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Anthem was announced a while back, but while we were given broad information, we've eagerly awaited specifics. Kicking off Gameranx's E3 coverage, we got the goods. Finally! Find out more about Anthem's classes, open world, gameplay, game modes & more. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Prometheus (12 hours ago)
Please no PvP ever. The last thing any game needs is more griefers. This PvP fad needs to die.
Emilx2000 (17 hours ago)
damn those graphics look sweet
Wartiny or Desframe 💁 but idk im definitely getting it.. Hate Warframe nd never played Destiny 💁
rusted needles (2 days ago)
wow OMG i can see the future ! guys! i see...... a 60 dollar incomplete grind fest with an 8 hour story and thousands of loot items that use the same skin art but of different rarity levels ! wait..... i am seeing more!!!........they will promise to make the game a service enticing you to wast more money on dlc loot boxes and cosmetic items only to release anthem 2 three or four years from now ! ....wait..... wait theres more! what you just saw is the entirety of the game ! group up ! pick a mission! grind it out ! get your loot !....REPEAT! ........
corry colin (2 days ago)
please add pvp
Flitz Smith (3 days ago)
I bought myself a late birthday present by a month and 2 days.
Phantom Goose (3 days ago)
Ohhhh I'm getting this
Grinder Augie (5 days ago)
No loot..so boring
GuardiansRulesofWar (5 days ago)
EA's Monster Hunter!
Uknown YouTuber (5 days ago)
Destiny is awesome
DeathBullet117 (6 days ago)
Parsifal (6 days ago)
Dont give a crap about romances or dialogue options. Just give us solid core gameplay mechanics and I'm happy.
Aaron Nihc (7 days ago)
4 Tony Starks visiting alien planets.
alonz pj (8 days ago)
Literally a rip off of the questions some other channel uploaded
ĀZĀ ZÆL (8 days ago)
Are they copying MH ideas? The quest hub is unique only to you, meaning you it’s not a player hub area where you can see other players. It’s going to be a one player thing like Astera in MhW. And no pvp, since it’s mainly focusing on pve, just like MH. I’m curious if they’re going to be able to pull off a sci-fi robot version of MH... hmmm.
Curtis Mei (9 days ago)
Not sure why everyones hating this game seems pretty cool to me
Tom (9 days ago)
Is anthem made by EA?
Roland Dawson (12 days ago)
No loot boxes. I’ve never been so excited about the game. :,)
Marco Vargas (13 days ago)
I'm Love with this game i can't wait any longer!!!!
cstep7263 (13 days ago)
Don’t understand all the acronyms he’s mentioning in this video
joany mitchell (16 days ago)
Ohhh the music😍😍
Epic Fox (16 days ago)
Will there be a beta?
Usam (17 days ago)
My potato PC will cry even more.
MAXSTEEL X AWESOME (18 days ago)
Can we change the gender to male or female
Deedric Kee (18 days ago)
No treasure bags 😂😂😂1:46 That was funny as hell
Daniel Šťastný (19 days ago)
I think its something betveen Warframe and Destiny it looks it takes best things from botsh games and i hope they will not have problems with optimalization and these technical things
Br0wnie (21 days ago)
No loot crates and all that shit butters my eggroll
Looks so fun
Blessed Lucifer (24 days ago)
don't buy it's a typical EA scam game and let EA die so we can have better companies who want to make games not alot of business
Keidric Pnewton (24 days ago)
ok ik this is probably a stupid question but is it on disc or free download
THE GAME SEEKERS (25 days ago)
Can I Play the Stroy Mode alone? Or is it online ?
Michael Beswick (25 days ago)
PvP all the way 👍👌
Michael Beswick (25 days ago)
love the look of this game
David Boorin (26 days ago)
I love this game already its like Firefall on steroids
Senceract (26 days ago)
im liking this game already but im gonna watch a few youtube vids of a couple missions first before i actually buy it so i dont waste my money
DrLucifer (28 days ago)
this looks like the best iron man game ever made
Matthew Bui (28 days ago)
Wow very impressive. Count me in. Only if I can get the new RTX to play this with all the RT tech glories!
Tyler Hinkelman (28 days ago)
Anthem is a Warframe and borderlands mechanic hybrid... imo
jesse spence (29 days ago)
Most mmo type games I've found myself playing a wizard like class even though in usually DnD fantasy games I'm more or less a rouge character... This video has given me hope not just because they've gotten rid of the Loot Box problem that EA likes to push onto them, but that they seem to have an idea of how they want the world to work and are going to be working on PvP as an obvious secondary to the game just like it outta be. I love the idea of actually exploring a world for once and finding out what's out their in the great unknown plus i get to be a space wizard unless I pick the interceptor... Depends on abilities and play style tho.
