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● In this video I will explain how to get free skins in CS GO. I've found a way to get any skin in CS GO. This is totally free so its great for you guys that cant afford skins. The only VAC BAN problems you will encounter is a VAC error, which temporarily kicks you from the sever. The hack will save the skins you chose and create a skin loud out for you, which I think is awesome. Follow EVERYTHING in the video to get this working. When in game the home key will allow you to access the menu, if you don't know what it looks like here : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/86/Insertpad.svg/200px-Insertpad.svg.png ************************ ● How to get this program/hack Program: http://cs-changer.ru/ You can translate the Webpage, but the program will still be in Russian. Do not forget you can install the program with your antivirus on but you can't run the program with out having CS GO crash, so turn off your antivirus when you run the program. ************************ ● Important things to note: NOT VAC BANABLE: I played for months without any VAC problems. You may get a VAC error which kicks you from the game to fix the VAC ERROR, verify your game files. Due to getting kicked you may get a COOLDOWN depending on how often you get kicked from competitive, so I recommend using this on the last round if you're really worried. You may get kicked playing casual/deathmatch, etc. but you can verify game files and just play again (It will save your skin loadout). THERE ARE NO VIRUSES THERE IS NO SITE SURVEYS ITS ALL IN F$U%CKING RUSSIAN DOES NOT HAVE GLOVES FRIENDS CAN NOT SEE IT ************************ ● Website(Developing): https://16034653.wixsite.com/beerchar... ● Please support my gambling addiction (If you don't want to gamble you can withdraw without depositing) csgoempire.com - Use code "charger" for a free 0.50$ http://csgoroll.com/promo/george101 - Free 0.50$ (Instant Withdraw) ************************ ● Social Links https://twitter.com/BeerChargerHD https://twitch.tv/beer_charger/profile https://www.instagram.com/georgie_boy0/ ************************ ● Enjoy your day guys if you did enjoy the video be sure to leave a like and if you are new here definitely subsribe. ************************ Description last updated: 5/2/2017
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Text Comments (292)
Heginbotham (30 days ago)
Guys this doesnt work anymore and may temporarily ban you. BUT Please don't go. Thank you for watching my video, this didnt work so watch my https://youtu.be/2tn90xuqu5k video. Its my main channel content tell me what you think, I want you guys to stay and help me grow!
Ruan Louw (20 days ago)
if your telling me that he's not south african then your taking me for a poes xD
SOLO KILL (27 days ago)
It will banned
king_master !! (1 month ago)
Does it work yet?
what key is the menu to change the skins?
Robocroc 777 (1 month ago)
ToribasherYT (2 months ago)
This is a virus, due to the fact when I tried to open the thing, malwarebytes, and my ccleaner, and even my windows, said there was a "Virus, or an "unwanted software program"
Avirath Dhami (2 months ago)
will i get a VAC BAN ?
Atay Sevinc (2 months ago)
All skins which i choosed in the changer showed up in my inventory and now i have a steam wallet like $5000 xD thx man Edit: thx for pin xD
Atay Sevinc (1 month ago)
+You Dont Understand Shit
You Dont Understand (1 month ago)
ur just trying to sell us the idea of installing this guys Trojan. Fuuuuuuuuuck that.
You Dont Understand (1 month ago)
The way this works is it just replaces the skin on YOUR UI no one else’s and that’s all your UI not your actual steam inventory. There has never been and never will be any outliers and any cases in which the skins will be directly deposited into your steam profile.
Atay Sevinc (1 month ago)
+You Dont Understand It worked for me Cuz im luckyy ag
You Dont Understand (1 month ago)
That’s not how it works
Bilal Dosani (5 months ago)
no. 1
Tobzy (6 months ago)
doesnt fucking work knobhead
Darkness Infinity (6 months ago)
Can others see skins?
PobloCad (1 month ago)
raided (6 months ago)
it does not work ive tried 3 times
Danyar Nerway - KALM 9B (7 months ago)
still working?
