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Top 10 My Favorite Openworld Games for PC

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Text Comments (100)
Saramma Mathai (40 minutes ago)
Gta5 Where
Vedant Sanjay Patil (1 day ago)
First game is which
SN Creative (3 days ago)
If you play all this game on your PC then why you didn't play GTA 5
SN Creative (3 days ago)
I think GTA 5 is really a open world game than the list of game shown in the video
Kevin Kowshick (3 days ago)
can you please send me link for nfs payback game.. lot of website games are not working after download
the real supergamer (3 days ago)
GTA 4 and GTA 5 is better than these games
Neko Nesto (3 days ago)
I have ac syndicate
Mrinal Verma (3 days ago)
Phantom pain for me
Mohit Roy (3 days ago)
Saint's Row man... That game is so badass!
Ayush Sarkar (4 days ago)
All are out of range for my pc spec
King killer (4 days ago)
Haha where is gta5 Gta5 is far better than watchdogs2 and justcause3 And where is Assasin Creed origins ?u really thing syndicate is better than origin or black flag lol No skyrim either ? Justcause3 is totally trash.
The Crazy man (3 days ago)
King killer jc3 is fun too i played it and it was lit
Gaming with Serban (4 days ago)
King killer wd2 is better than gta5
make on video on: Graphic 2.0 GB DDR5 128 Bit Processor : Core 2 due, I have i5 2k Second Gen Ram 12 GB or 4 GB
Ako si (5 days ago)
omg, bro i download this game also.. except for fallout. not a fan of fallout game.. nice vid bro.. im happy that my laptop(lowend) can play this game..
Explorers Venugopal (5 days ago)
When did "NFS" became open world game
vishal aro (5 days ago)
Just cause 3 is better than gta 5..... Agree..?
Rstar Sunny (3 days ago)
Hahaha do i need to subscribe ur channel for dis kinda jokes.
Abdul Rehman Amin (3 days ago)
King killer (4 days ago)
vishal aro I played both jc3 is trash lol
YEEMAD (5 days ago)
FO4 is an unoptimized piece of trash that bethesda hyped people up about leaving them disappointed when it finally came out
Sagel Serapion (5 days ago)
Dude where Is assassin's creed:origins
Black Fox (5 days ago)
So glad gta 5 isn't on this list it's so overrated
Rstar Sunny (2 days ago)
O of course n m not ur buddy too.
Black Fox (2 days ago)
Rstar Sunny I'm not your friend buddy
Rstar Sunny (2 days ago)
See again as i told u earlier like is subjective. I never found any character or mission boring except one or two missions. Bt what noticable in ur comment is u played dat game twice and also on 50 number on online except all these dislikes of characters and missions u face. Wow man applause for ur boredom. U my friend m sure after sometime u will again go and play gta v. Coz even if u r bored of dat gane now u still liked dat game.
Black Fox (2 days ago)
Rstar Sunny oh yes it is people give it 10 out of 10 and call it a masterpiece when bit really isn't, a masterpiece means that it doesn't have any problems but gta v has alot of issues like annoying characters, repetitive missions and boring minigames
Rstar Sunny (2 days ago)
See like n dislike is subjective matter as per individual bt wat i was trying to say is its definitely not an overrated game. An for example if I played dat game and I didn’t liked so i’ll not recommend or play dat game wid any one even wid my siblings. Hence proved brother u like dat game bt u must have failed in missions so many times dat ur love for dat game changed into hatred. N dats all your honour. Lolz
DarkDarren (5 days ago)
I hope this is in no particular order cuz if you think Need for speed and non other than fuken payback is better than The Witcher you're insane. Also AC origins is better than shitty Syndicate.
Ved Asish (5 days ago)
Where is GTA 5 man
Vivek Vaidya (6 days ago)
Plz put link
Parthib Seth (6 days ago)
Your pc specs
Playstaion Nation (6 days ago)
You said for pc not console and pc all those games is on console also
Mounira Rhaiem (6 days ago)
Metro exodus
Flap Technical (6 days ago)
You play all this games in your pc ??? Real or fake
amanuiel grmay (3 days ago)
It's not fake
amanuiel grmay (3 days ago)
TheJaguar this is real
chandra the great (6 days ago)
Where is gta 5 in the list
Pratap Singh (6 days ago)
Gta 4 and 5?
Hyper (1 day ago)
Ron Willson (6 days ago)
NFS payback is free roaming....?
Dj Anonymous (6 days ago)
SAVAGE KILLER (6 days ago)
Sir want to sell you game for giveaway
Satyanarayan Verma (7 days ago)
Same to me but not fall out I HAVE XBOX ONE X
Vinayak Kurtkoti (7 days ago)
I have all these games except for fallout
Vinayak Kurtkoti (20 hours ago)
Ako si really got someone good friend I wanted to buy it but I don't like fallout that much
Vinayak Kurtkoti (1 day ago)
Kevin Kowshick sorry bro I have DVD of that game
Kevin Kowshick (3 days ago)
bro i need nfs payback.. do you know any working link.. most of the website games are not working
Ako si (5 days ago)
Vinayak Kurtkoti me too bro... !!! amazing!!
Aryan Borah (7 days ago)
I guess you've never played GTA.....that's why its not in the list
Play games Technical (8 days ago)
Please share my video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHcY1KC3Cwk&t=5s
MSD Mr. cool (14 days ago)
No gta game!!!STRANGE
A S W I N (15 days ago)
make a video with 4gb ram no graphics card
The Best (3 days ago)
#1 Minecraft #2 Gta Sa Or Gta Vc #3 Assassins creed brother hood #4 ManHunt etc
Adil Ahmad (15 days ago)
seriusly far cry 5 is bettre than far cry 3? Fallout 4 bettre than FO NV? Assassins creed syndicate bettre than Ac IV/II ? Need for speed payback ? Kill me! No gta v or any gta game? Skyrim? TIME TO LEAVE ERARTh
Sandip Biswas (1 day ago)
U really doesn't deserve. Please leave.
Franz Ryan Bonita (3 days ago)
Always read the caption. When it says "MY" Favorite Open world Games for PC. Meaning its own personal favorites. So what can we do about it
zain khan (3 days ago)
who cares (4 days ago)
Far cry 5 is better in terms of gameplay but they are on the same boat.
King killer (4 days ago)
I agree with u gta 5 deserve in this list its better than jc3 and watchdogs2 No ac origins or blackflag either they are far better than syndicate
gear up (15 days ago)
hey your name is tyler
the real supergamer (3 days ago)
gear up no I that NFS character name
player boy x (15 days ago)
Sorry not far cry 3
player boy x (15 days ago)
Far cry 5 minnimum requirements
sea fish (4 days ago)
At least a 1070
Saarthak Agarwal (15 days ago)
Can you please make videos for low spec PC's Like fps games for 2 GB ram
The Best (3 days ago)
u need to buy a gpu,It helps great time!
Saarthak Agarwal (3 days ago)
Is this a good game
Saarthak Agarwal (3 days ago)
My cpu sspeed is 3.10 hz
Kecskesajt Gaming (3 days ago)
Potato Simulator 2000
The Best (4 days ago)
Saarthak Agarwal ram doesn't affect perfomance,Your Gpu does
player boy x (15 days ago)
Which kind of far cry 3 is this
Ferlin Resnu (16 days ago)
Woooww :V
Professional Gamer (16 days ago)
it's good but fallout is not
Orestas Ark (16 days ago)
4th liked the vid
Play games Technical (16 days ago)
Hi I love this games
PLAYwithCHAD 435 (16 days ago)
Second comentary i like so much your videos please say hello to me :)
Specsy (16 days ago)

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