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Vampyr - Before You Buy

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Vampyr (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a vampire RPG that may have slipped under the radar for some. What's it about? Is it worth it? Let's talk. DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Jake's twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino Instagram: https://goo.gl/HH6mTW
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Text Comments (1862)
gameranx (3 months ago)
Favorite video game vampire?
Br1koo (20 days ago)
KAIN. Blood Omen 2 is one of my favorite games of all time.
Doom Mantia (1 month ago)
Alucard from Symphony of the Night
Macca (1 month ago)
Game: Legacy of Kain. Way to cool of game. Imagine it done with a big budget now days. Trippy as F. Raziel kind of steals the show. Without him it would have been meh.
Queen Nyra (1 month ago)
gameranx Dr Jonathan Reid
Torris Smith Jr (1 month ago)
joeseyeuh hell patience a virtue bro I'm patiently waiting to get it too.. Do some chores around the house or if your my age hit the labor pool but I'm buying that game
VividPsychosis G (15 days ago)
Because when I finally get a Vampire game, the first thing I wanna do is help the citizens or have some moral dilemma from my past life. :Facepalm:
Babar Firasat (18 days ago)
Munch on all the thots to create a thotless world ~ Vampire life goals.
Filippo Sala (21 days ago)
The way you pronounce it is fine. It's not an English word.
GODLIKE (23 days ago)
It’s not vampire it’s vampyr
SN00PY 468 (23 days ago)
This not my time of games but i'm because of the stories that tells
San To (25 days ago)
one of the best games i have ever played
Chum Calm Down (25 days ago)
Combat doesn’t even look that bad. But then again I really enjoyed the Witcher 3 and a lot of people hate the combat.
jeebuzcrust (25 days ago)
The game just feels like an easier, less gloomy, Bloodborne. It's not bad by any means, I enjoyed it, but it seemed like there needed to be more of a challenge and it felt like it should be darker in tone.
StarBurner (27 days ago)
The combat hit me with a hardcore witcher 3 vibe and I love it
Darwin Chu (28 days ago)
oh.. i'm not looking to but it, if you know what i mean
Noah Bleesing (30 days ago)
Anyone want to watch me do a playthrough?
Kit Yam (30 days ago)
If you got defeated plenty of times, like dark soul mates always said "Git Gud"
Luis Roman (1 month ago)
I just got it today spent hours and then fucked up and am starting over now that I learned a lot from mistakes
singularity Single (1 month ago)
I could not get passed the second boss in the sewer.
Paperkutchy (1 month ago)
Check Zero punctuation review, so far Ive seen no other review as accurate of the feeling of this game as it
Swordedge (1 month ago)
I'm just waiting for Story mode patch, so I can play at leisure without the silly combat. However I am very interested in the dialogs and lore!
reed (1 month ago)
I was really into this game until the final boss. I won't spoil anything but because of some choices I made the thing is pretty much impossible.
Denton Zellner (1 month ago)
I ate everbody in every town now i have no friends exept for my guns 💪
Cristian Siica (1 month ago)
this game is amazing i love it
Macca (1 month ago)
Helpful thanks mate
Atomic Pickle (1 month ago)
The loading times are a fcking joke don't know if its just ps4 but it seems were ever i go to a new are theirs a long tedious loading and im not talking about going into sewers or that im talking about general exploring
zZFreudZzQC (1 month ago)
can you customize your character? Outfits , haircuts , beard and weapons?
Anonymous 91 (1 month ago)
The game seems like a chore with the awful. combat system it has.
Walking Bomb (1 month ago)
I’m buying I’m so sick of first person games they need to make only 3rd person games from now on
Evil Zombie115 (1 month ago)
Honestly loved every aspect of the game. The fighting felt good and I enjoyed it a lot. The dialogue and side quests with choices you make in this action rpg really scratched the itch that other games like fallout 4 just couldn't get. Your choices matter and you can be a completely nice guy who spares everyone and therefore is less evolved and will find combat more challenging or be a badass Dick vampire who is super powerful because he feeds on everyone and unlocks everything but the world crumbles around you due to your poor decisions. If you like action, good story, engaging game mechanics, and amazingly implemented rpg elements with a fleshed out dialogue system you need this game in your collection. The only complaint I have is the ui kinda sucks
Matthew Lee (1 month ago)
Looks good, probably deserved more attention. I hope dontnod profited from this
Ashley Mcgrew (1 month ago)
This is one of those games I play two game-throughs on: 1) Being the good guy saving everyone and only killing the needed few. 2) Have a f*cking blood fiesta on every person like; “oh you want me to help you do another side quest? How bout you show me the side of that neck? :)”
Prexoo (1 month ago)
How do you get much xp without killing too many at the hospital? I'm stuck on a mission because im too low lvl to walk through the streets there. And how do you drain someone at the hospital in the first place?
