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10 Compulsive Gaming Habits You Always REGRET

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10 gaming habits you probably regret. Trust us. Do you have any we didn't mention? Let's talk about them in the comments below! ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★ Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV
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Text Comments (11387)
Neurotica (15 hours ago)
The first time I played Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, I played it for 8 hours straight
Ryan Gilbert (1 day ago)
Number 7 is me lol
James Edie (2 days ago)
Did get wraped up watching this so...
Isaac Karr (2 days ago)
I tend to packrat and drop something when and where i pick up something else ooh this is better and when I have to drop something good nope not finishing this mission to the store than I have to travel to 3 different cities to sell it off.
Jarred Reneau (2 days ago)
A few things... 1. it's a magazine NOT a clip. People who shoot actual guns hate that line of verbiage 2. Searching every square inch of EVERY room like Golem searching for the ring....My Prreecccious. My Preeeccccciiouuuss. Where is my precious?!!!!
Matthew Seigler (3 days ago)
What game was that in the female customization? It looked like they had matrix like plugs in them? o.O
worthless trash (7 days ago)
2:18 But it's 4am and your mom thought you went to sleep at 10 so you just hope to god that nobody heard you but then you hear the dog bark and you know that you're dead..😂
Tim Horton (7 days ago)
Was I the only one playing watch dogs while watching this video
Oscar Reyna (9 days ago)
I thought Watch_Dogs was good
Knockouts Champ (9 days ago)
Buy a game play it for 24 hours. Sleep for 12 hours. I do yell. I shot someone in the head. There not dead. I am wtf. I save every level up or finding good stuff. But than there’s an auto save set up for me by my game. So yeah. Directions I make the computer get me there if I’m stuck for hours. Boss I did this on final fantasy so many times. All of my characters I spend at least three hours on that and picking there moves. One more turn. All the time. Yes I pick up everything I found a cat head for some reason. I kept it.
frosty on the radio (11 days ago)
8 is me
logan van wyk (12 days ago)
completing every side quest before main story
jon boi (13 days ago)
quick saving FUCKS with me so hard. since pc gaming a lot i quick save before after during every single fricken engagement. XCom i have a PERFECT fucking run so far. love the game its aaawesome but i have to FORCE myself to not quick save/reload cheat my way through the ENTIRE game.
Cythro Hawk (14 days ago)
4 is so true for me, I save so many resources, max my level, get all upgrades, get ready to beat this boss and then beat it and it turns out that was the end of the game! So I never even get to use em.
Dr. Zero (15 days ago)
4:57 Which game is this
65Gaming (15 days ago)
Anyone get the Boulevard of Broken Dreams Reference? It is kinda stupid to bring it up though.
Allen Hauser (16 days ago)
Am I the only one who thought Watch_Dogs was actually decent?
Travis Christman (18 days ago)
ToXiC gaming (18 days ago)
What game was at 5:37
N. K. (18 days ago)
F To look my skin in cs go
Scar1e† Ra1n (20 days ago)
Sal Lopez (20 days ago)
Fuck watch dogs.
Kevin Kosmo (21 days ago)
What game is it at 4:50 ??
elvin (21 days ago)
the photoshop on that thumbnail is bad lol
_MattK_ (21 days ago)
Speaking of the “Only one hour” I just played Fallout 4 for what seemed like 2 hours. It was 7
soviet tankist (22 days ago)
the 10 hours yes very true maybe even more the hyped part ehh maybe sometimes reload after everyshot most of the time i do it the swearing part yes maybe sometimes quicksaving no not really i not at all the path part yes sometimes it happens i dont really save items for a boss i don't really stay at the character creation too much yeah the turn by turn game it happens a Lot yes i am the biggest hoarder and the biggest thief but its the best Edit: Damn i have wrote a lot
Clueless OG (23 days ago)
The reloading one is me lol
I pretty much do all of these
Mohammed Nasser (24 days ago)
I hoard so much that my fiance knows i'm gonna quit the game before ever getting to use them, need less to say, she's already given up all hope on the stuff i "Store for later use" on any game we play together xD NO REGRETS!