Milki (8 months ago)
Thanks man !! 💪💪
Saylwen (2 months ago)
stfu kid go play fortnite
Radiant★Skillerz (3 months ago)
you guys are slow if you believe him
lyhn (3 months ago)
no lol
It worked defore patch
nathan bullaft (4 months ago)
you know that isnt even possible right?
Canislav Zvezdelinov (9 months ago)
vac bann complete ?
tac o (9 months ago)
luckly i have windows security threat center almost had a virus
Hidden Gamerz (9 months ago)
This does not work! I clicked on everythinh he clicked on, suddenly it disappeared adn csgo closed. FAKE
venixHD (9 months ago)
i need help i have this problem 0xC0000428
ivan karpenko (9 months ago)
Thx bro it's really works
NOx AMVs (10 months ago)
i get a message forbidden 1:00
James Manuay (10 months ago)
does it still work?
Tobzy (6 months ago)
Arthur, uma mulher trans (10 months ago)
*Dude fuck that survey!! Here is the download WITHOUT a survey!!!* *Need to disable antivirus!!!!!!!!!!!!!* /file/j98f70f7ae52fi8/CS+GO+Inventory+Hack.rar mediafire . com (no spaces)
pontus pettersson (10 months ago)
Guys I just got $1624on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) ~> freepplmoney.win/?b0E6QB
Vitinho Gameplays (10 months ago)
vac ban yes
Josh B (11 months ago)
got vacced on LEM account ... thanks
Kevin Jakobsen (1 year ago)
is it not get virus?
Jacob Speights (1 year ago)
Do you keep the weapon
Creator Lockin (1 year ago)
He sais deactivate antivirus cuz game will crash so virus confirmed
AKA ANIMATION (1 year ago)
Will it work for other guns
4UniversalT (1 year ago)
Awe good vid man
Csgo Videos (1 year ago)
http://bitcoininvite.com/?ref=0xuT3vtVb Earn money fast and easy http://btcheat.com/?i=229725
Super Viners (1 year ago)
if this work in 2017
The Vlogerz Extra (1 year ago)
dosent work
Hugo Borsum (1 year ago)
My thing looks different than yours
sr usuario700 (1 year ago)
Safe ?
ggDanne gg (1 year ago)
its bad only you can see wtf:I dont do this buy skins or trade like csgosell
MDshayan! (1 year ago)
How can y get vac ban if no one sees it?
AmosGAMING (1 year ago)
How do we uninstall this or you just need to verify game files?
sean trinidad (1 year ago)
just do it on bots stupid
THEWARLORD 5000 (1 year ago)
Other people can’t see ur skin thoughb
hung tang (1 year ago)
when i use it cs go cant play they said that vac is unvailyble
Sniper Warrior (1 year ago)
Go to Skinsilo . com Use Kawiz For Free CSGO Skin try it and get a skin
Kelp7 7 (1 year ago)
Well, I will use it in prival servers just to take screen shots aniway, so, whatever
GAMPRO . (1 year ago)
will I get banned
Jamierandomgames (1 year ago)
just download csgo in nosteam website you have a whole set of skins in your inventory so if you wanna get a screen shots you know
TwoErmine (1 year ago)
need to change skin again and again?
Samuel Brimsoe (1 year ago)
LOL, he is doing it wrong. Use a external Hardrive and it wont be detected
Micheal Renfrew (1 year ago)
you need to remove the hard drive after injecting it
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Told you so
Samuel Brimsoe (1 year ago)
i used to use this cheat and i am not banned
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Imma try it now
Roman Pruiknaldo (1 year ago)
Can you do this in competitive
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
that is the whole point bro
Dayden Ramos (1 year ago)
i open csgo but i dont know what to do after that. its not working. well... im done trying to get skins btw my inventory is empty http://steamcommunity.com/id/derpman21/inventory/
Niko Mankinen (1 year ago)
its not safe, Norton blocks it
KentMichael (1 year ago)
AlBingo (1 year ago)
No virus?
