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Fire Emblem Three Houses - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2018

30055 ratings | 1086952 views
A brand-new Fire Emblem game with a new story and characters is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game takes place on Fódlan, where the Church of Seiros exercises great power over the land and its people. This turn-based tactical RPG will put new strategic twists on battling, with formations of troops supporting individual units on the battlefield. Do you have what it takes to survive and conquer in this brand-new Fire Emblem game? Fire Emblem Three Houses is available Spring 2019! Follow Nintendo E3 Coverage! http://e3.nintendo.com #NintendoSwitch #FireEmblem #FEThreeHouses #E32018 Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https://goo.gl/HYYsot Visit Nintendo.com for all the latest! http://www.nintendo.com Like Nintendo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nintendo Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Nintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Nintendo Follow us on Google+: http://google.com/+Nintendo
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Text Comments (7396)
Master Jedi (10 minutes ago)
Mat (3 hours ago)
Just re played Radiant Dawn, not feelin' this.
Carlos Rivera (3 hours ago)
Beatiful song!!
Roll Brand (8 hours ago)
Come to think of it I’ve seen this trailer a few times now and it looks like total war a little bit.
Super Blorb (13 hours ago)
Anyone notice frame drops for the cutscenes but the gameplay looks smooth
Splatts 7 (14 hours ago)
This will be my first fe game. Really hyped!
figureLP09 (15 hours ago)
First impression: The music sounds gorgeous, like always. Last impression: Is that motherf@cking Tiki over there? Or it's Nowi?
KYY (15 hours ago)
Long live PsVita! fk the switch
Alex Stilgoe (18 hours ago)
Wow it looks amazing.
Tina A. (1 day ago)
I'm already in love with the song
Yoshimation (1 day ago)
Amine (1 day ago)
actual good 3d models ?! AM I DREAMING ????
Macaroon (2 days ago)
Btw if people didn't know you can see hraesvalgr (Edelgards last name) Bladdad (Dimitri’s last name) and Regan (Claudes back name) on the map so that’s Where they are from probably so Maybe they are on a training school or some
Kira Yamato (2 days ago)
Nintendo will you please let me have Nintendo switch
Lauren is a weeb (3 days ago)
PSA: This game actually drops December 27th so your wait isn't as long as you thought! You're welcome. Now lets get Nintendo to make a bundle since they been dropping bundles like crazy all month.
Macaroon (2 days ago)
Lauren is a weeb oh I found one of 31 march
Macaroon (3 days ago)
Lauren is a weeb I don't think so its probably a place holder and if it comes in december it Will be overshadowed by Super smash bros ultimate
Sparx the Heliolisk (3 days ago)
Isn't that a placeholder date? Preorder sites put those in all the time for games that don't have a solid release date yet.
Lauren is a weeb (3 days ago)
somebodyoncetoldme check preorders on sites like amazon and Best Buy
somebodyoncetoldme (3 days ago)
and were did you get this information?
crackedllama (2 days ago)
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crackedllama (2 days ago)
+AndreW_StormS Don't forget to keep your environments safe and clean, my boy
AndreW_StormS (2 days ago)
crackedllama ok
Iznikroc (4 days ago)
Is this the end of the Waifu Emblem dating sims?? I hope so...
Splatoo Blemier (3 days ago)
Its a very popular feature heavily liked by the masses so no it won't "end" also the fact that there's an Avatar player character cements it's not going anywhere. In fact at this point that's like saying the support feature will be gone and that's obviously never gonna happen even the info sheet confirm building relationships(which Awakening and Fates also describes it as well) when stating what the player character can do so yes it's gonna be present like it or not. Of course this doesn't guarantee 2nd gens returning but the pairing characters together aspect will whether in the same way or something more new and in depth like I personally hope something like the persona series at least for the avatar.
Entermaid The Elegant (3 days ago)
No it definitely won't its popular and make lots of money you could just simply ignore it.
jose lopez (4 days ago)
We all know the game will end with some bs about dragons
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
But not at the end... In my memory it has always ended with Bowser
jose lopez (2 days ago)
+MysticKnight 14 lol just kidding but yeah i guess youre right.. but even mario mixes it up ajd makes the villain bowsers son ornsomething every now and then
jose lopez (2 days ago)
+MysticKnight 14 im not a huge mario fan so ill take your word.
