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10 WORST Cash Grab Attempts in Video Games

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Money makes the world go around, and we all know video games have to make money to exist. But what happens when publishers go too far? Well, if you've played any of these games, you already know... Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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jacek (5 hours ago)
it's really simple: if you charge money for game, DON'T PUT THAT CRAP IN!!!
Kenny Anderson (8 hours ago)
Warframe's business model is the way all games should be done. If you haven't played it and love FPS/RPG/Action games you are doing yourself a disservice. To my point, Warframe is a game that is TRULY free to play, it gives you the option to buy currency to get access to guns and speeds up time to build them but, all players of the game can get the same weapons, costumes, skins, and any other item in the game, and the leveling system requires you to play the game to have ability to buy/use the weapon so you will never be outmatched by a lower level player (there are a few exceptions to this but, none of them change one players advantage over another). If all games followed a similar model the gaming industry would be both lucrative for the devs and fun for the players. Imagine if Destiny 2 was free, you get all the expansions, for free. Then imagine that to get a legendary weapon you could grind for it on missions, strikes, and raids or buy it. The only difference is that you wont get the special badge or marking you get for completing the mission. So this is 2 fold, if you beat the mission and get the gun you have both proof your a bad ass gamer and the weapon to back it up, or you have the bad ass weapon but still need to step up and beat the level or your fellow players will know you didn't truly earn the weapon and drive the player to complete the mission for his or her marking or badge. So, this gives the gamer freedom, first if you don't like the game you didn't just throw $60 plus DLC in the trash, instead you paid the developer for doing a GOOD JOB and encouraging them to continue to support the game. Warframe and others like it have evolved over time into better more in depth games with stories, new characters, weapons, skins, levels, enemies etc and if you didn't want to, you didn't have to spend a dime to play it. There are others like me that don't have the pleasure to play the game all the time so spending few $ here and there to speed progress of building a weapon is worth it and, it supports the developers of the games I love and not some big company taking large margins from the creators. If you disagree I would love to hear your comments, I just think its time for players to speak directly to their game creators and reward them for a job well done instead of paying to find out the game is crap. One more thing STOP PRE-ORDERING GAM$ make them win/earn your business.
Gavin Dobbs (12 hours ago)
I'm curious why railroad simulators, that basically have thousands of dollars of DLC where engines and routes are locked behind purchases that are in some cases more expensive than the actual game, are given a pass in these discussions and never mentioned.
Enchanted (14 hours ago)
You had to play the game for 40 hours to get a hero hows that bad? I mean you have to play call of duty for 700 hours to get chrome camo....
Masked Man (15 hours ago)
Wow no assassins creed unity
Aaron Floyd (1 day ago)
Clash of Clans: "Don't wanna buy chests? OK. You can wait 10 months to upgrade your town hall."
Jpoie De dios (1 day ago)
The old mortal kombat was great
legoman12397 (1 day ago)
honestly just listening to number one makes me think man this game has come a long way we finaly have clone wars the new progression system and new maps and modes you cant deny that thing are finaly looking up for battlefront
Choas 480 (1 day ago)
At number 3 you can use free mods that are even better than the creation club. It is just some for the people who want to.
USSRNAME (1 day ago)
Destiny 2’s base max power was 330? I might be misremembering this but if I’m not that’s a pretty big oversight
ziggy the cub (2 days ago)
I like battlefront 2, i mean i dont own it but playing offline against my mate is fun, the game itself is good its just EA that ruined it
ThatOneGuitarGuy 98 (2 days ago)
My personal worst cash-grab: Having to buy a New 3DS to play SNES games, even though the original 3DS is capable of doing much better!
Marcus Reineck (2 days ago)
I am totally against this development of gambling systems in game but some of the things you were talking about made no fucking sense. I played through the whole of shadow of mordor on launch and I didn't even know there was a currency system until I had finished it. Another thing that I think you fail to consider is the fact that AAA games cost a lot of money to make and the cost keeps increasing but the pricing of games have stayed relatively the same for quite a while. If companies can't make a profit on their product of course they will have to find other ways to do that. All that being said, locking away parts of the original game is not the right way to handle it.
