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Physical vs. Digital Games on Nintendo Switch

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The world is certainly moving towards a more digital future for games, but why are some of us hesitant to embrace it? Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohnnyZaccari Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/K8zzs5z
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Tarner Szear (2 hours ago)
Ps7. Pft in the future consoles will not exist. Mobile gaming is the future. When phones become powerful enough to run games in the future you could play the next call of shit on your phone. I am a PC gamer so digital has always been my favorite. If people are scared of losing their save content on an hdd, switch to an ssd, as those are more reliable due to the lack of moving parts. As for a service shutting down, I don't see steam ever shutting down in the future, as PC will always remain a platform unless people stop buying and building them. Steam could easily offer games on phones, and currently many of the indie titles could be fun to play. Mobile is definitely the future as everyone owns a phone, but not everyone owns a console or pc.
shahreif taylor (1 day ago)
Physical. Why you ask. Two words. Trade in. When I finish a game I usually trade it it in unless its an online type game. Most switch games aren't online yet so for me your just throwing money away. Plus lets say in 3 years nintendo releases a new version of the switch. Now if all your games are digital you cant trade them in for new games. I made this mistake with xbox and it cost me about 125 additional dollars in trade in credit when I got my switch.
Jacob Stacy (1 day ago)
Ah the light theme
MobileDecay (1 day ago)
I prefer physical because I can put the game in any Switch. I can also rent, and get deals on games. I also don't need a billion gb SD card.
Loribrine HD (1 day ago)
The cardridge from the phumbnail is from germany, I mean with german font ._.
General Kudzu (1 day ago)
I'm probably going to go with a majority physical collection, I like my shelf of games. I'm also super paranoid that I will never have enough MB to download the latest game that I want to buy on the eshop. Hopefully by the time terabyte mini SD cards are avalible and affordable, then maybe I'll start getting more digital games.
Ethiopiop M.C. (1 day ago)
I like physical games more, but there are still many that haven’t had a physical release such as celeste
Archer (1 day ago)
Shouldn’t it be physical vs download? I never really understood calling it digital because it’s still digital data on a cartridge or disc.
Aaron (1 day ago)
The ability of eternal ownership pushes the physical argument into a landslide for me. Only games that I couldn't care less about or were on sale will I buy digital (since they were only available on digital).
Basement Dweller (1 day ago)
i never buy digital games..specialy on the pc where those publishers are to greedy to make a physical copy(looking at you ubisoft)..then im to greedy to pay for the game and just wait for the free version to float around the internet
Basement Dweller (1 day ago)
dont need to leave your house for physical copys either...
David Michael (1 day ago)
You can share digital games with the switch but it can only be activated on one console at a time...
If the switch breaks then all of the game will be lost so you wasted money but if you have the physical you still have the games
Akilleus (2 days ago)
Physical for great games, digital for the cheap $1-$15 games.
Goob (2 days ago)
Anyone else just buy a switch and absolutely love it?!
Mike L (2 days ago)
I have a physical copy of Zelda. Can I save my progress on an SD card and play it on another Switch console?
sosa kun (3 days ago)
main reason why people dont get the digital is, because it costs more, not a bad thing cause you can always redownload it, rather than if you damage a physical. you would have to replace it, and theres the issue of storage.
GamingTV (4 days ago)
digital will always be better no matter the platform simply because there is 0 limitations on digital games vs the physical games that are limited to memory space, load times, disc speed, wear and tear, limited space in your homes to store the games, there's really no reason to even cling to physical games unless you're just in your 30s or 40s clinging to the past
Depth Charge (4 days ago)
1st world problems
Super JaMAalRIO (5 days ago)
My channel border shows my physical copies of Switch games on display. I prefer having something to show for my purchase.
Martell Tha Cool (5 days ago)
I said leaning more towards physical games and know that Nintendo will shut down the servers and actually owning the games
Norma Kerr (5 days ago)
I've made my mind 8m doin phyaical
Norma Kerr (5 days ago)
I'm only getting super smash bros ultimate so what do I do with that huh?
aaron3802 (6 days ago)
I do it digitally because I always lose small things, and the game card is extrememly small.
