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My Thoughts on Star Trek Deep Space Nine

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Text Comments (1051)
Trekyards (10 hours ago)
Loved this episode! Great job. And I agree DS9 is an amazing series.
Penta Deuce (1 day ago)
It's on Netflix. Go watch it if you have yet to do so.
Rosamund Powell (3 days ago)
['With VOY they were desperate for the next TNG, the same with Enterprise and it didn't work."] Why are people so fucking arrogant when it comes to making claims about shows and other forms of entertainment. If "Voyager" and "Enterprise" didn't work for you . . . fine. But don't fucking make comments like this as if it was a fact and everyone agree with you. This is arrogance at its worst. And although I'm not a fan of "Enterprise", I'm a major fan of "Voyager", so fuck you.
Rosamund Powell (3 days ago)
DS9 is my second favorite Trek show . . . so far. I applaud its attempt to be something different from the other Trek shows. But I believe a few aspects tripped up this attempt. One, it had too much in common with J. Michael Stracinzski's "BABYLON 5". Two, some of the writing between Seasons 4 and 7 didn't quite live up to the hype - especially the attempted coup of the Federation in Season 4, the Dominion-Cardiassian occupation of the station in early Season 6, and the portrayal of Gul Dukat in late Season 6 and Season 7. I was also annoyed at how the series resumed the old Federation superiority/hypocrisy schtick over the Klingon matter in mid-to-late Season 7. I found it irritating at how Ezri Dax pointed out the corruption within the Klingon Empire to Worf, especially on the heels of the revelation that the Federation (through Section 31) tried to commit genocide against the Dominion. That scene reeked with hypocrisy. And I have mixed feelings about the series finale. I hate it that Sisko was killed off or "joined the Prophets", leaving behind a pregnant wife and son. And I found the finale's second half sooo boring. Every time I watch it, I have to struggle to stay awake. But overall, I still love the show.
Weight Loss Ninjas (4 days ago)
I've been re-watching the 5th and 6th seasons and they really did a good job with the character development although they really had some left field episodes like the Vick Fontaine holosuite episodes; those really turned me off. But Dukatt was one of the best villains I've ever seen on TV. A truly evil diabolical man who was desperate for his victims to like him and can't figure out why they don't. Excellent!
petulant (4 days ago)
When Star Trek takes itself seriously
ANDREW KNIGHT (9 days ago)
if I were in command of space station DS9 after the JEM HADAR destroyed the USS ODYSSEY I would have fired a 100 TORPEDOES into the WORMHOLE and closed it = NO DOMINION WAR = BILLIONS OF LIVES SAVED ON ALL SIDES
ANDREW KNIGHT (9 days ago)
ANDREW KNIGHT (9 days ago)
after they put JADZIA DAX with WORD I stopped really caring because it ruined the DAX character
ANDREW KNIGHT (9 days ago)
I'm willing to bet that VREENAK never even had the DATAROD EXAMINED or if he did it showed it was real and he didn't care about it and he only wanted to keep ROMULUS out of the WAR so they could reap the rewards with the FEDERATION FLEET DESTROYED KLINGON FLEET DESTROYED CARDASSIAN FLEET DESTROYED THE ROMULANS could easily takeover
ANDREW KNIGHT (9 days ago)
Eric Bisson (10 days ago)
I fucking love ds9
Don Felipe (11 days ago)
After DS9 is where any new series should have been set. The Dominion war was an allegory for World War II in the Pacific I believe, the station DS9 and Bajor represent the Philippines and Sisko is MaCarthur declaring "I shall return" even as the war is going very badly for the Federation. A new series could have picked up stories like what happened to the Kingons after the war with Worf the new Federation ambassador, proof that even the warrior culture of the Klingons may have a place in the Federation. Nemesis showcased a Romulan-Reman civil war that ripped that empire apart post the Dominion war meanwhile the Federation is a lot more military orientated than the "goody good" explorers they had been in TNG. What happens to the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant after the huge set back of the war in the Alpha Quadrant and the near destruction of the Founders through a genetically engineered disease? What happens to the Cardassians who have effectively been destroyed as a major power? All of this would make the basis for another great series that could be quite dark in tone and complex in story. Does anyone remember the fuss there was when DS9 was the first TV show to depict a girl on girl kissing scene between a female Dax and the also female former wife from a previous life? Discovery was poor and chose the wrong time in the Star Trek universe in my and I'm sure many other opinions.