Dual Purpose (2 days ago)
Why is every console AA game priced at 60 dollars. A fighting game when newly released should never be $60. Any street fighter or mortal kombat should release new at $40. You price your game according to development and content availability. Making a street fighter doesnt require as much cost as making an uncharted or spiderman. Dribing games should be at the $40 price point. Cod is a small shooter which is mostly unchanged and uses the smae map templates...$40.
Dual Purpose (2 days ago)
End paywall behind online mp. As they aren't providing internet isp. They literally are just accessing servers...thats it. Dlc should be gone, loot crates, dmr. We a know xbox is the forerunner in all these practices....theu forced the competition to have make online available at a cost to remain financially competitive. Consumers got right this time around when they noticed the backlash from dmr. Now only if xbox gamers could've done that for online gameplay it would have forced ms to offer free online. The whole industry would be forced to not make online only accessible through paying. These are the reasons the ps2 remains the greatest system.
101proguitarist (2 days ago)
I know the game isn't out yet but if it was, Devil May Cry 5 would definitely be on this list for sure
trumpet boi (2 days ago)
Ok battlefront is making a comeback with the 4 new heros and villans and the new giant map
Shadow X (2 days ago)
8:41 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Deleted Content: Darth Vader exposes his dark saber...😂😂
Eishern (3 days ago)
EA and Ubisoft at no. 1? Am i right?
Jason (3 days ago)
I kind of find it funny, that EA had a franchise that can literally SELL ITSELF, like legit with the Star Wars game they would barely have needed to market it. They could’ve chosen to do FUCK ALL, and it’s likely the Star Wars game would’ve been a commercial success. They put genuine effort into stealing people’s money, and for their efforts the game was less commercially successful. What a great publisher.
Ryan Mackay (3 days ago)
Wii u
Little R Gaming (3 days ago)
1: paid online
Tee Jay (4 days ago)
your command of language is very weak :/
lofty (4 days ago)
WolfPlayer (4 days ago)
You missed when EA made people pay an online subscription
Jared Gerbing (4 days ago)
Lootboxes and paid DLC is only a thing because people still pay for it. It'll take a conglomerate of the gaming community boycotting DLC to get publishers to even slightly notice a drop in in-game purchases.
Young Dark Link (4 days ago)
If only a lot of people saw the sims 4 micro transactions.They would think battle front 2 is not that bad with it.
Charlie Black (4 days ago)
What about FORTNITE
marc kasprzyk (4 days ago)
I will make games grate agen
David Drygas (4 days ago)
your right this is terrible
Lucas Gomez (5 days ago)
Don’t you ever diss my 2k boy
Donut Dynosaur (6 days ago)
😂😂 i found this at the nba topic section XD
Dwight (6 days ago)
2K Finally getting a shoutout
Jimmy Hancock (6 days ago)
As for DLCs: New cosmetics (skin packs, new good-looking blocks) - Yes. (eg FortressCraft Evolved's Dapper and Skin Pack DLC) New story lines with new gameplay - Yes. (eg Fortresscraft Evolved Frozen Factory) Access to new 'beta' features that will eventually reach the main game - Yes. (eg TerraTech R&D pack) Making the game easier - Big NO as that changes the gameplay from "play & have fun" to "send money". (this includes microtransactions like in Clash of Clans)
Alex Price (6 days ago)
I do not mind lootboxes PROVIDED it's just cosmetics. And tbh these systems seem to work 100x better whilst not pissing the fanbase off completely. Just look at Overwatch, CS:GO, Fortnite etc
Jericho Jim (6 days ago)
This may be a bit stretched. But honestly i think Fortnite does a somewhat good job with their store and battle pass deal. You pay for skins you really really want, play the pass if there is something you like is there and not have to rely on a loot box gamble like in said game that forces you to grind for hours on end or have 50 to 100 loot box openings for for 1 thing.
Blod (7 days ago)
Have you seen sims 4 where the dlc are more expensive than the dam game!!
