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Minecraft: The Lost Mobs: Rana, [Black] Steve, Beast Boy [HD]

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DOWNLOAD Link Below (it always was !) These were the mobs created by "Dock", an artist who worked with Notch on the making of Minecraft. When he left, the mobs were removed from the game. Rana and Steve were just tests, and maybe, if they were to be finished, they would be today's mobs ! This is one of the very first version of Minecraft MinecraftWiki version History: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Version_history ||||||| THIS IS NOT A MOD |||||||| Q1: Why didn't i killed any one of them ??? A1: Because their dying animations don't exist, and YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF ! You have a DOWNLOAD link below ! MinecraftWiki links: Rana: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Rana Steve: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Steve Black Steve: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Black_Steve Beast Boy: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Beast_Boy ||||| DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?tj7xz36c72riw4j |||||| Google Sketchup Model of Rana: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=a635f2921bf6a84fb87bdf2d9c...
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Text Comments (1542)
asdry_gaming (3 months ago)
Ambre_Blue (3 months ago)
Rana is so cute they should add her for a skin or a villager !!
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
my opinion about this video : *BIST BOI*
DinoBoy BlowOut (1 year ago)
what version is it?
SamM2206 (10 months ago)
are you blind? it says on the up top corner! 0.31!!
Reinhard Sutanto (1 year ago)
For me, they look like npc for me, notch shouldn't remove them because they could be useful to add into the village. Not just villagers are passive, but they could be good
Megan Bench (1 year ago)
i remember rana rip
Roger Wayne Apostol (1 year ago)
i have a joke,beast boy is a hero on TTG how could he be a mob and black steve is a nigga steve and i thought rana's name was moana in the movie cinema
mehow (1 year ago)
that was bad...
FlowerMC (1 year ago)
rana is so cute idk why ;-;
Violet Greene (2 years ago)
Why would Beast Boy be a mob lol, he's a hero.
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
mobs = entityes for your info.
Ross (2 years ago)
There was another version of Steve, a Human, Rana, Beast Boy, and Black Steve once? Wow, that's weird to think about.
Szymon ski jump 444 (2 years ago)
How to turn Rana?
Shadow GD (2 years ago)
what version is this?
Juni Alicias (2 years ago)
Indev 0.31
Alpha, i guess from 1.0 to 1.2
Guy in blue outfit looks like from fallout.
Amazing AI
루브RUVE (2 years ago)
헐.... 라나랑 친구들의 움직임이 희안하네요....
PRING프링 (2 years ago)
SHANNON BUNN (2 years ago)
Dock left the team in 2010 and those mods is gone now because dock was gone
Glatseon (2 years ago)
and it's virus i did everything okay and then i run minecraft.bat it didn't launch
Glatseon (2 years ago)
so what i have to do ?
Glatseon (2 years ago)
those mobs are deleted because dock left minecraft in 2010
Małgorzata Gileta (2 years ago)
stary, dobry minecraft... :(
cool since there was a black steve and beast boy steve that means steve is mixed and has beast boys powers!!! ::-D
Wesley BlankSpace (2 years ago)
someone make a mod that's adds the steps sprite and they are animated
victoriahelena1521 (2 years ago)
Omg they just freaking creep me out....
trash (2 years ago)
I honestly feel bad for these mobs ;-;What was so wrong that they had to be deleted? C'mon, Rana is the cutest mob I have ever seen in vanilla Minecraft!
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
Lavon Fisher-Wilson (1 year ago)
LpsBeth7 I agree and disagree cause I don't want a bunch of mobs outside of my house
Harija Wijesinghe (2 years ago)
these mobs were removed because they didn't have animations and the artist who created them left mojang so jeb and notch removed them
Walter (2 years ago)
+Andres E. Gomez M. um Rana is still in Minecraft cuz you know like crazy craft or something and she makes you jump higher and yeah
Andres E. Gomez M. (2 years ago)
Oh, and I think she was an hostile mob, despite her cute appearance.
Tam 23 (2 years ago)
why is black in front of steve? hes already black.
Breana Wheeler (2 years ago)
+VVRaa he is not tan he is black you can clearly see it
Breana Wheeler (2 years ago)
+Tam 23 fr tho
Tam 23 (2 years ago)
+Veronicastopmotion steve has brown skin. steve is black. I have never seen any white person with that dark of brown skin.
