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This is really why People think Shroud cheats IN PUBG! (SUSPICIOUS) Shroud Best/WTF Moments/Fails

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💎💎 Gamdom - https://gamdom.com/?ref=ozzny [FREE .5$ - CODE: ozzny ] 💎💎 This is really why People think Shroud cheats IN PUBG (DOES HE?) Shroud Best Moments/Fails/WTF Plays To be clear, SHROUD DOESN'T CHEAT, Mike's just too good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 💎💎$40+ *FREE PUBG/CSGO SKINS HERE* - http://ozzny.com/ 💎💎 Shroud - https://www.twitch.tv/shroud This is the series where I put together some of the best and funniest PUBG Moments. Clips can be found on twitch/reddit. IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT CLIPS TO BE FEATURED IN A VIDEO SEND THEM TO: ozzny21999@gmail.com Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Ozzny09 Join my discord: https://discord.gg/W69quj9 There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this video please contact me through one of my social networks or YouTube private messaging system. Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed. Footage Permission by: - https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/playerCreated.pu All video footage is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ I am not affiliated with OddShot.tv, Reddit.com or Livecap.tv all copyrights reserved to their respective owners. ✪ Links: https://oddshot.tv/ https://www.livecap.tv/ https://www.reddit.com Player,Unknown's,Battlegrounds,Top,Plays,Best,Of,Twitch,Fails,Insane,Stream,When,players,Oddshoots,Moments,crossbow shot,PUBG,PUBG funny moments,stream compilations,BEST OF PUBG,pubg best moments,crazy plays,crossbow is it good?,playerunknown's battlegrounds,pvp,steam,player unknown battlegrounds,pubg,play unknown battlegrounds,player unknown,playthrough,walkthrough,h1z1,online,winning the game,last man standing,survival game,hunger games,winning,map,how to win
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Text Comments (456)
Ozzny PUBG (3 months ago)
*DISCLAIMER* Shroud DOES NOT cheat, he is just too good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Brian Knight (12 days ago)
WoOchucK I don't doubt him because there are many players who can do alot of the things he can do and I've seen many players do crazy things very often so no i don't doubt him because the things he does are not rare among pro players
WoOchucK (12 days ago)
Brian knight there are actions that human wouldn't do, not all but there are. You shouldn't believe in him without doubt.
Brian Knight (12 days ago)
WoOchucK Wow hours? There's people who have literally spent days into fps games and aren't even at a pro level like shroud or other youtubers stop acting like you know anything
Wisnu Prasetyo (12 days ago)
Brian Knight never play counter strike? he use like bunny hop in cs
WoOchucK (16 days ago)
I played many hours in fps games and i can see clearly that he is cheater.
AM THE RUSSIAN GUY (5 days ago)
only stupid noobs say shroud is cheating
LEAD FARMER (7 days ago)
This is the only dude in the history of gaming who always just so happens to be looking right at an enemies location before they reveal themselves and he shoots.
dust2 (7 days ago)
9:37 most obvious aimbot i've seen.
Deathstroke (8 days ago)
9:37 is pretty obvious that he cheat , he randomly snap the dude through the door
Hồ Văn Cường (5 days ago)
Rick Sanchez Jr. Because i can also do that so i think this is normal althought it not very often,3 to 5 of my friends does these kind of play easy so why i would think that it's impossible for the others?.True that some of his play is fishy but you have to got some trust.
Rick Sanchez Jr. (5 days ago)
Yeah, everything that looks suspicious is "normal" to you cheater supporters. Show me an example of something that DOES looks suspicious, I am betting I can show this kid a vid of a Chinese cheater with the cheat menu open and he'll still go "nah bro, skills and luck, stop hating."
Hồ Văn Cường (7 days ago)
Deathstroke pretty normal for me.if you play squad then you have to always aware of their teammates.When knock down a person you have to be carefull at the others and knowning what the house like,and hear footstep too.
Ryan Rosario (9 days ago)
Lol shroud cheating? xD he is the only guy I saw who knocks 3 enemies using a handgun desert eagle. Headshot 3 consecutive way back when he still plays CSgo for cloud9 every time I remembers it damn give me a chill. Note: he is just so damn good
lionheart40200 (14 days ago)
So blatant nice aimbot. If you want to see pure skill and talent watch drdisrespect I've been watching his videos thank to the doc I got a 7 kill squad win on my very first game ever of ping granted it was on mobile but used alliteration of his movements and intensity
Hồ Văn Cường (7 days ago)
Watch csgo tournament, there're ton of plays that better than shroud(skaddole,stewie,brax,shox,simple,.....)it pretty normal though.
Azhar khan (14 days ago)
Tell a singoe thing when he shot any one continous then why his aim is not move the aim is stil on the same place
Thrilloby // Andrew (15 days ago)
The thing is people are still going to call him a "cheater" and still watch him at the end of the day. Shroud won't get banned on PUBG he will still make money playing the game on his Stream while people still complain on the internet about him being a "cheater" LOOOL
David Phillips (17 days ago)
I played CS for years so his skill is natural. He understands how to look and where to observe.
Nathan M (17 days ago)
hes not cheating ok people he can hear and see almost everything and great aim clean flicks and he have years played in fps games played and he got pubg's flow easily
x Zeus (18 days ago)
Obviously these people haven't seen his csgo clutches
CaptBlam (18 days ago)
The people that say he’s hacking probably have never watched him live and only his best clips
Wicked 187s (18 days ago)
3:00 strange.. when I slowed down to .25 the shots were hitting the wall to his right 😂
Jack Ren (19 days ago)
so salty about his skills loooooool
Namgang Lhamo (19 days ago)
What just happened in 7:10 -- 7:20 , WTF what was that for?
