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Physical vs. Digital Games on Nintendo Switch

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The world is certainly moving towards a more digital future for games, but why are some of us hesitant to embrace it? Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohnnyZaccari Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/K8zzs5z
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Krrishk26 (7 hours ago)
Growing up, my parents didn't like the idea of digital games, so we would always have to drive to the store, & get a physical copy
James Parr (1 day ago)
My biggest issue with digital copy is the cost. It seems that most new games digitaly cost around £50 £60 yet a physical copy from amazon is usual £45 £50 for the same game so you can get a physical game cheaper but I would prefer some games to be digital but not willing to paye more for less
To me is a matter of costs, in my country a physical copy of a switch game is 80.20 USA dollars. I buy them in the eshop for 59.99. If I lived in the USA I’ll go full physical like I’ve done with all my consoles, but the switch is an exception due to the high prices
Mono Coccyx (3 days ago)
I couldn't agree more! I prefer physical games for a point that you did not mention: collecting games! It's nice to see the games library on the shelf. However, once the Switch is hacked and if you are already banned, digital is better.
RandomGamer 64 (4 days ago)
I feel like its more satisfying buying physical copies
Yanki (5 days ago)
When I get my Switch in October, I'm going full digital for the first time in my life. Mainly for two reasons. 1. I live in a small apartment and already own several other consoles and physical games for them. I can't make my room any bigger and I'm not buying another shelf just to put the cases on display. 2. I suppose out of my own stupidity, I bought WAY too many physical carts for my 3DS and I realize how big a pain in the ass it is to pocket the thing and a couple of games and take it out, only to be mad when I leave the cart I actually wanted to play at home.
Jake Drake (7 days ago)
Blue Goose (7 days ago)
I only buy digital games if they're download only. I like to actually own my games. When Nintendo inevitably take the Switch servers and the store down in the far future, I at least have physical copies so I'm guaranteed to be able to play them
Mikael Olsson (8 days ago)
Physical because i like to actually own my games instead of renting them. Also because someone still releases a console with 32gb ffs... the Sd cards are NOT cheap in every country.
Gold Yoshi (8 days ago)
3:32 wow good job maker of irrelevant bg vid you can obviously see it was edited on
KingLeo2588 (8 days ago)
All digital unless it's a sports game
Glpdan (8 days ago)
2:05 hey it is german
Damn (9 days ago)
while i still collect physical for most of the major titles on my PS4 & Switch... however, for digital downloads, in some countries or states, you dont pay sales tax on the purchase which is 13% in canada and can be a saving of $10 per game if you go with digital
DP C (9 days ago)
Physical is WAY more convenient, I can play it on any switch with no time limit. Far better than renting it online and I don't have to wait hours for it to download.
Malhar Athavale (9 days ago)
"I'm a big physical guy"
Sean C (11 days ago)
Does the internet have literally not even one person who can actually say the word "versus" properly? It's always either said "verse" or the even more ridiculous "VS" which is an abbreviation that, by some miracle of idiocy, people seem to think is an actual word and say it exactly as written......
Zuriki (11 days ago)
Physical because I can get them much cheaper than RRP. Plus data management is a pain in the ass on the switch due to limited storage (especially given how expensive large MicroSDs are).
Yellow Cromulon (11 days ago)
Cartridge, because I love to just collecting things and especially the cases to put in a shelf. Just seeing them is nicer.
Myles MVP (11 days ago)
Let's be honest. You only physical copy just to see what game taste like. It taste like shit.
Zelda Legend (12 days ago)
Nintendo is weird they reward you with more gold points if you buy digital compared to if you buy physical (but let's be real here the rewards are just trash)
Anime Rocks (12 days ago)
I collect video games that is why I prefer physical discs But if it is a free game I buy it digitally ( I buy physical games for PC too ) But I gotta say even if you like digital games its okay but if you think that our future should be digital only then I think you are mad Like this comment if you support physical discs Even if our future goes digital only I bet most gamers will protest against this and actually will win ( about 70% gamers prefer physical discs) I gotta say physical or digital we love gaming But guys if you are a digital gamer still don't try to make the future digital only Thanks bye :)
Anthony Brown (12 days ago)
Physical games can be loaned to friends, to let them try them out without having to buy! Muahaha!