Sailor Paladina (6 days ago)
"This is very Nintendo to close their servers". Wii Shop was hosted by a third party. Talking aobut Wiiu/3DS is fake assumption, not very Nintendo.
Brahm (7 days ago)
You can’t lick the digital games, gg
Epic mlg! (7 days ago)
Digital for the nintendo switch because i already know how a pain in the ass is to carry a bunch of 3ds games wherever you go its just anoying!
David Alexandre (7 days ago)
Can you buy a dlc (via Nintendo online shop) for a physical game? If you can, doesn't it lag or something? Just because they wouldn't be stored in the same place
ShookHot (8 days ago)
your outro song, what part of sunshine is that from?
Andrew H (8 days ago)
I had this debate with one of my friends from work the other day. He brought up the fact that when you purchase a digital game you just own a license for it. Similar to the point in your video he said if the service is terminated and you don't have the game backed up or downloaded you no longer own the game. However, the same thing applies to physical games as well. If that physical disk/cartridge is lost or damaged you can longer access it. I never delete digital games if I run out of storage space I buy more. In my opinion physical games are only good in the sense that it provides you with a collection. Digital games are just too convenient and physical games will never be able to compete in that regard. I think in an ideal world I should be able to buy our game disk/cartridge and be able to both run it off that and download it to my system.
TalkingDoge661 (8 days ago)
I only use physical, because I get the 20% Amazon discount! 😂
sh0ck (8 days ago)
I've always preferred physical but when I bought my switch I started off with 2 digital games (because they were on sale) and have continued purchasing digital, mostly because I've now taken traveling purposes into account. There's less of a chance to lose those tiny physical cartridges.
DragonMaster474 (8 days ago)
I realize that digital is way more convenient but I prefer physical because I like to have something in my hand. I like putting game cases on my bookshelf just to see then there. I like the satisfaction I feel when I go to the store and I walk out holding a new exciting adventure.
joshua stanton (8 days ago)
If it's a game that has major online multiplayer like splatoon, I get it digital. If it's a game that mostly just single player like mario odyssey, I get it physical
Davis (8 days ago)
I think digital makes sense for pc and switch. It makes sense for switch because you can bring it anywhere and for pc, you can log into a service like steam on any computer in the world to play your games. There isnt a ps4 or xbox one in most places in the world.
El Mantishrimp (8 days ago)
The only digital games I get are ones that don't get physical releases. I've always been a physical guy, but the Switch is super impressive. I just pop my card right in and my game starts almost instantaneously.
Jake Hackney (8 days ago)
I read that if its digital purchase you don't technically own the game
emerqson (8 days ago)
I'd rather Physical games. atleast you can hug them..... and lick them, (luckily if they have a good taste hehehehHEheHEheHEheHEheheheHEheHEhehEJHhdbashjdbasjbdnj bJADBASJHBD HJASBDJHASDASJDSAD)
Lee H. (9 days ago)
All digital all day. My only gripe with digital is that it's not cheaper than physical since there's so much less overheard. Word to the wise if you want to go full digital: don't get any old SD card. Get a UHS-I card at minimum. If you get anything of lower quality, it will burn out within a month. It happened to me.
pinglefingle (9 days ago)
Prefer physical because of ownership, storage space and looking at my shelf full of games is one of the only pleasures I get in my pathetic life. The Switch tax really does suck though.
Huskie (9 days ago)
physical games are cheaper here in Hong Kong
Tim Wright (9 days ago)
awww man, gotta get up from the couch to switch a game out, i'm gonna die doing that obviously so we can't be havin' that LMAO
Douglas Zahn (9 days ago)
I always buy physical and only digital if it’s digital-only or if the digital download is a low-end game, like say Cave Story+ or Retro City Rampage on Switch; I buy those digital because they don’t demand a lot of memory space. Other than that, I prefer owning my games and not taking up so much space on my microSD card aside from any required memory space needed for save data and DLC (I’ve got a 200gb one). Probably my largest digital download is Bayonetta 1, and I’m close to deleting that since I’m almost close to 100%ing it and the second game is more superior anyhow.
