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Nintendo Switch's Perfect Second Half of 2018!

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Nintendo Switch's Post E3 2018 Might kill it with games such as Super Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, Yoshi and Pokemon or Retro Studios' new game! In this video we look at Nintendo's E3 and the possible release windows for said games! Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Join our Discord Server Today! https://discord.gg/PkXTHbS Support us on Patreon and get your Pin!: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm
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Commonwealth Realm (27 days ago)
Question of the video: Could Nintendo Switch surpass 2017 this year following E3 2018 with games like Super Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, Yoshi and possibly Pokemon or Retro Studio's new game?
BuffDedede (6 days ago)
Jin kisaragi botw and Mario Odyssey are easy to pass all you have to do is get gta 5 (or something big like fortnite or fallout) and smash (maybe Pokemon too)
Markus Kosmo (17 days ago)
It's definitely possible! Anyway, great video, as always! There's a reason why you're my favorite YouTubers! (I didn't see this video before now, because I mainly watch YouTube at school, and I've just had Easter Vacation, so almost 100 000 people have seen this before me! Congrats on 2K likes, but you really deserve much more!)
Edu D (26 days ago)
If we get Pokemon with Smash then absolutely! But I'm not really confident with Pokemon releasing this year
VoidLink (26 days ago)
Zachary Erickson what I mean is announcing something just as you're starting to make it and then delaying it into oblivion
Novuscourvous (26 days ago)
retro wont be at e3 so i doubt it. however you said fire emblem was far in development and they didnt show anything so hopefully its the case with metroid and it comes in november
John (9 hours ago)
Unfortunately, as a Weeb, I can't get excited over a Fire Emblem game until I see that they don't muck up the translation, and leave the option for original voices. Also this isn''t just the first RTS Fire Emblem to be released on a console since 2007, it is also the 3rd consecutive handheld release...
Łódżę Donovan (15 hours ago)
I like the Song of Storms in the intro
FX mounoury (2 days ago)
Smash will be out in december ...
Sebastian M. (4 days ago)
BuffDedede (6 days ago)
Why am I not subbed
mistehmen (6 days ago)
Hoping we dont get a smash 4 port. That would be super shitty.
SkunkApe95 (7 days ago)
Am I the only one that distinctly heard boof?...I say it that way on purpose but it’s still funny ;)
angel mora (7 days ago)
Pokemon is definetly coming out in November
Maple_Hobbit (7 days ago)
All Nintendo had to do was keep online play free and they would’ve outsold everyone. RIP Switch.
Thomas Deater (8 days ago)
Everything sucks but Pokemon on this list...... disappointed in Switch so far.
stormRed1236 (8 days ago)
God the hype is real
AirEnderman (10 days ago)
Metroid Dread anybody?
HoneyBunni22 (11 days ago)
Nintendo Switch is perfect. Nothing compares to it's perfection.
James (11 days ago)
Many people want Goku, sans, and many others in smash 5. I just want Tommy Oliver
Mark Meadows (12 days ago)
Nintendo is blowing it away. This is the best I've seen from Nintendo since the old super Nintendo and nes days. I love you Nintendo!
Scott Sheaves (13 days ago)
i am excited for e3 but i am optimistic that they will announce all these plus there is the metroid game we know nothing about though some people think it will be a 2019 we will see guess
Nelson Flores (13 days ago)
Smash 5 is coming in December 31
Phantom Wind (14 days ago)
"... first party and third party games that we have never seen on this system..." ... really mother fucker? that's the brightest argument you could come up with? never seen on this system? ... this nintenfagboys are so retardedly LAME it hurts and worst of all, you know that but, don't give a fuck about it like, you wanna be as retarded as fucking possible, going against all odds, even, FUCK!.
Radplayz (16 days ago)
Samantha Kearns (16 days ago)
I just want Animal Crossing and Pikmin 4.
GUMMED (17 days ago)
In the video u said it’s coming out in September but if u look on amazon for smash bros it says December 31 with a price of £59.99
A E (17 days ago)
Fire emblem and smash bros.... i'll see you guys again in 2025
Zachary 1253 (17 days ago)
I love his intro
Mark Plott (17 days ago)
the Switch 2nd half Releases wont be Perfect unless Square Enix puts Dragon Quest ports out the Same day as all the other Consoles.
ACHILLES eels (17 days ago)
Guys sounds like he was born in Germany, then lived in South America until finally coming to England... I'm confused.
Matt B (17 days ago)
Even tho I’m not a Pokémon person that will prob be November game, it’s sells more than smash.