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
Yeah that's kinda its thing just like Mario will always end in some defeating Bowser and saving Peach again bs
Andie Skywalker (4 days ago)
Can we get another trailer soon pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Bagel Chip (5 days ago)
Cries because I don’t have a switch
Shiroyasha (3 days ago)
You still have time to save for one, but same 👀👀
Tdull1993 (5 days ago)
Does anyone else think that the gameplay graphics of this game are similar to Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn? I mean I can't be the only one that can put these three games together. And that's not all, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn were both released on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2006 and 2007. 2007, respectively was the last time Nintendo and Intelligent Systems ever released a Fire Emblem game for a home console. And now it's over a decade later and Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are going to be releasing a Fire Emblem game for a home console system. Freaking out level: over 9,000!!!!
Neolab (3 days ago)
Small correction: Radiant Dawn was on the Wii
Entermaid The Elegant (4 days ago)
Well sort of but obviously alot better and will get even more refined by the next trailer!
Metadragon (5 days ago)
I really REALLY hope they don't mangle the English translation because they think western audiences cant handle it or because the TL staff don't like whats being said.
Metadragon (4 days ago)
I hope you are right bud...
Entermaid The Elegant (4 days ago)
I believe there was a new policy of localization a bit back of keeping personal thoughts out of localization of games so I'm not worried. But I'm sure we won't get Fates tier of stupid removals and drastic character rewrites again.
Rustymcnut (6 days ago)
This should be interest
Joey (7 days ago)
Attack on Waifus
Kagari Chise (7 days ago)
The theme at 1:07 kinda reminds me to "Torikago" by Amano Tsukiko
The main character is literally named "Edgelard"
Macaroon (3 days ago)
圣诞学人 Santa Scholar No its Edelgard
GennyKoala (7 days ago)
not gonna lie.... three houses is the only reason i bought the switch
Macaroon (2 days ago)
GennyKoala samee😂
Deion Greenaway (7 days ago)
Yes i love it 😈
Pastagamer77 (7 days ago)
Not sure how I feel about 50 other characters fighting when somone attacks but this game looks cool I guss I’ll give it a try it doesn’t seem to bad also why is the main character called teacher? That’s just weird
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
There'll be an option to turn off animations I'm sure. And Byleth is their teacher who is teaching Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude to fight I think
DuelingShade (4 days ago)
I don't care if the avatars and waifus are terrible in this game, just please god don't bring back the broken skill and equipment systems from Fates. Edit: Rephrasing for clarity
Entermaid The Elegant (4 days ago)
Ok I'm gonna ignore the first part to this.....but anyway I find it very unlikely they'll change the skill equipment system especially when its very popular in the metagame now particularly in Heroes. A skill tree like system I'd be aboard with though.
Awesomaze (7 days ago)
This music has me concerned
Kirsty Pickering (7 days ago)
Roses are red Dmitri is blue I really need more information How about you?
Macaroon (7 days ago)
Kirsty Pickering DAMN SAMMMEEE
Helly Mulya (8 days ago)
i wish fire emblem games release on pc *sigh
Helly Mulya (7 days ago)
+Slavin Ragnavoire wow i never thought of that, what a good advice omg
Slavin Ragnavoire (7 days ago)
buy console omg
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
+Helly Mulya eh?, I don't know about that. I have a 3ds so i don't need it. I only play older fe (before awakening one) on my pc with an emulator so i don't know how fe on citra
Helly Mulya (7 days ago)
Last time i know, citra is not stable yet for fe
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
Well there is emulator for older FE game and there is citra emu. To play the last fo.. i mean the last 3 FE
J.A.Z. (8 days ago)
I'm assuming Avatar customization will not be present in this game...
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
I'm going to assume the other direction because Byleth is the player character which most likely means customization
Ambur Price (8 days ago)
J.A.Z. Nope, although not confirmed, the wording on how Byleth is described is pointing to him being the avatar. Plus, it seems he is also the MC, so there’s that.
Splatoo Blemier (8 days ago)
Yeah I think your already jumping to conclusions since we know so very little of the game besides a few things...also if he wasn't customizable we would've had his body portrait with the other 3 fellow MCs already.
Entermaid The Elegant (8 days ago)
Uh.....in what way?!?!
Reggie Fils-Aime (8 days ago)
Never tried a fire Emblem game before. But very excited for this game actually
Leila Mechaet (9 days ago)
Worldstar Hip-Hop (9 days ago)
Japanese voices pls. I don't want to hear some American piggu.