Breana Wheeler (2 years ago)
+Veronicastopmotion yes he is black
Galaxy vlogs (2 years ago)
He tan not black
version of their claims ?
By the way: Alex is based on the girl with the frog head.
Robert Sullivan (3 years ago)
I actually wish these were in the game still
Runar Berendsen (3 years ago)
Adamskyman youtube (3 years ago)
People really like these things there dumb they do noting
Real Faz (3 years ago)
that's because they where not finished this is early stages of Minecraft
Go Tom (3 years ago)
K9i2a3 (3 years ago)
Let me guess...beast boy was removed because of teen titans....REALLY MOJANG????
DRAWTER 776 :v (2 months ago)
+Epicbubblegunner yep
Epicbubblegunner (1 year ago)
ya teen titans has been around a lot longer than the new show.
BenAffleckFan21 (2 years ago)
Haha, these fucking kids don't know shit
ChocolateMan (2 years ago)
+Crazedtech Gaming You know there was a Teen Titans before 2015, right?
Bob The Noob (2 years ago)
Okay... Teen titans was released in late 2k15, this is minecraft beta (2k10) so I doubt it
LionMaker Studiosss (3 years ago)
I never knew this this is so cool why mojang!!!
alexyaung Alex (3 years ago)
I feel soory for them
Michael Nelson (3 years ago)
i feel sorry for them they were killed forever
lambda30 (3 years ago)
I bet Black Steve was going to be able to steal minecarts and boats.
Super Jario World is awesome
FaZe Gamer (2 months ago)
its a joke- fuck off
Imperial Guard (2 months ago)
Grow a pair of balls kid. I bet Redguard Steve also ran really fast and would rape chickens on site... Shame they removed him before chickens in Alpha
DRAWTER 776 :v (2 months ago)
+Okabe Litahlo dude, its a racist joke, I DONT LIKE THOSE TYPES OF JOKES
DRAWTER 776 :v (2 months ago)
Mary Elizabeth (3 years ago)
This is so sad like I just picture those adorable mobs roaming around in complete darkness scared to death for years :,,,(
XxconnorgamingxX (3 years ago)
That should be in story mode
asbuff (3 years ago)
what is beest boy doin here?
Haroldo genericname (3 years ago)
nevermind JEB LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeb_
Galaxy vlogs (2 years ago)
+Cypclyde MC it a shep
Banana Fish (3 years ago)
if you name the cow jeb it will be rainbow cow
Kitty Kasanova (3 years ago)
i tried chicken pigs and cows, those work too
Banana Fish (3 years ago)
+kate smith only sheep
Kitty Kasanova (3 years ago)
if you name anything  dinnerbone it will go upside down! XD
Haroldo genericname (3 years ago)
I wonder if you can spawn em in command block like this.... /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:mob_spawner 0 replace {EntityId:Rana} OMG EDITED PART!!! /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:mob_spawner 0 replace {EntityId:Herobrine} But on this website it says herobrine wasnt removed and this is wiki for minecraft.... http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Mobs#Unused_or_removed_mobs
Star Burst (3 years ago)
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
Nugget Noggin (3 years ago)
dat insult dou
Star Burst (3 years ago)
..... SHUT UP  egg head
lambda30 (3 years ago)
+Star Burst towel head*
Star Burst (3 years ago)
Is there a mod to get these or anything?
humaid2003 (3 years ago)
The not in minecraft mod it adds cut content
Pat Newman (3 years ago)
TEEN TITANS beastboy. I love Teen titans!! THATS WASSUP!!!
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
james moore (3 years ago)
Magazine Kirby (3 years ago)
? :o !
Luke Rivera (3 years ago)
we all know where they got beast boy from.
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
shadow wing (3 years ago)
No, beast boy has been around longer than minecraft, like in the doom patrol comic book, and many, many, new and old teen titans comic books. Also, there was a older, darker teen titans show, with a anime based art design.
Luke Rivera (3 years ago)
yeah that's why I said we all know. because we all know
Pat Newman (3 years ago)
+Luke Rivera They got beast boy from teen titans, teen titans go, and DC comics. Epic!!
