находить и перезаписывать поновой.
JustWasted3HoursHere (1 year ago)
Pretty good speech synthesis at the beginning! "Arrest Reccord" is misspelled at 16:15 :) JW3HH
OofItsSpencer (1 year ago)
Imagine the loading sound portion had a 10 hour version.
Why do i find this noise so relaxing?
GamleErik100 (1 year ago)
The memories. I used to load my games off a huge ass ghetto blaster back in the 80s. The volume level had to be set just right, otherwise the software would not load.
droutsolias (1 year ago)
In my opinion the best ZX game ever. And my favorite version of the Robocop game. I like this gameplay better than the DataEast coinop .
ct92404 (1 year ago)
I can definitely appreciate the nostalgia of this, but even the original Nintendo had much better graphics and you also didn't have to wait for it to load! I was a little kid in the 1980's, and if I had seen a computer game like this, I would have just preferred my NES. I think the Nintendo came out in 1985, so both were around at the same time period.
Stefano Pavone (1 month ago)
robuk1981  You sort of could on the Famicom (the NES's Japanese counterpart) but that meant living in or importing one from Japan.
robuk1981 (5 months ago)
ct92404 and you couldent learn to make your own games on nes either.
EnforcerX71 (1 year ago)
The NES failed miserably in the UK though, where the ZX Spectrum was at its biggest, mainly due to Mattel (Nintendo's distributors in the UK) making an utter mess distributing it. Not to mention than NES games were 6-10 times more expensive than ZX Spectrum games, and twice the price of Sega Master System games.
Oliver Warburton (1 year ago)
Nostalgia! Can anyone explain why they made this noise while loading? Googled but can't find anything!
EnforcerX71 (1 year ago)
Yeah, you could often tell if a game had failed to load by the sound changing.
Enrique Garcia (1 year ago)
The game data is recorded over a sound tape, so that noise is the data. Similary how the modem over telephone line works. Hearing the noise of the data on the TV is not necessary, but if it served as a guide.
XANDR KENSKI (1 year ago)
8min of fkn loading ?
people used to have patience
McTurbo1300 (1 year ago)
XANDR KENSKI that's what we had to put up with back in the day lol
EnforcerX71 (1 year ago)
Common thing back then, everyone was more or less used to it.
Cool. Visit my channel if you want to see more classical tech.
Крот (2 years ago)
мой 1-ый компьютер!)))))))))))) дудки дудки и на данный момент на эмуляторе!)
лишь там музыки не было
сообразил спс
kichbol (2 years ago)
в версии 128к была, на 48к - как досадно бы это не звучало дудки
tom spud (2 years ago)
Music nicked from the Ariston advert or did they nick it from the speccy?
colinm213 (1 year ago)
It was the Gameboy version used in the advert, but the music was composed by Jonathan Dunn for the game, then later used in the ad.
tom spud (2 years ago)
Load times for GTA 5 are just as bad.
Dukes 83 (6 months ago)
tom spud fact
SuperZedd (2 years ago)
Brings back memories 😀
Friedrich Nietzsche (2 years ago)
that tittle song though, i need to remix that thing
Triptech79 (1 year ago)
ScioN and on and ariston....
Dre Dejong (2 years ago)
Load time of more than 8 minutes! I don't miss that now. I remember having the wait and wait and wait. LOL.
AndrewNewZealand (2 years ago)
The music sounds like Matt Furniss's soundtrack to The Terminator (Sega GEN/MD and SMS).
Ye-a! Its great game!
Zer0kbps (2 years ago)
LOL Youtube piracy
BigBadgers2001 (2 years ago)
Excellent. How many times though did loading crash right near the end. Turn tape over, rewind, adjust volume, and bloody wait for ages again. lol. Memories.
Fabric (5 months ago)
oh I forgot about turning the tape over shame on me,but I will never forget the crashing just as you see the counter reach it's point :)
robuk1981 (5 months ago)
BanjoKiD2K I was wanting to experiment it should be possible to make MP3 of the tapes and then connect an MP3 player by audio jack to the spectrum and load then that way.
BanjoKiD2K (1 year ago)
BigBadgers2001 the days when legal-ish video game piracy was a requirement lol number of times I was glad I copied a number of my games and saved me from the dreaded tape crease or tear
The Exiled Nomad. (2 years ago)
Yay, piracy.
Dukes 83 (6 months ago)
The Exiled Nomad. Really. Snowflake
Tobias O'Brien (2 years ago)
Robocop was a good game, the alley scenes and puzzles made it feel more like the film. But Robocop 2 was the best one on the Spectrum only beaten by Robocop 3 on the Atari ST. One of the best 3D Games there was!
Mrs Moot HIV positive (2 years ago)
My childhood in a nut shell - Spending more time listening to that sound, loading games, only for it to either not work or instantly crash. I swear I spend more time loading than actually playing. Still, I loved it all the same.
Ромашка 1941 (2 months ago)
the dreaded "tape error" :D :D
Rob Fraser (1 year ago)
Today you can load one game after another on a PC or console and not decide what to play, but back with the spectrum you had to have your mind set on a game, there was no point letting something load for 3 minutes just to go "Nah.. changed my mind.." :P
Pattas (1 year ago)
Same! My first computer was the Spectrum 48k+, and like you, this sound will always bring joy lol :-) How annoying was R Tape Loading Error!!