Magnus (12 days ago)
I mostly buy physical copies, despite liking digital copies more. The reason why? I live in Denmark and the Estore completely messed up the value of our currency.
Magnus (12 days ago)
it's what equals around 80 USD for Zelda: BOTW
I bought a 512 GB micro sd for my switch on wish for 12$...
tumplehee (12 days ago)
Even though I got myself a 128GB microSD card, I'm still going physical whenever I can to "save space"
SideShowBatt (12 days ago)
Primarily I am a physical gamer, I like the sense that I owe the game and that won't change even if the online service goes away, I like to add the game to my library of games on my shelf, and I love to save memory space on console when I get the game physically. That said I do dabble in the digital format too but, very rarely. The game in question needs to be digital only and not even importing is an option or it's a game I know for a fact I'll be playing constantly to justify a digital version for example Mario Kart, Splatoon 2 or Smash Ultimate when that releases.
The Human 2cs (12 days ago)
my country doesn't hace amazon, heh... heh.... *cries histerically*
EpicDuty (12 days ago)
you are really bad in Super Mario Odyssey
EpicDuty (12 days ago)
I only will buy Pokemon in physical edition
Gabriel Asaf (13 days ago)
*Never* underestimate cases
ThoseBrosGaming YT (13 days ago)
I bet half the people that watch Switch related videos is primarily because they dont own a Switch
MatureGaming (13 days ago)
I had a Wii U for a long time and traded it to gamester last year. I lost a ton of money because I had a lot of downloaded games from the shop. I wish Nintendo had some sort of buy-back or return system for the shop like how steam does.
Charlie Blanchard (13 days ago)
all of my first party games (Zelda, Mario oddysey, Mario tennis, splatoon and arms) and binding of Isacc, because that was a present, are all physical and the indie games I have (rocket league, fortnite, the escapists 2, night in the woods) are all didgital
Just Another Animator (13 days ago)
The switch is the only place where there’s a balance of consequences between physical and digital
DEADPOOL (13 days ago)
I try to get physical however I pick up games on digital when they on sale
The toy Thief (13 days ago)
I like downloading the game from the eShop because the switchs game cartridge is small and I don't want to loose it
Sam Vimes (13 days ago)
I'll always buy physical if it's an option.
Bly Kuros (13 days ago)
Many internet providers are starting to treat their service like cell phone data, my household is only allowed to use 500gb a month, between 5 family members that heavily use it, it is better to just drive to the store and buy the physical copy. Saves a good 5-15 GB per game, even if I have to install an update just as big.
Buna (13 days ago)
I’ve dropped my switch a bunch of times while switching cartridges, but I still prefer digital cause’ I’m not gonna buy a new SD card.
Jadecraft 4 (13 days ago)
I like digital games because I can't trust my self with a physical. I bought 2 minecraft discs AND THEY BOTH GOT SCRACHED
The5GIO5 (14 days ago)
The cool thing with digital is that even 5 years after, you support the creators whereas old games u gotta buy pre owned
Little Beanze (14 days ago)
The reason why I like digital games is because I don't have to move a few centimetres to put in a new game😂
The5GIO5 (14 days ago)
Sometimes I just decide not to play instead of standing up
ShainCake (14 days ago)
I'm hesitant to embrace it because I like to decorate my room with the cases thank you very much. lol
The5GIO5 (14 days ago)
Can I decorate my life with you?
Tonay (14 days ago)
I prefer physical, however, I am downloading most of the games online now. The reason is, I bring my switch with me downtown on the Subway, if I ever lose the switch (or it gets stolen) I will atleast have all those games backed up to my account and I can simply redownload them on a new switch.
Pat (14 days ago)
If it wasn't for borrowing games, I might've not tried a loy of games. Most recent was Mario and Rabbids
Giovanni Garrett (14 days ago)
I will always go physical unless it’s a digital only. I love having a game collection only turn off is digital has sales that most physicals can’t beat
BlackHarlequin13 (14 days ago)
So... do i save storage space with physical on Switch? And can I switch micro sd cards easily for whatever games are saved on there? Either way I just want convenience to still have all my games.
