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TOP 10 GAMES LIKE POKEMON FOR ANDROID AND IOS NOVEMBER 2017! - WITH DOWNLOAD LINKS! FOR MORE AMAZING POKEMON ROM HACKS VISIT OUR SITE: - https://bit.ly/2I56X1F Join My Discord Server ► https://discord.gg/jbSTVED Follow me on Instagram ► https://instagram.com/preyash31_ ---------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD: #10.BATTLE CAMP ANDROID ►http://inurls.co/mPhkCPK IOS ► N/A #9.EVOCREO ANDROID ► http://inurls.co/miuua IOS ► http://inurls.co/ZkL7OuK #8.NEXOMON ANDROID ► search in playstore IOS ► http://inurls.co/sEaN #7.TERRA MONSTERS 3 ANDROID ►http://inurls.co/gOIYwIOS ► #6.NEO MONSTERS ANDROID ► http://inurls.co/6ipc IOS ► http://inurls.co/YDZE #5.BULU MONSTERS ANDROID ►http://inurls.co/jwle IOS ► http://inurls.co/AQWoI #4.HUNTER OF LEAGUE/HEY MONSTER ANDROID ► http://inurls.co/Vw1PPxbX IOS ► N/A #3.POCKET ORIGIN/POCKET ADVENTURE ANDROID ► IOS ► N/A #2.POKEMON VS ANDROID ► http://inurls.co/Sv6o IOS ► N/A #1.EPICMON/POCKETOWN ANDROID ► http://inurls.co/8dRau IOS ► N/A ----------------------------------------------- ★TOP 5 POKEMON GAMES FOR ANDROID! ► http://bit.ly/2xSqF6J ★TOP 5 COMPLETED POKEMON GBA ROM HACKS WITH MEGA EVOLUTIONS SEPTEMBER 2017! ► http://bit.ly/2xSx2XW ----------------------------------------------- Background Song : Cartoon On & On [NCS Release] NoCopyrightSounds : https://www.youtube.com/nocopyrightsounds ----------------------------------------------- ► GBA EMULATOR FOR ANDROID - http://inurls.co/1SxJ ► NDS EMULATOR FOR ANDROID (Marshmallow Or Up) - http://inurls.co/rAiDG7 (Below Marshmallow) - http://inurls.co/SymsFu ► GBA EMULATOR FOR PC - http://inurls.co/fJpWn ► NDS EMULATOR FOR PC - http://inurls.co/ICXb6s6 ► 3DS EMULATOR FOR PC - http://inurls.co/H7nnkhIa ------------------------------------------------ Business Related Inquiries preyashkr31@gmail.com Thanks For Watching.
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Text Comments (310)
Irshad Byari (2 days ago)
Where is the link of 3
SebVidsTV (2 days ago)
Nexomon is da best
Nopechon animation (10 days ago)
I miss Pocket monster
TECH with cHiRaYu (15 days ago)
From which app did you edit
Plus5s Pokémon (15 days ago)
Adobe premiere pro mostly and sometimes when I'm not home then kinemaster
Bhadarka Avais (15 days ago)
I don't know how to start Pokemon go Plz.. Tell me how to start Pokemon go
Plus5s Pokémon (15 days ago)
Lol..just download it from play store and open it. Make your account. That's all you've to do
TECH with cHiRaYu (16 days ago)
And editing
TECH with cHiRaYu (16 days ago)
From which app you do recording
Plus5s Pokémon (15 days ago)
TECH with cHiRaYu (15 days ago)
You have mi phone
Plus5s Pokémon (16 days ago)
Mi recorder
Lakshman Kunwar (18 days ago)
Elvis duel
Roquelme Jomena (20 days ago)
You miat drakomon
Narola Mjn (20 days ago)
I know bulu monster well.the last level a grandmother will appear
Poketube Animations (22 days ago)
Plz don't use the same song I hate it
I have pocketown before watching this vid
Puran Bahadurkc (27 days ago)
Plus5s Pokémon (27 days ago)
Justin Emperio (30 days ago)
Anuvob 123 (1 month ago)
Elvis hola (1 month ago)
hola 👍👍👍👍👍
Plus5s Pokémon (1 month ago)
RaidingRaichu 101 (1 month ago)
I knew nexomon is going to be on the list thanks for putting it on it's a great game
Trivikram Puppala (2 months ago)
Can you send link of hey!monster park
EPIC TRAILER (2 months ago)
Any new I PLAY ALL...
Bé Mít Channel (2 months ago)
joshua vincent (2 months ago)
what is the song name?
Plus5s Pokémon (2 months ago)
It is mentioned in the description
The Tzetan (2 months ago)
In the description link not for game
Plus5s Pokémon (2 months ago)
It is for the games
TheFantasyWolf (2 months ago)
#3 link???
