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Revisiting a 20 year old PC for Retro Gaming and Internet Browsing - Dell Dimension XPS 266 | MVG

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Interested in playing old DOS games from the 90's with original hardware? In this video I take a look at the Dell Dimension XPS 266 - a Pentium II based system great for playing old retro DOS games from the mid to late 90's. I also showcase how browsing the internet works on a PC of that era - its not an enjoyable experience but it works, kinda. Thank you so much for supporting my channel! ► Check me out on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ModernVintag... ◄ ► Soundcloud : https://www.soundcloud.com/lantusONE ◄ ► Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/ModernVintageG ◄
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vicchopin (7 months ago)
20 yrs already? Time flies eh
austinpatton96 (2 months ago)
21 yrs
Rodrigo Molinsky (18 days ago)
Can I replace that CPU for another Slot 1 Pentium II?
3DMaster (19 days ago)
Oh, come on, Quake and Quake II let alone Unreal need to experienced in Voodoo Glide.
IronicTonic (19 days ago)
There’s a usb mass storage driver for win98. I’ve used it on several systems so I can use usb thumb drives. Google it.
SSJ3MetaridleyXros (26 days ago)
can you please revisit the online capability of the gamecube like in your xbox/ps2/dreamcast videos?
Retro BEAR 7 (1 month ago)
Andrew Haddow (1 month ago)
Very cool I've always thought it would be neat to set up a vintage PC. I wonder if it's simpler to just build a more modern PC but with VGA output, get a decent CRT monitor and play stuff from GoG.
Daniel Collins (1 month ago)
Why not just use a virtual machine? 🤔
redbullninja11 (2 months ago)
looking for a good computer to run windows 95 and similar things on. any suggestions??
Jonathan Thompson (2 months ago)
Would a newer voodoo card not run these games?
darak2 (2 months ago)
That Dell actually seems to use pretty standard parts, which is cool. Does it use the custom Dell power supplies? I gravitate towards brands PCs for that era, due to the cool factor, better cases and usually better construction and components (I'm currently using an IBM 300XL) but the custom parts are annoying. For example, the IBM has an S3 integrated graphic cards you can't disable by any means, so no way to install a Voodoo 3, for example (not even a PCI version). In addition, the IBM has a custom power supply which uses a non-standard start method instead of the customary AT power button. I had to mod the computer just to be able to turn it on. You also have the custom brand BIOS which is buggy, lacks many useful features, can't be upgraded, and takes forever to boot. Voodoos are cool for the historical value, but as a retro component they are overrated IMO. There are precious few Glide DOS games, and once you enter Windows 9x territory, I prefer to build a slightly more powerful machine, something around the Pentium III or IV era, which would give me a better range of games to play while still having zero issues with late 90's games.
Nam3less (2 months ago)
I have a fully working P1 Machine at home, It came with 32MB of RAM, 2MB VGA and a 2GB HDD and Windows 98. After like 10 years I did upgrade the RAM to 96MB and planning to get a Voodoo card for it.
Mr. SEA (2 months ago)
Close to this time was the release of the Pentium II celeron 300mhz that cost $150 Canadian but was overclockable to 450 MHz, very similar to the P3 450 that cost $1000...sweet times...sweet games...I loved my 3DFX card, owned a Matrix card, and fondly remember my first Nvidia TNT...the all in one solution... cheers.
Aurora Valis (3 months ago)
I almost burst into tears when I heard Crusader's main theme. So many fond memories.
Edmundo studios (3 months ago)
Where did people go to buy parts in the mid/early 90s? I don’t remember any shops having parts was always prebuilt.
Joshua Norris (3 months ago)
Lol i did the exact same thing last week. (Tried a usb flash drive in my old windows 98, and needed a driver lol) I gave up at the time but i may figure that out yet. Specially if i can find some use for the beast :P Could i likely upgrade the graphics card in an old laptop? Or is that likely an integrated thing? I hope i can upgrade the ram too. I wonder whats the most advanced games for windows 98? Im guessing diablo 2 is out of the question? Or not too far off?? Maby ill upgrade to windows XP.
