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Shovel Knight: The Switch To Switch Has No Hitch (Jimpressions)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch I always liked Shovel Knight, but I never loved it. Not until it came to Switch. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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Text Comments (808)
Arash Rezaee (10 hours ago)
Do you know axiom verge? you're life is lacking that I believe.
Rich Anderson (21 hours ago)
This is on my ‘get eventually’ plan, but I’m still doing Hollow Knight at the moment.
Andy Rushent (1 day ago)
Oh man. Lost Odyssey. 😭 That game deserved a damn sequel!
saniakshay12 (3 days ago)
As someone who loves Shovel Knight but hated Plague Knight's movement system; you will enjoy Spectre of Torment. It is better then Shovel of Hope so far!
SUPERGMR (3 days ago)
100% with you on Plague Knight, feels so weird controlling his jumps with holds... I have Shovel Knight on PS4 but will probably buy it on Switch for the comfort :P
Sebastian Wardana (4 days ago)
Lost Odyssey, its not THAT bad right?
gamingfail (4 days ago)
I to loved shovel knight and detested Plauge knights storyline because of his controls and can attest that Specter knight controls much better and is just freaking awesome. I enjoyed it more than the main story if im being honest. would love to see a jimpression on it and hear your opinion on the matter
johnny 2x4 (5 days ago)
I want to like the switch I want to buy the switch but I just can't because I can't trust Nintendo. I'm hearing about issues with it and I know they're going to release a new iteration between now and the 2-year anniversary of its launch and I just can't see myself putting money into it until then.
Joeru707 (6 days ago)
Amibo... Shaaaaaaame Jim Shaaaaaame
Candle Candle (6 days ago)
I think it bears a mention with how wonderfully Yacht games have carried themselves. They did exactly what they set out to do and have done well for themselves where pecuniary matters are concerned via an honorable, fair business stratagem.
Farhan Chaudhary (6 days ago)
Kinda died inside when he said the last good JRPG was Lost Odyssey since I'm a fan of the Persona series and a lot of JRPG's in general but I do get there not for everyone.
Servebotfrank (7 days ago)
Looking forward to the King Knight stuff, which looks like it has a whole new fucking map to it. They've gone all out on the DLC, which was free if you already owned the game.
Michael Thompson (7 days ago)
Don't care not buying a switch.
neozanmato (8 days ago)
Lost Odyssey was really quite the ride. So much good work with the characters. I cared about every last one.
FromPlsNerf (8 days ago)
hollow knight blows shovel knight away. and it's only 15 bucks for like 50 hours of content, including all the dlc
Mathies Wiencke (8 days ago)
So Jim is romantically in love with Plague Knight? Boy, is his heart gonna be broken if he ever decides to complete Plague of Shadows.
Lawrence Gillespie (9 days ago)
It seems good, if you like this sort of thing :-)
Tekno Logik (9 days ago)
Moff Ant (9 days ago)
No mention of the Baz?
Xander Zoolander (9 days ago)
I think a big reason why this works better as a mobile game is the graphic styling, and partially gameplay style. During the N64 era of games, consoles started becoming more of 3D gameplay and environments, where mobile games were 2D sidescrollers with hardware limited graphics. I know the GBA era had some '3D' using isometric projection, but it wasn't the same as an actual 3D console game. But if you updated the graphic styling of these style of games to something modern, added more depth to the environment and background, I think opinions would change, as the nostalgia for classic mobiles would lower. Though it's hard to remove the nostalgia factor from gameplay style, since there's not much you can do to innovate past what's been done, unlike what graphics innovation has done.
Ryan Crane (9 days ago)
Specter Knight is even better. I loved Plague Knight - his floating changes everything.
Ckff71up (9 days ago)
I believe Specter Knights campaign shits all over Shovel Knight's. Just my opinion. The levels/music and gameplay design were just a lot more fun.
Diomedes KYROU (9 days ago)
If you think Shovel Knight is good wait till you play Specter Knight
MrrQuackers (9 days ago)
Please do both. I've never played any Shovel Knight.
Oni Neko (9 days ago)
You're right the platform can make a huge difference - Shovel Knight on the Wii U was probably the best version of the game I've ever played. A friend and I made the Plague Knight campaign into a co-op experience. I held the touchscreen controller and mixed bombs for him while he used the Pro controller to handle all the platforming. It was an incredibly unique way to play, and I really enjoyed the sort of asynchronous co-op we got out of it. Give it a go if you haven't had the pleasure!
