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Top 10 Anime Games 2018 Android / iOS | EPIC CONSOLE - QUALITY GAMES

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Text Comments (100)
itzjhon 145_gamer (14 hours ago)
mega video, like y comparto y eso que no soy de dar like y mucho menos compartir
boruto_uzumake uzumake (23 hours ago)
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 intro foda a mais epica
Sage mode Music (1 day ago)
Is naruto mobile online ????
นม น้ม
Golden Boy (2 days ago)
Are they ever going to make the Naruto Nobile english?
Cj's Channel (3 days ago)
How to dload naruto mobile the language is chinese
rianza Revelino (3 days ago)
What song reverse D?
ijerne Dave Manabat (3 days ago)
What is the song of 0:00 & 4:12?
Fake Sans (3 days ago)
This is clickbait. I just saved you sevend minutes and fourty four seconds of your life.
ConsoleGaming (3 days ago)
What Was The song for one piece?
I'm alone Dude (3 days ago)
I hate ADS, I'm just want to watching this.... Hmmmm a fucking ADS...!!?
Hangming (3 days ago)
Good list, love it
Julia Janik (4 days ago)
Amazing! But how I can download Tokyo ghoul dark war?
Pinoy Pop Corn (4 days ago)
all game is online?
26matthew1 (6 days ago)
Cant seem to find final fantasy xv pocket in the androit store
Random Gamer 16 (6 days ago)
Only reason I came was for the thumbnail
ImHandsome Plays (7 days ago)
cant play reverse D in my country :(
ImHandsome Plays (6 days ago)
UL Xemnas :3 D:
UL Xemnas :3 (6 days ago)
ImHandsome Plays same D:
hAiLmetAL (7 days ago)
r they offline games?
Keziah Webb (7 days ago)
Music links after one hundred likes....lies
lucastld (9 days ago)
Music on one piece is *NEFFEX - Fight Back*
Bugs Agent (9 days ago)
still waiting for asphalt 9 for android
Rey Jester Morondos (10 days ago)
Are these games are online or offline?
Ephil Sg (11 days ago)
no english version of naruto mobile?
Succ me (11 days ago)
What is the song for smashing the battle?
ThatOne Antihero (11 days ago)
We need more male characters #sexism
Edmund Ye (11 days ago)
Honkai Impact is already pretty old though, like 3-4 years I think? It's only new in europe and america
Edna Mendes (12 days ago)
Good video
Bob (13 days ago)
You Have now 777 likes song list plz :P
goodshow man (13 days ago)
I will all this game when I get Nvidia shield K1
Zack Zackky (13 days ago)
last song pls
Parz kun (13 days ago)
Links doesnt work.
NO MORE [SIYA_VXZ] (14 days ago)
what is name of game in thumbnail photo
Succ me (11 days ago)
NO MORE [SIYA_VXZ] naruto shinobi striker
SKRILL3X SEI (14 days ago)
Is honkai impact online?
Noor Amirul Fikri (13 days ago)
SKRILL3X SEI yes it is. But don't worry. It won't rip your data so much.
Muhamad Firman (14 days ago)
Muhamad Firman (14 days ago)
Friki Zone (14 days ago)
Good top bro :)
lord abodi (14 days ago)
Wow ur video is so perfect u keep up
NETÖ Lytüy (14 days ago)
Qual nome da música naruto mobile
Genos Jenosu (14 days ago)
We all cant deny that the first one (honkai impact 3rd) is the best one
Dewa Rizky MCPE (14 days ago)
Outro song pliss
Ahmi Rahman (15 days ago)
Link music please?
TAKEANDTAKE TV (15 days ago)
What intro song?
TAKEANDTAKE TV (9 days ago)
You intro song https://youtu.be/5YxVMyeIGvA
TAKEANDTAKE TV (14 days ago)
Lemnoid thx
Lemnoid (14 days ago)
Desmeon Hellcat!
Jugtastic Gamer (17 days ago)
That game is war age not darl war
Mikoto Misaka (17 days ago)
Does Toaru majutsu no index have english?
Lemnoid (15 days ago)
Hope so no!
Bachtiar Wahyu (17 days ago)
Game houkai keren , udh jauh mainnya
Thuan Nguyen (17 days ago)
I like the song when it started at one piece bounty rush
Luffy Ghoul (5 days ago)
Thuan Nguyen bro same
Zabuza Momichi (9 days ago)
Neefex fight back
Lemnoid (15 days ago)
Even i loved the song when i created! 😇
top khaled (17 days ago)
Here's what makes no sense in anime the more less cloths a girl has the stronger she is wtf
top khaled (15 days ago)
Lemnoid lol nice humar there
Lemnoid (15 days ago)
And thats what we need! 😂😂😂
Diemme93 (18 days ago)
Song the "Toaru Majutsu"? Please!
Diemme93 (17 days ago)
Mikoto Misaka thank you.😉
Mikoto Misaka (17 days ago)
only my railgun
Tomiwa Ojetunde (20 days ago)
Songs please
Lâm Phạm (21 days ago)
HI3 is best
Genos Jenosu (14 days ago)
It really is
Tenlizard44 (22 days ago)
Manuj DBZ (22 days ago)
What is the game in thumbnail
נתן מתיקו (19 days ago)
Manuj DBZ naruto shinobi striker its not released and its for consule (ps4 and xbox one)but you can enter (i guess) the open beta
Manuj DBZ (19 days ago)
Phone Gamer12 only Naruto?
Phone Gamer12 (19 days ago)
Psycho King (22 days ago)
songs ??
TaeSone (22 days ago)
Any of these games is offline?
Daniel Santos (22 days ago)
canal top
TendoX D (23 days ago)
KingLeroy (23 days ago)
Intro song
Nebula (20 days ago)
KingLeroy second ncs i cant wait by jim yosef
Nebula (20 days ago)
KingLeroy first is triumph from monstercat
Lemnoid (23 days ago)
Its Desmeon Hellcat!
Lightning Wolf (24 days ago)
What's the tittle of the song in the end of the video and dragon ball, place tell me pls
Shock Blaster (25 days ago)
The one piece one with the music was lit
SSBKaioken_ Ronald (27 days ago)
Why did u have to make a fake thumbnail though?
Kevin Scherpenkate (6 days ago)
Rash ipad Gamer a thumbnail is the picture when you tap the video
Faezma Faez (7 days ago)
SSBKaioken_ Ronald haha, not u..this video.
Vash Maratas (7 days ago)
SSBKaioken_ Ronald (8 days ago)
Faezma Faez who me?
Faezma Faez (8 days ago)
to get dislike of course, nah ill give u dislike u deserve it.
Son Ak1Z (1 month ago)
Nice thumbnail bitch
makhluk idup (1 month ago)
what's the title of the song in "toaru majutsu..."?
Mikoto Misaka (17 days ago)
makhluk idup only my railgun sir
BREAD PAKORA (1 month ago)
Osm selection !!
Lascar 91 (1 month ago)
1 er like super vidéo
Lascar 91 (1 month ago)
Déjà fait
Lemnoid (1 month ago)
Share n Subscribe Bro, more to come!! 😋

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