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Text Comments (1874)
exillion (1 year ago)
Comment down below which one of them deserved it the most! That asian girl lied so bad...
Larry Frazier (4 days ago)
Clara oh clara lmfao bullshit u cheating ass bitch
Gaming Gapples (15 days ago)
I reckon she thought that what she could see directly wasn't what the stream saw and was like gotv
Trevor Noah (16 days ago)
Asian chick got VAC banned and twitch banned. Don’t cheat loser.
Rudolf Kincel (17 days ago)
AmmattilainenTV (24 days ago)
Did she get banned?
Mac Diddles (1 day ago)
The Asian girl is horrible with the hacks
wavegodCS (1 day ago)
Dont call them hackers, since they just download it from the internet. Rather call them cheaters.
Jeshurun Raja (2 days ago)
Bloody hell Clara
!gaming ghost! (3 days ago)
I don't see anyone insulting any country here, but when Forsaken was caught cheating recently, everyone started bashing the entire country
Larry Frazier (4 days ago)
Cheating ass players get better at playing a game other then cheating lame fucks
Tino Fremling (5 days ago)
god damn it clara!
Detrian (6 days ago)
Aiden (6 days ago)
Billy Mayes (6 days ago)
Ur actually dumb they clearly just have gaming doors and gaming socks duh
Yena Hwang (7 days ago)
My fucking ear
wesmatron (7 days ago)
The volume is all fucked up
mL Success (7 days ago)
Clara what did you do
Super Dark (7 days ago)
Cryptic Mirrors (7 days ago)
There is not 100% sure everyone i this video is cheating My friend got vaced and he 100% sure did not cheat so some times ppl is geting banned by nothing
FacePunchHero (8 days ago)
fuck off
flukymaze (8 days ago)
She has walls yet she sucks...shes a femenist
saltt (9 days ago)
2:50 there is no way this chick is dmg, she plays like a nova even with walls.
Alexis :P (9 days ago)
bind (9 days ago)
i like the way you tickle my left ear
lucas pwe (9 days ago)
My friend got vacced and it occasionally messes up I guess and he got it remove
mikvance (9 days ago)
Clara strikes again!!!
phutureproof (9 days ago)
not enough adverts for me, I'll drop this comment and back out cheers
J M (9 days ago)
Volume? ...bunk ass youtube
Methos (9 days ago)
member in 1.3-1.6, it was not this common to cheat LIVE/LAN, now it's happening every tournement.
DESERTOD (10 days ago)
Толстая азиатка даже не сообразила, что сожгла читы 😂
Sukz0r (10 days ago)
The retarded bot brain that surfed deserved it more than the asian girl. Period.
Eetu Jee (11 days ago)
Girl gamers are thots and shits
spompofleks (11 days ago)
I came here looking for forsaken... xD
Bryan Wilzz (11 days ago)
Fuckin clara
Волк BG (12 days ago)
OMG! cheaters!
RiickJamesBiitch (13 days ago)
The girl turns hack on and click on options but blame her friend for downloading it 🤔🤔🤔
Hazz PvP (13 days ago)
get that weird glitch where you can see people through walls and hit every shot
Cheat Activated (13 days ago)
Khaos should get an award for being that dumb. First off, u khaos noob VAC bans aren’t always instant. They can take time process which is what happened in this case. BTW Top of the page says DOWNLOAD EVIDENCE. Telling his friends to go fuck themselves lol ok bro go watch the evidence of u using hacks against Asian kids who whooped your ass everyday until u toggled them on. Watch the evidence video for yourself idiot.
Slawt3r Da God (14 days ago)
2018 Forsaken word.exe
apmannen04 _ (15 days ago)
Clara wtf
DGN Crow (15 days ago)
Your videos audio is ass
last day on earth KON (15 days ago)
They aren t fucking proplayers
Ab Dou (15 days ago)
Uhh stupid clara
No Silence (15 days ago)
Holy fuck my left ear loved that intro.. my right ear is kinda jealous
YaBoiSeEK .Gaming (16 days ago)
Fucking Clara not again
progamer (16 days ago)
Poor Clara
benjibanan (16 days ago)
How could you do this Clara!!?? :O lol
flayy (16 days ago)
*_C L A R A H_*
Barberman (16 days ago)
Just your voice made me thumb down your video, dint even watch it.
Elvis Sanchez (16 days ago)
Annoyingly low volume settings.
chillerinstinct1 (16 days ago)
I don’t get that Moment when that Asian girl closed the game and looks at the menu. Why did she close the game and what is she looking at afterwards? In-game was clearly visible but afterwards?
