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10 Compulsive Gaming Habits You Always REGRET

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10 gaming habits you probably regret. Trust us. Do you have any we didn't mention? Let's talk about them in the comments below! ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★ Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV
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Text Comments (11643)
Krestus (1 day ago)
you save to often? I save not often enough...
Void Bot (3 days ago)
it took me 74h to make Crac heheee (no joke :I)
Michael Nielsen (3 days ago)
why does this keep being relevant :p and mygod :D "We have 3 Children!" :p hahahahhaaa best ever :D
Joseph Burns (3 days ago)
What is the game that showed you nuking the mountain .-. that looked AWESOME
Wayne Dotson (4 days ago)
How about sneaking EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. Like if you build a stealth-based character, which - say, in Skyrim - sometimes requires a LOT of stealth grinding...and suddenly you realize that it just took you an hour to get to your map marker to begin or continue a quest...because you were sneaking the whole way...instead of just sprinting and downing all that booze you've been hoarding since you escaped from Helgen... ...yeah.
Edward's Content (4 days ago)
What was the game with the character creation
MTB Rider of Justice (5 days ago)
Contemplating selling an item I don't use, finally selling it, then regretting it 10 hours later because I need it for something.
nekroneko (5 days ago)
Drowner Brains have no weight in the game. You can collect as many as you like :D
RumAndPancakes (5 days ago)
#10, I have no regrets
Bill Cox (5 days ago)
I know the Trap of the civilization line of games. Just two more turns until the next tech followed by 2 hours later.
Peet L (5 days ago)
What game is the female character creation in the video?? That game looks interesting
SUPERNOVA (5 days ago)
TES 6 better be good.
totoru4ever (6 days ago)
Man, it was quite accurate.
MORY BIRD (6 days ago)
I always play my game straight up in the first day of owning it and I'm like. Where did my game go
TheGMQuick Skop (6 days ago)
In skyrim, I have like 70+ healing potions. I just stack them, and dont use them...
Martin Baltuhin (6 days ago)
what is the game used in #3 (with the hot chick)?
Butchie (6 days ago)
Barely found Sean in Rdr2. Been playing since launch. 😑
miles forket (7 days ago)
1:37 so god damn funny
Aku From the future (8 days ago)
I reload a lot during games, but usually between kills, unless fighting multiple enemies at once. If not, I reload after each spaced out kill to have a full clip. I am guilty of a few of these on here, though I don't swear at my tv. Even when playing demon souls, dark souls, or bloodborne. I'm very patient, and even when frustrated I don't snap at the tv, game, or online chat. I can't get mad at someone or something else for my own mistakes. Trash talk happens during super smash bros matches, but all in good fun, with no maliciousness to it. My in game mistakes are usually all my fault. In skyrim, the game slows down when I enter my house bc I have so much cheese everywhere it almost crashes it. But sheogorath may stop by... So I must have cheese ready. Or exotic butters
Euqirneh M. (8 days ago)
06:54 thats a fork .
Sparrow (8 days ago)
5:00 oh yeah, i design my character for hours, 10 minutes later i'm wearing full armor and a helmet never to see the character again... thanks skyrim
Gerard van Doornmalen (9 days ago)
Character creation in Eve is Brilliant... but yeah, you end up building a character for hours and hours, take a photo.. and that's all you see of the character ingame... They had captains quarters for a while but I think they canceled that again...
knizz16 (9 days ago)
Was tht falcon or some1 filling in for him ?????
captainrobots (10 days ago)
I got a free rental of watchdogs like a years ago I beat it in a week I didn't get to 100% beat the game. But it was a free rental so why not.
Twisted Melody (11 days ago)
Ey! Listen here. I’ll save as many times as I wana save lol. I come from old school rpg’s and if you didn’t save then you could’ve messed up big time and have to restart then entire game depending how screwed you are lol. You know exactly what I’m talking about.
Ryan Lucio (12 days ago)
what character customization did you use in the clip?
goldtitan 337 (12 days ago)
Constantly switching weapons like your worried its gone
PUGZ (13 days ago)
Why does he sound so drunk
Silent-Sniper19 - Ben (13 days ago)
Dark souls series is a great example oh hoarding, development, pushing forward too soon, impatience, frustration, and the compelling urge to explore every single area multiple times. Whether it's looking for hidden areas/illusionary walls, specific items, or trying to get every single possible item and spells. That's also a big one you forgot to add - Trying to be a completionist, no matter how difficult it may be.
TrueSlav (14 days ago)
what game was shown for the end of number 3?