Worldstar Hip-Hop (6 days ago)
+Nice Dogo 🤔
Nice Dogo (6 days ago)
+Worldstar Hip-Hop stfu
Worldstar Hip-Hop (6 days ago)
+Nice Dogo 🐖 🇺🇸
Nice Dogo (6 days ago)
Stfu weeb
MrPokemon907 (9 days ago)
There is a Fire Emblem Wii project (started after Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn) that was never completed. I have a DEEP feeling that this game will carry over some or maybe even all of what that project started.
MrPokemon907 (8 days ago)
Yeah. Expecting lots from this game
Splatoo Blemier (8 days ago)
That could also possibly mean explorable towns and cities besides the base!
Frost—EE (9 days ago)
I prefer the art style from Echoes but who knows fire emblem is awesome so no doubt this will be a great game.
Phatnaru0002 (10 days ago)
Here's the questions: What gameplay elements are we going to lose for these fancy new graphics? Just as Fates was a disappointment to Awakening, how will this be a disappointment to Fates? Lastly, how much of the content will Nintendo of America cut due to censorship?
Ambur Price (10 days ago)
Phatnaru0002 Don’t forget about Echoes! It could be a step in the right direction to appease both sides of the fanbase! You just got to think positive ;)
Kalamari (10 days ago)
I dont care of it has the weeb dating sim garbage as long as it doesn't have that god awful pairing system that awakening and fates has and make weapons breakable again.
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
I prefer "rescue" rather than "pair up", i hate that system make game too easy
matrixground (10 days ago)
Durability is good though. It's better than getting a debuff like in fates, making most weapons useless
Entermaid The Elegant (10 days ago)
Are you talking about pair-up? Because what you said could mean the "dating sim" thing in context since you said don't mind the aspect being present. If so that likely won't happen since it's a very popular feature although 2nd gens have a great chance of not being here though. If you meant pair-up so far its not present it could change in a later reveal. Also as the trailer shows weapon durability is back.
Ambur Price (10 days ago)
Kalamari Durability has been confirmed to return (0.39) The marriage mechanic was REALLY popular though, so it’s likely to return. We can hope that it will be like FE 7, where they have and ending after the game :/
Nintendo Bros Podcast (10 days ago)
I have a feeling this game will be delayed.
Nintendo Bros Podcast (7 days ago)
I hope they take as much time as they need. The ambition and scope was clear in the E3 trailer. Let these guys make the ultimate FE game!
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
Well, hope the delay make the game better
Nintendo Bros Podcast (10 days ago)
August or September maybe.
Nintendo Bros Podcast (10 days ago)
Again. Later than Spring 2019.
Ambur Price (10 days ago)
Nintendo Bros Podcast It already has been 😂
Entermaid The Elegant (10 days ago)
Don't worry Three Houses I still remember your unlike MANY other people apparently.....seriously though I get that there's a severe lack of news for it and all but c'mon this is also obviously gonna be a big game next year as well at least until we see more of it.
Macaroon (7 days ago)
raka bukhari yep i am also really hyped and you can see Edelgards sprite at 0:35 Byleths at 0:59 and Hilda's sprite at 1:00
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
+Macaroon yeah too bad there isn't. well, another wait for us Fire emblem fans
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
+Ambur Price this is my 11th time i'm watching this (seriously i'm counting it)
Macaroon (7 days ago)
Entermaid The Elegant ye I really hoped for Some more information on three houses in the previous direct
Ambur Price (8 days ago)
Macaroon Haha, trust me, there are plenty of people who rewatch this a lot (definitely not on a daily basis). ;)
Lela Kurayami (10 days ago)
It's been 3 months and I'm just now noticing Edelgard's voice actress is Cristina Vee.
Shrish Vellore (10 days ago)
i watching this again after that plain nintendo direct
Ghost in The shell (2 days ago)
True that new direct was crap
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
Well i think that direct is pretty good (but not great)
JodenHD (10 days ago)
Better if i can skip animations
KirbybuddyPlayz (10 days ago)
Finally I have a reason to buy a switch!
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
Yeah me too still try to save up until next year
Chang Siah Lim (10 days ago)
why an army when we can do it with a few ppl
Bryan Cando (2 days ago)
+Ambur Price wooosh
Macaroon (8 days ago)
Chang Siah Lim Now it looks more like a war you know
Ambur Price (10 days ago)
Chang Siah Lim Because it’s always been an army, they have just never had the technology to implement it. Did you really think the Shepard’s and Grail Mercenaries were 12 people?
