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Introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller

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The Xbox Adaptive Controller welcomes more gamers to Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs by allowing gamers to create a custom experience and make gaming more accessible. Logitech G is proud to help support the Microsoft initiative to make play more inclusive. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (52)
GeorgioDavid (1 month ago)
Can you set up M/K to?
Sean Kelly (1 month ago)
What is on the left side of the desk it looks like a flat trackpad ?
spankmygimp (1 month ago)
so the giant pads what do they do ? and what are the addons for analog sticks like?
spankmygimp (1 month ago)
Joao Gabriel (1 month ago)
spankmygimp https://youtu.be/wEKIAHrugZ4
Nenad Vladisavljevic (2 months ago)
Finally thanks a lot I'll be able to play all kinds of games thanks a lot on this device I'm playing like this https://youtu.be/VlupeLGo-ro
DisabledCable (2 months ago)
Love that Joystick! I barely get to use it atm and looking forward to that changing soon w/ this release! While I'm here Logitech yall could do a lot more in terms of supporting your old wheels on windows 10! I have to find a specific version of your software just to be able to adjust the settings on my G27 that is less than 2 years old. The button swapping software doesn't work at ALL and it could just be way easier all around tbh...do better!
sleeperr (2 months ago)
Cool to see this
DoctorCaptain. (2 months ago)
Great work.
TheCuckThat'sOpenlyACuck (2 months ago)
0 dislikes............sure would be a shame
The BadLuckBear (2 months ago)
Awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on it! Any chance of a more in-depth video from you guys?
Raphael Chagas (2 months ago)
You guys are great. Proud owner of G810, G900 and G203 here. Glad to see you are including people with special needs.
Mark Sims (2 months ago)
You do amazing work for disabled gamers respect
DrMilkPillows (2 months ago)
Would have loved to see the controller in more depth, seems very interesting.
Eric On YT (2 months ago)
great stuff!
Capta Praelium (1 month ago)
As a disabled gamer I appreciate the sentiment. Don't forget that most disabled people can't work and have massive medical expenses, and are poor. Keep the price low please :) Edit: Wow, that's a rip off. Way to exploit the disabled market, MS. Clever.
Capta Praelium (1 month ago)
Likewise bro! :)
Shadow Flare (1 month ago)
Capta Praelium No worries, and thanks for keeping this discussion civil. It makes things better. Your viewpoints have been very valuable and educational.
Capta Praelium (1 month ago)
3 years of R&D lol... wouldn't surprise me, that's 3 years of a manager getting paid.. This could be done in under a week, in fact with a skilled team of three (hardware, firmware, and perhaps software on the xbox itself) you could probably do it in a day. All those 3rd party devices are very standardised and homebrew guys have been wiring them into standard controllers for years. They are mostly just potentiometers and switches. Sure, it already acts as an xbox controller to the console but that's an artificial limitation introduced by microsoft so they could control the market for 3rd party controllers and prevent people from developing them independently, for example to cater to smaller markets like disabled gamers (or tryhards with things like optical encoders instead of pots, which we STILL don't have!). You have to order the chip from microsoft, to make a controller, and they don't just sell them to whoever, you have to get the OK from ms to even be allowed to pay for them. This is why devices like the XIM need a controller attached, it's just a way to have that chip respond to the console so the console knows you paid MS for it. If not for that, we could just use standard USB HID devices like joysticks directly, or better yet, we could have something like a raspberry pi with open source firmware which allows you to connect anything you want (footswitches/pedals, wind, eye tracking, you name it), and every time one person added a feature, everyone would get access to it - projects like this already exist, we just can't use them on xbox. So, MS have created an artificial restriction upon controllers, then done what homebrew guys have already done, put it in a very nice box (credit where due!), and doubled the price. Sorry for the long reply, trying to be informative without going into too much detail is hard lol
2477daysaweek (1 month ago)
Im disabled on my whole right side have been since birth and i dont like it my self it kinda limits the disabled gamer to where they feel no need to adapt and overcome the disability i use a standard controller i can even hit every button on the controller without moving my fingers off of the analog stick i am even trying to use a finger on my disabled side to improve on my skill as a gamer never give in and never give up on overcoming a disability and all cash they make on this controller should go to Special Olympic's or research in to helping the blind beable see
Shadow Flare (1 month ago)
Capta Praelium I don't think these are overpriced. From what I've heard now they put 3 years of research and development into this. They won't profit from this. This controller probably should've cost even more to offset how few of their potential userbase could use benefit from something like this. Im always worried about these things being pr stunts but i can't see that here. // What's great about this too is that a lot of 3rd party things disabled gamers already use will be able to just plug right into it. You don't have to buy microsoft made accesories for it. And since it already acts as an xbox controller to the console then there is no jerryrigging involved.
