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Minecraft Mobs: Silverfish

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Let's explore Minecraft! We bring you detailed block-by-block information for our site http://www.minecraftwiki.net
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stygianPrince (9 months ago)
Just as a pointer, Silverfish don't only spawn in strongholds. They also have a chance to spawn as monster eggs in extreme hill biomes.
MinecraftGaming (1 year ago)
Recommended in my youtube
HalfFireIce (1 year ago)
Annoying and disgusting mobs 😫
smartara1493 (1 year ago)
I was mining a sequence of tunnels on my own and I felt safe with no mobs since it was a cave made by me and I had valuable things with me. Suddenly I break a stone block out of nowhere, cause I don't understand what "block 97 means"! And 15 silverfish came after me like crazy... I stressed out because I wasn't prepared so I jumped from the ladders and died when I realized they were taking my health... and now I listen to them hissing in the blocks near by... gives me the creeps... Also, if you don't kill them all they will dig other stones around there and infest other blocks. You'll know the block is infest if the stone needs more time to destroy with the pickaxe than the normal blocks.
Mabra (2 years ago)
You forgot to mention that when they're not attacking anything, after a short period of time they'll infest another stone/cobblestone/stone brick block.
smartara1493 (1 year ago)
YES! I hear them hissing or something
Taimy Bringas (2 years ago)
Can I get a Silverfish "head" with commands?
Sam Wilk (3 years ago)
Monster egg
drew45footballskater (3 years ago)
How normal is it to find these bastards in Extreme Hills?
Vereydonn (4 years ago)
love your vids! :)
DJ.S tefi (4 years ago)
I hate you silverfish! :(
Fluffal Eevee (4 years ago)
like if you were lead here by a link what said a video to maps on their navigation video
Jonathan Stiles (4 years ago)
Note: Block 97 was added to the creative mode inventory in 1.3.1 and is known as "<name of stone-based block> Monster Egg." They can be placed down as a trap on adventure maps and servers (assuming you cheat to get it) but will only spawn a silverfish when broken in survival mode. The regular stone variant as of 1.4.2 will *very rarely* spawn in Extreme Hills biomes.
smartara1493 (1 year ago)
In a situation of mine, 15 silverfish came out of hole of 4 blocks space when I broke a normal stone block and they scared the shit out of me. I was simply mining and I never encountered them before...
Ultimate X (4 years ago)
I like the noises they make.
Ultimate X (4 years ago)
I have a cage of the in creative mode
Ultimate X (4 years ago)
only in survival though
john Smithson (4 years ago)
they are pesky you know that
Ultimate X (4 years ago)
I have the game and I have a pet silverfish.
Ultimate X (3 years ago)
nunodfes2 (3 years ago)
It works with the fishing rod now with the new update. go check it out
Ultimate X (3 years ago)
lol. no. Go into creative, create a cage, and then spawn a silver fish.
nunodfes2 (3 years ago)
+Sophie Li right click on them with a fishing rod
Ilija Ristic (4 years ago)
Not uncontrolling swarm, FUCKED UP SWARM!
SockMonkey007 (4 years ago)
Do they only spawn near there? cuz I've seen a lot and not near the end portal room.
MangoPuff (4 years ago)
They're so cute in minecraft! They look DISCUSTING in real life...my god.
eilonwe (3 years ago)
+MangoPuff at first i thought you were talking about the guys narrating these videos and i was like "WOW rude" lmao
EstivalNinpo101 (3 years ago)
+Brenden Funkhouser What?! Awww....ugh, now, I'm scared to even think about them in real life. 
EstivalNinpo101 (4 years ago)
I know this is a 9 month comment, I know. But, what do they look like in real life? Don't tell me, the silverfish is an insect. = _ = 
AdidasCL4SS1CS (5 years ago)
Taro x (5 years ago)
i play in singleplayer v 2.6.1 and i want construct with cubblestone. Cubblestone transforms in silverfish if you atack other silverfish?
