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How to Aim Better in PC FPS (A Casual Guide)

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A very casual guide for casual players, just some quick tips on how you could potentially up your game in fps titles such as Blacklight Retribution, Tribes Ascend, Counter Strike. I studied video game design at Full Sail University and I work as a professional video game journalist. I tend to get into most if not every alpha/beta so do a request on a video and I will be sure to follow through if you post in the comments. The games I am playing right now include: HearthStone Dota2 League of Legends Guild Wars 2 Team Fortress 2 Blacklight Retribution Warframe Hawken and many many more! I own and manage the Gaming YouTube Community on Google +, it's a place where people can share their own gaming uploads and get subs/views and make friends! Thanks for watching, -Skylent Shore
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Tekinada Morotode (1 month ago)
high dpi.. really..
Vylsa (5 months ago)
So, you want to lower your in-game sensitivity, and get a mouse that supports higher sensitivity?
Scorp (10 months ago)
The only thing that annoys me is that he doesn't use his scope
Elfferich (1 year ago)
I kindof disagree what you said about FOV. High res monitor players can have higher FOV while low res monitor players would have trouble seeing players in a greater distance on higher FOV.
Timothy Pham (1 year ago)
I just started Tribes Ascend, I hope this helps...
MasterGamer132e (1 year ago)
the game you are playing has little to know recoil, that is not how battlefield works :/ in battlefield it's better to have higher sensitivity. guys, everyone is good at some point in the sensitivity, you just have to keep adjusting until you get the best one. for me, the sensitivity in BF starts at 40, and i was getting my ass kicked my K/D was basically 2/15 every round. but when i adjusted it to 60, the K/D is now 1.22 that basically means i get at least 4 more kills than deaths every round,usually its twenty or thirty something kills and about 10 deaths.
TheRetri Jeans (1 year ago)
its not magic just buy a private aimbot likehelios x22 configure the cheat so good no one says your an aimbotter like aimkey nospread norecoil turned of put the range of the aimbot on 20 degrees or 10 not 180 360 degress auto switch mode off so it doesend lock to another target there you go you magicly being better. also turn of walhack rader hack
Geraldo Francisco (1 year ago)
i love how he gets surprised with it
Jesse Collin (1 year ago)
ya man its so hard... the pros are so good.
LavaPie Gaming (1 year ago)
Turn down or completely disable mouse acceleration
RandomVideoHun (1 year ago)
How to aim better? Use aimbot.......
aaanathema (1 year ago)
You're the first person i see/hear, that tell me that is something more than practice and talent xD
KGTheGamer (1 year ago)
Harmless Panda (1 year ago)
Damn you explained the lot in 7 minutes... good job...
SmolBoiBerbus (1 year ago)
What he's basically saying you should do is: GET RICH YOU PEASANT AND BY GUD STURF.
Bob Thomson (1 year ago)
I thought it was funny when he said, you can't be lazy to play PC. Am I the only one?
aaanathema (1 year ago)
No you're not xD
FernandoEXoByte (1 year ago)
And what about mouse acceleration?
Cris KRA (1 year ago)
FernandoEXoByte DO NOT USE MOUSE ACCELERATION, it fucks completely your muscle memory
Miles Beler (1 year ago)
FernandoEXoByte Go raw, it allows for my consistent control.
the purple mexican (1 year ago)
quick answer from this guy: PAY CASH
superacidi (1 year ago)
people don't listen to this guy
Martin Jarzabek (1 year ago)
I kinda like PCs more than console
Martin Jarzabek (1 year ago)
Yeah so would I. Good point
Robert Beaver (1 year ago)
So you can just "do a lot more stuff". Great guide man...
Dax Frost (9 months ago)
Not sure if this dude is being facetious, but it really was a wicked helpful guide. Thanks amigo
HolyBiscuit69 (1 year ago)
and more fps
superacidi (1 year ago)
with "high dpi" then xD
adam shephard (2 years ago)
if I'm playing as a sniper should I still have a low sensitivity and keep my wrist up
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
Yes, most players who play precision roles do that.
Coop Media (2 years ago)
im a fingertip beginner, should i have my wrist hoovering or planted on the pad?
Miles Beler (1 year ago)
Siber KONTROLL I'm Hovering figertip/hybrid and i'm super accurate.