jake blake (30 days ago)
This is kinda of like Warframe meets Horizon Zero Dawn. In terms of look
Jdhj Jjjk (30 days ago)
R.i.p. destiny😂😂
Adam Heath (30 days ago)
Im excited, even tho im breaking the cardinal rule of never buy shit from EA ever again, i have a feeling they are putting a fuckton more effort into this game to try and win back some public image, and everything ive heard so far seems perfect.. no lootboxes check, no bullshit pvp to fuckup the pve.. check, auto scale leveling for newer players to catch up.. check, in game unlockable cosmetic features for the grinders, or purchasable for the whales and the graphics whores.. check Get to blow shit up as an ironman wannabe.. check It is EA tho, so expect any DLC to cost the same price as the full game, or done like the sims4, so full game price for a "real" DLC like the one u will need to buy if u want to PvP, then smaller not DLC for slightly less that will just add a few things extra to the game... like a battle royal mode for your shiny new PvP dlc
Dizzra1 (1 month ago)
Wish i could get into non-MMO games :(
Jordan Holland (1 month ago)
Can anyone tell me if there will be any melee combat or weapons? Theres nothing more id like to do with a powered up mechanized suit than to use some of that super strength and speed to kick some butt. Not just all shooting. Seems like a waste of a good suit if were only going to use guns.
Matt Tally (1 month ago)
looks cool to me lol
Daniel Williams (1 month ago)
This guys voice makes me not as interested as I was in this game
brenthud2170 (1 month ago)
*I N T E R E S T I N G*
overwatchboy _ (1 month ago)
Kind of has an evolve/Titanfall feel
Josh Herrera (1 month ago)
Anthem for Xbox 1X Death Stranding for PS4 pro Glad I got both systems...
Jared Stewart (1 month ago)
I feel no pvp is a good move kinda like going hey I don’t need my community complaining 24’7 cause overpowered weapons and class bull shit but in PVE 😏 it’s a whole different story and it already seems balanced to their respective classes with weapons and abilities so GG!.
7YrsPerHr (1 month ago)
If this game is going to be like Warframe (no story), you can count me out.
Leo Munoz (1 month ago)
Any combat? Fighting ?
Victoria Voxis (1 month ago)
Im worried about the suits and can't spray paint your own logo
Nick Joost (1 month ago)
No matter how this turns out... it looks FUN. Looks more than a 20 minute awesome epic then put down like Prototype or Watch Dogs. (I guess different games, but for fun then put down example). Just heard about this, excited from the few videos.
tazeem nobeebux (1 month ago)
m8 say the word warframe to destiny and it will run off crying
Robbie Truitt (1 month ago)
I hate everyone who is just immediately jumping to conclusions and comparing this game with other games instead of looking at it with an open mind and seeing what it could become in the future, I'm hyped as fuck for this game and a lot of people should be because it has the potential to be great
jUppers (1 month ago)
If EA is involved, it's gonna be as shallow as possible, trying to pump out the most money with the least effort put in. Prepare for a short main quest, some generic repetitive side missions, and just after a month, some overpriced DLC that'll have even less content. I really can't expect more til im proven wrong. EA is cancer
Ram Jam (1 month ago)
Its like iron man on pandora
xR0b 1nxx (1 month ago)
no lootbox
Max Nicholson (1 month ago)
K so this might sound dumb, but if there isn't an option to switch off the damage numbers, and the absolutely stupid "COMBO!" damage markers upon bullet impact, I seriously might not buy this, as that will take away from the majesty of the game, and make it feel like destiny, which is anything but a fun exploration game....
MKB 144p (1 month ago)
"anthem"!!!more like "ban them"
Kevin Irawan (1 month ago)
where can i get this game?
john wrath (1 month ago)
Why are we congratulating them for not putting in loot boxes? They put in a manipulative gambling system to wring even more money out of children who steal their parents credit cards, lazy people with disposable income and people with addictive tendencies and make previous games pay to win in an extremely obnoxious, in your face, anticonsumer way, basically shitting all over us in a game we already paid at least 60$ for on the front end, and when they get massive and well deserved backlash for doing so, they remove it and expect to be patted on the back? No. Fuck them. If someone walks up to me and punches me in the balls but when I see him the next day and he DOESN'T punch me in the balls, i don't thank him for not punching me in the balls this time. I'm still pretty pissed about the last time they punched me in the balls.
john wrath (1 month ago)
Also, I guarantee they INTENDED to put in loot boxes but made the decision to remove them after the giant flop and backlash of battlefront 2
DJPhantom (1 month ago)
Anthem is warframe and destiny combined, so get ready for people to argue what’s better outta those three!
Dominion Gaming (1 month ago)
No open romance options or funny comment diversities probably wont buy
Dominion Gaming (1 month ago)
So will it only be first person when out of the mech?