Kurt (12 days ago)
I am surprised there was no mention of the forced diversity on the show. Ira Behr himself said that (despite letting a few white British actors audition) that there was no chance they they would hire a white actor for the role of Sisko, which is forced diversity if ever there was any. The only white male character in the regular cast, Miles O'Brien, was in an inter-racial marriage (to a shrill Asian lady) and relegated to plotlines so awful for him that the phrase "O'Brien must suffer" was bandied about by the DS9 writers. The show was constantly filled with female characters taking on multiple males (even Klingons with three times the physical strength of a human) in hand combat and prevailing while O'Brien got his ass kicked and needed to be saved in most hand-to-hand fights. The show found ways to attack the awfulness of the racism and capitalism of America even though it was set centuries after America was no longer a thing. Even the Ferengi, shown to be capitalist idiots in TNG are shown increasingly becoming beta cuck socialists by the end of DS9. A good show, but not one that I would expect would escape criticism. The diversity on Star Trek Discovery was hardly surprising to me because a of Star Trek starting with DS9 seemed to consciously cast for it.
3333glen (13 days ago)
You say "complex." I say "scatterbrained." I note your clip of the Ferengis at 6:53. This does not show "introspection." He starts with the premise of taking away creature comforts, making the nice humans become violent, but then he heaps onto that taking away food and sleep and putting their lives in danger over an extended period. WTF? That's not introspection. That took no insight. That's just plain dumb. It would describe any race short of the Organians.
Theodore Young Jr. (14 days ago)
Your description though limit in scope is comprehensive in your interpretation!
Greyhollow (15 days ago)
DS9 is up there with battlestar galactica as the best sci fi shows.
Nicholas Dickens (15 days ago)
DS9 is perhaps the only case of a show plagiarising and stealing from another series being successful.
Joe C (15 days ago)
You are dumb if you think TNG isnt the best star trek. Religion and series long arcs dont make a series. Its the acting and the characters. TNG is the standard
Robert Sundström (16 days ago)
A great show. They were talking about social issues before SJW was a thing. They did so subtly without ruining the story. The story always seemed to come first in order to make it fit the franchise. They also (as some of the producers said) bent the rules and made characters neither good nor bad (against what Roddenberry originally intended). Adding complexity to the story in order to better explore human conditions. Not like today when everything should be oversimplified and taken for granted. I love the intellectual challenge in the philosophical questions that Star Trek historically has given us. And one remark: they even show that Cardassians are not evil by nature but was once a great culture (as they themselves still call themselves) before finding out that they weren't alone in the universe and becoming xenophobic, militaristic and fascist. Yes, they have been created to reflect humanity and historical fascism and nazism: Fear, hate and belief in cultural and racial superiority. Thus, in DS9 they get more depth than in TNG. I'm grateful for this show.
Hadwell (17 days ago)
I liked DS9 except with the whole profits part of the show....
Dr. Who (18 days ago)
My one thought: DS9 TOTALLY SUCKS !
Halo-Fan (18 days ago)
yeah, that's what annoyed me when everyone was talking about discovery. "It'll be the first serialized Star Trek!!!" Um, that happened over 20 years ago... it was called DS9, lol.
john smith (20 days ago)
Morals can really be a bit@h
Jimmy K (21 days ago)
csgrambauer (22 days ago)
What about the fact that the show's creators have themselves admitted that they loved to torture Miles O'Brien in various episodes which gave us episodes of him being tortured by the Romulans, have his mind invaded by 20 years of forced prison time so even though in real life no time has passed, to him 20 years have elapsed, etc.
Lul Lipop (22 days ago)
DS9 is my favorite Star Trek series by far. I've watched the series all the way through at least 4 times. 30 seconds in to a series review and I'm ready for round 5.
Stefano Tanci (23 days ago)
I'm a (rare, in Italy) fanatic of this series ! And your clip is Amazing. Thanks a lot Mr. Cullen
Rich Taylor (23 days ago)
Vistor's Liza Minnelli impression drove me up the wall and the shows who is sleeping with who soap opera melodrama. My second least fave of the Trek series.
Luis Cota (24 days ago)
Hey! You didn't mention the best, coolest, most awesome character from ANY start trek series. Morn.