LUNAR (1 month ago)
Don’t buy it, truly disappointing !
maksphoto78 (1 month ago)
A perverted kind of way to be a vampire: have heart-to-heart conversations with people, even cure them from ilnesses, only to drink their blood dry.
bird Person (1 month ago)
The major issue with my first play through was i killed everyone in a certain area when my mesmrize level was 4 then i was 6 levels higher than every enemy in the game and it stayed that way they should just add a difficulty setting to fix this
Christopher Wibmer (1 month ago)
Why does everyone shit on the combat of games like vampyr or the witcher 3 and still praise Skyrim? I mean? Tw3 and Vampyr have some of the best combat systems i have ever seen in an RPG.
Hunter4060 (1 month ago)
Lmao hoping for a blood omen 2 omg exactly what I was thinking 😂😂
Shaun Barclay (1 month ago)
how can you praise the graphics? 1:155 that awful pop in
robert rainford (1 month ago)
Rented this game and I intend to buy it it’s nice having something new on the market than another stupid first person shooter which there are way to many of.
joshua holman (1 month ago)
Some areas have enemies that will Crush you if you suck. I thought sucking was the whole point of a vampire game
Trevor Sinlao (2 months ago)
Love these reviews! My new rule before getting a new game includes seeing what Jake thinks about it 10/10 thank u for making these videos !
Edyee Andino Valle (2 months ago)
Does werewolves show up in this game ?
Bombskwad92 (2 months ago)
The fighting totally turned me off to the entire game
AygoRitz (2 months ago)
Can you swap around your abilities if you don’t like the ones u picked?
Raunak Gupta (2 months ago)
Vampyr is a very good game. Nice story, script and atmosphere. I liked the combat too. The boss fights tend to be time taking if you are not consuming blood of citizens but it was very satisfying at the end.
sailorcybertron (2 months ago)
My only complaints about the game are the forced mini-bosses and their tendency to call in minions from an invisible dropship. And the camera in combat. Otherwise, love the game.
Conner McMahan (2 months ago)
I have absolutely hated many of the new single player games. This has been a good one so far.
Conner McMahan (2 months ago)
God of War another amazing one
Zapada (2 months ago)
William Jacobson (2 months ago)
Me and my wife have been playing it side by side on 2 consoles and we both love it its interesting to seen our different play styles I have spared everyone to keep combat difficult where she embraces the scummy ppl cuz the combat is to difficult for her its interesting to seen the different stories unfold and we have easily sunk 20 hrs into it already love it definitely worth buying
ChillZZY (2 months ago)
Future classics, IMO. OP xp trick really messes the experience tho.
the thot hunter (2 months ago)
Dr Jonathan REEEEEEE
NL Kaylee (2 months ago)
I can’t exactly get the game (or any games 😅), but I’m gonna watch people play it. I just want to see if it’s interesting
Daemon247 (2 months ago)
29.99 meh...