Jose Barba (18 days ago)
I believe yoshi is a summer title
Cameron Porter (18 days ago)
My wallet can't handle this. But seriously can't wait for smash, fire emblem, octopath traveller and not to mention the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC which brings whole new story content!
pizza - sama (18 days ago)
TheLinkoln18 (18 days ago)
I would like Nintendo to release a Zelda game, it is what the system needs badly, I have been shocked that no Zelda game has been released yet :(
TheLinkoln18 (17 days ago)
Noah Albrecht Good question, I class BOTW as a stand alone game which has crammed in many elements from many genres, then slapped the Zelda label on, it is not imho a true Zelda game.
Noah Albrecht (17 days ago)
TheLinkoln18 What about botw?
Footde Coulde (19 days ago)
looking rather foward to it to
Brentt Foster (19 days ago)
I want Metriod Prime 4,Monster Hunter,Crazy justice,Injustice 2,1 and 2 collection Megaman,Megaman 11,Animal Crossing and finally Soul Cailber 7 if thoses games come out this year all be happy:)
Alejandro Chum (19 days ago)
What game is the one shown at 1:50?
GenericLetsPlayer 35 (20 days ago)
I honestly think that the switch is gonna have an even better library that the gamecube
Robert Sanda (20 days ago)
5:30 Septem BEER BOIS
Omega Phoenix 1486 (20 days ago)
Fire emblem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AbusementPark (21 days ago)
Septembeer 6:05
Chase Warman (21 days ago)
I'm just gonna predict smash is gonna be the Nintendo hot item through Christmas and Pokemon will come out around early to mid 201o
SharkGaming (22 days ago)
Mr H. Ice Cool (22 days ago)
Will there ever be a new Mario Kart ? Why cant we have a Mario Kart all stars with every character/ track from every game .... sigh
BlackJack 334 (22 days ago)
Salum aleikum
MAD Klein (23 days ago)
Donkey Kong 3D like Mario Odyssey, will be Great!
Den Boeken (23 days ago)
The release tip of Super Smash bros. is Septembeer. You alcaholics :)
Joshuabrutl (23 days ago)
When I see Pokemon news , and not these bs "leaks" , I will be getting a switch
GrumpyFelo (23 days ago)
i am going for metroid 4 on december or nov
JohnQ0610 (23 days ago)
9:24 nope love this year!
Amol Shelke (23 days ago)
I am just praying for a Pokémon switch
Senyuri (23 days ago)
Leanne B. (23 days ago)
Good video but has some unrealistic silly stuff, like Pokemon. Pokemon switch is coming fall 2019/ early 2020. Fact. ♡
Huey (23 days ago)
Can I sue nintendo for assualting my wallet 🤔
michael stillwell (23 days ago)
Is it me, or the guy who voices this narrative sound like Napoleon Dynamites brother ? lolol...I can just see him drinking milk and sitting in the kitchen with over-sized Run DMC 80s style gold chains on his neck.
Vincent Bryfogle (23 days ago)
Dedicated servers for 5mash 'Nuff said
allinthemind2006 (23 days ago)
NEW ZELDA coming 2019: SUPER WINDWAKER GALAXY.. Toon Link sales from planet to planet ; ) Mario galaxy but in a zelda universe
Fancy Pancy (23 days ago)
I would not call it "perfect" by any means. That's setting the bar extremely low compared to what a 6 month window on Switch could potentially offer. But it is looking pretty good so far.
Daniel Eastwood (23 days ago)
Mr. Moo YT (23 days ago)
Kashmere Batchelor (24 days ago)
Idk if your predictions are wrong or NOT! I have them marked in my Google calendar on this Pixel XL and my Switch (and wallet 😅) is geared up and ready to GO! 😂✌🏾 SO many releases I am ready for not even about to extend this book I'm typing by writing them all 😂😂😂
Nick Dubrock (24 days ago)
5:12 Does it say Septembeer not September?
Lumenae (24 days ago)
erm it says everywhere smash spring 2018
Noah Albrecht (17 days ago)
Lumenae Where did you see that?
Francisco Burgos (24 days ago)
Star Fox for switch please...
The shelbs Destin (24 days ago)
Honestly its annoyying to see more predictions on characters when only one which is the splatoon characters just wait until release
Sir_ Mattimus (24 days ago)
Only interested in Fire Emblem if it is unique and turns out to be a decent RPG. Otherwise I'm all Octopath Traviler and Super Smash. And I must know what Retro is doing and Pokemon is a given
Grand Hero22 (24 days ago)
Wait so do I have to pay to play splatoon, Mario kart, and smash Bros even if I am connected to WiFi with Nintendo online
Nickwiz 190 (22 days ago)
Thomas Siry If you do not pay for the online service you can't play online with those games. So yes u need the service
dinner90001 (24 days ago)
Please no more fire emblem...