Bg Dog (4 months ago)
old school
James Sanders (4 months ago)
How are you doing screen capture from the windows 98 machine?
Odisseas Kipriotis (4 months ago)
Very nice machine there! Plz add a VOODOO! Matrox Millenium was my dream then... Some extra info: Pentium II slot A cpus were made in a variety of forms. I have 4 slot A cpus and 3 of them have a fan mounted on the back of the small heatsink. The one without fan is a celeron 300A (oc dream at the time)..... My first PII was the 266mhz model (1997 I assembled, it if remember correct) with a Matrox Mistique, Sound Blaster AWE32 and Voodoo 2 8MB. Many years have passed, so 3 days ago I finished my "new" retro pc, with the PII 266mhz (I have also 450mhz model), 384mb ram, Sound Blaster Live! Gold, my beloved Voodoo 2 and Nvidia FX5500 256mb AGP. I use the Nvidia card because my alternatives (S3 and a SIS), where a bit low on vram and also the Nvidia is universal model (fits AGP 2X and 4X voltage requirement and different slot). I hope that everyone can build their retro pc or own a retro game console, so they can live again those happy childhoo years! GOOD WORK!
trmblingblustar (4 months ago)
I prefer dosbox since I can multitask and watch Youtube at the same time. :-) But, there are always the odd old Windows 95-XP game that refuses to work on modern systems. Blood Omen II is one such example.
TriCore 9 (5 months ago)
For people who are unable to build a retro pc and use dosbox and know how to dual boot: run dosbox on a 32 but OS. Dosbox its optimisations for 32 bit do not work in 64 bit. The speed you gain is fenomenal.
REALSlutHunter (5 months ago)
You dont mentioned how important ISA Slots for a DOS Machine are. 1) If that machine got no ISA Slot, it's useless for DOS Gaming. With your AC97 Sound Chip you can forgot to play under DOS ! There's no PCI Sound Card (that i know) with 100% Compatible DOS Drivers 2) A GeForce 4 MX (even the PCI Version is cheap or not rare) is way better for DOS & Windows Gaming as any overpriced Vodoo Card. The GeForce4 MX (DirectX7 Support, T&L Support) got extreme high DOS compatibility https://gona.mactar.hu/DOS_TESTS/ very good 2D Speed, and very good 3D Speed & Compatibility (Compared to a Glide Card) All in all, it's by far the Best Option. 3) There are better Browser Options as Opera. Dillo & KMeleon 1.5 4) USB under Win9X is totaly buggy and sucks ! Why use a USB Mouse (it use way more CPU Cycles) when you got a dedicated Mouse Port ?
Andrei Passioukov (5 months ago)
You said DVD and CD Rom drive. DVD wasnt invented yet.
Fokker TISM (6 months ago)
Do you live in Australia or America? In your Hidden Original Xbox Games series, you show American copies of the games with ESRB ratings.
ThyBonesConsumed (6 months ago)
3:29 There's NUSB. Also, if possible, get a USB 2.0 card for it since you only have USB 1.0.
初生之鸟 (6 months ago)
If you can extract the USB flash drive driver from Windows ME, it will work in 98SE.
Shawn Burton (6 months ago)
I think my vintage Toshiba Satellite 330CDS laptop may be about the sweet spot for retro dos gaming. has a 266 mhz Pentium (I guess the fastest P1 before the P2s), 96 mb of ram, and its original 4.1 gb hard drive which said it was manufactured in October of 1998, still runs Windows 98 second edition. One old Dos game I ran on it was called Shamus from 1988.
Scott Bustos (6 months ago)
Great video as always, really takes me back to that feeling of the golden age of gaming
fbonacic (6 months ago)
Your videos are so high quality. Just keep it up!
TheJman425 (6 months ago)
I love these kind of videos. Retro gaming is the best. Subscribed.
CJMitchell (6 months ago)
My first PC was a Slot 1 P3 500 with an S3 Savage GPU. Loved it.
