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15 MASSIVE Switch Games ANNOUNCED In October 2018

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This video is about 14 MASSIVE Switch Games ANNOUNCED In September 2018. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 20 New Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_v-DpjS1uA Top 15 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHLLSwOAme8 -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (161)
SwitchPlanet (11 days ago)
20 New SWITCH Games just ANNOUNCED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_v-DpjS1uA
P R (4 days ago)
You click beating piece of shit
NichtMax (1 day ago)
You forgot Warframe thooo
im the 1k liker! hahaha Excited for the Vampyr game
花木九里虎 (5 days ago)
ザ フレンズオブ リンゴ イシカワ スイッチ版出たん?凄いな。
Vestrill (5 days ago)
8:09 Is the Takeshi's Challenge 2? Adventures of Takeshi's son?
aoimetalfighter (5 days ago)
Que triste la lista de juegos del switch...
Jamie Williamson (5 days ago)
resident evil and resident evil 0 are must haves
lee greenhill (5 days ago)
3 games looked ok which was xenon racer, vampyr, and the last was trine 4 the rest was rubbish if you going to bring games out look at older generation of games which was on the amiga such games like the turrican games a lot of other good shooting games I played where better than this rubbish you are bringing out lately games on my amiga was fantastic which least got a lot of high scores in the 90+ mark.
동물원 tv (5 days ago)
나와주세요! 한국인!
shinra358 (5 days ago)
Timothy brown (5 days ago)
So many amazing games on Switch every month, in less than 2 years it already sports a library 2/3 the size of Ps4, impressive and quite the turn around from the Wii U days
no name (6 days ago)
massive games...riiiight....
S.G OH (7 days ago)
하아.. 닌텐도...
IAN 101 (7 days ago)
Need more open world for switch
DeathFromBelow (7 days ago)
What is the game in the thumbnail?
평범한인생 (7 days ago)
제길 한글 게임이 없네
Dr. Snowman (7 days ago)
Sometimes, I just look at the sky and say, "this planet needs a switch."..
Tim Sarai (8 days ago)
Omensight looks like it could be awesome
Mr X (8 days ago)
I want Suikoden 1& 2 on Nintendo switch but when is Grandia supposed to release on the switch
Daniel kader (8 days ago)
still no sao release date?
ThePyre666 (8 days ago)
Dont think ill buy those RE games again... But vampyr sounds nice on the switch
anonimo4248 (8 days ago)
Que pasa con 2K que no saca un bordenlands para switch
Karlus Kardius (8 days ago)
Adult games on a Nintendo System i want buy a switch!
exelsaga (8 days ago)
going to buy the switch next year only for fire emblem.
Arnas Dambrauskas (8 days ago)
I goed to eshop and there's no resident evil 4
Arnas Dambrauskas (8 days ago)
I go to eshop and there's no resident evil
It is true that nintendo never makes good tps games such as Red dead redemption
박정철 (9 days ago)
Sayko Kahn (9 days ago)
Why resident evil Remake Remake and Remake and remake again?
Adrian Sobin (9 days ago)
Trine 4 will be just like the other ones: worthless pieces of shit. They shouldnt exist, the creators deserve 12 years in prison for this atrocity.
Stinky Pinky (9 days ago)
40 years ago on a dark cold Halloween night...
Marco Granados (9 days ago)
I want metal fest solid games
killeing (9 days ago)
FINALLY! A list of Nintendo Switch games where all of them look good and not cheap $3 Indie Knockoffs!
Johann Rodriguez (9 days ago)
13 remenber river city
Dundaclap (9 days ago)
oh i’m so ready for all the resident evil’s
Rafael Vidal Esch (9 days ago)
massive trash?
xd Finsoup (9 days ago)
Trine hell yes finally but first some long reviews of the lets go game thats coming up cuz I want the poke ball plus to sow I need some worth for my money... and then I buy ff maxima and trine when it comes.. idk the rest
Master Roshi (9 days ago)
Finally more RE now leta get some more Zelda
Vega HTV (10 days ago)
let me link music intro video, listen very well
Logan Brown (10 days ago)
Y'all could announce Smash Brothers and people are still gonna bitch
David Kurniawan (10 days ago)
Still waiting for them FF series on switch... Gotta be cool to play them on the go with the better graphics.
anfall28 (10 days ago)
I really hate your intro
camico14 (10 days ago)
Con que tenga el RE4 ya soy feliz
Ricardo Jara (10 days ago)
Cattails looks MassiveAF
Caleb Youn (10 days ago)
Looking forward to vampyr
K83 TV (10 days ago)
That whole list was great, trine looked good and resident evil 0 I'd go for first
Krasnaludek (10 days ago)
The last one - Trine actually looks cool. The rest are straight ass games for little kids 10-years old or younger.
allstarsteinman (10 days ago)
HelikaonIX (10 days ago)
Trine, Vampyr, Friends of Ringo
All I care about is resident evil 4. It’s about time this game is announced for the switch. It fits so perfectly.