TrueSlav (14 days ago)
who doesn't swear at the top of their lungs when they fuck up seriously, who doesn't
G Sqaud (14 days ago)
I’m a kid and Even I regret number 10 7 is also bad
aaron patterson (15 days ago)
GalaxyRoze Does Stuff (15 days ago)
The thumbnail could be an mxr weekly skyrim mod review video if you replace the girl with how ever the fuck you spell her name we'll just call her alex
GamingOfClouds! (16 days ago)
“Just 10 more minutes....” *48 hours later* (unrealistic time i know, just go with it..) “How long has it been again?”
pavan vamsi (17 days ago)
Whatcha talking about? Watch dogs was good
pavan vamsi (17 days ago)
Math doesn't serve anyone, that slippery little thing
dixievfd55 (17 days ago)
You run out of potions so you wind up eating 20 apples and five wheels of cheese.
VAIBHAV SHARMA (18 days ago)
No. 10 was the best😁😁
I actually liked watch dogs probably because I didn't get hyped for it
jaykace (20 days ago)
Clip=magazine 💗
Andrea Bigoni (20 days ago)
Hahaah! That's truuueeeeeeee
4:58 what game ?
kiel baily (20 days ago)
I can totally relate to number one on this list. I have to force myself to hold back from looting every destroyed machine in Horizon Zero Dawn so that I have enough inventory space for crafting items.
R&R\n/ (21 days ago)
What game is at 6:05? The settlers of Catan 3D?
Matthew Burg (21 days ago)
I spend the least amount of time in character customization, I honestly don't care about it at all
lacountess (22 days ago)
Mine: checking every nook and cranny and wall corner for stuff I can pick up. Sometimes it takes me ten minutes to cross a simple corridor with nothing in it. It’s all Uncharted’s fault.
Riley Shannon (22 days ago)
In hitman I’ll pull out my gun just to reload it
John Mark Kissiedu (23 days ago)
What's the name of the game at 5:28.
Hossein Ebrahimi (24 days ago)
Uhhh If a developer i could get my hands on and put my idea in his head; it could be awesome. What if first in the game you a had some missions about assembling a loot team Headquartered in a base. After you cleared a place from NPCs and opened every locked door or chest and cleared all traps you could grab things you wanted to carry for yourself and then call loot team to come after you leaved and do their jobs. It could be a new mechanic for game. you could upgrade your loot team by better lockpickers Better caravan guards and better barters. You had to make sure the routes are safe There could be some side missions like your loot team with all those precious loots been vanished. it could be a traitor in the team then you should track him and finally get back your loot and then spare him or make him an example for others or an ambush attack could happen then you had to make sure routes are clear again The loot team would sell those loots automatically and store special loots and technologies. And that's it instead of me wasting my time on container management and dealing with traders i could do more fighting and planning on a loot team expanding my reputations with more marketeers and get more famous. In multiplayer also players could aim on other players loot caravans for easy money and sometimes finding themselves being messed with the wrong guy and he's not giving up and is tracking them for revenge. Wouldn't all this be great?
RageQuit (25 days ago)
So ...my problems in one video
Phil Email (25 days ago)
One more turn!
Duncan McCokiner (29 days ago)
When you can’t beat a game because you keep restarting
Lucky_Miner01 (29 days ago)
I just use default character, except for sims
Omar Avalos (1 month ago)
Help me understand why people hoard useless item in games like fallout/Skyrim cause I’m a a gamer and I have never hoarded that one soup spoon (ysgrammor is so BA he eat soup with a fork) or whatever
ImAsMurF AT (1 month ago)
I time I grinded 99 laps on a GTA5 race thinking it would pay well so I spent 2 hours of my day going in circles for 8,000 dollars and that's when the depression hit.
ImAsMurF AT (1 month ago)
What was the game for the character customization with the woman and you can change everything?
ImAsMurF AT (1 month ago)
What's the name of the woman in the thumbnail, is she a video game character or is it just some random animated character?
Diamond Sword2247 (1 month ago)
I tend not to spend more that 5 minutes on carater cotomization.
Viktor Raikov (1 month ago)
I realy like Watchdogs. Its not such a bad game.
Cᐰptain ᐰwsome (1 month ago)
the factory will grow
Trevor Simpson (1 month ago)
Magazine not clip!!!
RFA/The-DuDe (1 month ago)
I have the opposite.. i do not save in a Beth game before going though a door..,. while i know Bethesda games and doors don't mix...
