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When Jim Sterling Was Sued For $10 Million By Digital Homicide (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/jimquisition-merch I am the videogame critic they tried to sue for $10 million. I've kept relatively quiet for almost a year while a spurious and disgusting libel lawsuit was spuriously filed in an attempt to disrupt my life. Now I get to talk. (Additional Credits: Born Depressed "Party Remix" and "Sax Remix" by Carl Catron: https://www.patreon.com/carlcatron Chains of Love cover by Nathan Hanover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrVZwFJ4KoE Boglins: Themselves)
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XXB00tYL0rD69 (3 hours ago)
"I have better things to do than be sued by an idiot" God bless this man
Dragon Warrior (11 hours ago)
Maybe instead of being called Digital Homicide they should be called Digital Suicide for how they killed their own brand.
DJ Mut3 (20 hours ago)
32:14 No I found this sufficiently funny actually. I laugh quite a bit
RpgBlaster Rpg (21 hours ago)
Those idiot its just a game xd jim was sued for noting
DeathToaster (22 hours ago)
What a story. Thanks for sharing
RawkL0bster (1 day ago)
28:52 I love the quiet "prick" you can hear.
Sam Cooper-Drake (2 days ago)
I was thinking "Wow, Jim kicked some ass" but he really didn't do anything...
SomeCreativePerson (2 days ago)
So DH sued just because you gave an honest review about the game? Mighty childish and pathetic of them. I never have heard, nor ever acknowledged their existence, and I wished it stayed that because they don't deserve any of it in this life, or from beyond the grave.
Charles Piveteau (3 days ago)
it'd make more sense of accusing you of being a nazi due to your "flag" than this. And accusing you of being a nazi is already bs
DiehardMechWarrior (4 days ago)
The initial total they were asking for is, if I’m doing my math right, somewhere north of $11mn USD, not $10mn. Shit, mate. They cannot even count!
Mechanic87 (4 days ago)
You know, I'm re-watching this after awhile and something stuck out to me . . . was James upset that you were (allegedly) comparing him to a thief, or that you were (allegedly) comparing him to an _incompetent_ one?
wonderpookie (4 days ago)
Keep fighting the good fight brother. Much respect, thank God for you.
Jani Akujärvi (5 days ago)
Brutal, just brutal... Good show, James! :)
Matt Brown (5 days ago)
serious question: if i start up a band and call them 60 Frames of Copyright Infringement, do you think the Romines will sue me as well?
Mike Mclain (5 days ago)
the balls of blue and red look like a fun game, name please?
austin wesner (6 days ago)
"Shit john doe wrote in 7"?
Crash Hazzard (7 days ago)
jim sterling I think might be my favorite journalistic personality at this point
Josh Adamson (7 days ago)
You sir, are a beautiful human being lol
Wade Wilson (8 days ago)
Thank god for Jim, let us all remember this
Khidhir Maulana (9 days ago)
whew, that a lotta damage!
john bumptybump (9 days ago)
i've watched this video like 4 times now... thank god for me
Chi Pa Pa (9 days ago)
Tripp426 (10 days ago)
When maximum levels of salt and butthurt combined, they manifested as James Romine.
Mad Dog Murdoch (10 days ago)
Go Jim you won free speech you fought the good fight and won, this looked like it took it out of you a bit mate, I wish you well bro it will all be in the past soon enough dude. Your content is top class
TheKnightDrag0n (10 days ago)
You are one weird fellow, I like it.
BusaLova (12 days ago)
I guess the DH guys are the type of spineless, everything for free, participation trophy, words of encouragement, safe space, easy to scare losers that give millenials the very bad name they so often get. And when they started using big boy tools, they broke themselves on it.
Why do you dress, so accurately to what someone would expect a critique to dress
Christopher L. Tran (13 days ago)
Who is digital homicide anywa? Why are there even reviews about them? I'll never play their games? Why are they even still making video games? Ohhh. They were only around since 2014.... Lul. No wonder they're suing. They can't make money from their games.