Bilal Osman (24 days ago)
My predictions in terms of first party: August- Yoshi September- Smash bros. and maybe Super Mario Maker deluxe or 2 (think about it, they're probably gonna need more than smash to push online and many want Mario Maker ported) October- Fire Emblem + Retro Studios new game November- Pokemon (probably gen 8) December- Pikmin 4 maybe? January or February- Bayoneta 3
Nicholas Lovan (24 days ago)
"DLC" its👏an👏update
Elijah Grady (24 days ago)
Look into Borderlands 3 oddly leaked to release on switch in September 😀
Theodor Comellas (25 days ago)
In sweden it is a "län" that have your symbol
Barchueetadonai (25 days ago)
Let's all not forget that Smash hasn't been good since Melee. Smash 5 will certainly sell like crazy, but that doesn't mean we can expect it to be good. Based on the Switch's lineup so far, though, there's as good of a chance as any that it will be a return to form for Smash.
Triforce Knight (25 days ago)
Plz give me a link to the Zelda music at the start of the video
Many people seem to froget about the existing lineup. The nintendo DS peak year was 2009 without noiceable releases. That's because the already released games carried it. Similarly, the switch has amazing evergreen titles in Botw, Splatoon 2, MK8DX and Odyssey + several medium sellers. The 2018 lineup doesn't have to surpass 2017 and 2019 doesn't have to surpass 2018, they only need to compliment each other with variety.
JohnMetal91 (25 days ago)
One thing that's certain is that I'll spend a ton of money on games post-E3. First half of 2018 has been a bit weak not just for Nintendo but for other platforms as well, specifically after mid-February when I last bought a games for any of my platforms. I don't see myself making major game purchases until May.
MasterKagato (25 days ago)
You said butt whole. Made the whole video worth watching.
Pete HrapStick (25 days ago)
I have a switch I aint no smash fag but I am excited for some of the ports though.
Red Hiney (25 days ago)
fire emblem switch had better be good
Joe Cautillo (25 days ago)
master Lewis (25 days ago)
On amozn super smash bros for switch will be out in December 31 2018 so chirmasts will be the release date I think???
AlexanderTheGreat (25 days ago)
Give me a prime remake in hd while i wait for the new one.
Mo_ Musashi_28 (25 days ago)
No F's giving for Bayo3
Konic64 (25 days ago)
fe fans unite
richa16x (25 days ago)
Only thing I demand of super smash is the cutscenes and adventure mode like the one on the wii.
I’ve had a SNES, Wii and bought a Switch yesterday, but I have never played Super Smash Bros, so I don’t get the hype. It might be fun if you have a lot of friends to play with or like to play online though. And I don’t have patience for turn based RPGs, and I wish I did, these RPG games look so good, especially for being mostly japanese
Free Stone (25 days ago)
Akiles Baeza (26 days ago)
nintendo please m,ake Link tournament viable in smash5 PLEAAASEEEEE
Reuben Holland (26 days ago)
*P O K E M O N I S N O T C O M I N G I N 2 0 1 8*
Luis (26 days ago)
But when you search for Smash for the Switch in Amazon, it says it will be realesed at december 31
sabre_wulf1 (26 days ago)
so....you don't do indie then.. because that's that exciting stuff.....
MrAnthonyC84 (26 days ago)
Meanwhile, most kids will be playing melee on their laptops. This new smash needs to be fast paced otherwise it's melee for another 5 years.
ItsMeTaco (26 days ago)
Omg i didn’t know you were in development of the game and are so goddamn sure about it
Irarius D (26 days ago)
i honestly believe that we wont get metroid pokemon and bayonetta before 2019, and from those i mihg thtink bayonetta comes out first metroid next and lastly pokemon, since we saw bayonetta has already been finished to a point where it can have an actuall teaser trailer, metroid next because it looks like they are done to some degree, but metroid might even need more time depending on how long they sit on it, and how big it becomes, honestly i hope pokemon and metroid take at least another full year of time or so so they reach a 5 year development, we have this way a way better chanc to get a bigger game, i honestly dont believe that pokemon is in development for that long, and metroid too needs some tome to become as detailed as we know and love it
Jonah Keeton (26 days ago)
Question of every video these guys make... what’s up with the one dudes voice with the wierd ass lisp?! 😂
Reggie Fils-Aime (26 days ago)
If animal crossing comes at e3 I will bust a nut
Chea996 (26 days ago)
Where is Animal Crossing???????
Edu D (26 days ago)
Do you think another Direct will come before E3? Maybe a game specific like Smash or something
Shadow The Light (26 days ago)
Why you hating on Donkey Kong?
RobJuanDeLaNooch (26 days ago)
People still thinking Pokemon is coming this year😅😂
kuko0306 (26 days ago)
Yati itaY (26 days ago)
I clicked because of Corrin... I... I'm sorry--
Austin Evans (26 days ago)
Also loving all the DKC fans here! Telling this asshat what a GOOD gaming franchise this is. Comment section represent!

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