это наша 1-ая с братом забава на нашем компютере, помню еще чувака вызывали на дом, что бы телек малость переработал под компьютер. а то не подходили разъёмы, уау во это было младенчество, не то что щас
Danblukk (2 years ago)
Used to love this game. Like most spectrum games, I never could beat it.
H. Psyfox (2 years ago)
Gasphet (2 years ago)
Меня вовек убивал холодильник)
Gasphet (2 years ago)
MrDerOutsider (2 years ago)
8 minutes to load? thats quite okay. i heard stories that these old computers need something like an hour! (i didnt grow up in that time)
Adam Bradley (1 year ago)
Stefano Pavone i had a Superman game that clocked about 24 minutes loading before just crashing
Stefano Pavone (1 year ago)
I think the longest game to load (in a single load) was "Starglider", which clocked in at almost 13 minutes.
cjmillsnun (1 year ago)
It was never even close to an hour. 4 to 6 minutes was the average.
Tobias O'Brien (2 years ago)
Longest game I had was Robocop 2. Roughly 10 minutes loading time, longer if the tape loading crashed (mainly due to the tape decks volume). You missed out on a great era of gaming but least they hVe emulators for all these games now. You should play Fantasy World Dizzy!
peloquin (2 years ago)
For 48K users it was a shorter loading time, but they would have to load new levels after completing stage 3. It was best just to play this on a 128K model and wait the full 8 minutes without multiload. :)
Pasha Defragzor (2 years ago)
cool, didn't played this version, but I've seen its on IBM
zz1965Serg (3 years ago)
незабвенный AY-ковый звук ))
zz1965Serg (3 years ago)
А я помню AY "рассыпал". По даташиту отксеренному нипойми откуда, еще на "Москве". Еще до того будто они на "массе" появились. Чипов 60 555-й рассыпухи ушло ... Было прикольно когда многоголосный звук заработал.
Andrey Andreev (3 years ago)
Дельта С, 1-ые игры, когда Космические Рейнджеры 2 вышли я весьма опешил, наземная стратега одинешенек в одинешенек с Nether Earth содрана в которую мы с братом днями зарубались. даа, было пора...
Круто! А у меня на Байте была лишь 1-ая част игры на кассете. Соответственно, миновать ее было нереально) Там типа стреляешь по боссу первому (там он девку держит), убиваешь неприятеля, а позже пишут типа нужно далее игру загружать))) А откуда?)))
Абалдеть!!!! прошло уже 25 лет а до сих пор помню уровни!
Alex Markov Marko (3 months ago)
Павел Сварожич А может и все 30)
Enrique Garcia (3 years ago)
+Павел Сварожич Me too
К (3 years ago)
Я помню это!
SamuelL9L (3 years ago)
it sounds me like a ... robocop? :)
gabrielirlanda (3 years ago)
26:52 WOW the crystal broke after the impact of the bullet, just amazing! Pretty decent game!
Captain Chaos (3 years ago)
OK, who here has tried actually feeding the sound from this video into a Spectrum and load the game?
Bastardo Borracho (1 month ago)
So you're saying this slightly compressed digital audio, is worse than the original analog audio cassette tape, stretched and distorted over time, played through a dirty magnetic head? hhhhmmmmm? :D
Have you tried it? The signal looks pretty clear to me, I'd be surprised if the data couldn't be recovered. Maybe it'd just need a bit of filtering.
Enrique Garcia (3 years ago)
+Captain Chaos dont work because the sound from youtube is compressed
Uber BARBIE (3 years ago)
Ahhhhh took me back to when i was a niper. Used yo love my spectrum 48k. I rememeber having to keep moving the tape deck heads to get some games to load.. bomb jack. Jet set Willy. Monty mole so many awesome games.. i went onto the cbm64 after the spectrum. Love all that
RichXboxOne (3 years ago)
This was the only thing I hated about the Spectrum 30 odd years ago, you'd spend half an hour loading the games off tape, and then 8 times out of 10 the chuffing thing would crash!
The Spectrum music score was written by Jonathan Dunn, I applaud you sir for a fine work of eargasms during this game. 
jobelbute (4 years ago)
wow... how much i loved this.. if i get a spectrum, get this audio to a tape and run it, will it work??
gabrielirlanda (3 years ago)
+jobelbute yes it will, that famous ZX sound is to activate the binary numbers (0 and 1) which are read by an internal chip inside the computer, but you can achieve it depending the volume and the fidelity the sound was saved. (ie not to saturate the speakers) Yes....maybe a WAV would be enough to bring that souls game back to life. ;)
Enrique Garcia (4 years ago)
+jobelbute In theory it should work.  But surely not work due to audio compression system.
AceRebstaRockA (4 years ago)
Fantastic, every minute of the vid !. The ZX Spectrum +2A was my first computer at the age of 13 back in the 1980s loved it to bits, The loading process at the start of the game was part of the adventure ...... Great vid and game play Enrique, Thanks for the good memory's ! :)       
Richard Williams (1 month ago)
AceRebstaRockA mine too
Alex Markov Marko (3 months ago)
AceRebstaRockA Согласен, меня тоже лет на 30 откинуло вспять, в особенности загрузка программки.
Fabric (5 months ago)
I agree all those weird noises are like a lost past but still part of a history. So many memories, oh life was easy and carefree back then.
Fabric (5 months ago)
Same I had a 48k rubber key edition :)
Woltato (5 months ago)
You lucky bastard having a Spectrum +2A. I only ever had a Spectrum 48K.

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