Tomáš Pavlík (2 months ago)
Jack from VTMB
Basement King (2 months ago)
London: Become DIO
Immortal Pony (2 months ago)
Combat=Bloodborne looking, yet weird and boring
Kool Pandaz (2 months ago)
The voice acting in this game is pretty solid. I don't remember any stand-out moments, good or bad. The dialogue itself can be a bit circuitous with optional dialogue like asking a question, receiving an answer, then proceeding with the primary option only for the character to ask the same question he just got an answer to. That kind of thing really got under my skin and began to feel like those extra options were just wasting my time. The combat is enjoyable at the best of times and rage inducing at the worst. Blinking from left to right while a lone human desperately tries to reload his crossbow in a dark alley is pretty exhilarating; it really captures the feeling of the nocturnal apex predator. However, at least on the Xbox One, enemies have a tendency to close wide distances between themselves and the player during attack animations that result in unfair hits. If I had a dollar for every time an enemy started an attack from across the street and slid into me for some cheap damage I'd be as wealthy as a Dawson (ha). Stamina is a vital resource in this game's combat system and you want to use it as judiciously as possible. If a target is outside of melee range, you don't want to waste stamina by dodging or parrying an attack that shouldn't have a chance of hitting you. Sometimes that works, but a lot of the time it doesn't. A lot of the deaths I suffered during my playtime were a direct result of this particular enemy behavior. The game was under a tight budget, so it's understandable for the combat to take more of a backseat role during development. It definitely feels more functional than it does enjoyable. Sometimes it just feels like filler between story bits. I would have loved to see the combat and exploration expanded into a more stealth-action style like what we see in titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn or Dishonored. Walking down the same street and encountering the same group of baddies just got a bit tedious for me. I'm about 90% of the way through the story right now. Looking forward to finishing it. Just waiting for the game to recover from it's latest crash. :P
rob bi (2 months ago)
Remember Me was awesome..i still remember that game. Vampyr is stylish, not optimized very well, cool gui, but the npc interactions are the meat on the bone on this one. The combat is basic, but challenging. And probably the story. Seems interesting, havent finished it yet, but the game couldnt bore me to tears, so my interest is still high. Having played Andromeda....i was bored after the first planet..aka first 10 minutes...not even the hideous facial animations can save that game. Vampire The Masquarade bloodlines was basically the only modern singleplayer rpg free roaming sandbox vampire game we had....im glad Vampyr can take a place by the side of that game so now we have 2.
DarkLord Panda (2 months ago)
After an entire play through this game is pretty good 6/10. The combat is clunky and unresponsive but it makes it for it with some good story and choices actually matter, but the combat is such a big part of the game so 6/10 is being generous. After hours of playing combat became like a chore.
Oskar Helmers (2 months ago)
this is one off the worst fighting system ive ever experienced.
Jan Venter (2 months ago)
Haha I got a advert for colgate it started out with wow look at her teeth :)
timlucier (2 months ago)
I just picked it up - tbh I was hoping for another Bloodlines. Who says single player is dead? Between games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn.... Some people are not paying attention.
Gary Conrad (2 months ago)
Ides of March (2 months ago)
SPOILEEEERI choose to charm the nurse in Whitechapel thinking that way she could still work in tge hosputal and help the district as well. In return, the result was totally unexpected, and without warning. Sometimes you kill people without intention in this game. The worst part is that she was a nice person, and the pillar of the local community. I think this gamr is just as good as Vampire The Masquerade.
Ides of March (2 months ago)
The negative is that it's too addictive.
TheEnderBender af (2 months ago)
Sindiso Mthethwa (2 months ago)
Story and scene is too long
RM 98 (2 months ago)
Helpful hint to anyone planning on eating people, if you want eat someone, make sure you can and do eat their entire social circle or eat people who have no social circle
Franspai (2 months ago)
I didnt like the plot with lady Ashbury, the love of our main character for her feels fake since there wasn't enough character development with her imo
sk8flipout29 (2 months ago)
Will they be adding more content to this game in the near future? I’ve played around 20-30 hours. And I love it! It really pulls you into the stories talking to people. And you don’t need to kill anyone to get xp. So I recommend this game !
tewdin (2 months ago)
The story is great and atmosphere ok, but I don't understand how people give so good reviews when combat system is so broken. They should have used Batman's combat and stealth system. I wanted to be a stalker, but there is no real stealth and you actually have to fight against people who can take multiple shots without even slowing down. No counter attacks and very hard to dodge attacks in small space. Dodge does not even work if you're taking a lot of beating. And there has been a lot of combat in first few hours.
Edge of Awesome (2 months ago)
You focused on melee damage? No wonder battles sucked for you.. almost everyone in game is resistant to melee damage. Gotta go for the Shadow and Blood damage types. :)
Alan O'Brien (2 months ago)
Not for full price, but will deff pick it up on sale
Decpo Cito (2 months ago)
Seems like a witcher type story
kyle anderson (2 months ago)
combat really is boring
zerocool gonna hack u (2 months ago)
Of Topic Castelvania 2 lord of shadow is The Best vampire game if u ask me it need's a remake 😀ima try this just in case!
