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All 18 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 2 October 2018 | Nintendo News

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This week 2 October 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games release. Which one of these do you like? And which will you buy? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ Top 15 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHLLSwOAme8 -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (122)
SwitchPlanet (11 days ago)
14 MASSIVE Switch games ANNOUNCED in September 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB0tTa3o6dU
Ali Abbas (5 days ago)
Shove it up yoo ass
Foot369 (9 days ago)
Boom ball was a surprise, that looks cool
Anthony Carter (10 days ago)
I'm down For child of light. Wish ppl would stop complaining about Switch's indie lineup. Just go play something else.
Hunagy (10 days ago)
Kk de mini juegos de móvil, a ver cuándo sacan algún "juego".
Dub Conscious (10 days ago)
New sidescrollers yayyyy.....
Noir Merde (10 days ago)
Tbh they look crap.
Alexander Black (10 days ago)
Is Killia and the other ones from D5 bonus content for D1 Complete?
Operator 35 (10 days ago)
Such trash games. Why did I buy a switch again?
lc0806 (6 days ago)
For smash, thats it
mohaqi kiki (10 days ago)
please subtitel indonesia .
pablo escandon (10 days ago)
Ez likes for anyone who puts time stamps Please
luis g (10 days ago)
Too many indiecrap
Blossom (10 days ago)
these games look really boring
Omar AlAwadi (11 days ago)
Kingdom hearts plz
SwitchPlanet (11 days ago)
That is not KH. Try to look at it again
prime 1 (11 days ago)
Chasm looks really good I don't know why there so many haters on Indies people put time and money into these some are good some are bad. Quit being a little babies about it buy another system
pedro caldas (11 days ago)
What is the name of the music of the end of the video
paul13nov (11 days ago)
God that was awful. All indie crap, pixel sidescrollers, and mobile games. I'm pretty sure the thumbnail pissed some people off too, no timestamps, and terrible intro music. Oh yeh, forgot to mention old ass games being ported.
JAMES C (10 days ago)
Then don't watch. It's not like your some helpless princess in a castle or your forced to watch this. Use all that nerd rage and do something productive.
Damion Snodgrass (11 days ago)
Not one of these games interest me into buying them a lot of shit is all it is
Jennifer Cushman (11 days ago)
Child Of Light is the only Switch game I am getting this week. And I can’t wait to get it.
What a waist of everybody’s time, Nintendo needs to clear out the swamp! We don’t need this crap on switch.
JAMES C (10 days ago)
It's waste, not waist. And Nintendo is making cash hand over fist so it's not going to change. With the new pokemon and SSB system release, people are buying two systems.
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 (11 days ago)
More trash can titles. Thanks Nintendo! for nothing.
Pablo Pacheco (11 days ago)
love the system but most of the games are trash
Ahmed Falahy (11 days ago)
FINALLY! Kairosoft games getting released to Switch
sonofanubis30 (11 days ago)
mark of the ninja is a must buy, trust me... one of the best indies.dont be ignorant...
Marco Polo (11 days ago)
Chasm? Can they just rerelease castlevania games please
Ricky Cain (11 days ago)
Child of light only looks good to me
Peyton (11 days ago)
Oh cool, Kairosoft’s games are coming to switch? I hope they do well so they develop more for it.
Rango TheTango (11 days ago)
No time stamps so we'll be forced to watch the whole thing
JAMES C (9 days ago)
Rango on suicide watch
Xouki Long (11 days ago)
chasm - symphony of the night, for me
Andrew Tao (11 days ago)
These games are ass. Pc ftw
Sergey S (11 days ago)
No Valkyria Chronicles 1?
JevzGaming (11 days ago)
Nintendo Switch I admit that you're the powerful handheld console but you disappoint me. I don't get it why this power handheld launch so many trash games and similar games like mobile games.
JAMES C (9 days ago)
Because it makes money. 28 million players with a wider variety of ages. Hope that helps.