BriskyPenguin (14 days ago)
I like physical cause it looks nice on my bookshelf, and then I usually just go to a red box to rent a game I don't really care about. And then when I buy indie games I kind of have to buy them digitally. Physical releases for indie games are more often than not, limited which means they get pretty costly.
If you're a collector, dont have internet, cant or dont want to buy a sdcard, want to sell after playing buy physical. Otherwise you're fine with digital. I'm a collector, so digital only for indie and a few exceptions.
Νοῦς (14 days ago)
Digital seems pretty easy at this point to have like 5-10 games to switch through seems convenient
Delinquent Duncan (14 days ago)
I like physical copies personally. Also I like when they sometimes give you like a little booklet or collectibles in physical copies it's pretty cool.
Metabates (14 days ago)
I can see both sides. I personally have most of my games physical with the exceptions of Digital exclusive games like Okami, and Minecraft since it was digital exclusive when I bought it. I just make sure not to buy too many games digitally so I don't have to worry about storage space. But these are the pros of each as far as I can tell. Physical: -Takes up a lot less storage space -Nice for the collectors out there -Much more of a guarantee that you won't lose your games if something happens to your switch, even with cloud saves. -You can resell your game when you're done with it if you don't see yourself playing it again. -You can lend the game to a friend if you want without them having to borrow your Switch. Digital: -You don't have to go through the trouble of switching cartridges when you want to play something else. -You can have all of your games at your disposal when you bring your Switch on the go and don't have to remember to bring specific games with you. -You get more My Nintendo points from eshop purchases, allowing you to save more on future purchases, perhaps allowing you to get cheaper games free that you otherwise wouldn't have tried out. You still can get points from physical copies, but you get points equivalent to 5% of your purchase instead of 1% if you buy your games digitally.
Juan Alvarez Jr. (15 days ago)
I will always prefer physical copy games
here in Colombia is rlly hard to be a digital gamer with Nintendo, bc 1) prices are in dollars so is 3 time more expensive 2) the physical games are a lot cheaper here bc u can bought the in Colombian pesos. Example Zelda Botw Digital 59.99 in digital = 180.000 Colombian pesos, Physical game 120.000 COP is 20 dollars cheaper, so it also depends the country u r in
Geng Pan (15 days ago)
eShop that would be closed in the future is funny
InfernoTrees (15 days ago)
"Physical guys" lol
Xandrick Wade (15 days ago)
But you can download them in physical game
Gaming with Krik (15 days ago)
DerpyFurret (15 days ago)
Gaming with Krik said the person with the steam icon?
Gaming with Krik (15 days ago)
Go all physical and never sell them, dont buy pre-owned. That's Life
Awesomeo41 (15 days ago)
Maybe this is an unpopular opinion. But I prefer downloadable games better because my room is very small and physical games easily clutter up my room. The only downside on downloadable games is that they take up too much space on your hard drive. I bought the biggest SD card there was in retail and that's 200 gb. Much bigger ones online only, but ridiculously expensive.
Star Wolf (16 days ago)
With physical games you can split the price with your friends who also own the same console and pass the game around. I believe digital will become dominant in the industry, but physical will never be completely gone.
Physcial at least they will become rare over time like 大乱闘スマシュブラザーズDX
ROCCO Pazzo (16 days ago)
Only.fat neckbeards have a problem waddling their asses to the TV to change a game card. And FUCK THEM. THEY CAN DIE IN A FIRE LOL
Glitching Bad (16 days ago)
Well buying phisical automatically should entitle you to the digital counterpart. When i bought starcraft 2 phisical they gave me the digital code!
Assad Khalif (16 days ago)
The whole "debate" about Physical vs Digital games really comes down to this.. If you're downloading games digitally speaking you dont own the game.. You own the license to the game but you dont physically own it, so if by chance the servers were to shut down then you cant play the game. Thats why i'll download Digital games for the ps4 but not games on the switch! Because nintendo has a history of shutting servers wheras Sony doesnt... Thankfully. And to the Xbox community no you couldnt download ps2 games on the ps2 lol
Assad Khalif (15 days ago)
DerpyFurret If Sony's servers were to shut down completly i wouldn't be able to play my digital or any online related game. However if sony's servers were to shut off i can still play God of war because that doesnt take any need to have servers in the process.