Arun Dhole (2 months ago)
Arun Dhole (2 months ago)
Plus5s Pokémon (2 months ago)
SMARTY Ibrahim (2 months ago)
Awesome I liked Pokemon vs
Levi Ackerman (2 months ago)
Which one of them are offline? Please tell me
Harsh Kewat (2 months ago)
You didn't posted monster manual ......it is one of the most famous game and it is unreleased.......played mostly........
Plus5s Pokémon (2 months ago)
Michael Milan (2 months ago)
pet alliance 2, number one for Android
Harinandan Singh (2 months ago)
how to download pixelmon
x xx (3 months ago)
this is shit loser
Pokemon Go (3 months ago)
Poketown hack??
farhan salim (3 months ago)
I download evocreoa when i open it said can not open this file
Strawberru (3 months ago)
I couldn’t find a few of them that you said were on iOS, and the links didn’t work.
trimn pro (3 months ago)
What game id the best? I want a game with super high graphic can someone tell me?
Aatif Ali (3 months ago)
Is there English version for pokemon vs?
The dead memester (4 months ago)
K only 4 of them of were iOS huh apple is pretty protective of what goes to their App Store
Plus5s Pokémon (4 months ago)
Yeah lol
Shabana Parveen (4 months ago)
Is this game offline
i call all ray's fake (4 months ago)
How did i got here from ”BF1's BEST MOMENTS”?
Plus5s Pokémon (4 months ago)
Lol. What do u mean?
LummieWolf Gameing (4 months ago)
Terra monsters is android only fucking shit
Dr.Billuram Dr. (4 months ago)
What is the song name
Plus5s Pokémon (4 months ago)
Name in Description
Bun Tun (4 months ago)
Pocket town iOS N/A!?! Nope that’s wrong if u have iOS here’s the games name “petown”
Plus5s Pokémon (4 months ago)
Oh I didn't knew
Girish Kumar (5 months ago)
I have payed legends of monsters it's very good
Vijay Manikpuri (5 months ago)
what is the song name I m very fan of this
Plus5s Pokémon (5 months ago)
It's in the description
freak gamer (5 months ago)
How can I download background music in my YouTube videos
Blues REMİX (5 months ago)
There are No links
Plus5s Pokémon (5 months ago)
There are
meshalq2005 (5 months ago)
thx :)
Chloe Deterala (5 months ago)
Thnx for telling this I'm finding games especially nexomon
Plus5s Pokémon (5 months ago)
Your welcome
Gà Diamond (5 months ago)
va ban cap nhat hientai cua pokemon vs la j a
Jake Brent (5 months ago)
Bulu monsters is dead
Plus5s Pokémon (5 months ago)
Hmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm
Rhaed Estanislao (5 months ago)
You really like pokemon rip offs do you
Plus5s Pokémon (5 months ago)
Wari jokhio (5 months ago)
Very nice song and music
Plus5s Pokémon (5 months ago)
Thanks donkey...🙄
Vijay Manikpuri (5 months ago)
very good song and games
Plus5s Pokémon (5 months ago)
Himanshu Thakur (5 months ago)
I like song but I don't like games
Plus5s Pokémon (5 months ago)
Tubelight Hinglish (5 months ago)
I have monster Park and poketown pokemon game
Waldan gaming rafi 103 (6 months ago)
You hmmm hey monster not the android ok
A Furry (6 months ago)
Actually nexomon is a realy good alternative and neo monsters is a great game 2.
Plus5s Pokémon (6 months ago)
Wer Wer (6 months ago)
That is not pokemon
Madison Rose (6 months ago)
No links?
Plus5s Pokémon (6 months ago)
Check description
Dino Leader (6 months ago)
Lol I’m a Pokémon pvp nerd 🤓 xD it’s just I’m so op at it ;-; ik everything in pvp
TypicalOREOS (6 months ago)
Is everything offline?
Plus5s Pokémon (6 months ago)
Amaan Muslim (6 months ago)
Plus5s Pokémon (6 months ago)
Indian boy and Poke (7 months ago)
I am playing Epicmon/pocketown
Plus5s Pokémon (2 months ago)
Levi Ackerman (2 months ago)
Indian boy and Poke is it offline??
Jillani Siddiqui (7 months ago)
How to download pokemon game in galaxy s4
Nivedita Tripathi (7 months ago)
games you have shone are of large mb
Nivedita Tripathi (7 months ago)
this is which song????
Plus5s Pokémon (7 months ago)
Name is in Description
Jairo Ang Asuncion (7 months ago)
Pokemon and beyblade (7 months ago)
Luke Whitsell ツ (7 months ago)
Battle Camp is it was on IOS I used to play it Edit: Here’s the link Battle Camp HD Catch Monsters by WRKSHP https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/battle-camp-hd-catch-monsters/id651209536?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/battle-camp-hd-catch-monsters/id651209536?mt=8
Dominik Kuharić (7 months ago)
Terra monsters 3 looks good !