MrAfe89 (9 days ago)
My heart skipped a beat when Jim said that a lot of jrpgs tend to be shit and Lost Odyssey theme hit! D: Fortunately that was a false alarm. Phew!
5Andysalive (9 days ago)
And we once again praise a game, cherry picked for switch, which wouldn't exist without evil steam. While 2 videos further down we claim there is only shit on Steam.
SirBlackjack010 (9 days ago)
Well you could have played it on PC, not on the 3DS. :P
Mikey Kliss (10 days ago)
Heck yeah! Lost Odyssey is amazing
recursor94 (10 days ago)
Years old? According to Google it's four years old, calm down.
MonkeyDjelly (10 days ago)
Lost odyssey is a great game
Bit Bandit (10 days ago)
I got it for my Switch and I just don't like it as much as everybody else. It's nicely polished but I just don't find it anything special. Good soundtrack, though.
MindinViolet (10 days ago)
I prefer to play games in 5D on my 12K screen.
Jynirax (10 days ago)
I don't think a game has ever over delivered on the level Shovel Knight has for me personally. I kickstarted it way back when and I feel like I've been given 3 (soon to be 4) complete games. So many dev's and publishers should take lessons from what was done with Shovel Knight and how to establish a fantastic reputation with consumers. This is how games should be done.
Legendary Hero (10 days ago)
I am with you in that I didn't enjoy Plague Knight's quest as much. Specter Knight's quest has a great story and is all in all just a more original game on top of the fact that he is a complete joy to play as. Really contextualizes a lot of characters and gives backstory where there was none. I think you will like it a lot!
kenshokram (11 days ago)
Idk if you tried the demo, but if you didn't enjoy jrpgs ever since Lost Odyssey (I might think the same) Octopath is not going to be your thing either... The writing is awful and the voice acting is worse. The visuals only work in specific circumstances and you end up just detached from all the low res faces.
BowlUndrFire (11 days ago)
Most released games of all time: 1. Skyrim 2. Doom 3. Street Fighter 4. Shovel Knight I know it's a great game and indie and all but is anyone else starting to feel this.
Ian Chamberlin (11 days ago)
I'm with you, unfortunately I couldn't really get into Plague Knight...but oooooh wow Spectre Knight is fantastic. I had so much fun playing that one.
will21123 (11 days ago)
Warframe coming to Switch
"Shovel Knight" is a goddamn MASTERPIECE no matter WHAT console you're playing it on. As for "Plague Of Shadows," there IS a bit of a learning-curve... but the trick with Plague Knight is that he's a nimble little trickster whose arsenal of bombs and "Arcana" gadgets can be customized to suit your individual play-style. "Experimentation" is the name of the game with Plague Knight. As for "Specter Of Torment..." Well, imagine if you played "Ninja Gaiden" as the "Castlevania" version of Death. That's "Specter Of Torment" in a nutshell. "King Of Cards?" ...I'll let ya know when that one drops later this year.
Firmicute s (11 days ago)
also I love the ability to swap genders and pronouns :D
Firmicute s (11 days ago)
jim hates on odyssey...oh jim, fuck you(in he most lovin way ofc)
ScottJoC (11 days ago)
Of course you're gonna like it better on the switch than the 3ds, the switch is much much more powerful You'd have liked the pc or ps4 version just as much. Jeez.
Zach Bates (11 days ago)
Having notifications on for this channel is pretty annoying. Not because of the content. I love the content. More because things get uploaded and then removed frequently. It may not be constant, but it's frequent enough to notice.
Anthony Wilcoxson (11 days ago)
Yo Jim this the second video u have pulled an half way thru me watching it
Leil13 (11 days ago)
Anybody else seeing one of Jim's videos go up, only for it to disappear in 5 seconds?
MyNameIsShift (11 days ago)
Leil13 yup
AProperNoun (11 days ago)
Liked for the Lost Odyssey shout-out Hey Microsoft port it to PC
A Wild Deku (11 days ago)
So, the last video got taken down while I was half way through watching it, talking about how the AAA gaming industry is going to exploit Fortnight’s new business model, PUBG in particular. What happened?