Myung Kou Kang (10 days ago)
Hey Switch Planet, this is November, yet you have title card for October, what gives?
keith macalino (10 days ago)
It did say "announced in october"
Bishop Vida (10 days ago)
Because it's a list of what was ANNOUNCED in October, bruh.
Derrick Kelly (10 days ago)
We gettin a game that been gamecube than wii now they bring it to switch RE4 i would apreaciated 6 more but 4 cmon nintendo is fucking us over the wii u had more better 3rd party games like assain creed and even call of duty
LACOUCHE (10 days ago)
Resident evil 4 😍
Ro0odney (10 days ago)
This Resident Evil games are such a 'meh' games for me, played it once, never interested me even a tiny bit
Ro0odney (10 days ago)
Ok, I just saw it on yt, my main concern was the camera and the camera angle, but I see in revelations 2 you can choose your angle, I`ll definetly try it on PC, thanks :)
Bishop Vida (10 days ago)
Try Revelations 2. It's a little more actiony. Go into it mostly for Raid mode imho, fun little shooter. Definitely grab it on sale. You can try it out super cheap on pc, it was an episodic thing.
TOMMY.TV (10 days ago)
Resident Evil 0,1 & 4 look great.. they did a phenomenal job on Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 for this Switch..
P R (4 days ago)
Yeah that's something to commend. Them being able to Port nearly 10 year old game to a console in the year 2018 LOL
Uroy (10 days ago)
Of course, however the size was the only problem.
Jaime Hernaiz (10 days ago)
Not nearly enough resident evil #sarcasm
Nick (10 days ago)
i've been interested in vampyr, would definitely prefer it on switch, thats awesome. and i am ALWAYS ready for more trine. somethin about that series i just love it.
Moonim Ahsan (10 days ago)
Please change your opening music. It's disturbing eww.
Romeo Duque (10 days ago)
Vampyr looks ok, the rest are just meh
Romeo Duque (10 days ago)
+Ivan Quintero nah, I never liked any of them. They are over rated if you ask me
Ivan Quintero (10 days ago)
Romeo Duque Try Resident Evil
king eagle (10 days ago)
Cattale is just warriors the game where fire star at
Stinky Pinky (9 days ago)
yeah it looks amazing!
NazzaN (10 days ago)
I'd be super happy if they released a triple pack for RE 0, 1, and 4!
Sterling Anderson (10 days ago)
can you link sources in description? just curious where you're getting this news from
keith macalino (10 days ago)
These have already been announced by the devs/publishers themselves.
I'm hoping RE 0 has an online co -op for switch.
+Philly Grea ✋
Philly Grea (9 days ago)
.... just... facepalm
FatGuyonTheCouch (10 days ago)
Switch sucks.
MystakaACE (10 days ago)
Cattails very massive game.. yeah
Bishop Vida (10 days ago)
boo fox news, cat news news for life
Richard HART (10 days ago)
If I knew switch was getting remake 2, I would buy one today.
Indra Halim88 (10 days ago)
I like this game triplle AA good grafik i hope pes cod and unchartes is here in nintendo switch
Pegaso gro. (10 days ago)
awevo se ven pasados de verga
Kimberley Ayers (10 days ago)
Bishop Vida (10 days ago)
Mello (10 days ago)
I'm totally gonna get resident evil 4 and 0 those look awesome
Ivan Quintero (10 days ago)
Mello Get the Remake too!
brayden peco (10 days ago)
resident evil 4 i play it in ps2
un user comun 7u7r (6 days ago)
Oo And???
Ivan Quintero (10 days ago)
brayden peco Play Resident Evil and Zero.
John LaValley (10 days ago)
The consistency of this channel is impressive. Great job. Thank you.
Dark Man (10 days ago)
Resident evil!!!!!!!
Mr_Sickness (10 days ago)
I have really held out hope for RE4 to come out on switch and now it is coming!!!!
Leonardo Carvalho (10 days ago)
still waiting for MGSV TPP
kezia rachellea (10 days ago)
I need resident evil 7 offline and resident evil 2 remake :(
un user comun 7u7r (6 days ago)
X2 :'v
Sujan Sitaula (10 days ago)
Trine , vampyr , xenon racer looks amazing sorry to say other looks totally shit..
Ivan Quintero (10 days ago)
Sujan Sitaula You obviously have never heard of Resident Evil.