Robb Taylor (1 month ago)
No romance ain't gonna hurt me. I never gave a crap about it 8n previous games. It's actually kind of nice bioware isn't doing their same old thing with a game. Bioware being bioware means same game, different scenery. Dragon Age and Mass Effect are good, but don't feel too different. Change and growth is good.
blood_shooter 017 (1 month ago)
Jenna (1 month ago)
I really feel like a big part of making this a BIOWARE game and not something too close to Destiny is dynamic story line. Bioware has always made their games about becoming attached to your character and feeling like you're a part of their world that they created because your choices matter and change your game. I have yet to be convinced that they are holding true to what we love about Bioware games. I'd really like to be able to build relationships with characters within the game and eventually have them implement romance into the game. I mean fucking 4 Mass Effect games and 3 Dragon Age games, there's a reason people fell in love with them. And that's because they pulled you in and made you feel like you were a real part of the game. GIVE ME STORY BIOWARE!
Fucking Loon Mate (1 month ago)
I just want to dual weird some laser swords and slash shit up like a ninja to be honest
Squid Mc chippy (1 month ago)
I'm honestly glad this game isn't in the vein of Destiny, even though i 'vs poured hours into it. I've had a craving for a game similar enough to Destiny but with a more open, PvE environment that is changing constantly. No loot boxes or paid expansions, just a raw, open world gameplay
Matthewk219 (1 month ago)
I hope they add a “ghost” class, with stealth and cloaking capabilities and whatnot
Alec Ducker (1 month ago)
I wanna be excited for this game, but I know without a doubt that EA is going to screw this up BIG TIME. Just because they said there won't be loot boxes, season passes, and/or pay-locked expansions, doesn't mean that stuff won't be in the game(this is EA we're talking about, they're infamous liars). Even if they are true to their word, there are other ways they can swindle money out of people's bank accounts.
Ryan Mueller (1 month ago)
4 play co-op in robotic suits of armor? So...Warframe? The last game to compete with Warframe was Destiny 2....
Robo Rooster (1 month ago)
Game not gam
nothere (1 month ago)
question is will you buy it?
nothere (1 month ago)
i think ill try anthem because im interested
Quintin Wright (1 month ago)
Just found out that its always gonna be online kinda disappointed I mean it's great that u can play solo but the fact that it's always online might kill it for me idk why they didn't put in an offline mode as well cuz there's still some people who either can't afford Internet or just plain don't have it
Justice Brown (1 month ago)
7 months. That feels like sooo long. Fortunately, this game looks promising and gives me time to get the moneys
I don’t care if this game gets a lot of backlash, it seems badass and I want
Dante Catalin (1 month ago)
ea games is shit...sexist and racist
GameItDerp (1 month ago)
Well... we'll see... EA is involved in this... so already a sour aftertaste... no lootboxes and you can buy what you want already a plus in my eyes. BUT. that what you want will probably cost more then it should be... like a hairstyle for 1 character in one game costs 20$ a virtual haircut. thats what i mean with that. like rediculously overpriced cosmetics. and there are gonna be probably a shit ton of DLC to. just to squezze out more money.
Malik Kailie (1 month ago)
This has a little Tini bit of warframe
alex duffy (1 month ago)
and apperently there is gonna be free dlc so you wont have to spend 160 dollars or something to get the complete game
akingnamedben (1 month ago)
@@It’s not open world@@ every video I have seen proved to me it’s a mission by mission style game kind of like call of duty campaigns there are aligned missions that have a narrow path to completion with no exploring options
Aiden Marceau (1 month ago)
I'm glad that Anthem will focus a lot on their open world exploration, however I really hope Anthem turns out to be something we've never seen before and not just Warframe or Destiny
sensemille (2 months ago)
it kind of looks like the type of game you get bored of after one week
DiamondGamez (2 months ago)
So if loot isn't shared... Each group member gets their OWN item, that cannot be taken by other players right? Or am I wrong?
Zeddisntdead (2 months ago)
Will there be multiplayer or co-op?
Domandol (2 months ago)
If this game is not like Destiny but more like Mass Effect2 = good game
Flu1d Xpl0itSh0t (2 months ago)
Wait so... it’s a looter shooter...?
roman fox (2 months ago)
I really hope you can share items
LukaShadowReaper (2 months ago)
no loot boxes? no gambling/ you know what you get when you buy stuff? no PvP at launch? good graphics ? HMMMmmm if EA somehow ruins this game ill be amazed and disapointed at the same time
LordZigmalulu (2 months ago)
this looks like need for speed 1
Guy (2 months ago)
I have a feeling that this could be a no man's sky again
JACK ILLER (2 months ago)
Would of been good 10 year's ago but nothing new here
Mez Martinez (2 months ago)
User per server?
Marc T (2 months ago)
What is the background music you used for the video?
Kuro sujitsu (2 months ago)
we hope no downgrade from trailer E3 maybe??
Jon20021005 (2 months ago)
I dont think they will add more javelins
Sarocle Gaming (2 months ago)
1:20 gaam

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