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Top 10 Anime Games 2018 Android / iOS | EPIC CONSOLE - QUALITY GAMES

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Text Comments (378)
AL Anime Gaming (15 hours ago)
Click bait!
Honkai impact was best same to aru majutsu no index ,well to aru majutsu no index lvl 43.
Trent (3 days ago)
Dang how do I get Naruto mobile?
ali khatami (4 days ago)
online semua kh itu. bye lu pake hp apaan
Ainun Najeeb (5 days ago)
You forgot 2017 the god of highschool...😑😑😑
Suryo Bawono (7 days ago)
honkai still the best for me
金城ソラ (9 days ago)
wow :O i need to play games on my tablet more often :/ these games looks fun :D
• Kanzaki Yuuto • (9 days ago)
Song my ntro? 😍😍
Andro Arena (9 days ago)
Wow I never knew that this type of games really exists. Thank man
Vayne Carudas Solidor (10 days ago)
(all the first 6 games are garbage, 4 of wich are ecchi = the best are the lasts!) 1- ecchi teenager garbage 2- ecchi teenager garbage 3- ecchi teenager garbage 4- ecchi teenager garbage 5- teenager garbage 6- teenager garbage (Tokyo Ghoul game) 7- *E X C E P T I O O O O O O O O O N !* (One Piece game) 8- *E X C E P T I O O O O O O O O O N !* (Dragon Ball game) 9- *E X C E P T I O O O O O O O O O N !* (Naruto game) 10- *E X C E P T I O O O O O O O O O N !* (Final Fantasy game)
Faizal DBSH (10 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S7ZiRIPgp8&t=10s watch me n subscribe me guys..thx for support! i will subscribe u back =D
Kamito Myav (11 days ago)
jjj Tailz (11 days ago)
i love anime
Ikihara Ichinomiya (12 days ago)
Honkai impact 3rd is the best :3
Salimou Sidi (12 days ago)
All games is offline
JXxXGaMeR (13 days ago)
intro song i love your intro
NOOB SEJATI (13 days ago)
noob player here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb-M7u9FIwR1uq8pnqX7YFw
Dhruba Dhar (14 days ago)
How to download naruto mobile
Wang Liao (15 days ago)
China is no.1 on mobile platform game development.
Shiro Fukuroi (15 days ago)
Reverse D not even available for international users, f***!!!!
Jager rosas (16 days ago)
Song 4:17
Mohamed Ali (13 days ago)
Jager rosas it's fight back by Neffex
Tartaruga Tuxe (17 days ago)
Tartaruga Tuxe (17 days ago)
Qual é o jogo da tmb?
Izanaki (17 days ago)
Top 10 anime games android! "Puts a console game on the thumbnail" Not to mention along with the fake android controls over the image. 😒
Leon S Kennedy (18 days ago)
American music puts me off the flow of the video have quality music
Si sale titanfall en este video es chingo y me gusta un juego
スバルGNP (21 days ago)
Tj Cross (21 days ago)
There is just something about anime music that kinda makes you pumped up
KILLER FROST (21 days ago)
Super mais il pourrait avoir des jeux autre que japonais 👍👍👍👍
DARK GOKU (21 days ago)
Nom de musique
Maulana Putra (22 days ago)
Are All Games That Online
Robin Vu (22 days ago)
Cái game mà làm hình video tên j vậy ad???
Spooder Man (22 days ago)
Spooder Man (22 days ago)
nelson a (22 days ago)
Best RPG on the List - Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition ♥
NEO PHANTOM (23 days ago)
Isn't the thumbnail shinobi striker
Miguel Martinez (24 days ago)
Im going to still your intro
I couldnt find honkai so i searched for it on this
Galih Areo (25 days ago)
Bang dawn break saya pakek cheat
Kevin Bernardo (26 days ago)
Im smashing my girl oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaah
Krish Bhakta (28 days ago)
Where’s dragon ball legends
-ScaredIceyy (4 days ago)
SonkuSwify NuSpotter Hah idiot its on both.
SonkuSwify NuSpotter (9 days ago)
Sorry that dragon ball legend is not compatible for your phone it's only ios u idiot
Krish Bhakta (28 days ago)
Dark ShadowGamer what?
Dark ShadowGamer (28 days ago)
Krish Bhakta its ”Non-Existant“ xD
Yilin Xie (29 days ago)
Shoot 666k views
44th Gaming (1 month ago)
Roses are red vieolets are blue j got clickbaited and so did you.
Tre TheDeku (1 month ago)
Yees Tokyo Ghoul
Panda lyziic (1 month ago)
[Music List] (In order) Intro: WRLD - Triumph 1. Jim Yosef - Can't Wait 2. Distrion & Electro-light - You and Me 3. Vanze - Forever 4. Far Out & Alina Ranae - Chains 5. fripSide - Only My Railgun 6. Neptune - Arc North 7. NEFFEX - Fight Back Outro: Desmeon - Undone
Panda lyziic (1 month ago)
[Music List] (In order) Intro : WRLD - Triumph 1. Jim Yosef - Can't Wait 2. Distrion & Electro-light - You and Me 3. Vanze - Forever 4. Far Out - Chains 5. fripSide - Only My Railgun 6. Neptune - Arc North 7. NEFFEX - Fight Back
GAMER SPARTACUS Br (1 month ago)
*Like mano*
Hruven Seven (1 month ago)
Why is Lemnoid posting games that require internet connection?
