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Evolution Of F1 Games 1982 - 2018

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Text Comments (465)
Dani T (11 hours ago)
Where´s Enduro of Atari 2600? -.-!
Holy shcmoly i fkn loved pole position as a kid, i had it on the pacman plug n play
Matthew Schutte (4 days ago)
F1 championship edition for ps3?
RosSan R (4 days ago)
almost 10 minutes 1992😭
Angry birds
sebastian krsic (4 days ago)
evolotion of batman games
tegworld (4 days ago)
None of the classic PC sims... :-(
Pesis boy (4 days ago)
I have One game 1998 on PlayStation 2
dobi1213 (5 days ago)
Accolade Grand Prix Circuit?
analny rozpierdol (5 days ago)
Guys help me please, when i was younger i was playing a game with F1 races, but i forgot a name. Only thing that i still remember is CD box, that is Orange with blue F1 car in the middle of this CD box. Can You help me?
F1 2014 top !
Robert Warren (6 days ago)
F1 Manager is still the best
thiago henrique (6 days ago)
Okay, we have some footage of verstappen or Dani in 2002( 5:57)
The555shoes (6 days ago)
Where is Vroom?? Grand Prix1 , Grand Prix2 also missing!
Carl Crammer (7 days ago)
2006 is the best one IMO.
Nenah Nurjanah (9 days ago)
itu judul gem apa
MARELI LENZI (9 days ago)
history of minecraft please
Milio Cabo (10 days ago)
Game boy color 1984🤔
Brian Griffin (10 days ago)
I was expecting to be amazed by the quality of 2018 in the end but it was very meh...
Jose Antonio Díaz (10 days ago)
I think that this video its totally incomplete. I only goint to add a point... Where is the fantastic Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix?
ichi uca (11 days ago)
i lobe F1 2013
Shoaib Khan (12 days ago)
evolution of FIFA games
Adriano Farina (12 days ago)
Te faltsron los world circuit. Para mi los mejores simuladores de f1 para pc
FunLow Official (13 days ago)
Please Inazuma Eleven evolution
RIZKI HERO PURNOMO (13 days ago)
Murray Walker voices...............
Salteno777 (13 days ago)
Gameboy Color in 1984? Lol
William F.Costa (14 days ago)
1995 is Genisis (Mega Drive)
Nath Hughes (15 days ago)
Don't know if it's just me but I think they forgot to add Microprose Grand Prix 2 from 1994. I used to play that on Microsoft Windows 95 and XP in my childhood.
j d (15 days ago)
Formula 1 1996 was so far advance, 97 was as good then downhill for next few years
Capt. Nemo (15 days ago)
where is Vroom
Jailson Sena (16 days ago)
Ainda tou no 2006 ps2 Top de +++
Has la evolucion de uncrarted
Rasec Zaid (17 days ago)
del 2002 para adelante ya se ve algo decente
The gamer 7MLG (18 days ago)
You missed half of the games! You should know better.
E-girls AAA Love (18 days ago)
It had changed graphics before I was born in.
Roberto Mariani (18 days ago)
7:01 schumacher just like the real one, 3 overtakes in 1 turn, lol.
CapHowdy (18 days ago)
First Gameboy came out in 1989. Gameboy color came did not come out until 1998, so how is F-1 race on Gameboy listed as 1984? Did someone develop a time machine?
duoduo (18 days ago)
No way some of the games are low graphic as you have shown in the video. If you are making a video for the game series, please give it some respect and use the highest resolution and setting possible. No, not like this, with no respect.
colin mindak (18 days ago)
Gb f1 is not 1984 , i know, i lived back then, it was early 90s black white version with 4 player adapter.
facundo tellechea (18 days ago)
del 2000 para arriba los mejor de 2000 para abajo una reverenda aburricion jaja
Andres Arias (18 days ago)
Desde el 2015 hoy nay cambios significativos
majkelandzelo (18 days ago)
wow, 1988, what an improvement!
Grałem w Pole Position na Atari.
Phenom X (19 days ago)
2018 with HALO is absoluty broker.
Vinicius Alexandre (20 days ago)
F1 Challenge 99-02 is classic!!!!
Cedric Albert (20 days ago)
What about the Geoff Cramond's "Grand Prix" serie? :o
William Headstone (20 days ago)
F-1 Race was for NES not GBC
kretzschi5000 (20 days ago)
i think that f1 challenge from 1999 till 2002 still is one of the best games, the modern games are very realistic visually but lack in driving experience in the named game you feel where the limit is, you feel what you can do but nowadays games you cant figure anything out the next thing is the setup thing. its all made for casual gamers. makes me dont want to buy the new ones. i tried f1 2011 out but i still like my old version from 15 years ago :) i still play it
What about F1 Sensation and Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge??? :/
Kcinnay500 SnUf (21 days ago)
Endcart song?