Dave Brohman (11 days ago)
I remember playing the original Legend of Zelda on the NES and how immensely satisfying it was to do that same weapon-down bounce on an enemy.
carl witt (11 days ago)
Jim... check out a game called "The Curious Expedition". I started playing about a week ago, and ended up recruiting a guy named "Jim Sterling", who said "Thank God for me" when he came on board.
Terreos (11 days ago)
I'm suprised so many people don't like Plague Knight? I loved it more than Shovel Knight. I thought the mechanics were so much more fun. Yes it was more challenging, but I thought shovel knight's campaign was a push over. So maybe that why I enjoyed it more?
Xenin7 (11 days ago)
Good vid Jim, the game looks fun. But on another topic, I was wondering if you have seen what has been happening with Guild Wars 2 and the firing of the arrogant bitch Jessica Price? and also how the Gaming media has been arrogantly and stupidly taking her side.
DLAlucard (11 days ago)
Hey Jim, have you checked out this new game on PS4 called The Unknown City [Horror Begins Now.....Episode 1]? It looks slightly more competent then Life of Black Tiger in its trailer. Though it feels like a game you should look into.
Mole Knight (11 days ago)
Specter Knight's campaign is just excellent. Platforming's super tight, the story is great, the bosses are even cooler and EVERY SINGLE SONG for every stage has been remixed and it's just.... MAGICAL
FallenShogun Gaming (11 days ago)
Sounds like the switch is getting some really well done ports. Making it more of a must buy for travelling
Anis Zbd (11 days ago)
Already finish it on vita years ago, vita d-pad is way better than 3ds. And playing on oled screen is nice.
Mr.DankeyClod _ (11 days ago)
You sir... Have.... Odd... Odd... Charm....
eurosonly (11 days ago)
You do know this has been available on pc for like years right?
Michael Sauer (11 days ago)
Loved Shovel Knight. Also, Jim, a neat little asset flip called The Unknown City has made its way to the PS4 storefront.
NewtMcgoot (11 days ago)
>not getting the pc version
nantukoprime (11 days ago)
I can see the argument for Lost Odyssey, and I really like JRPGs and have played many good/great ones in the past couple of years.
YonYonYon (11 days ago)
I hated this game on PC because of the controls. I’ve felt like it would be much better on handheld platforms, so I’m pretty happy about this game’s release on Switch
Cobbler (11 days ago)
Lost Odyssey was fucking amazing
sorff (11 days ago)
we need a remaster
AKAHeroes (11 days ago)
Shovel Knight is one of my favourite games ever, there I said it. It's 2D perfection.
almostideal (11 days ago)
I've only ever playerd ShovelKnight on 3DS, not sure it was the best way to play it but goddamn, I love it
GroundPoundable (11 days ago)
Jim, if you haven't played Specter of Torment... Hoo, boy. If you thought Shovel Knight was good, Specter Knight's campaign will very likely skyrocket the experience for you.
GroundPoundable (4 days ago)
Well, for me, Specter of Torment was superior because of the added depth to Specter Knight. Shovel Knight's campaign was nice and simple, a perfect callback to days of old. However, I like how Specter Knight's story not only delves into his character and humanizes him more, but it also serves as a prequel to the events to come and give him proper motivation to do what he does besides "Mwa ha ha, I work for the bad guy!" Beyond that, I think Specter Knight is not just the better story, but also the better game. Specter Knight's movement and mechanics are far more fun than Shovel Knight's and his Curios saw a lot more use from me personally. The wall cling and run was great and made him feel like a better version of Ryu Hayabusa mixed with Strider Hiryu and the Slash n Dash mechanic not only made for some fun level design, but fluid and awesome movement. And the remixed stage music was waaaay better.
SirBlackjack010 (4 days ago)
RIGHT. See, I can do that too. The normal Shovel Knight is better because the story wasn't so convoluted. It made me care about the characters, even the campaign with Plague Knight was adorable. But in Spectre of Torment they shoved in 2 side characters somehow related to the main one and didn't do much to make me care about them, despite being confusing about their relation. That might not be important for you, but for me that makes it the inferior game.
parappa The Rapper (4 days ago)
SirBlackjack010 WRONG
GroundPoundable (9 days ago)
I disagree with that notion.
SirBlackjack010 (9 days ago)
Actually, Spectre Knight's campaign is not superior to the original shovel knight.
Darwingreen5 (11 days ago)
you should do some Mona cosplay now.
