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NEW NES Games for Nintendo Switch + EASY Zelda? | RGT 85

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Today Nintendo released 4 NES games for the Nintendo Switch Online service. We take a look at these 4 new Switch games, along with an EASY Mode of The Legend of Zelda? Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85 Shirts: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com #NES #NintendoSwitch #NintendoSwitchOnline
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RGT 85 (1 month ago)
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BS Slayer (1 month ago)
+CAPCOM784, Agreed! Wtf is wrong with this guy! I loved Solomon's key when I was kid.
ruben rodriguez (1 month ago)
RGT 85 . I gotta tell u between u Switchwatch and switch force..i find myself more informed than ever.. and I'm glad that at 51 I'm falling in love with the new system and classic and modern games.. because of u.
Jeff Stinnett (1 month ago)
One or two more strokes I'm surprised you can last 2 strokes at all
Jack Smith (1 month ago)
Hey once I get my switch back can I get your friend code I would love to play with u dude even if I have to be a patreon
CAPCOM784 (1 month ago)
+turnds Yeah don't know why he feels it shouldn't be on there?Solomon's Key was a great game!
Tom Pride (20 days ago)
Do you have to download game does it take much memory
Rustled Jimmies (25 days ago)
Mario world and mario kart missing
CZpersi (25 days ago)
Solomon’s key is super hard, but with the save state feature, one can enjoy the logical part of it, while not having to be stressed by the difficulty.
creazzo61 (29 days ago)
I can't believe super Mario brothers 2 is not on the game list. Super mario brothers 1 and 3 they put on but not 2. I hope they put super mario brothers 2 on.
Mac (29 days ago)
River City Ransom < Double Dragon 1/2
Jay Nukem (29 days ago)
I appreciate all the love I've read in the comments for Solomon's Key. Truly a lot of fond memories of that game.
Zeus Gallagher (1 month ago)
Are all these nes games free for switch online?
Marius Møller (1 month ago)
Metroid comes out next Month fucking relax and check the release schedule.. And I'm sure every direct from now on will have some suprise big nes game releasing that day
Jason Yi (1 month ago)
Dang I played dodgeball for the first time today in forever and still remembered your supposed to run with the ball then shoot it to get that power shot.
PinBallReviewer (1 month ago)
I love Solomon's Key and Double Dragon is on the NES Online app. xD
Dave Birch (1 month ago)
I've not been on my switch since I bought the online subscription, I guess I have been punished for that by now
Crow Migration (1 month ago)
So they release that golf game but not the original golf game that they deleted from the system in an update. What are you doing Nintendo?
Gaetan GAINARD (1 month ago)
Kassa Knowva (1 month ago)
Love the channel but that was painful to watch you play Super Dodge Ball lol
Revz8bit (1 month ago)
playing Super Dodge Ball broke my nostalgia glasses
CandyMali9 (1 month ago)
I think it's cool they put Solomon's Key on there. I'm happy about a few lesser known games than the ones like Metroid or Super Mario Bros that have been rereleased like a million times on different consoles so everyone could have played them by now if they wanted to
Micky Shovelhands (1 month ago)
I just ran through the special version of the legend of Zelda and it’s still just as fun if not more fun skipping the beginning portion
Scott Thornburg (1 month ago)
The Zelda easy mode is pointless.
TheNightstalker80 (1 month ago)
Really Zelda SP, wtf? Well I see what they are going for but honestly, Zelda 1 was really not that hard to beat. I mean I played and beaten it when i was 8 or 9 yrs old, without internet or Nintendo Power so why are ppl complaining about the dificulty here. Also Zelda 2, I mean it was challanging at some points but I also was able to beat it without any help. But I totally sucked at Castlevania lol
Tom Pride (1 month ago)
Need to put Karate
johneygd (1 month ago)
That moddded legend of zelda reminds me of a via via gamegenie modded zelda game. I would like to only see multiplayer nes games on the switch online service such as nintendo worldcup soccor or double dragon 3 , but not single player games,sure you can help eachother via hints but what’s so fun about that?. Glad no annoying intro here.