Omg Rana is so cute. >w<
The MineBall (3 years ago)
lol He Should Bring Them Back
Brandon Reina (3 years ago)
During version 1.8 of Minecraft (and its PS3 counterpart) by Microsoft, Alex replaced Steve. I was going to sign someone's petition to resurrect the Beast Boy mob in version 1.8 of Minecraft by having a local girl (whose name is Janet Leon) to work as a artist for Mojang (currently owned by Microsoft). Beast Boy is based off the character in Teen Titans. If Beast Boy is resurrected in Minecraft, Cyborg will appear in-game, smashing a few creepers with his iron fists.
True Savage (3 years ago)
+Brandon Reina I think it would be cool just to see beast boy. I dont like the idea of Mojang end up milking it
Creepopolous (3 years ago)
+Brandon Reina If you don't have a skin and update to 1.8, you get randomly assigned either a Steve or Alex skin.
Brandon Reina (3 years ago)
+Creepopolous Oh yes Alex did replace Steve. There is a way to obtain Alex is to go to the Minecraft website and download version 1.8 of the game or use a torrent program to download Minecraft 1.8 for free.
Creepopolous (3 years ago)
+Brandon Reina Alex didn't replace Steve, just change your skin to 4-pixel wide arms on the Minecraft website.
Hannah G (3 years ago)
If you're wondering.. the mobs don't make any movements (yes, I know they "walk" around). They never created an animation for them. These were great ideas! Just because the creator left, doesn't mean they had to remove 'em >:T
Williamarr (3 years ago)
alpha was pretty good though.
Williamarr (3 years ago)
well.... I like the default steve anyway. doesn't matter to me that theyre gone anyway. ._.
Miguel Perez (3 years ago)
welll fucking guess what mojang doesnt own minecraft now its microsoft
Miguel Perez (3 years ago)
y are you guys still commenting on this?
Davin Harris (3 years ago)
+Miguel Perez no microsfot bought mojang not minecraft mojang still owns minecraft. Microsoft owns mojang.
AceGamingYT (3 years ago)
+Benjamin Mayer No.
Miguel Perez (3 years ago)
bitch shut the fuck up
Miguel Perez (3 years ago)
+JW Plays  you telling my stupid becuase you cant write for shit bro you said microsoft brought mojang no it didnt
Snow Wongrattana (3 years ago)
I feel bad they look so cute
DJ Spr (3 years ago)
I only feel sad about them being removed because of beast boy
trash (2 years ago)
+DJ Spr The only one I really like is Rana..
RYZALFTW (3 years ago)
black steve is actually herobrine because it has white eyes and mojang try to removed black steve but it have some problem and it become a virus that name herobrine and it get new texture.done maybe i think
FaZe Gamer (2 months ago)
modified you dumb fuck.
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
programs and files to become viruses should get modifyed manually they can't become one casually
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
ABSOLUTEY no (and how a frikin program can become casually a virus for no reason?)
Phlanc Nefell (3 years ago)
I wish the creator of these mobs would come back
trash (2 years ago)
+TNTmasterXD ;-;
RareGamer8115 (3 years ago)
The creator of the mobs left minecraft sadly :(
Alex Distasio (3 years ago)
herobrines sweddish
Milo Da Boss (3 years ago)
DONT DOWNLOAD its a virus
Imperial Guard (2 months ago)
I am proto, your security is my mo-to. Protogen: the best Indian meme ever... Fucking hell.
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
Isak Valskraa (3 years ago)
+BadDog everyone in my family have norton. ITS NOT A VIRUS YOU SON OF A BEATCH!
BadDog (3 years ago)
+DaPootisJedi Norton is basically a virus in its self!
DaPootisJedi (3 years ago)
+autotatar and one of them is Norton
fireblaze 103 (3 years ago)
I miss these old mobs they should bring em back
Logixx (2 months ago)
were not*
Logixx (2 months ago)
first "sad" two tgere were arlready in said game
Logixx (2 months ago)
PokeCube (6 months ago)
By what i mean Removed i mean it was deleted
PokeCube (6 months ago)
fireblaze 103 it was kinda silly that's why they removed it
NikGaming625 (4 years ago)
rana was a mob
EmraldGaming (3 years ago)
We fucking know
Alistair Smith (4 years ago)
Rana is cute
Tanman 580 (4 years ago)
wow is that how the old Steve looks like too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChaoticHD (4 years ago)
mohamed moheb (4 years ago)
They didn't add them becausw they look like robots because their legs doesn't move and also they don't look minecrafty
Cinimodder (3 years ago)
no its because Dock left *facepalm*
Masta Shot (4 years ago)
+theclipreaper i did what the install Read Me said But The .Bat Still Does Nothing. 
siptap (4 years ago)
Is there any chance anyone knows what version this is? I would like to try it.