Wolf (11 days ago)
I have started to become a Fire Emblem fan, I am currently watching Shadow Dragon, the remake of the first, and already I am starting to love what I see... I heard that this is the first Fire Emblem on a Nintendo Home Console in 11 Years... I guess this is a huge deal for a lot of people since the Games were relegated to Handheld for a long time, ironic how I never thought much of this series... but now I understand why it’s loved, it’s characters... it’s stories... the trailer and it’s theme really hit me hard, I am catching up so I will have a reason to buy this game next year, thanks Nintendo, you have made me a fan of another one of your series.
Wolf (1 day ago)
MysticKnight 14 My point exactly, I played the whole Dark Souls Trilogy, which was a Japanese made series... because of this... I have this strange hope that because Solaire from the first game became an Amiibo, I want him in Smash Bros... we already have, “PRAISE THE SUN!” In the form of Wii Fit Trainer, It makes to much sense!
MysticKnight 14 (1 day ago)
I never even owned the Wii U version of smash 4 (I have it on 3ds) and I've only played it a couple of times I actually had to go look up if he was there to make sure I wasn't wrong, and I wasn't. A general who looks like him is sitting on the throne, who's been replaced in Ultimate as far as I've seen. And I've been playing Smash Bros since I was old enough to hold a controller. I started with Melee and it came out slightly before I was born. But I've been playing since as long as I can remember, that game made up my early to mid childhood and I'm quite good at ssb4 now, even though I hardly play. Its just one of those things you never forget. And people wanting Goku has bothered me for awhile! He's not even originally a video game character so he has no right being in Smash. I love Goku and all (I've played so many different dbz games and when I was little I watched it really late on Saturday nights lol). But he's just not a Smash character he doesn't belong. The closest he'll ever get to Smash Bros is that computer game super smash flash
Wolf (1 day ago)
MysticKnight 14 I see, sorry my memories can get a little fuzzy, it’s been two years since I played Smash Bros, funny thing is... I never forget how to play, I don’t think I can ever get rusty from Smash Bros anymore, it’s been a part of my life since I played the original, I was born a year before the original was released, but was lucky to play the original around the mid 2000’s, and played them in order, by the way, has the whole, “We want Goku in Smash Bros” thing ever bothered you? I grew up with Dragon Ball and I still play the games and watch the series, as much as I love Goku, there has to be an acceptance that he doesn’t belong in Smash, he did not originate from Video Games, we have Jump Force for this reason, bringing Shonen Anime characters together.
MysticKnight 14 (1 day ago)
He wasn't a stage hazard, he's just a character in the background of the stage and he's not effecting it I think
Wolf (1 day ago)
MysticKnight 14 I thought Black Knight’s song only played? I don’t remember seeing him as a stage hazard, I was checking the smash wiki about him, he did have a mii costume, but nothing about him physically appearing in the stage.
Brian Ortolf (11 days ago)
Kinda reminds me of Kessen on the ps2.
bomb rush blush (11 days ago)
Reach for my hand, I'll soar away. Into the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay Here in cherished halls In peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn, Born as my leeway. (?)
Ambur Price (10 days ago)
bomb rush blush Looks all right to me! The only thing I would change is instead of “Into the dawn, oh” I think it’s “Into the dawn, though”. Also, the last line is probably wrong, but no one can figure that one out so it’s understandable.
Cardboard Stacker (11 days ago)
Wow! 1 million views! 999,999 were probably me.
Mimo (11 days ago)
Who else has seen this trailer more than 30 times and comes back from time to time to see it again?
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
500,000 of these views are me
raka bukhari (7 days ago)
11th time coming back in here (not counting how many i repeat the video)
mathieu rambeau (12 days ago)
TheJirachiGaming (12 days ago)
More singing yes! I hope this games soundtrack is as good as Fates’s
Rivy -lurk- (12 days ago)
Timothy Dawn (13 days ago)
That sleeping girl at the end leaves an impression of tiki. But what if she was a young mila? Its just a thought.
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
Well no one really knows for sure if this is related to another fe game yet. It does look like it contains ties to Echoes though because of combat arts and the priestesses appear to use swords, like in Echoes
Macaroon (8 days ago)
Ambur Price oh Well the neighboring countries could be already existentiële Just like with valentia and Archanea
Ambur Price (13 days ago)
Timothy Dawn That would be cool, but I think it’s a new manakete, since this is an entirely new continent that isn’t confirmed to be connected to any other games yet.