Ned Barks (25 days ago)
Dukat who shows that every goos villain is the hero of irs ows story, Dukat is good too. Quark isnt cold hearted, he is a rational greedy businessman, but he ultimately has a heart of gold behind that fassade, because he enjoys people, Garak the embodiment of an antihero with moral ambigiunity, He is a ruthless spy, but he just wants to do the right thing and save cadassia from himself and suffers as part of his dual personality, best character, And he is an enigma wrapped in a riddle inside a mystery. And he always tells half truths most of the time, a puzzle to fully understand his character. Sisco gets really badass later with the goaty and his crisis of faith and fatherhood and burden of command is good. And Kira always confronted with different shades of grey from cardassians, she has to endure dukat, likes zival, her conflict with winn, the irony in the last arc. She also was a terrorist or freedom fighter And odos arc is just heartbreaking. He is definitly one of the most interesting characters, always torn apart. And the interesting thing is the ideals from the foderation win everybody except ducat over, but not in a forced way.
winomaster (25 days ago)
Star Treks scorning of the profit motive in the Ferengi has always grated on me. The profit motive and capitalism has served the human race well over the years. And it's absurd that Star Trek society has found something that will better motivate people's effort.
rationalmuscle (25 days ago)
Avery Brooks can't act his way out of a wet paper bag. Data (the actual Data) would be a better actor. Can't get past how terrible he is to enjoy the stories.
kyjo72682 (25 days ago)
Idk, I never liked DS9. I didn't like the characters and the setting was too boring compared to TNG or VOY. Who wants to sit around in one place all the time?
Joseph Stalin (25 days ago)
8:15 I laughed
Joseph Stalin (25 days ago)
Babylon 5 > Deep Space 9
Rural Rebel Tory (25 days ago)
DS9 reminds me so much of the Original Series and its movies, that is what I have always loved about it!!! Sisko is like Kirk, he will do all it takes and more to win!!! Just like Kirk!!!! I love that Sisko, like Kirk, tells Starfleet to bugger off and he does his own thing!!! The fact that these groups are lead by more of a rebel, maverick, or space cowboy drew me into both series. DS9 is right up there with the original!!! My Favourites TOS DS9 Enterprise Voyager TNG Discovery
Balder 8472 (26 days ago)
I really liked the next generation but loved DS9
John Brooks (26 days ago)
I really didn’t like DS9 except for the last 2 seasons and I mostly didn’t like Sisko because Avery Brooks overacted in every episode he was in.
Sparkie Shock (26 days ago)
Meh! DS9 has too much crap with the bajorans (whom I couldn’t have cared less about if I tried), .. way too much bullshit with Odo trying to go on a date ... and a total failure to convey the weight of war in the later seasons (with the exception of a couple of episodes). Babylon 5 did a MUCH better job of presenting war, consequences and characters who you gave a shit about.
Gentleman Joker (27 days ago)
Season 4, episode 2: The Visitor, is my second favorite Trek episode of all time, behind only The Inner Light from TNG
Thomas Baden-Riess (27 days ago)
Unsubscribed!!! Christ Dave, You should learn the true history. Gul Dukat was not deluded. He was actually a great man. The Cardassians were good people. It was the Bajorans who were the bad guys. Total slimy hypocrites. And the Federation were evil as well. You need to swallow the red pill.
Maniac742 (28 days ago)
The best Cisko moment was in "For the Uniform" when he poisoned the atmosphere of a Maa'ki planet in retaliation for their doing the same to a Cardassian colony. He went down to Eddington's level and became the villain in order to subdue another character who pictured himself as the hero in his own story. Eddington was flying circles around the Federation with their hands tied behind their backs with regulations and moral obligations. Cisko discarded those in order to fight him on a more level playing field. "Major, shut that thing off! Mr. Worf, prepare to fire torpedoes!"
Maniac742 (28 days ago)
Deep Space 9 is fucking awesome. Absolutely fucking awesome. It was everything SGU should have been. Less angsty teenager edginess and more fucking awesome character arks and spectacular universe scale space conflicts.
TheBloodyHound (28 days ago)
My favorite Trek. DS9, or as I like to describe it, Space Casablanca!