Johnnie Nguyen (1 month ago)
You're terrible at Super Dodge Ball, RGT85... LOL
John Lawrence (1 month ago)
redglass77 (1 month ago)
Dodge Ball is awesome. Solomon's Key is a really deep deep NES cut...I’m very excited to play that again after all these years.
davycrocket (1 month ago)
Im proud I decided to skip on the service, it's just really bad.
Linkman247 (1 month ago)
|| Co-Kane || (1 month ago)
Ughh this is why they should've just skipped NES and put SNES games. I would've actually paid for their abysmal online service if they had some decent games. Besides I was an ambassador for the 3DS and have the best NES games plus some even better GBA games. *SNES, N64 & Gamecube come at me!*
citenks (1 month ago)
RGT - you okay bro? This is the least enthusiastic I've ever seen you in a video.
Nicholas Riegle (1 month ago)
In super Dodge ball double tap towards to run with any player holding the ball and you get their super throw the same can be done with jumping after double tapping towards,also try and find the player that can secretly throw you around the world if hit.
Perotti 31 (1 month ago)
Are you getting the nes controllers? I’m going to pre-order!!!
Blayne Robinson (1 month ago)
Solomon's Keys is so popular in Japan it's on the Famicom Mini instead of Tecmo Bowl. The sequel, Fire & Ice is great too.
Canadian Zangief (1 month ago)
They feel they need to make Zelda easier but leave Ghouls N’ Goblins the same?
Saren Drei (1 month ago)
Your thumbnail picture for this vid evokes that pleased inner child feel.
Luminous Emission (1 month ago)
He kept passing the ball rather than throwing it at the opponents. Brutal to watch lol.
Eric Kelly (1 month ago)
Zelda "Special Edition" = save state
Kouhei Coppola (1 month ago)
Man in the cave is missing because you got the wooden sword. Magical sword is at the graveyard.
Kouhei Coppola (1 month ago)
why you no go after the bell? You're missing the fairies you should be collecting in Solomon's Key
Frank Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I thought Metroid was coming in Octorber for the NES-Flix? I guess it's coming later.
Frank Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I have beaten LOZ many times, so having this new SP mode or whatever it's a fun way to just make a quick playthrough with all the stuff... kinda like a new game +.
Soulblazerz (1 month ago)
"If you want to beat me in a game, challenge me to NES Golf. Or any other game."
Vlad Patrascu (1 month ago)
anyone notice the seitch in the thumbnail is upside down
YogiJogi HK (1 month ago)
Dodge ball is super fun
Nova Wittmer (1 month ago)
zelda sp edition is BS in my opinion. The game was and is fine like it is , in its original version, and there was no reason to change it. dont know why nintendo needs to do this.
Nova Wittmer (1 month ago)
solomons key is a great game!!! and so is nes open.
Fumble Copter (1 month ago)
Wow, you are awful at Super Dodge Ball. Use some power shots!
mrdante361 (1 month ago)
As far as I'm concerned the more strokes it takes to get there the better.
Z80 (1 month ago)
Well I think Solomon's Key is the coolest NES game on the switch so far (aside from SMB3 and Zelda)
Coocola L3 (1 month ago)
We gimping NES games now ...Nintendo NEEDS TO BE STOPPED BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
Coocola L3 (1 month ago)
Solomon's Key looks a lot like Fire 'N Ice.
EoR 2B4GOT10 (1 month ago)
so i get a bonus when i finish this version of zelda 1? ok fine i recently played the original and switch version so playing through it a 3rd time in less than 2 months should be easy
Gewoon Chief (1 month ago)
Hello RGT 85 can i have your friendcode for Nintendo Switch? maybe?
