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Top 10 Anime Games 2018 Android / iOS | EPIC CONSOLE - QUALITY GAMES

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Text Comments (602)
Fredy Méndez (6 hours ago)
Hola, cómo descargo el de Naruto? ingreso al Link, pero salen puras letras chinas dónde le doy para descargar? please
herick 0202 (1 day ago)
you have no subscribers?
Lite Ham (1 day ago)
Toram online
Saurabh Sarpotdar (1 day ago)
Clickbait. Disliked.
Disconhecido (2 days ago)
Ganhou mais um escrito
Prasanna Bhajikhaye (2 days ago)
Can anyone name all the anime... Pls?
Nam Nguyễn (2 days ago)
Link intro music ??
Đức Nguyễn (2 days ago)
Kushim (2 days ago)
00:00 music please?
Jo shane (3 days ago)
Came for the thumbnail stayed for the soundtrack
초초보자아 (4 days ago)
wow korean gaems
Firist is best
The Real VGR (4 days ago)
For weebs only!
Ali vidz (5 days ago)
Watching this makes me wanna jerk off
Pam Earth (5 days ago)
What song4:35
Jean-Marc Couassi (5 days ago)
Your intro music plz
antoneta lorenieri (6 days ago)
Nice one, i loved it! I'm stuck lately with Escape Legacy, really cool i think you should try it!
Ace of Spades (6 days ago)
nice clickbait
Briton Casas (6 days ago)
Is naruto mobile online?
Kawaii Louca (6 days ago)
Show quado chegar meu celular novo vou abaixar todos
Letter_ G (6 days ago)
Tukar ke Indonesia I follow you so you know a good game but don't speak Japanese because they can't play it outside, or we are disappointed and don't follow you anymore
Letter_ G (6 days ago)
Please mate !! Recomended game on play store or google not japan game languange because i donot play this game !1 thanks
Ravel BR (6 days ago)
Porque n mostra a quantidade de inscritos
Letter_ G (6 days ago)
Naruto Mobile ⚡⚡
Fredy Méndez (6 hours ago)
Letter_ G Días, Broo, como lo descargo? ingresé al link, pero sale todo en letras chinas, donde le doy para descargarlo? de casualidad sabe? please
Gulsan Rahaman (7 days ago)
abdul bari (7 days ago)
U forget to add bleach brave souls
bình_ bo (7 days ago)
Nam Dinh (7 days ago)
ToBi TV (7 days ago)
Wizard King (7 days ago)
Shadew Busker (7 days ago)
Dragon ball gmna cara nya gak ngerti
Epiphyllum Gaming (7 days ago)
What ??, Honkai impact 3 is offline ??
Wildan Ioni (7 days ago)
What song title one piece and dragon ball scene??
jesusreminder (7 days ago)
Naruto Mobile doesn't show up on my app store
Tetsuya Kuroko (7 days ago)
I've played Tokyo Ghoul dark war and it's nothing like that unless something drastically changed in the past couple months.
Alcimara castro (7 days ago)
Brasil quem e da like 😂
Noname Specer (7 days ago)
Subscribe to him people. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU NOT SUBSCRIBING :)
Тут все божественное😀😀😀
Тут все божественное😀😀😀
Is MR Aitouahou (8 days ago)
B S (8 days ago)
I only came for the clickbait.
The Motherfucker (8 days ago)
Cansion del minuto 5:35
Mackley Alexander (8 days ago)
Nuevo sub :D
Marshall Lee (8 days ago)
ml entiendo porque no le dan dislike si el video es clickbait
Homie Enderman (9 days ago)
I already play tokyo ghoul dark war
AnimeVibe OST (9 days ago)
Joshua Finley (9 days ago)
Ich kann das Spiel Naruto für ios nicht runterladen oder weißt jemand wie es geht?
Zero Kifaco (10 days ago)
Toram online?
F77 (10 days ago)
Wibu goblok.
nicko uchiha (10 days ago)
naruto to boruto lol
Royal Hyeken (11 days ago)
Dragon nest, sao integral factor
Click bait
Srikar Manohar (11 days ago)
Is Naruto Game offline
Is taoru majusto index have english?
Dem Intro
lucas almonde (11 days ago)
Como faz pra abaixa Naruto mobile
Infamous Robot (11 days ago)
Sketch Animations (12 days ago)
Report for clickbait my Indian man :)
Soul 4Real (12 days ago)
I always wonder why Japan make so many women fighting game? Because they are obsessed with american women breast. 🤣🤣🤣
Ogash Ash (12 days ago)
They’re awful
MuSiC ErRoS (14 days ago)
Minecraft? ;)
Thupsalex Rocks (14 days ago)
What is the intro song
Hoang Doan (15 days ago)
I like video games
Bleach is where?
games only (15 days ago)
Where i can download this kind of games ? Is it available in Play store??
Mr.Unexplainable (16 days ago)
To bad 90% of theses games can only be downloaded in Korea and or Japan
Anonymous Fakre (16 days ago)
The thumbnail was shit
Ernie n/a (16 days ago)
stfu with a part in the music.. sounds like take out
victor elvis (16 days ago)
U should have included the download links
victor elvis (8 days ago)
Sorry man, didn't check the description. Nice channel
Lemnoid (16 days ago)
I guess u haven't checked the Description!
XxHumblekidxX X (16 days ago)
That intro
Deen Dayal Sati (16 days ago)
thanks bro..these games are pretty decent
Andika Zero (17 days ago)
online or offline ? All game 😀
Alvin Ridho (17 days ago)
no1 offlibe kah??
Manz Fauzi (17 days ago)
fake thumbnails=dislike
Muslim Alhamdulillah (17 days ago)
Guys try One Piece Treasure Cruise out Very nice Game ^^
OP-EN Song (17 days ago)
Ultimater Zone (17 days ago)
Quite Good music with pretty action games.Good
MisterZiitZiitoune (17 days ago)
Pour les Français : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3bvst32Xo0E4V4o4-MtDTA
黄俊棋 (18 days ago)
What music in 2:45
Midou Dahdouh (18 days ago)
How to download dragon ball
Kaylia He (18 days ago)
Ditoalif Rizky (18 days ago)
Gua gak paham njir,Download naruto gimana
Leonardo (18 days ago)
3:12 Bro, this is Tokyo Ghoul War Age, not Dark War. LMAO
Minato Anass (18 days ago)
what's the name of the rap song ?
buen video, me encantaron todos los juegos
gamers wijaya (19 days ago)
Dasar penipuan
Nitrogen N² (19 days ago)
offline apa online
Asta Kun (19 days ago)
Br ?
mesum hot (19 days ago)
Subscribe me
Shivam Prajapati (19 days ago)
song ke name kya he?
Yamn Ameer (19 days ago)
The Walker Vegeto (19 days ago)
Einige sind echt gut aber es gibt auch bessere die ich zu den top 10 finde
Apriyant Jr. (19 days ago)
what the game name is on the thumbnail??
GamerPixelation 05 (19 days ago)
Thanks for liking my comment 😁
Sergio Ferreyra (20 days ago)
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sahil khan (20 days ago)
What is rap song name... Please tell me
yudha mokodongan (20 days ago)
GamerPixelation 05 (20 days ago)
When you click on a video cuz you see the picture of a video looking like a lit game until you see that it's a whole lie to drag you in 😂😂
Enkid Xohein (20 days ago)
Bro....show me naruto games under 500mb
Ruan Victor (21 days ago)
Qual o jogo da thumb

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