Nintendorak Yamato (10 days ago)
Dynasty Warriors 8 😍😍😍😍
Nintendorak Yamato (10 days ago)
Fate Extella link the best
Khalil Haddari (10 days ago)
Finaly nice games
Harmentig Nightmare (10 days ago)
Hello not "15 jeux massifs..." Say "15 gros jeux..."
Mr.Bluzz Beats (11 days ago)
Trine 4 looks good!
Vutha (11 days ago)
Massive game release ^^ cattail LOL
Ricky (11 days ago)
Xenon racer looks so clean!
Wicket.W Warrick (11 days ago)
..Just waiting for Smash Bros ................🌊🌊🌊🌊
CubeHooD ! (9 days ago)
Its there
Luke Ierfone (10 days ago)
De Von (11 days ago)
Any ideas when Vampyr might release? I want to get it.
Vladiks 300 (11 days ago)
Go top shoter
James Keith Tampus (11 days ago)
These aren't massive TBH
Ethan (10 days ago)
James Keith Tampus The 3 Resident Evils, Dragon Ball, and Dynasty Warriors are pretty massive, others aren’t though
Humberto Rodriguez (11 days ago)
These games are trash
Philly Grea (9 days ago)
+brayden peco If it has pointer controls like the wii version than that alone would justify it.
JAMES C (10 days ago)
Only thing Humperto plays well is with himself
Krasnaludek (10 days ago)
Humberto Rodriguez You got that right ... some weak ass games.
Ivan Quintero (10 days ago)
brayden peco Not just Switch, PS4 and XboxOne also ported it. Since you played only 4 I suggest you pick up Resident Evil Remastered and experience a true survival horror masterpiece.
brayden peco (10 days ago)
lol i already play resident evil4 in ps2 long time ago lol hahaha why switch launch it again so sad
Hayley M (11 days ago)
Kenny Mikasa (11 days ago)
TNBikers (11 days ago)
What exactly do you mean by "massive"?
Bastien P (8 days ago)
By massive they mean "I wan't you to click on that video and give me youtube money"
Stinky Pinky (9 days ago)
big dick
kowalski the penguin (9 days ago)
Massive = Big Cock
+N1nj4L1nk lmao
GD Osman002 (11 days ago)
*Dynasty* Looks so much like the *Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes* game that I hope they will add because it has *English Dubbed* voice actor. But the newer ones are only Japanese dubbed that I still hope will be added for the *Nintendo Switch* *Sengoku Basara Utage 3* *Sengoku Basara 4* *Sengoku Basara Samuragi*
Itachi Uchiha (11 days ago)
When is there gonna be some follow up info for sao fb I've been waiting
Itachi Uchiha (11 days ago)
+Yato isn't every nintendo console a weeb console LOL
Yato (11 days ago)
+Itachi Uchiha I'm hyped tho switch is such a weeb console tbh but i love it
Itachi Uchiha (11 days ago)
+Yato after researching i found out that in japan the switch version will drop when the 4th dlc drops👍 but the states idk maybe 2 weeks or a month after japan release
Yato (11 days ago)
Me 2 man guess will have to wait
KingHans (11 days ago)
I want Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4 :(
The Unbeliever (6 days ago)
KingHans I want chinibyo and other delusions✌️
KingHans (11 days ago)
+Nhat Anh Hoang oh I mean ninja storm 4 sory
Nhat Anh Hoang (11 days ago)
KingHans impact 2&3 haven’t existed yet, let alone 4
GD Osman002 (11 days ago)
1:22 Happy to see *Dragon Ball Super* is added for the switch! I still wish they could add *Terraria*
GD Osman002 (10 days ago)
+Daud Hicks. Well maybe because they can't update the phone to the newest update. It will cause a lot of lagg and can't play online without local or with the same internet that's why. But the Pc version and the Ps4 can play online like from home to home not that you need the same internet to play together with.. And if *Terraria* gets added to switch would it be amazing! You can go everywhere and play it and take the game with u to your friends house not like ps4 or pc
Daud Hicks (10 days ago)
Why don’t you just play it on your phone?
Game Master (11 days ago)
+GD Osman002 No prob.
GD Osman002 (11 days ago)
+Game Master. I didn't even know that but I do hope that they release it earlier btw thanks for letting me know ^-^
Nero (11 days ago)
Wait what vampyr on the switch? Ok that's cool
Bagus Saeba (10 days ago)
Yeap, I was surprised too... let's see
Savage Redhood019 (11 days ago)
It did pretty well on other systems so they decided to port it to switch
Divyansh Sunak (11 days ago)
Not really massive titles besides the last one dragon ball and resident evil
Ray Lazarin (11 days ago)
What about Vampyr
Mr NYC (11 days ago)

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