Arthur Brandon Nielsen (17 days ago)
Why is this one of the most entertaining Jimquisitions ever?
BindingOfMe (13 days ago)
I know, I keep coming back to it almost every day
Verde the Star Warrior (17 days ago)
2,261,000 + 4,300,000 + 5,000,000 = 11,561,000 NOT 10,761,000 They can't even be bothered to double check their math on an "official" legal document. And yet they claimed to put effort into their "products"
James Kaplonek (18 days ago)
I'm kinda confused... why did you need to get a lawyer yourself if Ramine's "lawsuit" was so ridiculous? Couldn't you just have literally ignored it and let it fall through?
Brendan Milburn (12 days ago)
SilverPhantomX Not only that, but Jim himself said that he wasn't too well versed on legal stuff and someone representing themselves (even for a bullshit lawsuit) that's unknowledgeable can go horribly wrong. A lawyer is a protection for many things.
SilverPhantomX (16 days ago)
The thing here is, unfortunately, anyone who files a lawsuit against another HAVE to respond to it, whether if it's frivolous or not. If Jim ignores it, it would've defaulted to Romine as the winner and would've actually had that ridiculous compensation as mentioned in his lawsuit. So Jim had no choice, but to hire a lawyer and get rid of it by filing a motion to dismiss it.
Morbius Fitzgerald (19 days ago)
I was watching Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Action 52 recently and I thought it sounded familiar. The only two differences I can see is that Action 52 actually did have its own art design and the creators didn't attempt to sue AVGN for $15 million. Yeah...bad sign when you compare developers to the people who made Action 52 and the people who made Action 52 come across as better.
BROTHER GARY (19 days ago)
hbomb is too good for this world, too pure.
Jenia Wills (19 days ago)
"I'm Jim fucking Sterling, son"
Seth Gutowski (20 days ago)
He drew a dick on the document
Warlordalexi (20 days ago)
I keep coming back to this video when I need a laugh at the expense of a pathetic little worm. Well played Jim. You've done a great thing. And gave us all something to laugh at... May Digital Homicide forever be remembered as the company that did the most dramatic suicide ever.
neil macdonald (20 days ago)
10 mill ?
neil macdonald (20 days ago)
they have no casre lets drop some base? everybody into the place lets go <punches jims nemies>
neil macdonald (20 days ago)
I would cut his head clean affman respect bra lol
neil macdonald (20 days ago)
hi jim bro don't tell me u got sued by some ass ?
The Element Gaming (21 days ago)
I like you Jim Sterling, but some times you shod think before talk, its calls respect
Hyper (21 days ago)
His new company is LootToot Games. It's... just as bad. And he's still just giving away keys for the games he got removed before lol
Frazer Clyde (22 days ago)
Jim, ive been thinking about this since this came out.... i would put to you that the romain brothers are more than a competiter but miles above your meager ability to..... be a cunt :D Love you jim, keep slamming the injustice.
To this day this is still one of my favourite bed time stories :)
Dustin Freeze (22 days ago)
The fucking Irony is that Romine has broken all the laws he acxuses Jim of doing. From the picture that has the fat blob as a representation of Jim shooting himself in the head, to all the threats and slander he has said through out thier corespondence. Jim could have counter sued Romine and stripped him of everything he had. Maybe even get him thrown in jail. I dont like Critics, i never saw the need for them. But what happened to Jim was utter bullshit.
MagicRainbow Kitties (23 days ago)
But they still have one thing going for them. "Digital Homicide" is a FUCKING AWESOME name. And very accurate to what happened to boot.
Joves Bahobs (24 days ago)
Wait I first noticed now... The Slaughtering Grounds bottom interface... It's off center? Why the fuck didn't they correct that?
Adam McMillin (25 days ago)
when he said hed been eating dinner off the document i lost it lol
Tim Grimsley (25 days ago)
0:27 m'lady
Benedict Rogers (25 days ago)
1000 hours studying law? But I discovered not to represent myself after 1000 seconds of studying it (alirght, at least 500 seconds of that were spent watching Jim).