Jack1775 Gaming (24 days ago)
Pft. 400 saves in Skyrim. I have 1200. Wanna talk about saving much ahha. I barely play too.
name name (25 days ago)
Getting hyped......rdr2
Jason Mcrae (27 days ago)
Fighting enemies who one shot you over and over and wasting hours trying to prove something to the voices in your head
Jordan Fire Star (27 days ago)
It's magazine, not clip
T3am.T.3.M (29 days ago)
The last thing you said...I used to be like that...
Caal Taes (1 month ago)
As an old RPG player I get the hoarding part really well, I was used to get every item I could and have the max of every potion so I wouldnt die and now you cant do that in newer games and it piss me off
What der wooman makering gah mhm??
dragon nest (1 month ago)
The Hat Clan (1 month ago)
whats the first game on the character custimazation point
Cole Savoy (1 month ago)
Like the vids but he sounds like he’s drunk😂😂
Rage Gamer913 (1 month ago)
I have 467 quick saves in skyrim
Ernesto Boykin (1 month ago)
What game is he playing at the start of number 3?
Cocoa Nerd (1 month ago)
He really hates Watch_Dogs. Personally I liked it for the most part
Thomas Satterly (1 month ago)
What game was on when it was showing character customization for #3?
Obi Wan Kenobi (1 month ago)
Falcon are you drunk?
Atheist In Louisiana (1 month ago)
Seriously, learn the difference between a clip and a magazine. There isn't a single clip in your entire video. Those are magazines.
Conor Daly (1 month ago)
Hey watch dogs was fucking great lol
Krum Krum (1 month ago)
3:29 very subtle greenday reference, i aplaude you
L0RD THOT (1 month ago)
Time lol. That damn bogdan million dollar glitch spent over 53 mil on stuff in gta 😂
ItStingsWenEyeP (1 month ago)
Nice boulevard of broken dreams quote
TheWolverineX74 (1 month ago)
What is that game at 4:58?
Oliver Copps (1 month ago)
This is a watch dogs roast disguised as a top ten video.
David Frantz (1 month ago)
Having played the original Battlefield 1942, I liked how it reloaded by magazine, not by bullet number. Because that's (kind of) how guns work. I mean, if there was an animation for the pc to reload spare bullets into magazines, it'd be ok, but there's usually not. So in more modern FPSs I tend to reload my guns by number of magazines, which means I have to do math (fun for me, not for everyone else on my team, as I concentrate on doing math and end up getting killed because I ran straight into an obvious trap). So if I reload in the middle of a magazine (say, after 15 shots), I'll do my best to ONLY use 15 of those bullets on the next enemy. My brother and I, playing any kind of zombie survival game, he HATES it when I do that, because I will literally not reload because of it, which usually ends up with me getting killed, and then he gets killed risking his life to save mine, and as soon as we die "Dammit! Just RELOAD when you only have 10 bullets left, don't worry about it!"
BlackSteel QC (1 month ago)
Making sure you shoot every flammable content even after clearing the outpost. (or even avoid touching them until every enemy is dead so you can blow everything up at once)
yug0w0lf (1 month ago)
Fucking hate bethesda games for that carrying around shit because you never know what you need or don't need
Diamond Raymond (1 month ago)
Kh tutorial
Phillip Morales (1 month ago)
0:35 as an Engineering major that fucking triggers me so much xD God I fucking hate WebAssign.
_MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ (1 month ago)
hey i actually thoroughly enjoy the first watch dogs ive only ran into one or two glitches and i didnt care who i was because i enjoyed the idea of.the game.and.the gameplay was fun i nearly 100%ed the game but.onlines dumb those fucking human trafficking missions
Killstreak gaming (1 month ago)
*turns off mini map* 10min later * where am I ?
Elique (1 month ago)
What was that game at 5:20?
James Oxina (1 month ago)
What's that game at 0:40 ?
Andy Sorrell (1 month ago)
I get super obsessed over a game and explore all the side content and everything I can and I'll play it almost religiously. Then I'll get near the end and get burnt out on it and never beat it
victoria quisique (2 months ago)
Dont forget the you have a test the next day and you rather finish the dark brotherhood quest line
SpiritWildfireGaming (2 months ago)
4:15 I love the designs of these weapons! From what game are they?