Sheld Owned (5 years ago)
Well,he is so good that he must use his actor skills to suck in minecraft *ops:yes,1 year and I´m still butt-hurt =p
They're actually cute, too bad they attack you.
TheMilkingChickens (5 years ago)
It's sad how only 100 people noticed. XD Btw, 100th like! =D
CaitSeith (5 years ago)
They also spawn deep under Extreme Hills biomes. You can tell a block 97 from a normal block while you are breaking it. It takes longer to break it with a pickaxe than a stone block, but you can break it easily without need of any tool.
TheCrosshairBoy (5 years ago)
Sorry If im Wrong, But i think he says ' Im not More Than Freeman ' because its a line of a popular TV advert.
trunksdbzful (5 years ago)
No lie I have that seed underneath my house on xbox360 if any one wants it I have seed and coordinates just ask me
spderb0y (5 years ago)
does anyone notice that all of these videos are uploaded in may 15 2012
crono physics monkey (5 years ago)
zol zol (5 years ago)
97 is the the id of the block the name for the all is stone moster egg or cobblestone moster egg or stone brick monster egg
05anonymous50 (5 years ago)
Very rarely in Extreme Hills biomes.
Miss Mumargi (5 years ago)
Does block 97 appear far from strongholds.
sorrowfulgargoyle (5 years ago)
Filfy Animals - Geoff's Theme
Logan Little (5 years ago)
Silverfish blocks also spawn in extreme hills biomes.
SuberMario (5 years ago)
I like these videos, but listening to them in the background is a bitch. The volume between videos isn't normalized at all. Sometimes you'll be a whisper, other times you'll be shouting in my ear.
Catyclept (5 years ago)
columbus8myhw (5 years ago)
Oh, so he did.
Catyclept (5 years ago)
He actually said More-Than Freeman, a character from British ad's ^-^
columbus8myhw (5 years ago)
I think they also are found in extreme hills biomes, not sure when they added that.
Aurfore McKenna (5 years ago)
He totally said More-Than Freeman which is a reference to a british advert where therewas a white guy who sounded like morgan freedom >.>
Mio Akiyama (5 years ago)
Silverfish can clean mossy blocks
Charles Sanford (5 years ago)
i wish i was this good and creative at minecraft
Ancel4 (5 years ago)
Only the ones of us who had ears.
FairFuse (5 years ago)
I'm always surprised how you can explain the most important and difficult thing as well as the easiest thing in one minute, and still don't forget anything to say or say too much.
Alexander (5 years ago)
My name is Geoff. Everything's on fire.
Alexander (5 years ago)
Not always. SOmetimes in extreme hills biomes, silverfish blocks will spawn.
Markimus (5 years ago)
You're not even trying to kill them..
Rigor Mortis (5 years ago)
0:14 Silverfish spawn eggs in survival mode? Seems legit...
Shad0wInfinity (5 years ago)
Hat films made these famous!
bubblemix (5 years ago)
Hmm... kk
Yell Heah (5 years ago)
Once I was just digging down in a straight line and I accidentally hit a silverfish block, and I hit it, and they all started attacking me and I died. I was "Slain by silverfish". I ragequit.
columbus8myhw (5 years ago)
"I'm not Morgan Freeman, but thanks for listening anyway." How many of you heard that?
Gray WolvezRock (5 years ago)
creepy little vermins aren't they?
Locke3OOO (5 years ago)
thats a spawn egg block, which are found near extreme hills biome. you can tell if you are mining one because it usually takes a while to break with a pickaxe
Justin Giffard (5 years ago)
I think he is referring to a head crab... but this isn't HalfLIfe... wrong game buddy
gjeldrez (5 years ago)
I believe so.
igor4516 (5 years ago)
sorry to correct you, but I think the word you were searching was 'stumble' not slumber, as this means sleep
Volsund (5 years ago)
so when digging around if i slumber upon silverfish it means the stronghold is near..?
MrWilliamionsea (5 years ago)
Silverfish is the smallest hostile mob in Minecraft.
F|nN (5 years ago)
does it mean if you mine any random block and Silverfish spawn that there is a Stronghold nearby?