Timothy Dawn (10 days ago)
Wouldn't it be awesome if this was a remake of genealogy of the holy war?
Ambur Price (13 days ago)
Timothy Dawn Yes, I’m still waiting for that!
Lord Ozzie (13 days ago)
Oh wow, the trailer reached 1 million views, maybe due to us keep re-watching and listening to the soundtrack lol.
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
I think 500,000 are me lol
ellis O (13 days ago)
This looks terrible.. looks like a board game
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
That's the point! Just like all 15 other ones! Its like a way advanced version of chess, which is a game that might not appeal to everyone. So please, don't come to a trailer to hate on a well loved game series thank you!😺
Ambur Price (12 days ago)
ellis O Again, just don’t play it. You don’t have to come and spread hate for the heck of it 😂
ellis O (13 days ago)
Hylian Fell Dragon no cause it looks like it sucks! The game looks like it plays its self 😂point and click
ellis O (13 days ago)
Ambur Price sorry snowflake
Hylian Fell Dragon (13 days ago)
"Looks like a board game" Have you even played a Fire Emblem game?
Im so hyped that i gonna go explode
Surfing J-Waves (14 days ago)
Final Fantasy Tactics+Advance wars+ Romance of the Three Kingdoms= THIS If you are a fan of any this must be ecstasy for you, cuz it definitely is for me! Always loved the FE series.
Weston Meyer (9 hours ago)
Surfing J-Waves It’s more like the Union series if those side units actually affect combat with the commanding unit.
Pega Doodle (14 days ago)
Really hoping we get new info in the re-scheduled direct. It's been 3 months :0
Pega Doodle (14 days ago)
I know.
Ambur Price (13 days ago)
Pega Doodle Bro... the original announcement for this game was in February 2017. That’s over a year and a half without a word. Three months is nothing.
Your Average Gamer (14 days ago)
I managed to find the japanese version of this song, and I do not know which version of the singing I like more
Your Average Gamer (13 days ago)
+Ambur Price I can't stop listening to both!
Ambur Price (14 days ago)
Your Average Gamer They’re both pretty good! The Japanese singer has a very unique voice and I can’t stop listening to the English version!
Frick man, I really need 2 get a switch. Like look at this! It's looks amazing, this has the potential to have the best FE game mechanics and art of all the others
VG CLASH (15 days ago)
Great, another waifu simulator. P.S.: Please don't hate me, its only a joke.
Lady Azura (15 days ago)
1:11 Wait... Are we going to be able to be free roaming the map?!
Ambur Price (14 days ago)
Macaroon That area is probably the My Castle feature, as I stated above.
Macaroon (15 days ago)
Ambur Price Well you can see Dimitri so I don't think its a dungeon
Ambur Price (15 days ago)
Lady Azura No, it will sort of be like dungeon crawling from Echoes. You will probably be able to walk around in the My Castle feature and a couple other places.
Hauteclere (16 days ago)
Why so long away? :(
Bitz (16 days ago)
The music <3
MobileMastr GuyDude (16 days ago)
New Fire Emblem? YES!
RickyG (16 days ago)
Can't wait for everyone to get mad about having too many FE characters when the main protagonist of this gets in Smash Ultimate
RickyG (2 days ago)
+Ghost in The shell Smh lol
Ghost in The shell (2 days ago)
+RickyG that has to do with nothing. But yes ghost in the shell is better then mario.
RickyG (2 days ago)
+Ghost in The shell Says the guy who's yt username is an anime.
Ghost in The shell (2 days ago)
More fire emblem characters in smash is better then just more mario ones
Bella Blondon (16 days ago)
You better believe I’m hype for this
Mega Gamer (17 days ago)
This is one brutal world getting a decent game trailer and then it turns out your gonna have to wait a year till it comes out
Ambur Price (16 days ago)
Mega Gamer Especially since it was teased back in early 2017! 😂
Flame Palkia (18 days ago)
I am very interested in what the story will be this time around. Also great touch adding in background solders into every characters attack and defence animations, which also doubles as what looks as an interesting game mechanic.
Rhyto (18 days ago)
Totally excited for this new game, hoping it'll prove worthwhile!
aug _ (18 days ago)
NYEH!!! (18 days ago)
Nintendo direct tomorrow! Let's hope there's more IS will show from this game.
