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All Adrian Purnell, Sexiest Woman in Sports!

181 ratings | 45494 views
No player in the LFL gets more views than Adrian Purnell. Check out why. No sound by the way. Enjoy #3.
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Text Comments (14)
Nintendo Pilot (10 days ago)
Hahahah No.
John Smith (14 days ago)
Gee, thanks for sending me pictures of a bunch of nasty ass fat b****** with cottage cheese ass.
Souhail Wolf (21 days ago)
i will never consantrat on the game damn look at these sexy girls omg
what kind of sports it is
Sparkz Mentalz (2 months ago)
Great editing. Just booty and no bullshit. Nice.
stlcardinals251 (2 months ago)
Fawkkkkk j f2f sc bvd gcetgth bby pudding in my pants
MARCEL COKER (7 months ago)
Who is #2🤔? She looking like a snack😋😍
MARCEL COKER (7 months ago)
You da goat💯🙏
rebellifemedia (7 months ago)
MARCEL COKER her name is Brittany Demery. She's on Instagram @brittanydemerylfl
B M (7 months ago)
Dam she's HOT!! I took a poll and it's RISING FAST!! LOL
Kelleydon Patterson (7 months ago)
How do they keep from getting major injuries. Lawsuit waiting to happen .
S.G Abelson (7 months ago)
Such an hilariously stupid sport.
Mario m (7 months ago)
Que mujer mas exquisita. Delicia. ...
İsmail Erdoğan (7 months ago)
aman tanrım didim :) bu arkadaşlar sahaya gömerler adamı yav :)

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