Saturnzzz (25 days ago)
This guy makes me ashamed to have James as a first name.
Razer (26 days ago)
Amazing that companies try to sue people when they are to dumb to use a calculator...
Sad Crustacean (27 days ago)
Its time to sue jim because its time for me to be the next #1 Boglin Boi.
Ryan Kelley (27 days ago)
Was that seth green?
Cpt. Shmitt (27 days ago)
Mr. Romine is currently in hiding in an underground bunker with Mark Levine.
13Wayz (28 days ago)
iTzJustPhil 88 (28 days ago)
Why the fuck would you WANT the Digital Homicide brand name?
BrandonTrex (28 days ago)
Oompah Loompa dippity doo I've got another game dev for you Oompah Loompa dippity dee If you are smart you'll watch the story What do you get when a sue a big name? Just cause he said that he hated your game? What do you get abusing copyright law Why can't you see your In The Wrong?
Stormforce VII (29 days ago)
The thing is, you would probably have a good case for harassment, how ever we all know you are above that.
Koffin Kat (1 month ago)
Watching this vid again in 2018 out of boredom (and because without DigiHom, the world just isn't as hilarious as it used to be); that bit when Jim said "Thank god Steam Greenlight is going away"... I would give anything to have Greenlight back now, with Steam Direct being so much worse, hah.
S D (1 month ago)
Law sue cow
Dante (1 month ago)
Digital homicide? More like digital suicide.
Hostage Murderer (1 month ago)
Is that the song Hello Mr. Blue by the Electric Light Orchestra? Two words, Good taste (In the background) Edit: First bit
hue toob (1 month ago)
Don't know how I ended up here but I recognise you as the pleb who was skitting Hellblade, they showed you on their dev diaries. You looked like a parody of a game reviewer in a dodgy hollywood hacker film.
Kom Rook Met My (1 month ago)
What's the game at 16 minutes in with the pissing chimp?
Scotaku (1 month ago)
"You will break yourselves upon me" might be the coolest thing I've ever heard a YouTuber say in their own video. lmao
Yoshimitsu (1 month ago)
..............well at least Digital Homicide aren't worse than Konami.
MusicOTNight2096 (1 month ago)
From what I can see, Digital Homicide is now under the name Loot Toot. Just an FYI.
Philip Spry (1 month ago)
It took me a while to realize this, but this shit looks like something made on a "My First Game" website called scratch, where you make a game or movie or anything you want with preset code. Also, quit being such a good person, this company is as they called you a leech on the industry. They need to be taught a lesson.
DaemonCaedo1 (1 month ago)
Yeah, sooo thankful Greenlight went away... and got worse, turning into zero curation at all.
Peter Anderson (1 month ago)
Given how the game industry is now, i can only fear in my deepest nightmares on what they would do if they were still around or even started around this time.
Danial Devereaux (1 month ago)
The funniest part is where he called himself a game critic.
MrNubNub (1 month ago)
Who? Jim?
Ak Hannar (1 month ago)
Not one action form J Romine Jr. in this case made any sense, but that still does not compare to his idea to try to force Steam to give up the names of all those users... Seriously - what in the fucking hell made James think that Valve will just bend over and commit a PR SUICIDE just for him? If Valve gave up these names, they would see a gigantic drop in users, as people would be too afraid to buy anything from them, and Romine thought that Valve was just going to go for it? That proves that he is delusional to the point of thinking that the entire world just exists to serve him. Oh, and isn't that little stunt of him editing a legal document before signing and sending back, while not disclosing the edits, kind of illegal in itself? I don't know, I am not an expert in the US court law, but somehow I do not imagine this kind of bullshit going through anywhere.
Dogtato (1 month ago)
You are one hell of a man. Subscribed!
streamdungeon (1 month ago)
From your own behavior you seem to either subconsciously or as part of the role you play display various attributes of a psychopath. However, that is your freedom and your right to do and as long as lots of ppl like it you can be successful with it and why the heck not. But if what you said in this video is correct, you did treat that guy with a lot of compassion, so I tend towards you actually playing the roll and actually being rather soft-hearted on the inside.