Professor Bruno Correa (21 days ago)
Muito bacana o vídeo. Dá uma dó em ver através deste vídeo como os motores "evoluíram" e perderam aquele ronco bem característico "ardido" e agudo. E sim, você pode alcançar os 200.000 inscritos, basta continuar assim.
Andrea Caffara (22 days ago)
Virtua Racing ???????
Yungo (22 days ago)
199... They roared like mosquitoes...
Dani izquierdo (23 days ago)
Falta alguno como el de psp 2009
Osman Garcia (23 days ago)
So F1 Race is not a Game Boy game, is a Famicom game.
Lestervai Cayetano (23 days ago)
why does a 1989 game look more good on a 1991 game
Pier85QB (23 days ago)
F1 1997 ❤️
THE STRANSTER (23 days ago)
Fórmula 1 2018 do not exist now
Yunus Kabadayi (23 days ago)
it's not all that retarded
Nano Jump06 (24 days ago)
F-1 race on NES!!!!
Michael Burson (24 days ago)
gameboy in 1984? and color? aha....
Justin Crouche (24 days ago)
Evolution of transformers games
Eco Fex (24 days ago)
Não vejo grande evolução dos últimos jogos do PS3 e Xbox 360 para os atuais jogos do PS4 e Xbox One.
Retro Stokz (24 days ago)
Geoff Crammond F1 by Microprose, PC and Amiga, not shown here.
Eduardo Carneiro Ramos (21 days ago)
the best games of F1!!!
BlackNinjaXD 101 (25 days ago)
Evolution of nba
GP2, GP3, GP4??????
Vanggoose (25 days ago)
You forgot the old Atari f1 game
Ruottinen (25 days ago)
Gameboy Color was not released in 1984 :D
ShadNorris (25 days ago)
the game boy was released in 1989. so it can not be 1984.
GRAHAM THOMPSON (25 days ago)
Where’s Revs and all the other Geoff Crammond F1 games?
P Ingham (25 days ago)
where is F1 Beyond the Limit on Mega CD ? also F1 Challenge on Sega Saturn but you showed a Snes games?
RODRIGO J O FELIPE (25 days ago)
MrSharuff (25 days ago)
Gameboy color in 1984? Are you crazy? And where is Indycar?... shit evolution
Mrpatines (26 days ago)
6:26 60fps
Teo Oliveira (26 days ago)
1984 game boy color????? 🤔🤔
James Barrett (26 days ago)
I recall a PC game from the early 1990's called "World Circuit" that had real tracks, with proper curbing, elevation changes, etc, and you could tune the car. I considered it the first realistic F1 racing game.
SERRA SERRA (26 days ago)
1982 has the speed record with 370+... Technology has been developing gradually but it hasn’t passed the game 1982 speed limit! 🤔😡
Rs2AgAin (26 days ago)
GameBoy color 1984 ??? ^^
ActuMoto (26 days ago)
Ayrton Senna Monaco GP 2 and Formula 1 1996
Listoric (26 days ago)
GP1 and 2 we're the best titles for a long time, especially because they we're so complete and hot seat was always amazing. Can't fathom a list without any of the GP titles. Love the effort, but make a complete list next time pls :3
Nerdo C (26 days ago)
С 2001 что-то поменялось?
Maverick90210uk (27 days ago)
Ok you have missed out probably one of the most influential F1 games in its history, Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix series it paved the way for most future F1 games including the Codemaster versions they all took aspects from it. How you can omit one of the 4 let alone the whole series I don't know.
Peter White (27 days ago)
the most important f1 game of all time is not included. geoff crammonds f1 grand prix 1991.
Alex (27 days ago)
2:52 And NES also. I played it on NES.
Leonardo Saganski (27 days ago)
Where's the Grand Prix series ( PC ) ??? They were the most relevant F1 games before Codemaster's era.
gerard203 (27 days ago)
Game boy color 1984???????????????
FrightfulAccountant (27 days ago)
From 1995 to 1996 is a big step up!
donronn 71 (27 days ago)
Kenne schlimmeres als 1971 er haha echt interessant. ..
bowlchamps37 (28 days ago)
And yet there are still championship games on that nintento that hand out higher prize money than the modern ones.
Júlio Lima (28 days ago)
Game Boy Color in 1984?
Busy Bee (28 days ago)
Al Unser Jr racing isnt an F1 game
Casual (29 days ago)
the game boy wasn't out in 1984?
varification coal (29 days ago)
I will wait that
varification coal (29 days ago)
Plaese for give me
varification coal (29 days ago)
varification coal (29 days ago)
varification coal (29 days ago)
History of nba live
Memento Mori (29 days ago)
3:35 things finally get serious.
Press Enter (29 days ago)
F1 GP 1991 for PC? And serie... or F1 Championship (2006) for PS2/PS3... this games are more important and dont figure in video...

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