Pidde Bas (6 months ago)
I had that exact same dell model once, would love to have one again
Saša Paunković (6 months ago)
I have 233 Mhz similar machine. Btw there is freedos usb drivers
Drkninja2k5 (6 months ago)
I remember using a app called cpu hog or cpukiller that slows down your cpu to play dos games on fast cpu's
gbrille (6 months ago)
I have a 486 but my main retrogaming pc is my Amd athlon 1333 mhz running win98 se. it has a geforce 4 and soundblaster awe32 added. It is faster compared to a p2 but for me it run good a lot of games. I plan on doing a dedicated p2 or p3 pc eventually and this gave me ideas as well as new games to play. Great video. :)
3Dfx_Aslinger (7 months ago)
Old PC hardware is more fascinated than the boring modern stuff.
Neffers (7 months ago)
I have / had one of these XPS cases in my shed for a while. It's a bloody heavy case, I'll give it that. I forget what CPU it had but it was a socketed CPU not a Slot. It had a blue anodised ally HSF. I'll have to see if it's still in there. I fear I may have binned it though.
y (7 months ago)
Do you use any gamepads or joysticks with this PC?
AlexNitro44 (7 months ago)
The Pentium 2 was actually less expensive for Intel to produce than the Pentium Pro, as the CPU and L2 cache could be tested before assembly, greatly increasing yields. Once they could move the level 2 cache onto the CPU die with the Celeron and P3 Coppermine, they switched back to a socket quickly.
Meti Doshlani (7 months ago)
But can it run Crysis?
Commander 64 (7 months ago)
That heat sink is *enormous* !
aminet5151 (7 months ago)
Why can't you use a VM for PC retrogaming? More Amiga videos please.
AlexNitro44 (7 months ago)
It's possible, but emulating a period-correct system takes a lot of CPU power, especially when you add a 3Dfx card to the mix.
george maragos (7 months ago)
Hi All, very close to what i use, i have a system with P5 board with Pentium 100 and isa / pci cards SB16 and CD kits that i paid plenty when it was brand new. The newer retro machine is a Dell Dimension 2400, the good thing is i partitioned the hard drive into dos 6.22 and XP and it dual boots fine. - the most impressive feature going into the bios and you can slow down the cpu into "compatible" mode, i am not sure what it does ( maybe turn of L1 cache ) , but it really shows the PC down to say 486sx levels
Awesome! We've gone for very similar specs there! I also use mine for the FDD too - writting ST disks lol. I originally purchased mine to use as a server for a MMORPG engine I was developing at the time, but it ended up a great DOS and win 95/98 gaming machine. I loved Screamer! Strangely enough, Screamer 2 I've had trouble running. It works, but the CD audio isn't quite right, yet CD audio with every other game is fine - very odd. I will investigate further when I get time. Every other game for DOS works fine, and I've got hundreds of games on there now. I think what I loved about the 90s on PC was the hardware was pushing the limits and with each new graphics card, sound card, or CPU, the difference was noticeable. I guess there came a point where we weren't wowed in the same ways, or certainly less. It was a very creative time I think. You could argue that modern games are even more creative, but it just doesn't feel that way I guess. We've been spoiled by the 80s and 90s!
tinymanthebeast (7 months ago)
Can't you just chang the operating system in the settings.
playfield (7 months ago)
All' your videos are quality content!
REALSlutHunter (7 months ago)
Wtf are you talking ? Duke 3D runs like Hell on a Intel 486 DX2/66 with a Tseng ET4000 PCI or VLB Card and 16MB EDO Ram (way faster as the SIMM Crap) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tseng_Labs_ET4000
overdriver99 (7 months ago)
damn man.. your video is always great!!! Thanks for bring my memories with DOS games. Now.. where is this Dell computer hmm..
nightbirdds (7 months ago)
Oh the memories. So much goodness coming back to mind here. Just one thing to note though, retail slot 1 CPUs didn't have that giant heatsink on them. That giant heatsink you're seeing was an OEM thing.When I was working at a computer shop back then we put a lot of them together. They had a small 40mm fan on them if I remember right. Don't remember them being all that loud though. Maybe I'm just old.