Wham Phiobic (1 year ago)
Oh ok thanks man
Wham Phiobic (1 year ago)
Do you get banned if you play offline?
SuperNinja66 (1 year ago)
no problem
Wham Phiobic (1 year ago)
SuperNinja66 oh ok thanks
SuperNinja66 (1 year ago)
you will NOT get banned if you do it offline
Wham Phiobic (1 year ago)
SuperNinja66 Soooo.... that's a no right?
SuperNinja66 (1 year ago)
no.you can even hack if you want to, but only on offline with bots.
DEADSHOT CS GO (1 year ago)
please sir i want to trade with you i lost everything as i was scammed soi can you please trade with me
Mattewolf (1 year ago)
can you get vac banned or not
Kowya (1 year ago)
is this vsauce or what xd
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
haha yeah it is XD
Smurf (1 year ago)
U fucking stulid bitch
Olle Med pumpen (1 year ago)
virus or vac ban??
martin barstad (8 months ago)
ur hole life
Olle Med pumpen (1 year ago)
Azat yeah haha
Myst (1 year ago)
Leo wetterlow both
Mariopvp (1 year ago)
How long is a vac ban?
The Dark Knife (7 months ago)
Mariopvp forever
Fire Warrior I (9 months ago)
Eternity but it won’t happen for this since it’s kinda a fake hax
Skytix (10 months ago)
for ever
TACO1337_YT Dream (11 months ago)
Ghost_ Nightmare (1 year ago)
DoggeBoggeBoi (1 year ago)
Dude can you play quantum break on ultra?
KENNA PEE (1 year ago)
You want a knife just buy it
raided (6 months ago)
yea just send me 3 k if ur one of those rich kid snaps
DEADSHOT CS GO (1 year ago)
okay just give me 50$ xD
Ællath (1 year ago)
Wasteland R Just take a bit out of your paycheck lol
iTzComedyss (1 year ago)
Furi Claw 100 dollars on.pixels..
ROBLES MX (1 year ago)
give me the money
Android_ PlayerYT (1 year ago)
Which button clicks to open the skins menu
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
It is the 3rd one down
LostYoutuber (1 year ago)
dude my cs crash after 15 seconds when i press the CSGO button on csgo changer pls help!
LostYoutuber (1 year ago)
dude i ran it as admin and it didnt work pls help!
LostYoutuber (1 year ago)
i have could it be another problem?
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Dont forget to run it as administrator
SiLFaNcE (1 year ago)
I'm gonna hang myself with a rusty chain in the closet if i get vac-banned
Fire Warrior I (9 months ago)
Heginbotham u can over lap steam or search online for help
Fire Warrior I (9 months ago)
SiLFaNcE u won’t get vac cox of the vid if u do get it my life is a mistake cox I know codings
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Okay, I just used the changer now in death match. I get a vac error after 30 mins not a vac ban send me a link to your account i wanna see the Vac ban
SiLFaNcE (1 year ago)
I did get vac-banned but i made a new acount
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Jesus hahaha omfg XD
SnoWiE (1 year ago)
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Lol thats a good title but no you dont get vac banned
Boon (1 year ago)
Hey dude nice vid I liked and sub. Also people are saying that there getting vac banned. Is it true
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
I updated the description. Basically its up to you make sure you haven't stacking cool downs before downloading this. I did some research and valve doesn't really care much about people using skins, so the worse you get (I've had this happen, you can see in my vac ban video) is a kick from the sever, resulting in a cool down, thats why unless you dont mind a 30 min wait and you're lucky for 3 months use it in anything other than competitive
Jonathan Ojala (1 year ago)
Hate csgo now and my inventory 40$
DEADSHOT CS GO (1 year ago)
i wanna trade
Jonathan Ojala (1 year ago)
Fuck banned!!
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Im sorry about that dude are you sure its not a temp ban just like a sever ban or are you still not able to play?