Priscilla Pena (1 month ago)
All this time and money they spent to defame and Sue Jim they could have just made a decent game
Chris (27 days ago)
Money and time don't make up for a lack of talent.
Icey The Knight (1 month ago)
What was the game at 21:54?
Jason howe (1 month ago)
did you go the idiot for court costs???
Blake Belladonna (1 month ago)
No, as the court case was dismissed both Digital Homocide's claim AND Jim Sterling's counter-claim would of been dismissed. Also, the guy who ran Digi-hom is mentally unstable so Jim did the best thing by getting the court to throw the case out and just taking the costs on the chin.
GrandTheftRogue (1 month ago)
Still a great video to come back to. Does anybody out there know the background music used from 25:32 to 30:38?
GrandTheftRogue (1 month ago)
Thank you! I thought it sounded familiar.
GrandTheftRogue Objection! From Ace Attorney
JohnyMCness (1 month ago)
Sorry to hear mate i hope you get some noice rest and relaxation after this Edit:didnt see the date xD
Canmex (1 month ago)
yeah, thank fuck steamgreemlight went away
Diana Fronsdahl (1 month ago)
So Shutterstock is the "Life blood of hardworking indie developers..."
DirtyDDialect (1 month ago)
Hes Fucking Jim Sterling Son
Drunken Master (1 month ago)
Really hilarious. I esp enjoyed Kefka's theme in the background. Appropriate.
D E A D M E E M (1 month ago)
Thank Jim Sterling for Jim Sterling.
Shrew Tracks (1 month ago)
I was walking to a store in my town and someone was blaring your theme song in their car
Roninakuma (1 month ago)
After reading about the spurious garbage lawsuit that the makers of PUBG are doing to the makers of Fortnite, I thought it prudent to go back and watch this video. It always reminds me that some developers, obviously no matter how large (Bluehole) or how small (Digital Homicide) are just as sad and pathetic as anyone else. ...And if anyone ever sues you like that again Jim, make sure you do let the figurative dogs out of the cage and let them maul the bastard.
metademetra (1 month ago)
3:58 Is he trying to insinuate critics having opinions make the art form their reviewing cease to exist? I guess if that were the case, there would be no more restaurants!
witty screen name (1 month ago)
Just cracked my back listening to this video. Thanks for reminding me!
Lefty Pistolero (1 month ago)
Jim, I'm glad you're laughing about this now... because this entire saga is fuckin' GOLD mate.
Squinky (1 month ago)
Come back to this over a year later for background noise while I work and "Fuck me, he even left in the bit about the popcorn." still cracks me up.
Will (1 month ago)
I was sitting here trying to figure out wtf those absolute garbage top down shooter games were... They made them, figures. What a pathetic little poser trying to make games.
Mike Van Leeuwen (1 month ago)
I just found my new get rich scheme. I'll have a game ready for you to review in a few weeks.
Chris (1 month ago)
$2,261,000 in product damage equals 3,230,000 copies of DigiHoms games sold at $0.99 with $0.29 (~30%) going to Valve. That's how much they imagined their garbage games to sell without Jim's intervention.
thefiregodzapp (1 month ago)
I'm surprised that the judge didn't laugh the case off.
Vynivas (1 month ago)
i know why they called themselves as Digital Homicide is because they made people kill themselves after they played one of their crappy games.
Bouserthedog (1 month ago)
"it's like I got a wounded ant in my hand, and I just realized the energy expend moving my fingers to crush it outweighs the satisfaction from doing it." I love that quote, I wanna keep it.
Robert Wright (1 month ago)
RocksOwnStone (1 month ago)
Laser effects were so futuristic that I missed the next 37:30 of the video due to being awestruck.
x7y2k12 (1 month ago)
Over 1000 hours in MSPaint, oh I mean on the internet researching laws. God this is pathetic and hilarious at the same time.

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