Rhys Park (1 year ago)
Coop Media (2 years ago)
im fucked, guess ill just go with the vibe
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
I think technically the "healthy" way to play is with wrist hovering but in regards to performance, literally just do what is comfortable for you. I could say, lower your sensitivity and play with your full arm, but not every skilled player plays like that and it depends on the playstyle of the game you are playing, and the role you are filling in that game as well.
Child Of Odin (2 years ago)
what game is this?
r0w3ntje (2 years ago)
Higher FOV causes the targets to be smaller. Get the FOV higher than default as always. but not maximum
Brandon D (2 years ago)
some of the reasons why people would play cs on lower res
Kyem (2 years ago)
you made me feel nauseous when you changed to fov
Antifaschist Mit Humor (2 years ago)
still playing tribes?
Antifaschist Mit Humor (2 years ago)
Uhm OK :/
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
No not really. More focused on emergent genre like Hero Shooters at the moment.
gaming GRANDPA (2 years ago)
so I should get a mouse with high DPI and turn the sensytifitie down? doesn't that cancel each other out?
Raven (2 years ago)
Me and my buddy use the Roccat Tyon. I very much enjoy it, although I don't use many of the 30 some macros you can have per profile.
gaming GRANDPA (2 years ago)
alright, thanks! so what's your favorite gaming mouse and would you recommend it?
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
DPI is actually a misconception that I fell for when I made this video. Essentially, DPI to a point doesn't matter anymore but you should still get a gaming mouse that has a very accurate laser. They normally will advertise as "HIGH DPI" but technically its not DPI but CPI I think. Here is a video where it is explained a bit better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAEb9a-dltk
lubu523 (2 years ago)
wow thx dude i solved my Aiming problem by lowering in-game sensitivity, and twitching my Razer configuration can't wait to Try Reaper
Giovanni Passalacqua (2 years ago)
This voice is so familiar!
Rohit Sayer (2 years ago)
Disagree on the you're gonna need a mouse with 'really high DPI'. High DPI is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. My mouse goes up to 2500 DPI, but I choose to play on 400 since a higher DPI doesn't accomplish anything.
Raven (2 years ago)
Maybe I should try that. Been playing Siege at 800 DPI with a Roccat Tyon (Sales boasts 8200 DPI optic). I've read somewhere, I don't recall, that lower DPI and higher in-game sensitivity is the way to go.
Rohit Sayer (2 years ago)
Ah don't worry. This was an excellent video, other the DPI part though. Most pros play on 400 DPI. Personally I play on 400 DPI and use 2.5 ingame sensitivity in CS:GO and CS:S. It works amazing since you can always make the micro movements without having to focus too hard. As for the long shots, it's great when you have a pad as loarge as the QCK+ where you got loads of room to move your arm.
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
You aren't wrong I think. Supposedly higher DPI increases accuracy but it seems the noticeable threshold is pretty low. I think a lot of pro's play in the 800 range. I should make an updated video.
Wolf (2 years ago)
Is a mousepad a necessity for fps games?
Wolf (2 years ago)
I'll be buying one soon then, thank you. The video helped me on the tips you gave so far! :)
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
you'll wear on the gliding pads of your mouse if you don't use one. Also, different pads offer different levels of resistance. Good pads also allow the laser to work best versus somewhat reflective surfaces like hard plastic or wood.
Alex Rerecich (2 years ago)
Another thing is most people are always aiming at the floor, you want to have your cursor at head level at all times. Crosshair placement is important, especially in games like CounterStrike.
Antifaschist Mit Humor (2 years ago)
bit if you can aim like that with high sensitivity ...you are faster!
Antifaschist Mit Humor (2 years ago)
+Skylent Shore well that's true... I only use explosive weapons so I don't have to chain ;-) You could try to up the sensitivity after every mach a little bit :) so you can make your movement faster step by step. (sry for bad English) PS : I am searching for some more rabbit players .... would be nice to fill up some more rabbit servers. how are you in rabbit?
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
+Leon Metzen Move your arm more. Also, you could potentially have a mouse like mine where you can on the fly change the sensitivity from cqc mode to sniping mode. Most pro's play with large mouse pads and low sens.
