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Minecraft PE - How To Get Playsound Commands! (Playsound Command Map!)

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Download Link: http://mcpedl.com/creepy-sounds-map/ In this video I will be showcasing a map with a lot of the playsound commands within mcpe!
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Text Comments (26)
Could you play a music disc through the command block?
Adorned Stargazer (1 month ago)
I play on switch I was able to do playsound before but when I tried to do it on my horror map it would say it played the sound but I heard nothing... I even messed around with the volume and made sure my switch volume was maxed too
Adorned Stargazer (13 days ago)
Nemisis _HD hmm I wonder why it changed
Nemisis _HD (13 days ago)
Adorned Stargazer the Command changed ,sadly dont know the new one:c
Gab Coronel (2 months ago)
how to playsound that portal
ScellyCraft YT (2 months ago)
Great video! I subbed and turned on notifs 🔔😀
Virgie Apostol (3 months ago)
OMG i played that map😎😋
aizaagnes38 (1 month ago)
Virgie Apostol me two
Soflado ! (3 months ago)
What is skeleton horse death
JoshTGS //MCPE (8 months ago)
Just Just (8 months ago)
RagingVoidMCPE, you can create an ipad stand watch tuna

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