Macaroon (17 days ago)
Daddy Tibarn Well it got delayed so Now fire emblem for us
tena2013 (18 days ago)
Hi please change the name thanks
Kula Icetea (18 days ago)
I’m probably not buying this one...
Flareblade (14 days ago)
Kula Icetea I’d say give it a chance and let more info release before deciding
Bashings GT (18 days ago)
Cmon Nintendo atleast turn one thing into anime ffs
Macaroon (18 days ago)
Tomorrow new direct so Maybe new fire emblem info?
Leanne B. (19 days ago)
Is it Spring 2019 yet? Zzz
Alph0x (19 days ago)
At 1:30, I can't be the only one that think that looks like a broken sword
Ambur Price (19 days ago)
Alph0x It’s the chain/whip sword the old guy is using at 1:43
paul kistner (19 days ago)
Otaku Berry (19 days ago)
Release date?
Ambur Price (11 days ago)
Macaroon Hey, the Direct got rescheduled to September 13th at 3 pm PST if you still want to watch it! ;)
Macaroon (17 days ago)
Otaku Berry the direct is delayed so idk
Ambur Price (18 days ago)
Otaku Berry It’s September 6th, at 3 pm PST ;)
Otaku Berry (18 days ago)
Can I have a release date for the direct? So i can learn the release date for this game?
Ambur Price (18 days ago)
Macaroon I think it’s too early for a release date, but I’m hoping for a pleasant surprise!
Line Diers (19 days ago)
J’aime Fire emblem 🍄
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
Moi aussi
Hauteclere (19 days ago)
Can't wait :)
Adrianna Yglesias (20 days ago)
I am so ready for this omfgs whys it so far away ;-;
Tincho Sabala (20 days ago)
Well, apparently the avatar is the one who teaches the girl how to fight. Which is really cool.
MysticKnight 14 (18 days ago)
Well the avatar did a bad job. Using an axe against a sword smh
Doctor Minjinx (20 days ago)
I'm not one of those people who attack others for their likes. If you like modern FE, I don't have rude things to say. However I personally believe FE died after Radiant Dawn. That being said, this game actually looks good. Maybe this is the one.
MysticKnight 14 (2 days ago)
I started with Fates and worked backwards so I happen to love the 3ds games and Fates and Awakening (its hard not to like where you started) but I've played the GBA ones too and I like em evenly so I'm always at an awkward position in arguments, but I agree this looks great
AndreW_StormS (20 days ago)
Doctor Minjinx I mean, I thought Echoes was pretty cool
Owain Dark (20 days ago)
Nintendo UK pretty much confirmed two days ago, that Bleh is MU and the main character. There goes my hope that Edgelord is the main character.
Owain Dark (16 days ago)
+Cutting Air on their website?
Cutting Air (17 days ago)
When and where
Ambur Price (20 days ago)
Owain Dark That’s disappointing, but I’m still going to try to be optimistic. Definitely not buying it day one though, I’ll wait a month or two and see what people think of it.
MLPfluttershy (20 days ago)
This game is the main reason I want a switch, smash bros too but I'm a huge fire emblem fan
Hermine (20 days ago)
Can't wait any longer >~<
Gabe The weeb (20 days ago)
Why do I get radiant dawn vibes from the map
Flareblade (20 days ago)
Gabe The weeb 3D models instead of sprites probably
Luigi is T H I C C (21 days ago)
Alex Perez (20 days ago)
Give us the song nintendo
Dairokuten Maou (21 days ago)
I ship Blyat and Edgelord
OverlordDystroy (21 days ago)
I can't count how many times I have watched this trailer.
Ambassador Of Mercy (21 days ago)
This song is Xenoblade tier music
Ambassador Of Mercy (21 days ago)
maybe yeah, but I said this as a complement because Xenoblade 2 has my all time favorite OST
Luigi is T H I C C (21 days ago)
how about EQUAL. :D both fe and xenoblade have some really great music it’s difficult to put one over the other
Macaroon (21 days ago)
Ambassador Of Mercy No it is fire emblem tier that is beyond Xenoblade music trust me
Frankly, i terribly miss Radiance series, im still waiting a SERIOUS FE game. They should do remakes like Thracia 776 etc on Switch. I just dont like the art of Awakening or Heroes... Nor this.
MLPfluttershy (20 days ago)
I hated awakening's art style once too, but once I played it I just grew to love the style
Savescreen (22 days ago)
Looks great for a wii game
Savescreen (21 days ago)
Flareblade (21 days ago)
Savescreen please say sike

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