MMOJunkie (29 days ago)
DS9 is my fav Trek series followed closely by Enterprise ( season 3 Xindi story was just so damn exciting), there was one line that Dr Bashir said in the 1st episode that had me captivated, Frontier medicine and ofc i loved the banter between Quark and Odo.....and voyager was the worst of them all....but War Trek discovery is starting to look like the worst series ever made
John Weck (29 days ago)
Greetings. The problem with DS9 is not the character development - it’s the mediocre literary world they created (and badly copycatted trek concepts). The Star Trek concepts and universe don’t fit anything in DS9. I suspect that the creators could only get money for the star trek name, but they actually hated Roddenberry and Star Trek so much they created a Trek inverse series (just like the joking anti-StarTrek mirror universe in TOS). If they moved everything from the Mirror universe to DS9 episodes, you’d never know the difference – they fit right in. Why is everybody stuck on a space station? Why is there no exploration? Why did the DS9 writers create a paranoid, dark world from the human past, and ignore the future? Why was everyone acting like crooks? Why were the “story arcs” all war story arcs? Why was all those good ideas from Roddenberry tarred by these writers? Why do we have soul powers on a sci-fi show? Why are we using the holodeck to wallow in the 1950's? Etc, etc, etc. I’m recommending watching the series because it has some pretty good stories about how people were, not what they are becoming. But keep in mind that this is in no way Star Trek. They should have never used the Trek name, and called the series something like, “Dark Quarks”. Thanks for listening.
Daniel Olynick (29 days ago)
The point that each (or at least most of them) show took at least 2 or more seasons before it really got going is valid and true however here's where I agree to disagree with that point of view on the Star Trek franchise. If a show takes a little bit of time to truly develop itself and make itself more then it was before that's great; however, to me if a show takes about 2 or more seasons before the show really gets going and takes it sweet ass time to really become good or ironic. Doesn't that it make the seasons where the show wasn't that good feel like dead weight once you get to the really good seasons and when the show finally hits it stride? Because to me anyway if a show does that then it breaks its flow and it's rewatch value to the point of where the only seasons where the show is really worth watching is when the show's later seasons show up.
DmanDice (1 month ago)
Hard to find a negative comment towards this show. Like blade, though there was a black lead, there was no pc or sjw agenda guideline.. wonder what that would look like today..oh yea, Discovery..
snarky Mc snarkface (1 month ago)
Ds9 best trek Not better than b5 but coming in as the runner up to b5 for someone that hated ds9 when it first aired (looking like a b5 clone) is a credit to the quality of ds9. I was so glad I went back and watched it once it was on DVD. I was almost disappointed I ignored its original run.
Gaming Dealer (1 month ago)
I watched all of the star trek series three times, Deep Space 9 being my favourite and Voyager coming close second, TOS and Enterprise being third. The next generation, only once, it felt boring somehow. I remember the story of Garak from DS9 when he explores his relationship with his father and I wanted to see what happens next, or those episodes where they wouldn't give the solution of the problem in the next episode, but because it needed time, after three or four episodes or even in the next season. Also I feel like Enterprise didn't have time to shine, I really liked it when they were in that region alone.
1234kalmar (1 month ago)
I used to like your videos but when you praised Family Guy, you kinda lost all credibility with me. What also lost credibility is the Chrome extension I use to block videos from certain channels.
ReflectingOne X (1 month ago)
The whole Bajor-Cardassia relationship seems A LOT like the Japanese occupation of Korea. Oh, and the Dominion War was pretty much WWII in space.
Phillip Schmidt (1 month ago)
I absolutely love that politically we couldn't be different but man DS9 is were we completely agree, I happen to really appreciate that. In all of Star Trek, every version every form nothing comes close to the brilliance of "In The Pale Moonlight" for me. And YES!!! Dukat is one of, if not the best villain from any media in the last 40 years and the actor was AMAZING! Personally I think his performance is more consistent and Brilliant than Patrick Stewart's performance of Picard. And I also firmly believe that the actor in the role of Garak was every bit as great and my favorite and most compelling character. And I always hated the Ferengi and Deep Space Nine even manage to make them bearable. Great Video. The best of Trek. Although I do love enterprise. And in a Shakespearean tragedy sort of way I can't stop from watching Voyager despite all of it's flaws. Ultimately it's just a massive missed opportunity it held so much potential and had such a great hook to start it off, it could have been so much more and for some reason that is why I can still enjoy it, for it's flaws.