Hruven Seven (8 days ago)
金城ソラ heh
金城ソラ (9 days ago)
Hruven Seven um because they can!
Alifanibrohim Rosid (1 month ago)
Tanks for info
Hruven Seven (1 month ago)
Every rule of anime:the small ones r always da strongest one😊😊
Diky Arjuna (1 month ago)
Ever Gamer (1 month ago)
Tamb fake!!
Safar Muhammad (1 month ago)
Intro Song one piece?
Sard A (1 month ago)
Can’t deny the click bait
ボキアナBoWTF (1 month ago)
Honkai impact 3 =)))
pppppp (1 month ago)
At 0:00 what song is it
Frizly O.C (1 month ago)
Naruto mobile is the best
R LALCHUNGNUNGA Ralte (1 month ago)
Love that intro
kurosaki ichigo (1 month ago)
What about ninja arena ? It's a mobil version of "bleach vs. Naruto" which is only on pc
NARUTO UZUMAKI (1 month ago)
Which if these are offline
That’s Tokyo Ghoul War Age not dark war.
Rises Game (1 month ago)
The Humble Warrior DEMO trailer: https://youtu.be/v9ZnjEyMsqA
Carlos Miguel Medina (1 month ago)
Does anybody know the name of the song?
pkij pukj (1 month ago)
itu ofline apa online
Sweet Coffe (1 month ago)
Is it all free?
Muh Risal (1 month ago)
Bahasa jepang
Gabriel Robias (1 month ago)
Is the naruto game offline??
some one add me in honkai impact 3
vignesh rao (1 month ago)
I download naruto which is 800 mb but when I opened the game it asking for more 1+ GB data why?
金城ソラ (9 days ago)
vignesh rao um... to be able to load the game?
Firman sah 2126 (1 month ago)
Games semua itu online, atau offline
That Black Dude (1 month ago)
how do you download dbz awakening
fanny rowy (1 month ago)
Lol that one piece game it's actually a movie hahaha
Duen (1 month ago)
Only android games....
Ivan Pratama (1 month ago)
Mau nanya min .. itu opening ke 2 game apa ?? Yang ada tangan nya ??
shadow fan #3 (1 month ago)
how to download that naruto game? !!!
shadow fan #3 (1 month ago)
shut up naruto is the best fool
金城ソラ (9 days ago)
shadow fan #3 everyone has different opinions! so lay off!
Mr. H1D4N (1 month ago)
Is honkai impact an anime?
abraham kun (1 month ago)
Tell me how to dl naruto i cant understand chinese word...idk how to fl plisss
SonkuSwify NuSpotter (9 days ago)
abraham kun if even Japanese people understand..
Amr Saber (1 month ago)
The first music name
Belle B. (1 month ago)
Why dont have S.A.O Integral factor or Memory defrag
Bintang Anggara (1 month ago)
One piece GK bisa
LEGEND • (1 month ago)
So kawaii
Jintan Yadomi (1 month ago)
w0w to aru majutsu no index,the actual story from the anime
jvnr500 (1 month ago)
I really like tokyo ghoul dark war but its really hard to get carachters
jvnr500 (28 days ago)
Dark ShadowGamer thxs nep
Dark ShadowGamer (28 days ago)
bolsinhas gamer i love your profile picture Nep Nep...
Oppai So (1 month ago)
Hokai takes ages to load
Julio Barrios (17 days ago)
Oppai So i have an lg g6, it starts in about 40-50 sec from black screen to tap to log
Oppai So (17 days ago)
Julio Barrios no it does it every device I've played it on fucken Samsung 8 too
Julio Barrios (17 days ago)
Oppai So your device is trash, mine too, it does haha
Jackie Hound moderator (1 month ago)
Click bait
Agnes De Torres (1 month ago)
Sao integral factor? Where is it we need it all!
DeathPlayz HD (1 month ago)
Best intro sir :D
Koi Nichu (1 month ago)
Tokyo Ghoul Is Best Game Forever
Andrew Gabaldon (1 month ago)
We can’t download half these games because it’s on another store
TØXİC (1 month ago)
waiting for gta v android ver. waiting 17 years ago
Heaversbone (1 month ago)
What name the music intro?
Faisal Alsalamah (1 month ago)
Marvel strike game (deadpool) is free now 😍😎 get it http://cut-earn.com/tSMWMWT
YassirGunz !!! (1 month ago)
yup your right it is the best
Arktria (1 month ago)
Sao integral factor and db legends us out in iOS omggggg
Qwertz (1 month ago)
"One piece" part song name?
Mamat Remaja Mesjid (1 month ago)
Ap kh game ini offline
Patricia Centurión (1 month ago)
The Real Jesus Yeshua (1 month ago)
That is not rap thats crap
아마즈키 (1 month ago)
스메싱 더 배틀은 진짜 붕괴 이전에 3d모바일계중 에서 나름 대로1위였는데 이런 외국 영상에서 볼수 있다는게 흐뭇^^

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