AlexNitro44 (7 months ago)
My Pentium 3 has a small 50mm fan on it, the bearings are going on it though so it's really annoying!
jothain (7 months ago)
Crusader series! They had maybe the most amazing soundtrack. I personally love to play games with original hardware, but it just takes so much space and time to fiddle with installations and older hardware. My Pentium 2 with voodoo 2, which I actually got new and still have it has been dusting for few years now. Though I've been thinking about fetching my Toshiba P166 laptop with quite good SB pro compatibility to occasionally play something. Also I had a soft spot for Amigas too in my youth even though I didn't actually use my A500+ for that extensive time, now I would pay fair amount for a4000 or very good a 1200 set with good quality crt. By the way, lack of crt these days is the biggest down for me. There simply aren't any lcd type substitutes for even modest crt displays. Why oh why did I throw them all away. I think I'm not alone with that thought.
dylanisco0l (7 months ago)
is that a mechanical keyboard mvg?
James Lewis (7 months ago)
Personally I would not bother with a specific machine for DOS gaming simply because DOSBOX has become so good at getting those games running. What I would build (and have bought parts for even though I haven't got around to plugging it all together yet) is a machine for Windows 9x gaming which this pretty much covers. To me that means having a well compatible but capable for the era graphics card and as powerful a CPU as I can get. Personally I went for a Pentium 4 and Geforce 4 combo. Some day I'll see how that works out, if I ever get the time to actually build and test it!
Ryan Shapiro (7 months ago)
Keep up the good work, I loved this video!! I have to go play Hexen 2 now...
systemchris (7 months ago)
i use the Maximus Decim USB universal driver - work with most usb 1 and 2 drive
plutoend99 (7 months ago)
good stuff
Hardcore8UK (7 months ago)
Nice1 dude, retro dos pc's are excellent projects for people wanting play some of the best games from 1990- 1997 that were only available to the system, a few were ported to consoles but they were never the same experience, and you have to love that midi music unheard of till many years later on consoles?
Chuffer 3D (7 months ago)
That was a fantastic trip down memory lane, thank you. I spent many a late night when I should have been doing my homework playing the likes of Doom, Duke 3d, Heretic, Descent, Screamer rally... etc etc. I look back on those days with very fond memories, for me back then it felt like gaming had no limits. Gaming was just getting better and better! Sadly here we are in modern times plagued by "safe" money making sequels, free to play and micro transactions business models :-(
Arjan Vlek (7 months ago)
I remember my dad having the XPS 350 when I was still young. It Looked exactly the same, but must have been slightly more powerful than this one!
Deksor (7 months ago)
Maybe somebody have already said that, but there is an "universal" USB flash driver for Windows 98. Something funny with IE, Google works on IE4 and 5/5.5, but not IE6. Probably because it was the most used nav back in the days so google "banned" it
Ryszard Wastag (7 months ago)
you need usb storage driver for win 98
CaelThunderwing (7 months ago)
i got a System just real close to this, the Motheboard is a Shuttle HOT-637 V2.2 and featured a 300MHZvers of the PII Cart CPU. for a GPU i went w/ a FX 5700 AGP Card, and an opti 82c929a based Soundcard (for a Real OPL-3 FM Synth)and went w/ a 160GB Western digital HDD (had to use a DDO to get around the 8GB Bios Limit)outside one tiny bug to iron out i got a nice lil sweet spot machine built
Classic80sStuff (7 months ago)
I had a PII 266 machine hooked up recently. I used a web browser called K-Meleon which I'd probably recommend over Opera on an old machine. There is also a fix for facebook loading so slowly or not loading at all, simply go to the mobile site at m.facebook.com and you should be able to access basically everything you can from the desktop site at full speed!