Antifaschist Mit Humor (2 years ago)
I mean it's possible
superguyps3 (2 years ago)
?im using R.O.G from asus is it good
Vailz (2 years ago)
What game is he playing?
Antifaschist Mit Humor (2 years ago)
+rudon070 one of the best games ever :D
rudon070 (2 years ago)
+Vailz tribes ascend
Joben Nebur (2 years ago)
How does everyone ads? Do you click the button once or do you hold it?
Johann Beatrice (2 years ago)
Physique, Lol.
Jazz Hill (2 years ago)
For a guy whos just starting to play fps on a pc from after moving from a console this was super helpful, thank you dude!!
Antifaschist Mit Humor (2 years ago)
well it is possible to play tribes ascend with Xbox controller , drawing pad , tablet , handy , joy pad ...you could use anything as a controller :')
tiago burton (2 years ago)
If u play tribes u r awesome
Cameron Wright (2 years ago)
It actually works,to smooth it out.
Cameron Wright (2 years ago)
put some chapstick on the points where the mouse touches the desk.
Eric Draven (1 year ago)
Cameron Wright good tip, thanks
DarkHoleGames (2 years ago)
This was super helpful! Would you recommend a big mouse pad like from Razer or would a standard size mouse pad depending on the game / player? Im mainly a console gamer and even there I use low sensitivity so going to pc and rocking a 5+ sensitivity isnt hard for me. I play mainly Battlefield 3, 4, WarFace, CS:GO, but I suck so bad so I am trying to figure out what I can do to break into good habits.
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
+DarkHoleGames - Gaming | Reviews | Commentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-rCKUrgwdQ
TheSovietSnail (2 years ago)
this game gun have no recoil, now imagine a gun that have recoil in low sensitivity
Rizqi Ariffi (2 years ago)
+IIIRattleHeadIII or just use a bigger mousepad with low sens
IIIRattleHeadIII (2 years ago)
+Raging Rager I think it's common sense that lower sensitivity means better mouse control as the human body isn't good at small movements and motions, but is excellent at bigger and slower movements.
Raging Rager (2 years ago)
+Tung the gamer Haha. Actually, the gun recoil gets easier to control with low sensitivity, because your mouse movement becomes more accurate, which makes your gun recoil that much more accurate. I know it is hard to wrap your head around, when you're used to the thought (wrong thought) that higher sensitivity means more control. It is the opposite. However, at first it will feel very uncomfortable going from high sens. to low mouse sens. You have to learn to become relaxed using your mouse with low accuracy. It's the same with creative works. The more accurate you have to be with a pencil, the more steady your hands have to be, which is why artists support their hands on a surface while drawing/painting, to create those fine small details.
IIIRattleHeadIII (2 years ago)
+rizqi ariffi hmm.. I've never seen the recoil of CS:GO or any other CS hard to control... spray at a wall, then counter the drwaing, when you want to shoot at many people just counter the pattern and move the side where you want to be shooting at, it's that simple, or just shoot - stop - shoot - stop - shoot -stop really fast.
Rizqi Ariffi (2 years ago)
+IIIRattleHeadIII oh, and not everybody can counter the pattern precisely (especially when you're up against like 3-5 people at once)
RadiantShell (2 years ago)
holy shit , this actually worked .
TheCommentGuy (3 years ago)
you should see how snipers in my country lower their mouse sensitivity, like drop down to 1 or 0.25
GAY DUDE (3 years ago)
i don't get the point in fucking paying 1000s to play fucking games
GAY DUDE (2 years ago)
+A fabulous space gentleman? thnx lol
Toast (2 years ago)
+Vengeance PVP I just turned 14, having a rich grandad helps ;) but seriously, SAVE UP. Took me years to get this much.
GAY DUDE (2 years ago)
+A fabulous space gentleman? that's a lot for a 13 year old I'm 13 
Toast (2 years ago)
You don't have to spend 1000s for a pc. Mine is £750 and I can run modern games at medium to high settings at 60 fps
GAY DUDE (3 years ago)
+Skylent Shore ok tthnx by the way don't mean to be rude 
Yash Budhiraja (3 years ago)
Thanks so much! I was planning to stop playing FPS because I sucked but not anymore
Bad_Replay (3 years ago)
i need a bigger boat... desk! i meant desk...