Joe E (7 days ago)
It's all rigged to the benefit of money for example Street Fighter 5
Tou Vang (6 days ago)
I was bouta say that one is missing lol. Capcom and their thirst. I gotta pay to unlock characters? The fuck? Like what happened to just playing the game or completing certain objectives to unlock a character. Makes me miss the good ol days of gaming on my PS2 and Gamecube.
IceMaster972 (7 days ago)
I personally don't really mind this stuff because I'm stupid rich.
AeroMatrix Gaming (7 days ago)
CS:GO items on the Steam Market And Killing Floor 1 & 2 DLCs
Charles Stewart (8 days ago)
Destiny 2 rectified their mistake at least.
plz killme (8 days ago)
Reasons old games are usually better 1. You unlock by playing not paying 2. The vibe. 3. Cared more about players
ProG (8 days ago)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 had so much potential. They have heavily fixed the game though. Content is being drip fed to the community. We are finally getting Grevious this month lol
The Chameleon (8 days ago)
Why do you hate money? Gaming companies need to make money to make more games!
Aurora Ackley (8 days ago)
Heres one that I hate: A console game disc that requires the internet to not only load into the console but to be played as well. Basically making it so to be able to use the game in anyway it needs the internet after you paid $60 + dollars for the disc.
Erik Throndson (8 days ago)
Destiny should be higher on the list . They have consistently fucked over the player base.
charlloss123 (8 days ago)
Stop buying microtransations and developers will stop making them in games. Simple as that
Cir5000 (9 days ago)
Make a good game that people wanna play. Not bad games you have to micro transaction people to death to make any money off of it's scumbagnificents!
Michael DeMarco (9 days ago)
what about the Nintendo switch online
mu (10 days ago)
What happened to those days where you pay once and play a high quality game
Naildown55 (10 days ago)
What upsets me most about Deus Ex Mankind Divided is that its actually a really solid game, unfortunately SE is too blind to realize that their greed is what caused this game to sell poorly and they put it on hiatus. It is possible we will never see another deus ex. And as a hardcore fan of the franchise that is so depressing.
RooDaKai (10 days ago)
Number 1: EAs existence
Crazy Gameplayz (10 days ago)
I thought Fallout 4 did pretty good with the free mods.
Akros The_Speed_Demon (10 days ago)
2:56 jokes on them cause I used a trainer to get all augmentations (When possible) and turn stacks of 20 custom parts into 99 when selling to an ingame vendor.
Michael Cuello (10 days ago)
In the beginning of 0:03 - 0:11 . Is that from a real song or you guys made? If was made awesome. You guys should do the whole song and make the whole song available
Raspberry Pepperoni (10 days ago)
Did cayade get his ramen
Silas S (10 days ago)
Alright I am getting ticked off with this video so what some of a game is locked behind 20 bucks it's fine
McBelmods (10 days ago)
How does EA still have the Star Wars License? They need the shame bell more than Cersei.
Zachary Scovel (10 days ago)
I'm surprised the Sims wasn't on here. It has copious amounts of DLC. Considering all of the main expansions are sold for the same cost of the base game, small add-ons that will cost about $10 each and one or two free updates, its almost as expensive as Train Simulator. EA has a problem.
Fearless BLaZ (11 days ago)
This list better be dominated by EA and 2K!
Mike Moore (11 days ago)
the gaming industry is dead to me.
Robert Phoenix (11 days ago)
Check out the indie steam game "DLC Quest"You'll love it XD it shows the current mindset of AAA companies perfectly.
Robert Phoenix (11 days ago)
MOre and grabbier AAA companies == More and better indie developers to fill the quality gap. So I say AAA comps go for it. We need more Indie!
Edge Equalizer (11 days ago)
Well as for the Easy fatality you can unlock that in the Krypt I'm just saying
Justin Last (11 days ago)
Battlefronts were doomed from the start. There already was a Battlefront 1 and 2...how you gonna make Battlefront 1-2 and Battlefront 2-2?