Duke4.net (7 months ago)
Just past the 3 minute mark, you claim the back of this PC has 2 PS2 connectors. How can a 1997 PC have 2 PS2 connectors when Sony didn't even release the console until 2000? This is how I know you're full of it, Modern Vintage Gamer! And you have the audacity to show our beloved Duke in the intro of your video, without even knowing about consoles? What are you going to claim next? That you made your own emulators for the Xbox? HA!
karlnifalgan (7 months ago)
I just buy a very nice Packard Bell with a p2 slot 1 450mhz just to play dos games. On Isa port I have a sb16. ATI 128 on AGP 4x. Unfortunately, when USB is ON windows 98 se crash, but that's the only small issue. And I'm able to deactivate l2 cache to emulate a much more slower computer
TwoBlackMarks (7 months ago)
Crusader No Regret, and No Remorse is one of my favorite games ever, I have not gotten it to run very good on my computer now, seems to be some strange memory thing. Every move has to be used once before it is running smooth. I Remember I had some Sound trouble when it was new too! So I actually bought No Remorse for my Playstation not long ago, just to play it! It really should get an remake, the graphic is very good too. Mid to late 90s was some very good game years.
flandrble (7 months ago)
The heatsink on your Pentium II was a Dell thing, regular retail Pentium IIs had a much much smaller heatsink fan unit on the cartridge assembly.
Rafael Nicodemos (7 months ago)
The reason why I love your videos is that they are extremely well produced. Even though you said half the time you didn't even knew what you were doing, you actually do know. You're not making videos just for the sake of it. You're reviewing pieces of retro hardware that actually give some of us nostalgia and make some of us go back and play games we thought were awesome that we had mostly forgotten existed. Heck, I even bought an original Xbox once again because I saw a video of yours. Keep up the great work.
Modern Vintage Gamer (7 months ago)
thanks! when i said that i meant that i dont have a set backlog or idea about my next video. i assume other creators have a good idea of their content throughout the year. i kinda just shoot from the hip :) appreciate the feedback and glad you are enjoying the channel !
Darren Coull (7 months ago)
G'day - Awesome vids, as always! How about a guide to getting a modern Windows 10 PC with DOSBox (or similar) to give as similar an experience as that Dell XPS PII-266? i.e. how to get the right speed, display options to best emulate CRT look (as almost everyone is on an LCD of some sort) and maybe if there are images you would recommend to the DOS-using novice to get them up and running with minimum of fiddling. Just a suggestion, keep up the great work!
Ridley (7 months ago)
Would love to see you document machines from the 1998-200 era. Man, the memories of playing Unreal 1 on my pentium 3 500mhz and 8mb ati rage.
Entertained45 (7 months ago)
Gratz on 40k I really enjoy your content.
Dean Smith (7 months ago)
your mom bought you that chair?
Chris Kalkman (7 months ago)
DISCLAIMER: I was born in 1996 and I never grew up with most, if not, all of these games. It's my interest in computers and other electronics that got me into this stuff. MSI MS-7021 motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 2400+, 512 MB DDR 400, and an ATI Radeon 9250. That calls for one beast of a windows 98 and more gaming PC. However, yours is more period correct than mine as it's from 2004-2005 or so. I would much prefer a period correct system ( I have a perfectly good 1Ghz Pentium III system from 2000-2001, but I need more than 128 MB of PC100/133 RAM) with a high end video card. The Pentium III PC in question is a dell dimension L1000r motherboard. Great video. It's fun building these PC's.
Gruxxan (7 months ago)
yeah, but can it run crysis?
LeEdgyMemeKing (7 months ago)
How do you record footage on a pc this old?
Il Papa Vitielo (7 months ago)
Been a while since i used a floppy disks and beige accessories, good times
David M (7 months ago)
Thank you for another great trip down memory lane :)
fsmetal (7 months ago)
I built a 486 for old school DOS gaming. It's a very high end 486, though. I would love to build an old school Voodoo 3DFX machine, though.
Mantas Jurksa (7 months ago)
fsmetal I would vote for ATI Rage MAXX monstrosity instead of 3DFX VooDoo. Not because it's faster, but because it was something really insane at the time.