Handsome Jas (11 days ago)
Specter Knight is fucking amazing, it would be nice if you make another video about it.
Phoenix (11 days ago)
Hollow Knight great in hand held to 60 fps to
dsedew efeferf (11 days ago)
did jim love the wiiu also?
McKay Oustrich (11 days ago)
Specter of torment is absolutely amazing. One of the best games i have ever played. I personally think its better than the shovel knight quest. You owe it to yourself to play specter knight’s quest. The levels just get better as you go along
Ixcaliber (11 days ago)
On the topic of Plague Knight. That control scheme takes some getting used to but I found it to be pretty worth the effort to get to play a plague mask character.
Dr Megaman (11 days ago)
Give me a physical
Turtle Anton (11 days ago)
Specter knight is sooooo goooood
Andrahil (11 days ago)
now i want to play wario on the advance
ray windhelm (12 days ago)
lost oddy is a very good game
DanielFromMcDonalds (12 days ago)
Great :) Now let's hope that slime ranchers is going to be ported to the switch and my life would be complete
Guido Fedeli (12 days ago)
I'm a simple person I see Lost Odyssey being praised I hit the like button
OnkelBermuda (12 days ago)
It’s perfect on Vita.
TheZaius (12 days ago)
What's that at the end? Something about a meat bone?
Gypsy Squid (12 days ago)
I understand that sentiment. Duting middle school and high school, I hated FPS games for their gameplay and missed out on a lot of fun titles for it, but after I was able to afford a PC and learned about turning off mouse acceleration they're now my most played game type. Now if only they'd port these older console titles like the original Halo and Gears' series...
Malevolent Mango (12 days ago)
Woah... Another person actually played Lost Odyssey? I loved that game but could never find anybody who even knew it existed.
mobaby1979 (12 days ago)
Hellkite422 (12 days ago)
Specter Knight is amazing and I highly recommend it. It feels like they created a new game just for it.
OnePieceOBleach (12 days ago)
I didn’t really like Plauge Knights movement at first either Jim but I stuck with it and really loved it by the end. Each of the campaigns really do feel different and the characters have extremely unique abilities and upgrades, it’s all so good.
ScytheRider (12 days ago)
Plague Knight gives everybody an awful first impression because of his controls. But by the time I collected some of his powerups and got to act III, I realized that I loved him more than Shovel Knight. You can pull off so many skillful moves with him, and practically fly over half the level if you get a handle on his midair jumps, it feels so satisfying. His playstyle is chaotic, but if you get a handle on the chaos, you're incredibly powerful. It suits his character.
Danny Mexen (12 days ago)
I agree, RPGs on handhelds feel better. Especially Japanese RPGs.
Jammill Khursheed (12 days ago)
Didn't I hear somewhere its $30 on Switch and $10 on Steam... Is it worth 3x the amount of money JUST to play it on a smaller screen?
Nihilego Jelly (12 days ago)
I know this is a bit late, but I’d love to hear your first impressions on Runner3
Parth Sane (12 days ago)
HOW IS IT COMPARED TO THE VITA? oops sorry had the caps on and didnt see the screen
Adrian Dezendegui (12 days ago)
Hype for Octopath too I'm just too lazy to play on the PC anymore
Maiaer (12 days ago)
First played it on Vita and it felt great. Maybe the larger screen helped.
BaronBrownB (12 days ago)
Its looks like another paycheck from Nintendo just came... Jim, it is time to change your nickname to something more relevant, like: Jim Nintendo Paid Shill; or Jim GameExplain Sterling. It would fit you more mr who is fooling its subscribers for money.
Eric Leslie (12 days ago)
More Shovel Knight content = okay by me.
rdc sp (12 days ago)
Sp0ck z0mbi3 (12 days ago)
For real though Lost Odyssey made me cry like an abandoned child.
Pollix780 (12 days ago)
teh specter knight
Organous (12 days ago)
I'm kind of with you on Plague Knight. I played through it, completed it, it's fun, but the least enjoyable of the 3. Specter Knight was much more enjoyable to me than Shovel Knight. It had a far more interesting story and its mechanics were just more enjoyable to me.
Derinma (12 days ago)
I wanted to like Shovel Knight, but I just can't get into it.
odiedodieuk (12 days ago)
Lost Odyssey was shit? Oh James... Edit. Turns out that wasn’t sarcasm. He did like LO

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