Gamerdude 1989 (3 years ago)
does a mouse really effect your aiming ability that much? i just look as a mouse being a mouse. Im new to pc gaming, have an old budget thing, (still plays most games), but have a £5 cheap shop mouse.. and my aiming on Call of Duty sucks! I thought it was just due to being very new to PC gaming, and need to get used to it..
Michał Talarek (2 years ago)
+gamerdude1989 if you need recommendations to get a mouse, get zelotes/patuoxun 7 button 5500dpi optical gaming mouse it's cheap and it's a lot better than a cheap £5 mouse, its actually £11 lol, but it is really good for the price. it has a premium feel to it, with its leds, and such, but the important thing is it has a quality sensor that can rival more expensive mouses and has seven buttons (includes dpi and doubleclick button) its really not shit even though its chinese. just take care of it, it even has a braided cable and a high click life. these mouses are actually of great budget quality (at least take it from a used-to-be spoiled kid like me), so don't be deceived by their price and 'made in China' or w/e mark. also it comes with a free mousepad that has good movement so it will help your aiming. if oyu need a more premium mouse, with a excellent sensor (the one on the cheap one isn't bad at all though) you can consider the logitech g402 for 29.99£ on amazon. just take your time with using a mouse. it is one of the best controllers you'll ever use for gaming. there is a reason why mouse control is still a big thing for PC gaming, it's too good. don't feel bad about not being able to fully adapt to it yet - just take your time and be patient.  stay calm, and stay positive. enjoy PC gaming
jakejasmin jk (3 years ago)
+gamerdude1989 get a logitech g100s it's rly cheap
Maulerfloodztv (3 years ago)
tribes ascend is one of the best games i have ever played
Wacky Jackscum (3 years ago)
It will look like magic when you watch me play noob.
Abhinav Sanagavarapu (3 years ago)
What game is this?
ReaperGFX (3 years ago)
+Insanitoast is it working on steam because people say the company abandoned the game on steam
Abhinav Sanagavarapu (3 years ago)
+Insanitoast thank you
Insanitoast (3 years ago)
+Abhinav Sanagavarapu Tribes Ascend, it's free!
TheKestevon (3 years ago)
this is for those who used to play casual shooter like COD and Halo
TheKestevon (3 years ago)
+FloppyFlapjak it's not wrong for making a game easy for everyone like what Bungie and Activison do. 
FloppyFlapjak (3 years ago)
+TheKestevon well i'm upgrading to PC so i clicked this video...
TheKestevon (3 years ago)
+FloppyFlapjak that's why console FPS is casual.You dont need to spend time to get used to it.Just kind of pick and play games.
FloppyFlapjak (3 years ago)
+TheKestevon what shooter on console doesn't have auto aim? Besides TF2
TheKestevon (3 years ago)
+FloppyFlapjak both have auto aiming.No wonder dude bros(self proclaim hardcore gamers) said Halo is their best game ever.
Banana Power (3 years ago)
i got a tip, you can put your resolution down if you have a slow pc ( it really helps )
MuskyJamJam (4 years ago)
wa games this ?
MuskyJamJam (3 years ago)
+SANEDRAK nah bro
SANEDRAK (3 years ago)
+UltraJamZHD | RGN Do you play it?
MuskyJamJam (4 years ago)
+Skylent Shore NICEE looks good
Skylent Games (4 years ago)
Tribes Ascend a f2p shooter on steam by Hi-Rez the makers of SMITE
I love that you made this video, but have terrible aim.
+TheMinecraftPowerz Compared to the average aim of a decent tribes player, not so much.
Clone Kuuhaku (3 years ago)
+TheMinecraftPowerz same xD
TheMinecraftPowerz (4 years ago)
Compared to me he's amazing XD.
Gardener Records (4 years ago)
Hmmmn this seems to make sence
xNASTYZ (4 years ago)
Your deserve more views/subscribers!
xNASTYZ (4 years ago)
NotOfThisWar (4 years ago)
Hm Tried this. Only game it helped me with was Planetside 2 as it brought me from playing with 1600 DPI and 50% game sensitivity to 800 DPI and 20% sensitivity.  Other games its ether to much or too little. :(
Tory (4 years ago)
120+ fps  80 ping or lower is optimal for most FPS games imo.
leni ruklic (2 years ago)
lol the most i get is 35

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