Wingasm (7 months ago)
Wow I hadn't thought about terminal velocity in years. My first pc back in 99 came with a demo for it and mechwarrior 3, good times just replaying the first levels over and over xD
For Gozar (7 months ago)
I have something that can play dos games... any android device.
nblsavage (7 months ago)
http://www.technical-assistance.co.uk/kb/usbmsd98.php This has links to the Win98 USB mass storage drivers. I've got them installed on my Compaq EVO N600c and they work great.
Ger Dumont (7 months ago)
I just picked up a Dell Xps pentium 3, 450 for €5. I added my voodoo 2, and a Gravis Ultrasound i had still lying around, so i am off to some great dos/win98 gaming. By the way, there is a generic usb driver for win98, so most usb sticks work. Even my 64 gig stick.
tillicome2288 (7 months ago)
awesome videos!!
philipbain (7 months ago)
Great video, though you failed to mention the real reason for the Slot 1 format processor, this was because all versions of the Pentium 2 and first generation Pentium 3 had an external half speed cache which wasn't on-die like the Celeron A and 2nd generation Pentium 3, instead it was included in separate ICs on the CPU card, necessitating the need for a slot format CPU. AMD also followed this trend with Slot A for their contemporary 1st generation Athlon CPUs, though like Intel, as soon as the CPU cache was integrated onto the die running at full speed they reverted back to a more traditional CPU socket.
philipbain (7 months ago)
Also, a bit of a PS, when the Socket 370 replaced slot 1 it didn't make slot 1 motherboards entirely redundant as you could get a S370 to Slot 1 riser card allowing you to continue using your Slot 1 motherboard with one of the newer CPUs, this meant that my Intel 440BX Slot 1 motherboard hosted no less than 3 different CPUs over time as I upgraded, starting off with the humble Celeron 266 (overclocked to a dizzying 448MHz (4x112MHz FSB)), then a Pentium 3 500 "Coppermine" and finally a Pentium 3 "Tualatin" 1.4GHz which i'm proud to say outperformed my friend's contemporary Pentium 4 2GHz (not surprising, the P4 was a hideously flawed concept!) which meant that my 440BX lasted years, finally being superceded in the mid-2000s by an AMD system and then the Intel Core 2 Duo when that was released!
zen (7 months ago)
why did you need to buy a new pc to copy x68000 disks? could you not just use an external floppy? or were you using the 5.25inch fdd?
TheSar (7 months ago)
fark me......you're just dredged up memories lost of Terminal Velocity
lurkerrekrul (7 months ago)
Hexen II was a Windows game, there was no DOS version (that I'm aware of).
Jessie James (7 months ago)
Shitty review didn't know anything about drivers..... Did you even look into shit for windows 98Se ?
Jacob Nimeh (7 months ago)
There is a usb storage driver for flash drives. On my 98 machine I use flash drives and they work fine so go search google you will find it
Anon Anonson (7 months ago)
Based Opera♥
Solidus X1 (7 months ago)
More Xbox videos please !
crusader: No Remorse! LOVE IT. :-)
teddybeddy123 (7 months ago)
Cool video dude
Dave Kehrer (7 months ago)
Dave Kehrer (7 months ago)
These drivers work for Windows 98 .
SuperScore (7 months ago)
Another great video like always! Great to hear more videos are on the way, would be nice to see some more arcade stuff ;^)
AWal (7 months ago)
As of recently I've found myself using emulators like PCem and 86box, since we're getting to the point where emulation is giving exactly the same results...After all, it's still being played on a PC, right?
deathr0w (7 months ago)
Yeah i remember those days it was fun and going to friends having network nights with doom 2, duke3d, rott and other games btw Modern Vintage Gamer did you ever call BBS in the early to mid 90s ?
CS (7 months ago)
Get a good sony trinitron crt!!
trr94001 (7 months ago)
The LX (66Mhz) and BX (100Mhz) Intel chipsets were really nice machines.
BINARYGOD (7 months ago)
No need to thanks us for subbing, for it is excellence that brings the subs. * takes a look at the top channels on youtube * Oh...
Chris M (7 months ago)
Hope this channel continues to grow.

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