LordDJinn Rdr (17 days ago)
Are her eyes sideways or I'm just trippin?
someone H (17 days ago)
Slug Milk (17 days ago)
the clan abbreviation is esp, like seriously.
Scottomatic (17 days ago)
Bitch is fake as fuck...youn can SEE the dumb bitch walling....
bent0r (17 days ago)
God Damn Clara...
Rudolf Kincel (17 days ago)
Fucking suckers who don't know play without cheating 😂
CHRIS SAMA (17 days ago)
Next video: Forsaken with 1000iq tries to delete hacks in front of an admin!
Last Chance Gaming (18 days ago)
A. D A R K (18 days ago)
DeimonLord127 (18 days ago)
TOP 8 CSGO PLAYERS ? where you saw these pro ??????????????????????????????
Marcius :D (16 days ago)
????? Are u stupid or smt.? He saying there's 8 people not pros wtf
xOpe (18 days ago)
Clara is so underrated
Impaled Jesus (18 days ago)
Hello guys blahblah don't forget blahblah
Silence (18 days ago)
God dammit clara
Zyhoi (18 days ago)
abdul malik shibly (18 days ago)
My left ear enjoyed the first part of this video
A1M (18 days ago)
this asian bitch girl is a fucking liar.
Hamzie - BO4 (18 days ago)
My left ear is pleased
Anderson Anal (19 days ago)
*fucking, clara*
kelvin Schneider (19 days ago)
after forsaken happen, this came up
Fuku (19 days ago)
Nice intro only one side of the headphone worked
De Blank (19 days ago)
Can you remember the old playstation 2 cheat disks? i used them! i'm a bad person
TheShiddyshiddy (19 days ago)
"im gonna switch account"
Fauzy Daud (19 days ago)
clara is behind all of this.
erdem celik (19 days ago)
6 adverts in a 20min clip... damn Exilion your hungry boy
erdem celik (19 days ago)
i was about to press play but then noticed the greedy adverts, im good thanks.
smacznego (19 days ago)
2:35 she still cheating and fcking dont know how to shooting da fuq is goin?
holic nohic (19 days ago)
fucking asian hacking bitch !!!!§§§§§
Zanj (20 days ago)
0:00 wtf was that. i can only hear him in my right ear
Link Zeppeloyd (20 days ago)
I can't stand that cross eyed Asian anymore xD
MJGC-Jonathan (20 days ago)
Bro it's a rank glitch clara did it but I know hot to use the menu.
coldz 2k (20 days ago)
Måns (20 days ago)
this guy seems to be mostly confused in how he got VACed while surfing, and less why he got VACed at all
StamG YT (20 days ago)
Omg clara why!!!!!
Gtv Csatorna (20 days ago)
Philalethes (20 days ago)
did clara do that shit to forsaken too?
Herkinen (20 days ago)
2:00 stupid bitch
MzRk Ionut (21 days ago)
Wow inhuman....
Zero (21 days ago)
why 2:32 that girl open hack in her stream?
TricyclicSteam (21 days ago)
Add Forsaken onto this list XD
Robert Holland (21 days ago)
Placeholder Name (21 days ago)
5:50 "VAC banned, I don't understand? HOW! I was surfing!" Gee, wonder how. VAC bans are delayed on purpose, genius. You could have cheated 2 days ago, or a month ago and you got flagged. You done goofed. Jog on loser.
KHop_YT (21 days ago)
my... left... ear...
fercsikbotond (21 days ago)
Magyarooooookkkk HvHznak xD
Hardcore Gamers (21 days ago)
word.exe best hax ever
Hardcore Gamers (21 days ago)
forsaken made this video popular
White Rabbit (21 days ago)
There you see all those "you just bad" kids! FUCK YOU NOOBS!! One day I will fuck all of you in the ground, even without cheats and you have on!
Mantaray (21 days ago)
my left ear really enjoyed this video
Loki Himalayan Cat (21 days ago)
add foresaken to the list and that too lan xD XD
hayley kay (22 days ago)
was she really acting like she didnt notice she was seeing people through walls.. like its kinda hard not to see lmao. what a stupid bitch edit: i just noticed she even open and activates the hack on screen lol, jesus what an idiot
NG VLOGS (22 days ago)
I want a skin 😭😭
Bernát Bozóky (17 days ago)
Look this video is one year
pubg legends (22 days ago)
9th player Newly added in 2018 He's from India Introducing The CsGo pro cheater OPTIC FORSAKEN - THE LEGEND
Loded Diper (22 days ago)
Anyone Here After fOrsaken Incident? Xd
galaktikus (11 days ago)
Nitro464 (15 days ago)

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