DerpyFurret (15 days ago)
Well how are you gonna play your physical games if they shut down the servers tho
Garon Bradley (17 days ago)
Physical for games I care about. Digital for games I don't really care for as much but still want.
Dextera (17 days ago)
I am a big fan of "digital" ... reducing plastic garbage, having always all your games with you on SD-Card and so on. BUT: You get NO benefit if you buy it digital. Lot of games cost 59,90€ on the Nintendo store - and 35,00€ on Amazon (and you can SELL the Cartridge if you are done with the game!).
Jose Hernandez (18 days ago)
I chose physical for all my consoles because then you can sell them back to GameStop when they get old. Oh and also those GameStop member points can you get cool ass shit.
Justin Greene (18 days ago)
Even with Day One shipping, games delivered by Amazon are only guaranteed to be delivered by 8pm release day. On the west coast, you can play digital games at 9pm the day before with pre-order download in most cases. All that said I still mostly go physical on the Switch, just on the storage situation. Price difference on new memory on the Switch is insane compared to the other platforms. It doesn't help that Switch game carts are read only though, meaning patches, save data, videos and screenshots are still installed to the Switch memory, even though the game carts themselves go from 1-64GBs in size.
Sketch Bud (18 days ago)
Thankfully, Nintendo is making sure with the upcoming online service, the Switch would include cloud storage
Andy Benji (18 days ago)
I tend to go physical for console, digital for PC. If only because console titles rarely ever go on sale at a decent price in the way that PC games do on Steam/GOG/Humble Store so it just makes more sense to have a nice little collection that I can display on my shelf. And it saves more space on the disk.
LEXICON DEVIL (19 days ago)
Metal gear twin snakes = ebay+gamecube.
David Wilson (20 days ago)
I'm just buying the digital copies. Only thing I can complain about is price. It'd be nice if Nintendo would do sales like stores or Steam.
odeplugged (21 days ago)
You get better deals with physical games. Period. I bought breath of the wild for $40 brand new while on the eShop is at $60
Adam Vogt (22 days ago)
I like physical for my big single player games. I tend to stick to just one of those at a time, so it’s not too big of a deal having to switch cartridges because it’s not that often, plus it means I have enough room on my SD card for all of the games I want to keep downloaded. AND I can still lend out the game to friends (which I’m more likely to do with the long single player games anyway). For indies and multiplayer games I go digital. I want to be able to have them available at anytime without dealing with cartridges because I switch between them way more often. Plus, how often do you loan out your multiplayer game for Switch? Your friend should be playing with you at the same time over local wireless. They need their own copy :P Side note: my phone has started autocapitalizing the word “Switch”. Occasionally inconvenient but hilarious.
Vincent Domingo (22 days ago)
With physical games you can sell your games ones your done with it or if you don't want it anymore
Fawad Bilgrami (22 days ago)
By the time the eShops close down, you have modchips / hacking community.
Lloyd Duff (23 days ago)
I am on the fence as yes I pref Physical games but I also get digital because the stores wont carry what I want and the eshop is brilliant for JRPGS something I have a problem with getting in a store
Unorthodox Thoughts (24 days ago)
I know it's stupid but for some reason the switch cases allow for a larger cover art due to the small logo. Games like cave story have beautiful cover art and the switch case makes it shine.
robincasey (24 days ago)
I cant get eshop games because its "not available in your country" :((
arupian666 (25 days ago)
The word is VERSUS... not VERSE.. it's not a hard concept. Just say the "..us" at the end, and people won't think you're uneducated.
Brick Jonas (26 days ago)
Gotta get physical so when cfw comes out you can back up your games and then sell the copies and install them online (;
Mar Rastapopoulos (26 days ago)
Physical for PS4 games. Digital for all Switch games. Because of convenience for travelling with handheld, and also because the majority of my Switch games are digital-only indie titles.