Eli Weible (11 days ago)
what about fortnite now you have to buy the battle pass to get the full challenges and it at one time wasn't like that. that's why I just watch YouTube most of the time instead of playing video games that just want you money
Henry Marckisotto (11 days ago)
don't hate on the horse armor. Horses need love too
Casper (12 days ago)
It's all about pride and accomplishment With a sense of pride meaning being proud of stealing peeps money for unfinished bull shit cough EA cough Accomplishment all the money in the world
Robert Talia (12 days ago)
anybody who plays Destiny 2 would buy all the expansions anyway!
David T (12 days ago)
I have to be honest, I've played through Mankind Divided twice and I was never aware that it even had micro transactions.
Jordan Nealon (12 days ago)
I've got a cash grab for you: Ca$h Royale
Shady Tran (12 days ago)
now i truly know where all the hates for Destiny 2 come from and why Evolve died/was not popular. MICROTRANSACTIONS!!!!
Robert DeMartino (12 days ago)
Am I the only one who never had problems with buying loot boxes with Battlefront 2? Me and my friends did perfectly fine without them and never had to purchase any.
T Rock (12 days ago)
You should be slamming Blizzard Entertainment where their auction house used real money transactions to launder money overseas.
Rebel 24/7 (12 days ago)
With evolve you know what else is just characters fortnite
David Reitl (13 days ago)
The DLC problem for Dead Rising 4 was only a problem for Xbox one players, Ps4 players like me didn't have any problem because the DLC was already with the game for digital versions
Westbrooke117 (13 days ago)
10 WORST cash grab attempts in YOUTUBE VIDEOS
Battlefront 2 was so bad 2 the point where u can't call it pay 2 win its just pay 2 progress
ArthurKal (13 days ago)
E A Sports, we want you to pay
Max Grimm (13 days ago)
no gta V?
Fortnite Tips (14 days ago)
Ea makes u pay so much money
Fortnite Tips (14 days ago)
Ea is so stupid
Fortnite Tips (14 days ago)
Ea sucks
Revan Tech (14 days ago)
Fallout 76
Jerard The Bacon (14 days ago)
A good game that when you buy it,there's no additional fees is Terraria.
ForsakenAbyss (14 days ago)
Black desert online should be on this list too
SylenceNight (14 days ago)
I don't entirely blame the companies, I really blame the rich and semi rich gamers who love to spend huge amount to brag to everyone how good their cac is. Mr or Mrs I spent 10k + on this too now I'm the best and f2p grinders will never beat me at anything. Buahahahahaha.
AHairyHamburger (14 days ago)
star citizen has a package to buy all the ships etc for 27,000 dollars! yes you read that right!!
Matt Boodz (14 days ago)
Yaoi_Trash (15 days ago)
I feel like the In-game currency that you have to pay real money for should just be banned, because like games are already so expensive, like $80 (in Canada that is) for 1 game then realizing you have to pay MORE money to get cool shit is insane...or I'm just broke and don't want to pay money to get cool shit. you should have to earn it by playing the games and doing challenges, none of this BS of "pay $100 for cool shit on top of a $80 game"
Funky Deja Vudoo (16 days ago)
APB Reloaded
Jan Taher (16 days ago)
Uploading after buying every game? Come on
Ferocu (16 days ago)
You forgot GTA Online. Shark Cards and stuff getting more and more expensive.
WaightZer (16 days ago)
where can I get a Gif of 1:53? anybody?
Edward Blomker (16 days ago)
The best part of these is the games are only minimally beta tested so bugs and glitches abound. Just wait till they start charging for the patches to fix the glitches
artisticBookworm (16 days ago)
Nindendo Switch Online. I don't need to say more.
King Chris (16 days ago)
You missed FIFA 15-19
El_muncho_sr (16 days ago)
They fixed swb2
Aoi Jasmine (16 days ago)
In the Last of Us you gotta pay 30 bucks for a helmet. *A HELMET PEEPS*
TheAutisticGamer (16 days ago)
1. EA 2. EA 3. EA 4. EA 5. EA 6. EA 7. EA 8. EA 9. EA 10. EA

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