RaXZerGamingZ (3 years ago)
0.31 indef ''survivaltest'' right after
karim harmouch (4 years ago)
Read the description bro
Howlissed (4 years ago)
Don't ask jeb_ to add these mobs back I'll tell you why later Because of you tell him a idea Like if you say I got a idea He will say is it toilets in minecraft? Thanks for Agreeing with me bro. But then again you say Dude can we have dock's early indev mobs like Rana and beast boy mobs? I want them back bro I love docks improvements to this shit Minecraft right now so pls fix bro
shungunner 1968 (10 months ago)
*I LOVE DOCKS* do you know what the hell have you said.
Salinas 27 (3 years ago)
Dude you watch too much exploding tnt
+Toma M Breh, you didn't use one. Also, he needs to re-read that to see if it makes sense.
Thomas (4 years ago)
Periods, they're important sometimes
archive (4 years ago)
What are you even saying?
CosmicToast (4 years ago)
I loved this version of minecraft a lot :P Rana and Steve could have been villagers or something.
Riley Lawson (4 years ago)
while cool yes but they don't exactly how do u say I guess fit in with the original design if the game I guess you could say they look as of they don't belong
Apple Johnison (4 years ago)
This is what minecraft was going to be I'd dock was still in the community
Geometry Dash Faso (4 years ago)
Minecraft was ugly back then. No block-type mobs were in the game. PS I hate Rana the most
Melinda Autor (4 years ago)
i play games you vote (4 years ago)
Where is: Human Generic Villager?? wanna see the website with all the mobs click this and in the top left corner the version says 0.31 http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Mobs?version=89e5b001133e6ec6e7405225cec4d947/Villager#Professions_and_Careers
Alexander Lagodich (4 years ago)
1000 like
Classic Will L (4 years ago)
Which version of minecraft is this in? I want to play in it!
Slimey (4 years ago)
I think 0.0.6 honestly, I don't know
Tales (4 years ago)
But subscribe me i need some support for my channel
Classic Will L (4 years ago)
+GtaMaster782 (Join the Assassin Army) OK
Tales (4 years ago)
I am not sure?
Classic Will L (4 years ago)
+GtaMaster782 (Join the Assassin Army) Thanks! Is there anyway I can play a game of minecraft with them in it?
Jillian Watson (4 years ago)
I never new beast boy was in mine craft!!!!!!so surprising!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D
Matthew Camilleri (4 years ago)
these mobs were so retarded...just saying
Williamarr (3 years ago)
I agree.
Nugget Noggin (4 years ago)
+Denisse Gonzales it is because a worker from mojang who made them quitted
Denisse Gonzales (4 years ago)
The reason is because they were hardly ever worked on.
Matthew Camilleri (4 years ago)
Matthew Camilleri (4 years ago)
+Green Latias Nah I don't think so I don't like these characters
ARMSMASH (4 years ago)
I testid the game for notch and we had to take them out but you can get the in a mod sorry we did not want to but we did
SoniKast (4 years ago)
yeah yeah whatever
evolusaw PEgamer (4 years ago)
i think they deleted them because they r weird. doesnt have a block part of their bodies and useless
Nugget Noggin (4 years ago)
it is because Dock left mojang in early 0.30 and they just dissapear and don't move because he left before he finished the animations
AirJustin (4 years ago)
dude this was so old i forgot about it lol
Vincent Turlej (4 years ago)
Also they don't have a walking animation. That's why they 'glide'.
AirJustin (4 years ago)
they drop glowstone dust i think thats 1 of 4 i beileve.
evolusaw PEgamer (4 years ago)
oh lol because i think theyre too cartoonish, and what will happen if u keep hitting them? will they just dissapear?
Sashow1000 (4 years ago)
well Mojang never talked about these. not even in the Minecon minecraft history video
Yosh (3 years ago)
It's like their trying to sweep these little guys under the rug!
Weirdo (4 years ago)
+Sashow1000 And there were many versions. Also this video is genuine. This was a very early test. 
