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Send me your REPLAYS to ► dustyfanmail@gmail.com ★Source: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud © If you need a song removed on my channel, please email me. (ledecky.david@gmail.com) © Copyright : We / I do not own any of the material in this video. I upload video's for promotional and preview purposes only! If you are the Producer or Photographer and would like the Video taken down please Email me and we / I shall remove it immediately. Please do not issue a "Copyright Strike" against the Channel as it affects all previous work. We always try to ask for permission to upload records but sometimes parties may not be informed. Please contact me at.
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Text Comments (29)
Kenei Sogotsu (1 month ago)
8:24 cool shit
Kenei Sogotsu (1 month ago)
8:07 you get headshot by Mini14 with full health lv2 helmet?
This guy...
master rhaven (1 month ago)
i want to play PUBG STEAM but i cant aford it .. are you donating something into a lucky subscriber ??
Gunturtur 35 (1 month ago)
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BOMBOM TV (1 month ago)
LOL too many stream sniper
Amateurx Gaming (1 month ago)
Dont let me see you pressed (LIKE)
king of kings (1 month ago)
Lol crossbow ammo to give way
king of kings (1 month ago)
Lol 12 th kill
Das Gaming-Official (1 month ago)
Mobile Legends Skin GiveAway On 500 Subs
Sarada Prasad (1 month ago)
Man em 4th in like... 😀🖖
Mad Dude (1 month ago)
WHO DA fuck cares this bicht anymore ?.HE just leva nolifer bicht.
WINNER (1 month ago)
Why shroud committed suicide?
Akshay Golchha (1 month ago)
Choco died early because of an camper so there was no fun anymore so they just wiped Hacienda and committed suicide
Hamody Kara (1 month ago)
الحب 😍
Judd Seif Garzon (1 month ago)
android gamer (1 month ago)
my comment will be the most liked comment on YouTube, this is the truth
Joel Natoli (1 month ago)
Teh no
king of kings (1 month ago)
rex miner (1 month ago)
Foxy_GamerXD 458 (1 month ago)
Abdo Tajeddine (1 month ago)
Shroud is the best
Florence Athens (1 month ago)
Ayob Ahmed (1 month ago)
Saif king (1 month ago)
MOHAMMED SALAM (1 month ago)
Hamody Kara (1 month ago)
MOHAMMED SALAM ماكو هيج نغل مو 😂
SKIFTERI 06 (1 month ago)
Hey mmannn
MOHAMMED SALAM (1 month ago)

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