CageCat (27 days ago)
Physical, because I like actually OWNING a game (no matter what people tell you digital is NOT owning a game), and also be able to borrow it to a friend, or selling/trading it for another game, which you can NOT do with digital games.
Brandon Etzerza (27 days ago)
Does this mean they can port wii games after it?
Ian McDaid (28 days ago)
I try to buy all my games as physical copies on my Switch especially but even on my PC because it gives me the option to stick them on eBay & get some money back after I've grown tired of playing them. Let's be honest, how many times have we all bought a game based off say reviews or someone's recommendation but not played it immediately 'cos we were finishing another game, then finally after getting round to playing it, realised it wasn't really our cup of tea but by then it was too late to return it?
Jonathan Hanks (29 days ago)
Digital vs Physical, the true answer. Which can you find cheaper, at the time of buying? Get that one.
rob siddall (29 days ago)
Is the answer both ... not to keen on all digital but can see the pros so I'm happy to have the best of both would hate to see the the end of carts and discs and yeah can't escape updates cool vid the times are a changing
Tommy Millar (29 days ago)
You're not quite correct when it comes to "digital vs physical ownership". You don't really OWN either, it's... ... it's a bit like your pal giving you a key to his house. You can go over any time, but you don't own anything over there. Sure, you could sell the key, or eat it, or shove it up your bum, but the item you OWN is just the key itself. Digital games? That's like getting your eye verified to use the retinal scanner to get into your pal's house. Same deal. You don't own anything over there, and it's much more convenient to just scan your eye to get into his house, but you can't lend your pal your eye or sell the eye to a pawnbroker, ya dig?
Storcx (29 days ago)
You forgot to mention the resale value. If you're going to sell your system at some point, then having the physical versions is going to get you some of your money back. Although digital games are probably the only chance you'll get to see a nintendo game on offer. Buy the digital if they are on sale and you can get a good deal. Buy them physical if they are not. :)
BoboxKxKnight (30 days ago)
I prefer physical and it may be more of a nostalgia thing. I grew up with cartridges and I will always prefer buying something I can hold in my hand. Besides, I'd rather keep my local retro video game stores in business by purchasing something that can appreciate/depreciate in value and keep that market alive. Keep in mind that in an all digital world, those stores don't exist. Emulators can be a substitute, but they never compare to the original system. Besides, emulators are only legal if you own an original copy of the game.
For portable consoles I prefer digital, because i can have a lot of games in the console without need a holder, and I don't want lot of box in my house. But: I can understand who like phisical games. I have 64GB memory card for ps vita and 256GB for switch
Edfael Lara (30 days ago)
I hate switching the disks and fearing the scratches or it getting lost
Getdragged Ho (30 days ago)
If I feel like I’m going to keep the game forever/ Love it or have longevity I’ll digital download but if I wanna trade it in Or think it will have a short life physical
sabre_wulf1 (1 month ago)
really simple, physical games on switch, can be played in years to come, no online connection required, collectible. games that are online only and have servers that shut down later, and cant be played ever again as its persistant online. why buy a disc? as soon you purchase these games, they are zero value. they are worth...nothing. thats why switch games are collectible.
Marcos V L Ragnini (1 month ago)
I buy on Steam, because the PC editions are simple, if I have a PS4, then yes I will acquire the physical media. A specific case, the Zelda BOTW I bought the version of Wii U, and play on the pc, emulating to play at 60fps and I feel good about it.
Mild Spice (1 month ago)
I buy digital because I'm an impatient fuck and don't want to spend 20 minutes driving to the store.
RockGuitarist1 (1 month ago)
I like both. I prefer digital, but if I see myself selling a particular console at some point down the road, I will go physical.
T1LT GT (1 month ago)
I like the physical ones because they taste bitter.
iLuckie (1 month ago)
I hate mixing cases my ocd goes crazy
Marcus Hurt (1 month ago)
Digital 100% got QTY: 2 of the 256gb Micro USBs and only using one at this time with 80 games in my library. It's all about the convenience and not carrying cartridges

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