Brandon Simpson (9 days ago)
I hate digital games personally. If your to lazy to go to the store, look for help. Also I feel a little cheated purchasing digital games, and I can let friends borrow the physical copy as well. I put my cartridges in my carrying case that comes storage.
Good job with a fair look at both sides. I did notice one thing you sort of overlooked, though. When you were talking about the Wii Shop sunset, you made the point that the hard drive you backed your games up on might fail, and while that is an important point to remember and is definitely worth mentioning in a comparison like this, it’s also worth pointing out that this isn’t a disadvantage unique to digital since, as you mentioned earlier, physical games can be lost and damaged as well. So if you have a digital game and have only one copy with no other backups, that’s nearly equivalent to having a physical game. In fact, that leads to an advantage of digital games in that situation because you could technically clone the hard drive and save a backup (or multiple) to prevent loss of games.
switchtalent123 (9 days ago)
I got a fatass sd card and still get physical
GOT DA POKE (9 days ago)
But I like having the physical box not only that the switch Chips have the memory on the fucking thing so no need for a USB really
Noel López (9 days ago)
I don't embrace it because you can't sell it back. If you don't like it you can't return it. I like the brick and mortar experience. I like collector's editions. They're cheaper. Long wait to download. Lack of storage.
Das Boot (9 days ago)
either one dont matter, not everyone sits on their ass and refuses to change the game, as we have been doing that since day one. I also like to buy switch games at work on my break and they are ready and installed for me when I get home. I also have parental controls enabled so it tells me when the game has finished installing.
Eugene Johnson (9 days ago)
What a great video. This is a thing I've been tackling personally. I recently started going the digital route with my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and, as stated in the video, it's so convenient clicking the game icon on your home screen and going right into the game. No need to swap out disks or listen to that disk drive spin. But when it comes to my Switch, I'm left wondering which route to take. Currently all of my games are physical. I purchased a 128gb sd card for my Switch for that 'just in case' factor but other than that, it's not being used; it's just sitting in my system like some kid warming the bench. Haha! I do like the ideas many of you have stated in your replies: buy digital for indie games, physical for all else. I dunno, I'm still mulling it all over.
LoL ReplayBaby (9 days ago)
I prefer physical games cause once i am done and dont play the game anymore i sell the game for half the amount i bought.
Graeme Thomson (10 days ago)
For PC it's all 100% digital. Nintendo it's nice having the physical game. On the one hand it's something of a tradition, on the other, I really don't trust Nintendo not to fuck up online somehow.
Samuel's _IDEAS (10 days ago)
What’s the game in 3:35
Rusty Crestmore (10 days ago)
As long as you wanna fork out for those SD cards.
Forest Dave Sanchez (10 days ago)
I prefer physical, I love collecting games seeing the cartridge's. Gameboy times u know
cris : (10 days ago)
I like physical games we get so sick ass game box
Worth it Dudes (10 days ago)
Physical seems to be a lot cheaper, Bomberman R on the store is 49.99 but physical is anywhere between £25-£35. regardless of collection ect i just don't see the benefits of digital being worth an extra £15 quid
RedAnimationWolf (11 days ago)
I only go digital for important games (Splatoon, Mario Odyssey, etc) so I can never lose them... I only go physical for fine games because it take less storage
Albert Steel (11 days ago)
Physical because I love to have my game in my own hands.
Outset Eddy (11 days ago)
I prefer physical mainly for the collecting aspect. I like having my games in their cases next to other games I own. I know it sounds a bit OCD but I also like putting the receipt in the clips inside the cases to remember the date and original price but that's something I started like within the last 3 years. Another aspect is borrowing. Just a week ago, a cousin of mine who lives nearby asked how was Hyrule Warriors on Switch and I told him he could borrow if, just come by. I guess it has that old school vibe of borrowing games from someone but still, it's a good reason to want physical. And one last point, selling it or trading it in the future. Maybe a game in my collection is going to be rare and I don't like that game as much, I'll trade it for something I like.
