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All highlights are from my stream :D ► Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/shroud TWITCH → https://www.twitch.tv/shroud YOUTUBE (2ND) → https://goo.gl/e4dRqE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👌Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (1700)
the F (8 hours ago)
new weapons are not insane . . . your recoil what happend??? absent? haha
Charlie. (4 days ago)
7:42 what phone does he use?
do u screen shake?
syed salman (11 days ago)
One question:how you guys get kills?
Willy Stormont (12 days ago)
just do what normal people that have dogs and also work do
MungChau CHOW (14 days ago)
z huang (15 days ago)
Quartz Mc'Gee (17 days ago)
How to get shroud kiss you 2:00 , Thank me later.
AntiMensch (18 days ago)
The videotitles are always so creative.
dangerous elite (19 days ago)
China qbz95
Husein Rammal (20 days ago)
Kan i add you sam time we will win ay duo and we will by freind please if you have face bock say for my i will add you ok ❤❤❤
Pedro Bernardino (20 days ago)
FOLLOW Chanel 🎮📱
S. Conqueror (20 days ago)
2:25 davaj davaj xD
Mason Dang (21 days ago)
How come he censored the curse words but not the subscribe sound
Blake Surreali (21 days ago)
The gun is great the fire rate is amazing and with a vertical it makes the kick back almost non existent at the same time the damage is insane only taking 6 bullets to knock off a level three helmet and two to kill its insane almost like the type25 from bo2 id say it should only be in military loot.
tam nguyen (21 days ago)
U dont play cso anymore ???? Cloud9shroud????
tam nguyen (20 days ago)
but he should play cso sometimes just dont play just 1 game :( that make me sometime boring
tam nguyen (20 days ago)
i know but why does he doesnt play cso anymore bcs just leave cloud9 ????
Recon (20 days ago)
He left Cloud9 a while back. He said he has no intention of playing CS:GO competitively again, and it's currently just super boring for him.
I love Ice Sis (21 days ago)
The QBZ damage is Shitass like my skills and the Recoil is Lit ass like my kills
Crazy_Panda (21 days ago)
People mad at Dogge = Bad Bois
Twitch Vapes (22 days ago)
Screw the haters. I personally respect you even more because of how you spend time with the doge even while you're streaming.
薯條 (22 days ago)
Every single weapon is insane =.=
adrians rakeckis (22 days ago)
Aditya Tewari (22 days ago)
PUBG should add a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher. It would be more fun.
CyberGames (22 days ago)
no more or less a copy of the famas by the Chinese
Jeijj!! (22 days ago)
KingJames42 (22 days ago)
Literally Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs no argument about it.
PeterGSG (23 days ago)
Ez For Shroud
Mingxin Chen (23 days ago)
Who give his guns
Insertcho (23 days ago)
I love your dog !
i'mMasterBaiting (23 days ago)
I thought shroud just some random guy playing games all day but his responsible & have some time for his dog.
The_Wild_Marcus (23 days ago)
“I don't know what they're doing over at Bluehole but I wanna fuck all of em, every single one".
Recon (20 days ago)
Make out with 'em* I'd prefer your version though. :^)
XXX_DEVYN_XXX 666 (23 days ago)
LEL Gaming (23 days ago)
Wait this video is audio lagged
Quan Anh Oto (23 days ago)
Tha best gun ever
陈柏屹 (23 days ago)
what phone is shroud using
Banseuk Kim (23 days ago)
These new video thumbnails are gawd awful they look cheap af.. like is the artist that lazy to draw a fking nose? Please revert to old ones plsss for my eyes 👁❌🙏
Kimboy Pedro (23 days ago)
DanielK (23 days ago)
Using aim bot again
Recon (20 days ago)
You're an asshat.
George Fakis (23 days ago)
Recon (20 days ago)
anmeldeunsinn - (23 days ago)
Diptanu Debnath (23 days ago)
JackOfAllTrades (23 days ago)
well, it's not THAT good, but it's definitely a decent weapon.
Seb D (23 days ago)
Like at 2:45 I mean wtf..? Gaming God
Jet61579 (23 days ago)
Did anyone else think it was a type25 when they first saw the new gun
Carson Ogden (23 days ago)
aww he's so proud of his dog, love it lol
民國萬歲中華 (24 days ago)
look like China gun qbz 95
NfiniteGamer (24 days ago)
Is shroud able to tell where they are just by hearing them?
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
ترجمه اللغه العربيه
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
ترجمه اللغه العربيه
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
ترجمه اللغه العربيه
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
ترجمه اللغه العربيه
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
اللغه العربيه
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
الغه العربيه
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
الغه العربيه
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
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Hussun56 (24 days ago)
مرحبه جمل يوتيوبرز
Hussun56 (24 days ago)
رجو ان تثبت الغه العربيه
Jonathan Jovan (24 days ago)
Shroud can u make a video of u and Wadu hek playing Plss i love your gameplay with Wadu
Jonathan Jovan (24 days ago)
Shroud is the legend!