Kai (1 year ago)
Yung Flexer (1 year ago)
so people can't see what u have and only u can see the skins
Liam Hart (2 months ago)
Heginbotham lol how many times have u had to answer that question am I right ??
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Ken Peng (1 year ago)
is there a survey
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Stunz (1 year ago)
dude i got vac banned it will go away right??
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
CallmeaRebel (1 year ago)
IDK if i will get a answer but the programme has a update could you do a new video :)
CallmeaRebel (1 year ago)
Lol you did actually respond :D nice (u got a new sub) ps: and ps u don't have to do one for me I got it to work thx anyways :)
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Yeah sure I'll look into it!
faggot boy (1 year ago)
can u sell em
Klaidas Thompson (1 year ago)
spector % no
RaycomPlay (1 year ago)
vac ban
XxEddieYTxX (1 year ago)
0 virus
Ashman Gaming (1 year ago)
Edi Izeli I scanned it it had a Ransom Trojan which opens a back foot into your computer
Stealthy (1 year ago)
its russian program)
Mr Viral (1 year ago)
dislike button works !!!
derek burga (1 year ago)
lol? its obviously the others cannot see the skin since its a FREE SKIN only so u can see it. if other people see it that would def get you vac banned permanently this doesnt give u anny advantage
Mr Viral (1 year ago)
we only can see the skins not others .If others can not see the skins no use of seeing this fucking video
Aylin Winner (1 year ago)
i got csc stopped error pls help me :(
Retroks - Q45 (1 year ago)
have i the skins for ever?
Andi Games Channel (1 year ago)
Klaidas Thompson (1 year ago)
Andi Games Channel press home button
LBDANKSTER (1 year ago)
it's in Russian
mish swish (1 year ago)
r u from south africa
mish swish (1 year ago)
lol  me 2 c: want 2 leave tho in 2 years I'm goint 2 live in dubia
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Fairy Drop (1 year ago)
it will recive vac ban or no ?
Klaidas Thompson (1 year ago)
jauca robert no
Wenjie Fang (1 year ago)
no vac ban?
RMX PC (4 months ago)
vac ban
Wenjie Fang (1 year ago)
akiMC (1 year ago)
you will be vac banned 10 mins after installing this shit
ツPvpy (1 year ago)
It doesnt work anymore.
G- Eazy (8 months ago)
Mart!n (1 year ago)
can the other players see the skins?
Liam Hart (2 months ago)
MexicoChico lol ur right
MexicoChico (10 months ago)
Mart!n Do u have ears?
Hugo Borsum (1 year ago)
is their a vac ban with this???
Hugo Borsum (1 year ago)
thats stil good for self purpose
Mart!n (1 year ago)
Kurt Lihua (1 year ago)
I'm not banned if i used his in deathmatch, or occasional?
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
you will get a 30 minute cool down
Kurt Lihua (1 year ago)
And if i'm VAC Ban what is my problem?
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
youll be fine
_Milme079_ lol (1 year ago)
Kingiex (1 year ago)
how tf do you do this? can you please contact me or something idk how to do it xD......
Kingiex (1 year ago)
Yes ik i already got it but for somehow i get kicked almost every time does it happen to you to?
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
Kingiex hehe bro all the info is in the video
Nwa Fireflies (1 year ago)
Hi can you help me when I want to open files shows me some error in WinRAR why?
Heginbotham (1 year ago)
NWA Fireflies Gaming have you tried downloading it again?
Nwa Fireflies (1 year ago)
vitor correa (1 year ago)
n e nem da vac faz dez anos q eu uso e n deu vac confia
HWN1 fox (1 year ago)
This is so cool it really worked
Ken Natuurlijk (1 year ago)
If i download this Get iam Vac Banned?
Sharkboy1006 (1 year ago)
whats cogs
tyfefwhjgkehjdgysue (1 year ago)
no but if you use it on cogs yes
Atomic_Claw (1 year ago)
my friends cant see the skins y
Atomic_Claw (1 year ago)
doesn't work on me it says cs stop working

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