Droxic Toxic (1 month ago)
I love how DS9 has several characters who can be considered paragons of their race to show us depth of the races besides things like "money is everything" and "glorious battle". Quark, Martok, Garrick. Quark shows us the ambition of a Ferangi While also at times showing Ferangi could have heart. his comments on the dominion occupation of ds9 to Kira, along the lines of at least there are not starving women and children on the promenade. They further showed this by including his entire family and even showing his mother at times, and showing that even the Grand Negus's heart could be swayed by love. Martok did a great job of showing that Klingons sense of honor besides just battle, like when Martok comments on Garrick's battle with claustrophobia in a positive light. Garrick being of the perfect example of what a Cardasian is expected to be without turning the character into a villian, throughout the entire show almost everything he strives to do is ultimately for the good of Cardasia. Abducting major Kira, Siding with the dominion these are all bad things for Cardasia. In the novels he even goes on to become Ambasador to the federation, and even Castellan of the Cardasian Union.
BlazingOwnager (1 month ago)
If people want to know how to make a PROPERLY diverse show, DS9 was it. I don't know why modern attempts screw it up so bad. This includes both the spread of humans and actors as well the alien races; the episode where they get called 'Humans' and everyone starts laughing since like less than a third of the cast were humans really was a great little moment reflecting that.
Larry Kenny (1 month ago)
it's my least favorite ST show just didn't like that prophet shit wormhole alians
Robert Hutchison (1 month ago)
I have seen them all and loved everyone of them, but THE ORIGINAL has been, and will always be, my favorite! And, of course, my favorite DS9 is the time travel one back to the Enterprise and the Tribbles!
Dragonscoils (1 month ago)
Excellent prelude as I begin the Victory is Life story arc in Star Trek Online. I look forward to hearing their voices again.
InAUGral (1 month ago)
DS9 Season 1 brings back nightmares especially from a few of my least favorite episodes.
Slip of Death (1 month ago)
i like how she hates the Kardashians... what do you mean that's not what he said ... well they are still the shittiest family out there.
Otaku Sempai (1 month ago)
I would love for u to analyze select ep of DS9, Like Rapture.
Lord Omacron (1 month ago)
I would like to see you examine the Odo Quark relationship as I think is one of the best examples of the 'best of enemies' relationship in Trek. Also Garak and Bashir relationship and how that evolved is a favourite of mine.
Terry Wilson (1 month ago)
4:52 I have no sympathy for Dukat. Understanding yes, but not sympathy. Also, regarding "The Pale Moonlight", I just gotta say... It's a FAAAAAAAAAKE!
gloryfiedrebel (1 month ago)
I never really cared for DS9. I watched most of it but not all of it. It just felt so slow and pointless compared to voyager that kept to the true exploration of star trek. I liked Enterprise too, even though most people slate it.
Lenny Nero (1 month ago)
Best Star Trek Show, thanks to a great cast. Garak, Quark and Odo were the best Non-Starfleet characters, often outshining the main cast. Oh and Vic Fonataine too.
Transcendent Cthulhu (1 month ago)
Notice how back in the 90s you could have a black man as the leader, and it didn't matter or mean anything? Now days it would be like "OMG BLACK MAN OWNING ALL YOUR STAR TREKS!! HE IS INSPIRATION TO ALL BLACK PEOPLE!! FITE SLAVERY AND THE WHITE POWER!!! WOKEANDA IN SPACE!!!"...SJW millennial nightmare.
I really like DS9 more once I got to Season 4. I also really like how Section 31 come into the show in Season 6. I also like Section 31 in general. They’re used and developed very effectively here. Especially with their involvement in the Dominion War.
Review Of The NERDS (1 month ago)
DS9 has the best writing of any Star Trek series for sure. This video pretty much captures all of the main reasons why. Great stuff!
quantum774 (1 month ago)
Love ds9 but Jake Sisko is worse than Wesley Crusher
Julien Theriault (1 month ago)
What a beautiful review!
Stephen Shelton (1 month ago)
I'm happy to say I recognized how great it was in the 90s. I think it's use of serialized storylines is what hooked me even during the admittedly slow first couple seasons. I thought Voyager was going to be designed in the same was because it was serialized in the first few episodes but then it quickly devolved into a "story of the week" type show.
paul taylor (1 month ago)
Totally agree with what you say. To me ds9 was my favourite Star Trek
Jerry Robinson (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/msFdouDTNvI?t=180 - one of the best scence i will ever remember ^^
Mike Turner (1 month ago)
Moral relativism is garbage. False flag attacks for the greater good? Fuck right off. How am I supposed to like the character
Mike Turner (1 month ago)
All of the new characters sucked except quark
markalexander774 (1 month ago)
Best Star Trek by far.