Bzorlan (24 days ago)
Why does he keep his dog in a fucking cage?
Recon (20 days ago)
The cage is there for when he sleeps, even though he sleeps pretty much anywhere. He lets the dog out for the entirety of the day, do you even watch his streams?
ChickenFight (24 days ago)
how many complaints do you get per day? xD
gtafreak134 (24 days ago)
aimbot lol
Recon (20 days ago)
You're a brainlet.
superbacon13 (24 days ago)
If only you saw the console version shroud, its a piece a flaiming shit. The devs dont deserve to be praised tbh
aB (24 days ago)
Some idiots dont want u to spend time with ur dog, but please keep in mind that there are an equal number of us who want u to do vlogs with him. For eg; i got triggered just because u ignored when he barked, but thats just me, ik that u cant just get up mid game to play with him and thats fine. All im saying is that if u ignore ur dog a lot of people are gonna be sad too. In such a situation, what u do should be what u want to do. Do what u want, its ur stream and ur channel, those who dont like it can stop watching, no ones clenching their balls telling them what to do. But even if a bunch leave, an equal number of guys would love the content and join the community. P.s. i love troy please make vlogs with him
FR RomRIJSEL (24 days ago)
"oh that gun is so overpowered, I'll use it all the time" *tries the gun out* eh, I think Shroud is overpowered
Lee Tran (24 days ago)
what are you sensitivity settings like?
ViperCinema4D (24 days ago)
9:36 is shroud even streaming for 4 years?
ViperCinema4D (20 days ago)
oh, yeah, now im remember, thanks dude)
Recon (20 days ago)
He was streaming ages ago, back in the early days of CS:GO. He eventually got into Cloud9, then left a while later and is now streaming like he is today.
Amega Elite (24 days ago)
that dodge is so cute
McNline (24 days ago)
Doggo is best
Boriga渊博 (24 days ago)
Dániel Csalló (24 days ago)
Lool shroud dont even care about $1000 donation xd
Recon (20 days ago)
He was in-game, dipshit. He legit talked about it properly after the game, and the person who donated would've known shroud wouldn't speak about it mid-game. Get your brainlet-ass self out of these comments.
준구김 (24 days ago)
Your videos are really awsome! Thanks to teach me :)
Alex Oik (24 days ago)
The title of this video should be 'THE BROKEN WEAPON IS INSANE'
GAMER MEXICO (24 days ago)
Vashan a mi ccanaaal pequeños bastardillos, háganme pedazos gggg
Ariq Fauzan (25 days ago)
i dont understand how shroud really likes the update and the game overall. the update just adds non important stuff and doesn't fix the game breaking bugs. and the cheaters.
ItsYoBoiTheTrueGamer (25 days ago)
Lando Fortericho (25 days ago)
R3TR0 (25 days ago)
What's Shroud's phone?
R3TR0 (25 days ago)
Doggo has grown pretty big now
8:06 Deja vou
goofykillerbunny (25 days ago)
The nose in the thumbnail
Wolf1 (25 days ago)
2:47 holy sh*****T
Shubham naik (25 days ago)
Why would less ppl watch cuz a dog, are they to jealous
old Radio (25 days ago)
shroud has a pixel!!
bob bib (25 days ago)
I like cheese
Recon (20 days ago)
Romish Show (25 days ago)
O mai gat i rasha
test420 (25 days ago)
PC Noobs Gaming (25 days ago)
shroud got a husky. man i have one and they be wild sometimes lol
Momin Butt (25 days ago)
Boi .... Loving ur new haircut 😍😘🔥
G G (25 days ago)
Fuck anyone who hates on the pup
Ewy Qwarp (25 days ago)
Shroud you should do a Youtube video with your super cute dog I would love that!!!
Canon Hayes (25 days ago)
Are you trying to tell me that this new weapon is mentally unstable.. .
ADEN Yu (25 days ago)
I would love to see how a pro player plays in Asia server!!
SmallTank (25 days ago)
Anybody else computer overheats while playing pubg?
Smelly KneeGrow (25 days ago)
0:07 OOF
Bob (25 days ago)
"THE NEW WEAPON IS INSANE!" Next video: "We both dropped our DBZ's (...) The gun IS really dissapointing! It's sounds cool tho" Wait what lol. MasterBaiter Mike :p
Holy Guac (25 days ago)
I’m not sure why you think pubg is good all of a sudden. Played 20 hrs of it this week and the latency is still cancer and the game feels shitty
hongyin li (25 days ago)
You am hire someone to take card of your dog, or you can get a girlfriend
MarvinOneGamer (25 days ago)
It's you insane,now weapon
Kaio ProHawk (25 days ago)
Those thumbnails are horrible

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