B (11 days ago)
Hey everyone! Let's come here and bitch about this channel and all the indies! Same crap each week. These games are mobile yes, and they are also on a mobile system called Switch. And if you don't like it here, leave and don't bother clicking the link to these videos
Leanne B. (11 days ago)
3:09 there's an error. child of light is listed as a "physical release" despite being an eShop title only.
Valerie Brown (11 days ago)
Stop showing stupid e shop games and show real physical games all those games are shit
Nour Al Dean (11 days ago)
I liked the video but Iam really want to see triple A games
All Games are shit
M Q (11 days ago)
stop supporting this channel... full of shit like its creator xD
foxy l (12 days ago)
По русски всё , однако зрители западники .ЧЁ ПРОИСХОДИТ?
keith macalino (12 days ago)
Weak line up, but i am gonna grab mark of the ninja, child of light and chasm since they have been on my radar since they were announced for a release on the switch...
James Keith Tampus (12 days ago)
As usual trash
Felipe Hernandez (12 days ago)
noooooo, more indies
Adam Bradley (11 days ago)
How about no more shit mobile ports instead. There were very Very few Indies in this vid so maybe learn to tell the difference between indie and garbage mobile port
Sam P (12 days ago)
Honestly these games should all be free or maximum of a $1 because you can play this stuff for free on phones and websites
B (11 days ago)
Some are "Pay To Play" however.
Wings Of Hope (11 days ago)
Indeed :p ain't no one buying them for over $20 dollars like they all look the same too and pretty plain well most
The Vegan Punk (12 days ago)
Chasm is the only one that looks mildly ok.
BdaMonkey (2 days ago)
Mark of the Ninja is great.
Mochi Yum III (12 days ago)
Thanks for info
Justin Hazlett (12 days ago)
Definitely Feral Fury and Boom Ball look very interesting. For one, I need something Smash TV-esque. And two, Boom Ball looks like the 3D version of Super Breakout except with two paddles. Looks very fucking good!
davidjerkinson (12 days ago)
A physical release for a DS port is 50$. Wow, I can buy an actual DS for less and play it on there.
Nhat Anh Hoang (8 days ago)
That is DS emulator on pc, not phone. Where is the phone video which have DS emulator with TWEWY you are talking about?
Jinsei Cast (8 days ago)
Don't. The DS version of Disgaea is the worst out of all the previous ports.
Kyru Kun (10 days ago)
Nhat Anh Hoang https://youtu.be/bb79y9t-sJI This is just a vid on YouTube I found
Nhat Anh Hoang (10 days ago)
Show me the video have that
Kyru Kun (10 days ago)
Nhat Anh Hoang virtual buttons on screen and since it’s touch screen the touchscreen part works look man I already played on there quit having a meaning less fight
Joshua Cardona (12 days ago)
So I was really excited for Kingdom Hearts 😒
Paburo Pasillas (12 days ago)
Me too :'v
Robert Garza (12 days ago)
Your channel is worse than EA
☠MrHairyNutz☠ (12 days ago)
Disgaea omg i put probably 1,000 hours in that game on my old PSP - the game is worth every prinny hehe
Alex.I (12 days ago)
God that intro music is so annoying it makes me mute your vids instantly...
Carlos Jiménez (12 days ago)
3:07 only 1 I might get.
Craig Morgan (12 days ago)
Nintendo doesn’t need a Switch revision.. the whole company of Nintendo needs a revision.. these games and the way they go about thing.. the Switch is fantastic system but games they allowing is very questionable
Nhat Anh Hoang (10 days ago)
Speak for yourself only, not to us
JAMES C (10 days ago)
Craig might as well ask them to stop making money. It's comical. I don't like all the indie games either but my kids don't play on their phones at all now. It's all switch. And if Nintendo is making money, it doesn't matter what we say
B (11 days ago)
Just 'cause you find these games questionable, doesn't mean other people don't like them. Indies have actually made Nintendo a lot of money and has made these indie companies feel more respected by a huge gaming franchise. One day, some of these indie developers could end up saling to Nintendo.