Nirav Gandhi (11 days ago)
One major factor that was not mentioned is that you can by USED physical games. This can save the user tons of $$$, which to me matters. Yes, digital games will go one sale, but that is not the case for every game, and not all the time. Used physical games work perfectly well in this day and age. If by the off chance it doesn't, you can simply exchange/return it. Worth the extra effort to save money in the long run.
dfloriza (11 days ago)
You also really can’t trade in or return digital games easily, at least not in my experience. Buying a digital game and finding out it sucks is the worst
Hasoon nine (11 days ago)
i prefer physical since i can buy them for cheaper on ebay and also when i dont play the game anymore i can sell it and get some money back
Mr_Cake (11 days ago)
What I do is I get all my games digital but if I want to get a game for my bday then I ask for the physical game
donte llx (12 days ago)
"fumble around with these cards" uh you just take the thing out the box and put it in your switch its not complicated
Hedwyn Hedwyns (12 days ago)
Worth noting in favour of physical games on the lasting access front: The Switch has introduced a feature allowing for two consoles to transmit game updates between eachother. This means that the latest update of each game will still be out there at least in some form, it should never be truly impossible to get day 1 updates and such.
Fennec Besixdouze (12 days ago)
The fact that with physical games you actually have something to hold onto that keeps some value is a huge deal. If I sold Mario Kart Deluxe and Breath of the Wild right now, after enjoying them for over a year each, I would probably get $40 for each of them easily since they are in near mint condition. I spent $48 on each since I have Amazon Prime. After keeping them however long I want, I can sell them and only be down $8 for the whole transaction. I don't know a lot of people who bought these games digitally who are still playing tons of Breath of the Wild a year on. I don't know a lot of people who are still playing lots of Mario Odyssey even nine months in. So I got just as much value in terms of entertainment from these games, but I am down $8 per game and they are down $60 per game. If I keep holding onto them, they may depreciate in value more, but look at the Gamecube: copies of Melee sell for upwards of $70 in good condition, copies of Double Dash easily pull their retail $50. Of course, those went down in price and then back up in price ... so again, if I decide I want to have these games long term but I'm not really playing them right now, I can finish them up, sell them for $40 or $45 once I'm done, and then re-buy them a couple years down the road when they can be had even cheaper. And I'll still have a physical copy with all the benefits that come with that: being able to use the game on another console, being able to lend it out, being able to pass it on to my kids or give it as a gift, or being able to liquidate it for cash if I feel the need or desire. Moreover, if you get into games that are a bit more exotic, some that don't sell as well and end up having limited production runs, or you get into limited editions, you can end up with physical copies that explode in value. Physical things have value, they are something you actually have and own physically that you can then sell, or give to someone else. Or just keep for yourself and enjoy the pleasure of it sitting on your shelf in your collection. Digital games that are just in your library are simply forgotten and give no pleasure or value after their initial consumption.
SuperZombiepimp (12 days ago)
Real gamers buy Pyshical also why buy digital when you can get a Pyshical game for cheaper plus added extras for buying physical
FantasticShadman MC. (12 days ago)
I like both
Jacob Mincks (12 days ago)
Normally id say physical. But i bought mario oddessy physical and thats it. I got doom, overcooked, golf story, shovel knight, and just now crash bandicute trilogy. I just bought a 128g sd card for les than 40 bucks. To me i love the downloaded games. Easy, fast, and convenient. I dont feel the collectable factor others feel. Or the sharing thing. Its been a very long time since ive shared a game.
Kenny Humphrey (12 days ago)
Get your lazy a** up off the couch and get physical games! (Remarks complete)
Expand Dong (12 days ago)
I prefer to use physical. It seems like I have more games that way and I like to be able to actually own the game
I'm going to do both. Some downloaded and some on cartridges.
jc cloud (13 days ago)
I prefer physical copies in case i'm out in bum fuck Egypt and can't get on WiFi.
MIKAEL YATSENKO (13 days ago)
Hassan Alkhars (13 days ago)
I go with digital because I live in Saudi Arabia and we don’t have many Nintendo/game stores that have switch games. And the ones that have switch games are marked up so instead of buying it for 60 bucks I’ll need to buy it for 70-75 bucks.