AnthrozilWarrior3 (1 month ago)
Actually, Solomon's Key was probably the one I was most interested in, and it still is, with the golf game a close second, if only because of how much I kept going in order to try to get a good hole in.
Preston Bruno (1 month ago)
That's what you get for saying golf is boring. Jackass you will not sink this putt happy!
jcawthon99 (1 month ago)
More NES games I've never played not counting the SP Zelda thats over $100 worth of games on the VC for $20 a year!
ErroneousClique (1 month ago)
Confirmed RGT bad at golf...and it is ALWAYS about the strokes. ;-D
CyrixSG (1 month ago)
As a Super Dodge Ball speedrunner, I am excited for its addition, but bro...bro...you didn't even power throw.
realscummy (1 month ago)
Solomon's key > dodgeball - from what I played last night.
Manna Entertainment (1 month ago)
I NEED Battletoads vs Double Dragon. Best NES multi platform beat em up ever!
Daniel Owens (1 month ago)
Please don't call these new. They're 30 year old rehashes
Batman (1 month ago)
Basically a rom hacked version from possibly Emuparadise?
anthony belvedere (1 month ago)
Solomon’s key looks like a cool puzzler, we’ll never get the most challenging multiplayer game and probably the game that holds up the best : battletoads
Big Andy (1 month ago)
Christ watching Super Dodgeball was painful. I love that game and even the rom hack Baby Dodgeball where the ball is replaced with a baby.
Growing Perspective (1 month ago)
this explains why emu paradise got taken down, why get them for free, when you can pay for them again, cheer Nintendo, hope you plan to put those rare mame games on the switch
NinjaChris77 (1 month ago)
I hope Solomons Key 2 (Fire'n Ice) makes it on it! Its my favorite NES game and i think its super underrated, not alot of people know about it! :D
NinjaChris77 (1 month ago)
Dont get the hate for Solomons Key in this video! Sry, but you even said you dont even know if you ever played it and you're all negative about it before you even hit start! I get it, all your NA mainstream NES titles are missing, and some of em i miss aswell, but no reason to hate on a game, because it was selling MILLIONS! lol
Johno Daz (1 month ago)
Nice vid RGT 85. Not a bad update of games but Double Dragon 2 n Metroid are a must tho and two guilty game pleasures of mine on the NES is the Turtles games I know it's pants lol but I did enjoy it and Gremlins 2 which is a really fantastic game, I like too.see them added too Classic NES games library.
Troy Spartan (1 month ago)
Solomon's key 1,2 some of the best puzzle platfomers ever made.
theSpaceLumberjack (1 month ago)
Pop Chip n Dales Rescue Rangers and Contra on there and we'll be good. Snake Rattle n Roll if you gots time. plz thanky <3
Robin GrownTear (1 month ago)
i tought that we were getting more games every month..only 4 and 1 of them is a rom hack...ok?
JM A (1 month ago)
Solomon key is fun
Kirito Akemi V (1 month ago)
Super Dodge Ball is my favorite out of the 4 games
Mike Jones (1 month ago)
Was interesting when countless people reviewed these games like 10 years ago.
Marco Carranza (1 month ago)
Nintendo Online is still not worth it, not even at a low price.
TSOmac Games (1 month ago)
I had a lot of fun playing Solomon's key on the Amiga, back in the day.
The 1-Up_Triforce (1 month ago)
you were using a putter while you were in the rough thats why you were stuggling you gotta change clubs bud XD
Ary Respati (1 month ago)
that's not how u play super dodge ball...where's your skill, u don't even using anyone special move -_-
Terrace Brown (1 month ago)
How about Super V Spike Volleyball?
Jp Starlin (1 month ago)
Still better than Black Ops 4.
Justin V (1 month ago)
WTF is the point of a zelda that is already pretty much beat??? WTF? SERIOUSLY?
Phil Nolan (1 month ago)
I was so happy to see Super Dodgeball. One of my favorite old games. I jumped in to play right away. I do wish they had fixed the graphical glitches, there are some times when you can't even see the ball.