Nhat Anh Hoang (11 days ago)
LOL, i love these games
Justin Hazlett (12 days ago)
Really? They should bring any game they want to so there is variety. Someone else might think something is good that someone else thinks is bad. Plus you don't have to buy those games. I think Boom Ball looks like a fun time.
Yusei255 (12 days ago)
Shadarr Slingblade (12 days ago)
So meny cellphone games 😝
Cristina (11 days ago)
Gen Ho (12 days ago)
Cellphones games cost 20 bucks,haha
spayder26 (12 days ago)
Oh, great, just what we need: another chunk of metroidvania/platformers and shity indie crap. Very few decent games here. Simply awesome.
Carlos Jiménez (11 days ago)
+Eric Hardeman Nintendo decided from the beginning to go full on the nindies. Recently they said they will release more and more Indies. Might seem like Switch doesn't get many AAA games just because they drown in the pool of Indies but we shouldn't complain about them as gives Nintendo the chance and money to make their own amazing games.
Eric Hardeman (11 days ago)
+Adam Bradley It's not "a system built for indies". That just sounds like an excuse for why it's supposedly okay that all we get most of the time is indies.
Adam Bradley (11 days ago)
Ummm there are crazy games being released for switch all the time. Dragonball fighterz, mario party and starlink within two weeks This month and then dark souls ( just a port but it's fucking portable dark souls!). This channel just loves to advertise mobile ports. I'm happy as hell for the quality Indies and the constant triple a games. People need to stop whining about Indies on a system built for Indies.
Carlos Jiménez (12 days ago)
+Hadeks Marow Child of light is maybe the only one worthwhile.
Hadeks Marow (12 days ago)
There's any???
bruce ricardo (12 days ago)
Chroma squad would be nice on switch lol
Jax Pollard (12 days ago)
You guys should add the Canadian dollar price too. That would be fantastic. Good video btw.
ts游戏直播 (12 days ago)
These games obviously didn't show up. Please don't take these deceptive videos.
Nhat Anh Hoang (11 days ago)
Yes if we have brain
Hadeks Marow (12 days ago)
All I think is that the rules I follow are innocent until proven guilty. The deadline aint up yet or even started so instead of jumping to conclusions we wait and see.
ts游戏直播 (12 days ago)
+Hadeks Marow Do you think it will happen?
Hadeks Marow (12 days ago)
Dude the title says the 2nd week of October. Today is the 6th, that means it's still the first week. Of course they ain't out yet. Use your head man.
ts游戏直播 (12 days ago)
+Ziggy Zag forehead
Counter Sike (12 days ago)
Wow this was really horrible.
Hadeks Marow (12 days ago)
Anything for content and ANY excuse to make a video. Quality be damned.
cartoon boy (12 days ago)
If I want to play 2d random game I can use my free Sega genesis Emulator and I called a day
ShyGuyStudios (12 days ago)
Still no timestamps I see....
JAMES C (10 days ago)
And there never will be... Get over it
Tempsplash81938 (12 days ago)
Just curious, what makes a game approved?
Nintendo Power (11 days ago)
😂. You Cats Game way too Much if you sit around every day Bitching about Indies. Get screwed by every major third party since Forever, and you whine about Indies. Poor guys. 👎
Marko H (11 days ago)
+Blake Herndon A similar scoring and grading process I would imagine. Look at e-games, realise 99% are shit and 1% are golden, feature all the shit anyway for content and views.
Blake Herndon (11 days ago)
Marko H He’s talking about what makes it switch planet approved.
NintendoFanBoy07 (11 days ago)
I'ma Nintendo fanboy but I'm not like that lol. But most Nintendo fan sites just praise ever single indie game that comes out just because it's indie lol.
chaos control (12 days ago)
Nintendo could nut in a game case sell it for 70$ and these fanboys would justify it.
One Gaming (12 days ago)
Wait a minute is game Devin story the same game that trolls hackers with crack versions of the game?
B (11 days ago)
Yes it is. Projared did a playthrough of the game

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