Joe Jessup (1 month ago)
Deep Space Nine > Babylon 5 (I don't care if CBS/Paramount stole from Straczynski)
Joe Jessup (1 month ago)
Not every alien species was given the respect it was due. Ronald D. Moore (and the executive producers) really loved to shit on the Romulans. But since a certain (((Tribe))) was in charge of the franchise, I guess I shouldn't be surprised they would shit on the aliens most like an ethnostate.
Alan Greenway (1 month ago)
I honestly think without DS9’s serialised, complex storytelling with so many characters who are morally grey and could die at any time (Opaka, Bareill, Dax, Weyoun, Damar, Ziyal, Gowron, Sisko, Wyn, and Dukat to name a few), we wouldn’t have seen stuff like Game Of Thrones now. And DS9 did 170 odd episodes of it. Great stuff.
TheGreatWent1 (1 month ago)
ds9 is gay extravaganza
Jeremy Cline (1 month ago)
I'll take this show and the Orville.
SCYTHE2525 (1 month ago)
Agreed. DS9 took a little while for me to warm up to it. I distinctly remember not liking the pilot very much at all. However, both points could squarely be made toward TNG as well and that also became one of the few shows I ever actually made time to see. DS9 had some of the best stories.
Craig MacDonald (1 month ago)
One of the greatest series of all time I can watch it over and over and I have dozens of times
Dave Joyce (1 month ago)
Great analysis. The character developments and writing on DS9 truly separate it from the other series and make it my number 1 favorite out of all 5.
Mark Gasto (1 month ago)
Deep Space Nine was Star Trek at it's peak, It had the vison and future that gene rodenberry wanted for humanity but at the same time it had the flaws and potential that humanity at the time and still is struggling to achieve. TOS and TNG were both good in hilighting the potential future humanity but it always seemed like hunanity was too perfect. DS9 balanced that that it represented the ideals we thrive for but deep down we are still human. It had good science, Diplomacy, emotional development but also a good balnce of conflict, characther flaws and mispalced idiology and Action(more than TNG but not overly done like nemesis or Abram films did. Man i really wish in some way a star trek show will come set a bit in the future and we get to see how the star trek universe was shaped after the Dominion conflict not many modern fans know but that war will lead to serius reprecusions and change the future for star trek forver.
Andrew N (1 month ago)
Though it did spawn the single worst episode in the history of the entire franchise. You know the one. "It's only game... why you heff to be mad?"
UserName Whatever (1 month ago)
Who wants to design and build well, everything...white people, duh. Just like now. For instance look at any rich "arab" country, who ensures it runs and grows? Yeah, that's right...
Kenny Craig (1 month ago)
DS9 is my most favored.
Octagon Seventynine (1 month ago)
My fave Trek.
praisethecow (1 month ago)
I was very late to the DS9 party (just watched it for the first time this year despite being a massive trek fan) and have to say there is a lot more to it than I thought when it was first released. Love it immensely and made recuperation from a serious accident pass quickly,
John Ryan (2 months ago)
DS9 is probably my least favorite of the Trek TV shows. I really liked the characters individually, but I just didn't feel the chemistry that I enjoyed on TNG, Voyager and Enterprise.
Primarch 1982 (2 months ago)
DS9 was seriously underrated, I liked the more ruthless Realpolitik direction the show took from the beautifully idealistic Next Generation, they are a great compliment to each other.
Old Kid (2 months ago)
Weyoun is reincarnated as an Andorian in ENT. lol
Old Kid (2 months ago)
"Officially it's an escort vessel." "..and un-officially?""It's a WARSHIP."
StarSeed (2 months ago)
DS9 was by far the best Star Trek series.
The AstroNerdBoy (2 months ago)
I'm looking forward to the DS9 documentary that's coming out. Really wish Paramount would spring for an HD Remaster of the series.
cicatrice65 (2 months ago)
Excellent analysis.
KuroiHato69 (2 months ago)
I completely agree with your entire synopsis. DS9 was the best of all of the ST series outside of TOS. I really did not appreciate it as much as I should have until I was older and really took the time to look at the characters and their developments. I never liked Dax for some strange reason but I loved the rest of the characters, even Gul Dukat.
Nathan Allen Pinard (2 months ago)
Don't forget the Baseball episode.

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