Sashow1000 (4 years ago)
+CivToMinecraft yeah, they only mentioned indev once. if I remember right.
Weirdo (4 years ago)
Did they talk about cavegame? No. Did they talk about indev? No. But, they exist.
CJ Maurer (4 years ago)
What year was this
CJ Maurer (4 years ago)
+Nicholas Mania I thought I was 2010
Slimey (4 years ago)
No, 2011
old gui2203 (4 years ago)
Skullkid4723 (4 years ago)
I like the beast boy he looks durpy
Connor Mcnally (4 years ago)
I see why they got removed they had roundness on their bodies
trash (2 years ago)
+Connor “TheGamerCM” Mcnally oMG!!1!!1!! dats shape-cist!!!11!!!!oMg
Williamarr (3 years ago)
yeah, but they don't fit into the game models.
AirJustin (4 years ago)
dude the description is what i said i just had more detail 
Destin (4 years ago)
AirJustin (4 years ago)
actually thats not the reason,The reason why they were remove was because "Dock" left the development team in earl 2010 so if Dock would have stayed these characters could have possible still been in the game all though it is a slight chance of that. 
Wilhelm (4 years ago)
really stupid mobs...
Williamarr (3 years ago)
yeh. very stupid indeed.
yes very stupid
YouSmellGross (4 years ago)
Yes I do think they should have been kept in
but why :/
Big Baby Brand (4 years ago)
They didnt seem like badly added mobs. I liked them. They could have been villagers or "dogs" and "ocelots" in the future back then. Is there any way to contact Notch? My friend is NO LIE! His cousin. They moved to Miami Florida in 2011. They thought it was wierd for them to live in a "small town". I miss them. Does anyone Know????? Or a Youtube channel?????
Nugget Noggin (4 years ago)
i agree these mobs could of been good but the one who made them left and it was not notch also Microsoft bought minecraft
AirJustin (4 years ago)
it might be a reach but going to minecon could be a way to get back in touch with him i think you would be able to.
Cocoa (4 years ago)
LOL no animations!
Kyland719 (4 years ago)
Ah I see
Kyland719 (4 years ago)
What was notch thinking?
Williamarr (3 years ago)
+Marzia fluxia I prefer the villagers. 1.8 beta was so cool. 
Kyland719 (4 years ago)
Howlissed (4 years ago)
Dock and notch and Jeb. Jeb WASENT in the community till 2011 minecon. Dock made these cool people in 2009 indev 0.31. notch wanted these in the game to make the game more communitave He wanted people in singleplayer to not feel alone.[not like herobrine tho :/] So these mobs I have added into my minecraft 1.7.2 with animation. I can code this to have animation and put it in. A higher version. I like this mobs.
KoganeNoKenshi (4 years ago)
Notch wasn't designing this mobs, it was Dock, but he left Mojang in 2010 with this figures.
austin quinn (4 years ago)
They just don't fit in. Too round
cyberninja (4 years ago)
Rana is my favorite one; she is the most detailed mob of the four.
Mr RenGGie (4 years ago)
what is version
Williamarr (3 years ago)
old gui2203 (4 years ago)
Ben (4 years ago)
+Jeremy Scott . How is that racist having a black and white Steve
BigMoney BigMad (4 years ago)
i went to the first update thing of minecraft and it was just nothing
Doublechins (4 years ago)
ass to me
THEY DID HAVE ANIMATIONS but the animations were the wrong files so it wouldnt load and they didnt move...just float
akttMC (4 years ago)
Ooh :P
Lucky (4 years ago)
minecraft was rasict we got black steve and white steve....
Lucky (3 years ago)
+all i was stuipd lel
Rhys Cummins (4 years ago)
I dont think he understands what racist even means, racist is where you think 1 race is better than the other e.t.c that however is 100% Not racist its like -50% racist
Channel 2 (4 years ago)
if you think about it that makes minecraft less racist. 
Coleslawman (4 years ago)
They're not blocky enough.
DRAWTER 776 :v (2 months ago)
+deepblue153 THEY SUCC
Cocoa (4 years ago)
+deepblue153 NOPE!!!
deepblue153 (4 years ago)
...But they ARE cute.
Emily Aughton (4 years ago)
i agree
Seb (5 years ago)
When i try it it says could not load IA 32bit.dll at AMD 64

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