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Logitech G513 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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G513 is a high performance RGB mechanical gaming keyboard that features advanced technologies in a modern and sleek design. G513 includes full spectrum ~16.8M color RGB per key lighting with LIGHTSYNC technology, choice of mechanical switches, and a memory foam palmrest to deliver utmost comfort. G513 is the perfect blend of performance,advanced technologies and features, and unparalleled build quality and comfort.
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Text Comments (42)
xXXFirestorm27 (15 hours ago)
THIS IS WHAT I CALL MASTERPIECE. better than any logitech g keyboard or any hyperx or corsair. it just looks clean, feels great and you can choose between tactile and linear and of course i choosed linear
TheShanster1000 (2 days ago)
I like how it's completely flat from top to bottom, looks super easy to clean out dog hair unlike my g610.
Mark Davenport Jr (4 days ago)
Very nice I think I found my next keyboard to get. :)
MATHPC 40 (5 days ago)
stop the number pad thing, I'm pretty sure that 90% of gamers don't even use the number pad because is not even used in games anymore as before. If someone need one, make a module like the Claymore, but stop making so much full size keyboards, they add too much cost and unnecesary keyus IMO
Jack Moore (6 days ago)
Can you guys please release an extra large gaming mouse pad. I really want one as I want to keep my setup logitech themed!
TheKawaiiCheeseburger (5 days ago)
Here you go: https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/product/g840-cloth-xl-gaming-mouse-pad
Jack Moore (5 days ago)
TheKawaiiCheeseburger could you tell me what it is so I can get it because I need one that covers my mouse and keyboard
TheKawaiiCheeseburger (5 days ago)
Jack Moore they already have one
coth (6 days ago)
What about backlight voltage controller defect (with time colors turns wrong) that was on G910 and G810? Did they fix it? And what about G813 with same design as above, but with metallic volume roller and USB 3.1 hub?
Jenna (7 days ago)
Vast majority of gamers demanded more features which is essentially important for gamers to have more options and more choices to choose such as volume scroll, mute, play/pause, LED Toggle, Programmable G Macro Keys, Arx Dock, etc. In addition, some competitive gamers prefer *TKL (Ten Key Less)* Keyboard without having additional numpads on their keyboard. That way, gamers can easily swipe the mouse on their mousepad to avoid hitting the keyboard.
Arri (6 days ago)
Jenna it's a minimalistic keyboard, if you want these features then don't get it, it's not aimed at those types of gamers
IcyRhythms (7 days ago)
Need TKL option :( This kind of thing should be standard now. If you make a new keyboard, there should be a TKL version as well.
PrimeKoalaGaming (7 days ago)
Is this available in Australia yet?
PrimeKoalaGaming (2 days ago)
cart3r t oh yeah I just saw that but will the g513 come to Australia before June 2nd because that's my birthday and I want one of these
cart3r t (5 days ago)
PrimeKoalaGaming No but the g512 (the same as this but it doesn’t have a wrist rest and the key cap puller/keys) will be coming the the Logitech online store here in Australia
Fan1 (7 days ago)
tkl ? pls
Eric Enström (7 days ago)
Membrane keyboard someday?
Chris Chen (7 days ago)
there are already g213 prodigy
Yakyakers (7 days ago)
Maybe it's time to add multimedia keys instead of hitting fn... 2018 here
Arri (6 days ago)
Yakyakers g 8 1 0.. the idea of this keyboard is a minimalistic design
Herbert Pratama (7 days ago)
i need volume wheel
xXXFirestorm27 (15 hours ago)
there is already a volume key
X-Smas Gaming (7 days ago)
TKL version would be perfect :)
PrimeKoalaGaming (7 days ago)
X-Smas Gaming Lel they should have made the g512 a tkl keyboard missed opportunity...
tyakoss (7 days ago)
No many how shiny it is, romer G are wobbly and simply not great.
tyakoss (6 days ago)
Probably because their reviews are ordered by logitech. Maybe the switches are alright, but logitech should step up their assembly quality. From my experience, the G710 is squeaky as hell, 810 has wobbly keys. Tesoro has shitty design and painting. Razer used to be alright (my ~10 year old lycosa still works), now they are garbage. Corsair are alright, but I still use my CM storm quickfire.
Arri (6 days ago)
tyakoss thats weird, with my experience, the g810 is the least wobbly because of the design of the switch.. most reviewers also support this..
tyakoss (6 days ago)
No, exactly the opposite. Out of the 4 keyboards with Cherrys (3 brown, 1 blue) that I have and the G810 that I bought last, the G810 is the wobbliest.
Arri (6 days ago)
tyakoss romer g has virtually no key wobble, unlike cherry, is that what you meant or what?
Waifu Hunter (7 days ago)
Here's an idea, add a palm rest with the g810
xXXFirestorm27 (15 hours ago)
Professor MLG (7 days ago)
I want it 😍😍
XDeX BG (7 days ago)
Alex (7 days ago)
well still is very expensive i would have bought g810 or 910 if they would have added a clicky sound , that is satisfying so better having a clicky keyboard
Alex (15 hours ago)
xXXFirestorm27 is not like the razer responds almodt as fast as the g810 and g910... i just press the key a little and it responds so i dont want a keyboard that responds everytime i have my fingers on the key and putting just a little force into it
xXXFirestorm27 (15 hours ago)
so you would rather have clicky instead of linear. so you choose satisfying instead of performance i see why you suck at games
Debjyoti Palit (7 days ago)
BadigolBoy (7 days ago)
Lol thanks for announcing an hour after buying my G413
Nick2D2 (7 days ago)
Refunds are a thing my guy. Amazon has pretty good returns
Steve Shaw (7 days ago)
It was announced about a month ago :)
Cataclysm Fast (7 days ago)

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