Emanuele Matricardi (1 month ago)
Give a chance to Solomon's key, it gets harder and harder from a room to another. The puzzles are amazing as you progress in the game, sometimes very difficult. It's a pearl from NES, please don't underestimate it :)
Marvin Weaver (1 month ago)
I can think of lots of NES games I would rather have over those 3 games.
what ? nintendo for rom hacks now? Did they finally wake up to their real retro audience?
Andrew Whitfield (1 month ago)
Of all the games on the Nes console this feels like a double slap to the face. I really am grateful for Retroarch. Screw Nintendo. Once there is an Android rom for the Switch I'm dumping the Nintendo firmware. Linux is looking really good for the Switch also.
JohnnyGamer Haddadin (1 month ago)
Solomons key is an excellent game and just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have a right to bash it, probably one of the better NES games in my opinion
Loyal Ethics on psn (1 month ago)
If Nintendo don’t GTFOH with these old Nintendo games! (Classic I know)but give us super metroid! Give us earth bound! Give us Zelda link to the past!! In other words give us Super NES games Nintendo 😒
BlazenJester Games (1 month ago)
NES open and Dodge Ball 😱😱😱
BlazenJester Games (1 month ago)
It’s not Pebble Creek but shoot
BlazenJester Games (1 month ago)
Love them both
Second Lease Gamer (1 month ago)
Super Dodgeball is a great game, but RGT Sucks a fat one at it. Dont judge it by his gameplay.
Beary White (1 month ago)
Lol wow reading the comments rgt messed up with the Solomon’s key comment
Cirina Harvey (1 month ago)
Maybe it's the culture with being raised in the UK. I felt that dodgeball was the weakest out the bunch with Solomon's key second as it ramps up in challenge. With golf I actually manage to get through 18 holes which is rare for me with golf games. As for the Zelda game I think it's a training for when you get good to play through the proper game
coolgreek79 (1 month ago)
Solomon's Key is actually a very accurate arcade port... I played so much back in the days at the arcades... I s like a puzzle platformer. And to be honest is one of the best from the bunch for me.
Brandon x22 (1 month ago)
Even if someone paid this guy $1000 he would still stretch all his videos to 10 minutes and click bait, it’s obvious that people like this guy don’t care about you and creating content, they only care about money which is why they intentionally stretch their vids to just over 10 min and always click bait! If their videos naturally go over 10 minutes then that’s normal but that’s not what this guy and many others do.
Brandon x22 (1 month ago)
rturner99 Yep he does, he’s just using YouTube for some quick and easy money, and it’s so easy to tell because again, the click bait in every video and stretching the vids past 10mins, you can tell the difference between people who stretch their vids past 10mins and people’s vids who just naturally go over 10 minutes,
rturner99 (1 month ago)
He needs to get a real job. He's just lazy
TheWaterReviewShow (1 month ago)
It's not a romhack...
Kostadin Dimitrov (1 month ago)
Dana, 60 G's babyyy!
infernaltim1 (1 month ago)
Super Dodge Ball is one of the greatest games ever made.
rturner99 (1 month ago)
"I briefly wanted to look over these games.." No you wanted to make a garbage 10 minute video and call it "work".
Chris Santana (1 month ago)
The white sword is not the master sword.......
CyberIce2000 (1 month ago)
Solomons Key is the best one that was released alongside the others (maybe the Zelda one was too). Also I don't know if Shawn was trolling or he just didn't know but when he asked where Metroid and Ninja Gaiden was I cringed a bit. Metroid is next month and Ninja Gaiden is in December! As for the "where is this game or that game" comments, keep your panties on and be patient, we will get them!!!
Geo Master (1 month ago)
Still don't know why people want snes n64, GC, and not nes which yeah would be cool to have but I use the online to play other games. I also want to say this are we being greedy and demanding the games we want.
Daniel Stewart (1 month ago)

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