Slendertender8704 (2 months ago)
I love "collecting" Cheese
JanushPRO (2 months ago)
4:58 what game is it?
Edna Konrad (2 months ago)
What's the game at 5:05 ? I LOVE to create characters and this looks very good
Klony (2 months ago)
I'm guilty of multiple of those things... I call it ROLEPLAYING!! I... I... I need help... ;/
DHAZE DXZ (2 months ago)
I've got one...shooting your own team mates on FPSs, seriously...it sucks xD
Angel Gd (2 months ago)
I always max out my follower as well in Skyrim.
Chase Guyse (2 months ago)
finding a hard spot in a game... dying... making your way back to that spot and tell yourself to save before you start... forgetting to save and then dying then repeating the process ten times
Wrathborn Hunter (2 months ago)
I once tried to reload a grenade in Half-Life 😂
Nathaniel Young (2 months ago)
Not a clip only 1 rifle has had a clip they are mags.
Jules Winnfield (2 months ago)
It currently is 3:13 a.m FUCK!!
Chainedpillow6 (2 months ago)
I got hyped on watch dogs also
Lava Yuki (2 months ago)
I had a lot of these growing up as a kid and teen, but all of them pretty much died out after I became an adult... in my mid 20s. However, I still have this issue with compulsive saving. I save really often in games where you can save anywhere, and am always looking out of save points in games that don't. Also, I hoard recovery items and am really stingy, so I end up never using them
Benjamin Trowbridge (2 months ago)
Take a shot every time he mentions doing something for 10 hours
I see EVE Online i upvote
michle morningstar (2 months ago)
Which game was seen during character customization
Dancing Bookworm (2 months ago)
This one is game specific but in Dragon Age:Inquisition going to the Hinterlands and staying there way too long because you want to just keep exploring. And then you go back to the main quest and realise you should've done it ages ago level wise. But the Hinterlands are just so hard to resist....
Quentin Wade (2 months ago)
waste time?
Whoelsebutquagmire (2 months ago)
I’ve started playing Grim Dawn in the morning, played for what felt like a couple hours, looked at the clock and went, “it’s 9pm already?! Wtf? Well, time to go to bed I guess. Just another 30 minutes. Oh, it’s 11 now....” Also done it with WoW. More times than I like to admit
BigK97 (2 months ago)
Always walking on fire in a new game to see if it will catch you on fire or not.
Nikita Oerta (2 months ago)
What game is dis? 5:12
roachxyz (2 months ago)
I love saving a lot.
HolyDr1ver (2 months ago)
First thing I do with god damn weight mechanics I throw them out of the window. Fellow Fallout 4 and Skyrim players. SET YOURSELF FREE: "player.modav carryweight 1000" Some may call you cheater I call myself free to play the game.
KroyHD (2 months ago)
Whats The Game in Minute 5
Fintan Coogan (2 months ago)
Trying to see how far you can shoot a missile into the distant landscape
tlongworth19 (3 months ago)
You mean magazine, not clip. A clip and a magazine are 2 very very different things.
Mahfi K (3 months ago)
just one more video
Karen Moya (3 months ago)
This hits too close too home
ThatFatLlama (3 months ago)
In Skyrim I used to quicksave after every single thing I did. After killing anything (even innocent animals), a risky camp or fort in the distance and even just entering a new place, etc. Yeah I was a noob.
Artoria 99 (3 months ago)
What was the game in costumization part
ekflpkf (3 months ago)
5:35 Game?
IMMORTAL D3vulX (3 months ago)
Man that last scene ....with Skyrim's soundtrack and it's hero's face on Harrison Ford...😂😂😂😂😂
Luis Angel Blancas Cruz (3 months ago)
Ha ha ha, totally fucking true!
Kyle Johnson (3 months ago)
gameranx is always on point with these lists
nomad gamer (3 months ago)
In garden Warfare there actualy is a reason to jump all over the place. It's because chomper can burrow and eat a zombie to kill Them instantly.
Prydwen Gaming (3 months ago)
I actually really liked watchdogs
Prydwen Gaming (3 months ago)
getting halfway in the campaign and then getting caught up with a different mission and neveer being able to get interested in the storyline again.
I bet that when he said that math doesn’t work with him you paused the video and worked it out yourself.

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