Pedro Kesserwani (1 month ago)
i dont reload at ever first shot i like reload whenever i get the chance because every single bullet can save you and if you dont have a lot of those then you're gonna get killed
Bob Hope (1 month ago)
I dont usually horde. I just get potions arrows money keys stuff like that. In skyrim.cuz i dont need other weapons well now i do cuz the ebony warrior took my dragon bone sword from me. And im pissed.
Obi Wan Jacoby (1 month ago)
I'm not even gonna lie. I reload my Weapon after every single Damn shot xD I'm not even gonna lie I swear Really loud at my TV when I die or whatever
staffy35 (1 month ago)
“Most systems come with 30 to 500 gigabytes of storage.” What?!?!?! Almost all hard drives today have at least a terabyte, mostly 2 terabytes. Furthermore, the lowest capacity ssd’s don’t even get as low as 30gb. I can’t even find any anymore which are less than 120gb.
SA/LF Control (1 month ago)
Damn, the Watch Dogs smacktalking in this video sounds like talking bad about your ex girlfriend.
Thunderhead (1 month ago)
In first person games, I have a compulsive need to look up ever other second
luca hirciaga (1 month ago)
pozacu dragnea xd
Dead Shot (1 month ago)
10 so true
Jatin Tayal (1 month ago)
06:00 I guess the third child wasn't his..
Melissa Seaman (1 month ago)
Am definitely one who just gathers anything and everything. And one more turn...and one hour turning into 10.
Trevenus (1 month ago)
I wish I could quicksave in real life
CorrinofNohr (1 month ago)
RPGs be like which way is the wrong way, I need to search everywhere for loot
Hoodie Sage (1 month ago)
Testing out fall damage but forgetting to save beforehand.
moon blade (1 month ago)
I beat ac 4 in 4 days with 100% completion
El Hibster (1 month ago)
I would never regret to do any of those things...
weasle min (1 month ago)
Yall should do in depth news videos
weasle min (1 month ago)
Please stop calling magazines clips
Warren Longlastname (1 month ago)
And I walk alone
Makaio Bolton (1 month ago)
*shots one bullet* "COVER ME, RELOADING!" *repeat process*
Greatest Ever (1 month ago)
Its gotta be reloading after killing an opponent in call of duty, I don't know why, but this always annoys me.
Amanda Adams (1 month ago)
Voice candy 💞
Tim van de Leur (1 month ago)
One more turn haha
Elizabeth Young (1 month ago)
I'm the worst item hoarder! I always save everything just in the off chance I may need it.
Nithor666 (1 month ago)
Repeating the same dungeon over and over again in an MMORPG to get that rare drop ratio weapon or armor sometimes to a point of saying I been doing this 100 times 1 more run and continue for 100 more times
TYTYSWAG RNS (1 month ago)
And spending 5 hours creating a new character THEN PLAYING IN FIRST PERSON
TYTYSWAG RNS (1 month ago)
Trying to get comfortable on an XBOX CONTROLLER
TYTYSWAG RNS (1 month ago)
And spending 5 hours creating a new character THEN PLAY THE GAME IN FIRST PERSON
Chevifier (1 month ago)
A way developers could remedy that reload habit is to make you lose the remaining bullets in the clip.🤣
Rev Funk (1 month ago)
Regret??? This dribble
Out of the Hat Videos (1 month ago)
I thought Watch Dogs wasn’t too bad though lol
AWESOMEDEATH111 Ray (1 month ago)
I have a habit of playing ONE game every 1 or 2 months and then forgetting about it and delete it. Even though I was so far into the game
Julian Delgadillo (1 month ago)
Dropping a really nice but heavy piece of gear just to realize when you get back to your settlement/hamlet/favorite shop that you were carrying 43 1lb (unit of weight?) books. I already knew that spell.
Christian Supple (1 month ago)
I don't know what your talking about, I really liked Watchdogs.
4K Gaming & Tutorials (1 month ago)
A compulsive gaming habit I regret, which I would like to add to the list, is Finding games by accident(especially free games) which you really want to play but you realize that you will either never have enough time to finish it (especially online games)and/or you should probably finish at least 1/4 of the 300 games you already have before invest more time and/or money into getting yet more games I will more than likely never have enough time to play...
forrest smoke (1 month ago)
Fuck you watch dogs had a very good story
Duskfury (1 month ago)
2:50 I did this to an insane extent in the first two Bioshock games
EZIO STONE (1 month ago)
I had to uninstall Civilization because I can't control the *one more turn*
Jango Fett (1 month ago)
#2 is also Civ 5 in my case.. Ironic. the never ending one last turn

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