Foolmonkey (5 years ago)
I just googled silverfish. holy fuck
TheArceusftw (5 years ago)
but the wiki refers to the blocks as monster eggs
ramlood (5 years ago)
You mine it faster than the regular stone blocks, so try to mine every block you see with your hands or another tool first. If it's taking a noticably shorter time to mine it, it's one of those blocks. They don't have an official name as of, though, so it's just called "Block 97" at the moment. :P
ChewstonIsBallistic (5 years ago)
...And you died.
TreeMovies (5 years ago)
TheArceusftw (5 years ago)
is there a way to identify a monster egg block(that is their official name) from regular stone blocks?
TOMYSSHADOW (6 years ago)
I had to do a bit of searching to find out the song is from /watch?v=1zieQ1LVEag
TOMYSSHADOW (6 years ago)
The best thing to do in a case like that (it has happened to me before) is to just mark those comments as spam the moment you realize the mistake. It happened to me once when I accidentally assumed TWD98 was born in 1998, when I found out he wasn't, I got a flood of emails, and marking my own comment as spam worked like a charm.
Logical Brick (6 years ago)
No, No. They dont.
Gatorang ed (6 years ago)
No, they attack your feet. All mobs do what you said.
Gatorang ed (6 years ago)
How would that even work?
Jimmy Lennon (6 years ago)
silverfish are weird
andrick11X (6 years ago)
They did, up until 1.2 if memory serves. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.
whoeveriam0iam14222 (6 years ago)
the only hurt you when they jumped.. now they hurt you when they touch you
Logical Brick (6 years ago)
Please go away they never did.
whoeveriam0iam14222 (6 years ago)
you can play multiplayer without logging in. but the server has to allow that
whoeveriam0iam14222 (6 years ago)
back when you posted your comment they did
Benson (6 years ago)
perhaps he's hung like a mooshroom
AdidasCL4SS1CS (6 years ago)
*accidently walking into lava*
Matthew G (6 years ago)
stop stealing haatfilms song!
AOSMEMAN (6 years ago)
hi hatfilms fan i love hatfilms no homo man im going to sub to you
Thomas smith (6 years ago)
he fell in lava hahahahaha
RagingHammer (6 years ago)
i dunno i am not premium so i dont know other things :P about it
Interregnum (6 years ago)
Also you can Play Multiplayer with other People.
MrSinxist (6 years ago)
is that all?
RagingHammer (6 years ago)
change skin dude in hacked version you cant change your characters skin
MrSinxist (6 years ago)
what's different about the premium version?
RagingHammer (6 years ago)
Cyber fish!!
RagingHammer (6 years ago)
YingofDarkness (6 years ago)
...they look kind of cute actually. I want a farm of silverfish ;_;
MrSinxist (6 years ago)
im getting minecraft on august 14th im so excited
foxoutofhell (6 years ago)
They look like cybermats :)
MelonHeadSeb (6 years ago)
Oh you really are an idiot.
SuperDuperByron (6 years ago)
i love the end when you choose a video the annotations make a face for a quick second
james dud (6 years ago)
The Scaryest thing ever happend to me in minecraft is that i was in a stronghold and there was about 5 creepers, 3 selkitons, 2 zombies, 10 silverfish after me!
nicholas braswell (6 years ago)
ones green ones dead they will hit you in the head hostile moooooooooooooooooobs
airborn211 (6 years ago)
When will Xbox edition get new mobs, enchanting and the leveling system im getting Jelly :(
mikhail118 (6 years ago)
Actually the Silverfish will only do damage to you if it makes contact will your head, which means they usually have to jump to do damage to you.
MrSplodgeySplodge (6 years ago)
They attack any of you.... :/
Logical Brick (6 years ago)
they dont only attack your head dumbass!
aaron franklin (6 years ago)
congatulations ill give a subscribe [iminent=qiKknAgUWfOB] _____________ I have just posted a cool Emoticon!
History Comics (6 years ago)
Congrats! Have A Cookie!

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