Tarjei Koglin (2 months ago)
Giant disappointment.
Garry Lubana (2 months ago)
Hey guys, check out my gameplay of Vampyr as wellhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9tpvAxJ1M7qnkflWkGMPBV1UQnn77Nx
Infinite Studios (2 months ago)
Too late bought this a while back it’s amazing!
resistance1207 (2 months ago)
The game is actually pretty damn long, I've played 26 hours, and still probably have about 6 - 7 hours of gameplay left. Done all of the side-quests in each district apart from The West End, cured people constantly, level 23 at this point and I've only killed one person, the murderer Seymour.
Photoman (2 months ago)
Djninja97 (2 months ago)
I just like vampire movies blade etc....and it's been a while since playing BloodRayne. I very much enjoy playing Vampyr its soulish at times but the combat is fit for vampires not human or mages in dark souls
Cosmos (2 months ago)
I would much rather just watch a vampire movie instead.
Phaerion Hellspawn (2 months ago)
@ gameranx I always wonder why there is so much struggle with pronunciation, while the internet is packed with all kinds of tools to help people out. :P Vampyr in english sounds like 'vampeer' according to english pronunciation. If I'm not sure I often use Google Translate to check pronunciation. https://translate.google.nl/#en/nl/Vampyr. Easy as Hell. Use it and never sound like a highschool dropout again. :P
Rashad Shaw (2 months ago)
Love this game and really hope there are at least two more!
Faded Kai (2 months ago)
enjoyed this game a lot tbh really good single player game
Deni Bakalovic (2 months ago)
does it have battle royal?
Sir Ernest (2 months ago)
Traded Monster Hunter World for this game, so far really enjoying it
Andyamo46 (2 months ago)
Downgrade ? Is that you ?
Craig Barnes (2 months ago)
Im not played a lot of games like this but would you recommend it for £50?
Alvin Mason (2 months ago)
morally gray area lol me playing, look i am surrounded by happy meals on legs! lol
shadow0106 (2 months ago)
I've beaten this game and i really liked it, it's good and the story keeps you going, it's interesting. Game's heavily plagued by technical problems though (like random FPS drops, indicating a bad optimization for the PC port), Dontnod should release a patch fixing these problems in the PC version.
argel1200 (2 months ago)
Just finished it last night. Great game, hope we see more from the setting. Amazing job for a AA title. Never killed anyone outside of combat. Ended at level 30. Upgrade your weapons and boost your stamina!
Luka Hays (2 months ago)
This is a really good game so far. The writing is great, the voice acting is on point, and I even think the combat is pretty solid. It did take but to grow on me, but once you unlock a few abilities it’s really quite fun and a lot better than combat in VTM (which is otherwise a fantastic game). Also, this game has the dialogue system that Fallout 4 should’ve had.
biratebryan (2 months ago)
My only complaint with the game is the long af loading screens.
mrturboman tench (2 months ago)
looks fun but wait for sale
Sheldon Dankleberg (2 months ago)
Honestly I don't care much for vampire stuff, I just need a good single player rpg. I mean in the mass effect or dragon age way, decent gameplay, but the dialogue and choices are the best parts.
Timothy Hillis (2 months ago)
God video bro! Gonna buy it now that u recommend it! Single player games are only dead to people that wanna monotize games and make casual and new gamers believe they are dead!
Zac Richmond (2 months ago)
Combat was pretty sick compared to what everybody had thought.
SuperKinahead (2 months ago)
Tbh i think if this was in first person it wouldve made the game 100 times better. And also no stealth? Whats up with that? It just feels weird not being able to hide around a corner, and sneak past. I mean when you kill an "innocent" or embrace em that choice affects the game. But human enemies dont affect your choices aswell?
Hextin (2 months ago)
You lost me at "combat is the weakest element .... a lot of talking".
Average Bro (2 months ago)
vampyr is simply piece of shit!
vegzmaster (2 months ago)
Before you crack
Theo Carter (2 months ago)
Formation American surprisingly during normal marketing finish change wedding click medical.

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