YoongiGotMyHeart (13 days ago)
I like having both, big games physical and small games digital
Jorge Masso (13 days ago)
With the Switch being portable, and the main way I use it, I almost always go with digital, except when I buy games like Zelda or skyrim which actually need you to sit down and spend hours playing if you intend to get the most out of them. But for example, Sonic Mania and stuff like that, it's always digital for me
I prefer physical for sure. If you buy a digital game you can't resell it if you don't like it, you're stuck with it.
BraydenMiller (13 days ago)
Physical always. Never give money to a company so they can hold your game. You bought, it's yours, do what you want with it.
Nosloc Ollap1842 (13 days ago)
I am 100% digital and always will be!
sirico (14 days ago)
I have physical games from the age of 4 30 years of ownership. If steam goes down I lose about 3k in games.
Okovermeke Amglight (14 days ago)
if you put 1 game on each sd card on a digital only system, it will feel more like a physical system.
Erebus (14 days ago)
the thing is when services like that end, the hacking community finds ways to still experience the digital stuff again
Kuilet (14 days ago)
For me, digital is the way to go. Recently, my breath of the wild, super mario oddysey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Splatoon 2 copies were all stolen. Digital copies can't be stolen, so I learned my lesson
Nintendo Channel (14 days ago)
I prefer physical because collecting is fun and you can always return them or even sell them but mainly problem buying games from eShop is that they are overpriced and if you want to sell them, good luck you have to sell your entire account. Only indie games are worth getting off eShop.
Biscuit 12 (14 days ago)
My carrying case came with 2 little card cases that can hold total of 8 and I'm a lazy person but I don't mind getting up to swap games
Xebenatros Xeracroft (15 days ago)
I prefer physical games for so many things, such as actually owning the item and no, if switching a card out of the system is a major hassle for you, you've got some real problems. Another reason to own the games physically, is in the event you have no internet or for some reason, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 offended someone and Nintendo removes the game from the store, hey, I can still play the game cause I have physically. Would it suck not getting updates? Not really unless the game has a critical game breaking glitch, which I must be the 1% where I haven't had a glitch that ruined my entire game. Digital games are fine and all and will dominate the media at some point, till then, I will stick to physical until that time, because at that point, companies will now have even more control over our hobby and could potentially ruin the gaming industry. Stay Physical Friends.
Elvijs Krūmiņš (15 days ago)
Except that there really aren't many physical games on the Switch as Nintendo is perfectly comfy screwing you over by telling you that half of the damn game needs to be downloaded to even play.
Hysterical (15 days ago)
Tbh only reasson i get physical just cause of the cases lol
Geo Andres Prats (16 days ago)
I do digital because I lose my games alot.
Sigurd Norris (16 days ago)
i like physical the most cuz i like having like a collection on my shelf but for pc i take digital cuz i have like 5 TB left and swapping alot good video.....subbed!
Maxianaconda (16 days ago)
I prefer physical games as you can get them for cheaper most of the time. Also storage space.
Andrew G (16 days ago)
I bought my first three games physical all since and in the future will be digital. Just too easy to lose those little things. 256g SIM card was like $75 on Amazon, and I can back it up on my computer.
Sven Wasberg (16 days ago)
At the moment physical games are better in most cases. It isn´t even a matter of preferance. You are able to sell your used games or buy used games for a lower price. If your Switch breaks you have lost all your downloads, but you have your physical games. Also physical games tend to become cheaper over time, butthe prices in the Eshop stay mostly the same. The obvious exception are some Indi-games. They are often less expensive in the Eshop and sometimes there are sales for them.
DefiantHawk5 (16 days ago)
Did everyone just suddenly forget how Sony essentialy fucked everyone who bought digital on PS3? That included PS1 Classic games. All they had to do was change the coding of these games. And yes physical is better, the only exception is Steam, because at least they wont fuck over people in terms of ownership.
R-virus (17 days ago)
I just love seeing my games all lined up on a shelf
Carly Davidson (17 days ago)
I'm old school. I want a physical copy. If I don't want the game anymore, I can simply sell it. You can't do that with a digital copy.
xxAllu93xx (17 days ago)
ThePKLucas (17 days ago)
_oh noe_

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