Klumsy Kameleon (2 months ago)
That looked awesome with that joystick and Forza!
RobertSRE (2 months ago)
cuboficcion (2 months ago)
Good for them, having multiple options its always a good thing!
DisabledCable (1 month ago)
The old Imma block ya cuz you clearly proved I don't know wtf I'm talking about and called me out on my BS defense...nice one kiddo! Better luck next time you try lying on the internet.
Capta Praelium (1 month ago)
1. It can be and I have explained why. It's either beyond your intellect or you're trolling, either way there's no point continuing that discussion 2. The comment is right below you, but you don't need to read it because I already explained it for you in my next comment 3. Yes, hardware parity was ONE OF (read what I said) the reasons for consoles, it used to be in the print ads. 4. You've been proven wrong and don't have the balls to own it. And you're trying to troll like teenager and assuming my age. You're a bad troll and a peasant. Goodbye, peasant. Edit: don't bother replying, you're on my block list.
DisabledCable (1 month ago)
Lets clear up some misconceptions you seem to have about a few things shall we?.... 1.More options is never a bad thing,gtfo here that's weak af lol 2.I should look for YOUR other comments besides the one I responded to? Gtfo here 3.Consoles were designed for hardware parity? No they were designed as the cheapest possible way to get an extremely limited gaming system into ppl's homes. So Again gtfo here 4. I ain't terrified of a gd thing esp not some little child on the internet thinking he knows wtf he is talking about. Gtfo here and think about what you saying before you speak to grown folk boy.
Capta Praelium (2 months ago)
To be super clear because you're obviously having trouble understanding: My comment was to point out that more options is not "always" a good thing. That does not mean I think it is a bad thing. I owned a XIM, and I made a homebrew device just like it using an STM microcontroller, before the XIM existed. I didn't do it because I like to have an unfair advantage, I'm no cheat. I did it because myself and others are disabled and can't use controllers sometimes. Hardware parity was one of the original intentions of consoles even existing, long before you were born. It was a feature they advertised as an attraction to using them. There is such a thing as hardware parity. I play on PC, why the fuck would I be terrified of a console player's controller? I bet you're too terrified of yourself to apologise for mouthing off over a big mistake.
Capta Praelium (2 months ago)
You and the guy who thumbed your post up, have no idea what you're talking about. You should perhaps read my other comments, you seem very, very confused about what's going on here.
C Chan (2 months ago)
Wait, so Xbox now have a controller that can let people use usb device?! So are they encouraging people to use mouse and keyboard in console?!🤔
Capta Praelium (1 month ago)
Yep! It's a dead thing, but it's also a shame because a lot of people don't even know it was ever a thing and get mad when people suggest that it could be problematic to lose it.
Shadow Flare (1 month ago)
Capta Praelium The lack of hardware parity should be ok if it means things like this controller can help disabled gamers play games. I think we have to pick our battles. // Slightly different point, but With Co-Pilot on xbox one two people can use their own controller but have it register as one and players can help each other out. I agree, hardware parity is dead. // For a while there have been 3rd party adapters to allow for any controller or keyboard/mouse on any of the main consoles. I hop into halo games knowing full well there could be someone with a keyboard/mouse on the other end or 2 players playing as one with xbox co-pilot and yet I've never felt disadvantaged. I play fighting games knowing that there could be someone with a fight stick and the same things happens, I dont feel at a disadvantage. Take that as you will but I just don't see hardware parity as a big deal anymore.
Capta Praelium (2 months ago)
coolio, the difference is whether you can use one in game.
coolio diablo (2 months ago)
C Chan Pretty sure they've already had legit keyboards for consoles out for a minute, I mean your console does have like 4 usb's already right...why would one right on a controller be any more special?
DukaCola (2 months ago)
C Chan It doesnt seem to have m+kb support, and getting it to work with mouse and keyboard seems like it'd be a lot of work.
Aditya Wiguna (2 months ago)

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