Adoknight Official (7 months ago)
evo creo is sooooo under rated! nexomon is pretty good so far too
3d and lyrical king 2 (7 months ago)
Pokémon vs copy hai legends of monster game ki bhai play store par aapko yeh game nahi milega
Nestor IV (7 months ago)
Perso je préfère terra monster 2
Nestor IV (7 months ago)
Two Evocreo is fabulos
Ankita Singh (7 months ago)
Plz tell me this song name pllzz anyone I like this song
Nopechon animation (10 days ago)
On ya on
ANDROID GAMER (12 days ago)
This is ncs music
On and on
Anuvob 123 (1 month ago)
Iska naam hai cartoon on and on
it's JOHN (2 months ago)
On and On -Cartoon
Jeremiah Optimus (7 months ago)
I have pocket town again yesss
Purple Guy (8 months ago)
I have iOS I search up the Pokémon games and there not there so dis clickbait
The last three ARE Pokemon games. Not LIKE Pokemon games, they mislead the title and screenshots to prevent themselves from being seemingly taken down. They're not even a creation of Fakemon, just some modifications to some/one of the Pokemon ( Shiny Moltres is black in one of them ) -- which is honestly shitty for those who don't copy said exact Pokemon but their hard work gets taken down.
Plus5s Pokémon (8 months ago)
I know that bro..
Diogenes the sayan (8 months ago)
Nexomon is now in
Diogenes the sayan (8 months ago)
Is is now
MervePlayz Dont know? (8 months ago)
How to download hey monster?
Jory 3232 (8 months ago)
Monster park used to be on ios RIP
Amit Sharma (8 months ago)
I watched this video only for the music
Plus5s Pokémon (8 months ago)
the teg status (8 months ago)
Wow amazing 😍 your channel is greet
Plus5s Pokémon (8 months ago)
Aman Kumar yadav genuine (8 months ago)
Please give the song
Plus5s Pokémon (8 months ago)
Name is in Description
William Lokshorn (8 months ago)
and where do you get pocket origin game ? please..really want to play that game but so hard to find it especially on ios :(
William Lokshorn (8 months ago)
Plus5s Pokémon thank you dude.. you really help me I’ll try to search it
Plus5s Pokémon (8 months ago)
There's a site called a.9game.cn something like this
William Lokshorn (8 months ago)
is hunter league not available for ios ?
Plus5s Pokémon (8 months ago)
I wasn't able to find it..
Ammar6oThEbEst XD (8 months ago)
Links don't work
Plus5s Pokémon (8 months ago)
You have check the captcha and then wait on the other page for 5 seconds...then click on get link..then a new tab will open..close the new tab and go back to the previous tab
Ammar6oThEbEst XD (8 months ago)
Plus5s Pokémon no non of them work
Plus5s Pokémon (8 months ago)
They work...
Peter Siro (8 months ago)
Evocreo is most like it
BladAce284 (8 months ago)
Pocket origin ki link do
Spike The destroyer (8 months ago)
I like how only the actual games that look like Pokémon are on Android. This is why I wish when I got a new phone I got a android fml
jaat boy (8 months ago)
who sonh
miljean cameniro (9 months ago)
is this game oneline or offline cus i want to download it
Plus5s Pokémon (9 months ago)
Some r offline and some r online
Diogenes the sayan (9 months ago)
Fake fake fakee
MiaouKirby (8 months ago)
It's not fake.
Plus5s Pokémon (9 months ago)
It's not fake...
Luis Hotavio (9 months ago)
como é o nome da música
Plus5s Pokémon (9 months ago)
It's I'm the description
ChaoticPanda (9 months ago)
guys Nexomon is coming to Android March 1st 2018 so you guys know
Plus5s Pokémon (9 months ago)
Oh thnx for letting me know..I'll surely make a video on it
riki yosa (9 months ago)
Hell is regretting to have an ios device
TheMercilessElf28 (9 months ago)
cant play monster park on ios no more because it automatically turns into a farming simulator. i used to have all 3 legendary monsters. entei, raikou, and suicune!
Iyuyitutyr The gawd (9 months ago)
Nexomon is on rhis list so im going to automaticlly suscribe and give this a like
Ricky Rickado (9 months ago)
played all the games
Ricky Rickado (8 months ago)
Xo MC I can sent you the link if you want
Ricky Rickado (8 months ago)
Xo MC pokemon revolution
MXOM XO (8 months ago)
Whats the best of them all
Plus5s Pokémon (9 months ago)

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