Jackal the Bat Pony (20 days ago)
tbh he probably just uses anti recoil macro's
Huckleberry Hound (21 days ago)
you don't have to be right no him you can tell it to aim at the legs and ones it's on him you can turn it off. oh please this guy is a fucking hacker. Not to mention that he got a VAC on his CSGO. Between good players the gap is not great. is like between athletes. Only athletes in the world that are holding major records over old ones is cause they are probably 40 to 100 years apart. Humans evolve. But, people his generation? Having a gap of skills that can only be achieved by hacking? That doesn't happen. If he aint hacking he will show his movements on mouse and keyboard. He doesn't want to show them is cause he is hacking. Who would want to prove the world wrong? Oh please you are all naive little kids. I've been playing for 40 years now as a hobby and I can tell this is hacking.
Angel Rodriguez (22 days ago)
All noobs that dont know him always saying aimbot aimbot
Cat Caywood (22 days ago)
Man I'm rusty as fuck and even some of my high lights could be considered fishy if you don't take into account all the times I miss
Hari Tan (23 days ago)
All these salty peeps saying he cheats put in the hours and play smh
azza g (23 days ago)
whoever made this video is an absolute idiot he misses so many shot but hes aimbotting moron lol
Lanuakum Imchen (25 days ago)
Just cuz His map awareness, his aim skills, and reflexes are awesome doesn't mean he is cheating. He is just great at what he does. Not saying cuz I'm a fan. But yeah who wouldn't be a fan of his anyway.
Mark Winn (25 days ago)
Aimbot has just reached mobile this is not good a guy was shooting the sky and took out my teammate luckily I headshots with kar but otherwise he would've wiped us out
L Ms (29 days ago)
Then borrow him your pubg acc and saw it how pro he is
GoarStruck Gaming (29 days ago)
Why do people think that cheating or "hacking" means that you're a 100% aim bot not missing any shots or incapable of dieing. There are plenty of scripts and bots that can increase your aim by 60% minimal. Scripts that let you see through walls or tie colored lines to enemies so u know where they are. The amount of cheats and scripts out there that are undetectable and do all sorts of things is nuts. The companies creating the cheats aren't millionaires because nobody buys them. There's even studies showing that around 40% or more of players actively cheat, and its very very hard to keep changing and adapting to catch the cheaters. Pros and twitch streamers are caught all the time cheating and exposed on youtube / social media. What makes you think that someone like shroud isn't capable of doing so? If you're a good player with a mix of certain scripts, you can increase your gameplay 10 fold. If you knew u could make 10s of thousands a month playing video games by using a mix of skill and undetectable cheats, would you? And he tries to show you how if someone was cheating then it would "snap". that's not true at all, there's plenty of cheats that look very human like. He could of done the snapping to the target himself but him knowing where they all are like that perfectly and snapping to them then "correcting" is bullshit. I always have to explain how elaborate cheats are now a days and how human-like they can seem.
lookbackatit (1 month ago)
Hackers don’t miss shots that he missed in these clips. He’s just insanely good
dust2 (7 days ago)
not if you use legit cheats
Weedz420 (1 month ago)
Aimbots are based off Shroud
Artorias of the Abyss (1 month ago)
He ain't cheater
omicrom_8 (1 month ago)
en este juego de mierda no creo que se pueda diferenciar un cheto, pero este tio tiene jugadas muy muy raras. aunque hay que decir que es bueno jugando. el tiempo lo dira!!
Andre Robinson (1 month ago)
Shroud your fucking trash you get shit on in CSGO lan and you have to go home and aimbot to make yourself feel better your ass kid
Finx (1 month ago)
loool watch this first few seconds on .25 speed... XD
laith tube (1 month ago)
1:29 no shit Sherlock xd jk
Hazim Reitz (1 month ago)
If he hacks, he ain't no csgo champion in "real" tournament "live" gameplay with "judges" around.
Chris Seger (1 month ago)
I'm sure he's just a talented gamer, but he shouldn't try to defend himself against the accusations so much. His theory about snaps is wrong, and acknowledging it only draws unwanted attention to it.
Hey Hi (1 month ago)
The people that seriously think Shroud cheats do not think it through, let me tell you the reason why they are wrong. First reason Shroud does not cheats because if he is caught cheating that would ruin his entire career not only as a pro player, but streamer; he is not going to use hacks to look good on stream and throw away his entire career with it. Second reason Shroud has been playing aiming related games like CSGO for years, saying that he is cheating because of his aim is just ludicrous. If you play games like CSGO every day for years (and you put effort into it as well). on end you will be one of the best players in any aim related game. Third reason Shroud would be in serious legal trouble as well, if he is cheating on PUBG was he cheating when he was winning CSGO championships? What will his sponsors think? What will his friends think of him?
iTebz (1 month ago)
Shroud is like the ninja of fornite but on PUBG😂
Matthew Almaquer (1 month ago)
He has good ears and eyes..thats what makes him good.
Sean Gotts (1 month ago)
looks like hes using a script that makes him face the enemy when there in a certain range .. you can see the snap too multiple times .. but hes not dumb enough to use an aim bot .. so yes id say hes cheating
TheSneakyNinja 545 (1 month ago)
Shroud not hacking bro.he is so good on pubg and csgo.who say shroud hacking?you jealous because you don't have best skill like shroud 😊
Exai26 (1 month ago)
@2:36 wtf is that ?
david simoun plaza (1 month ago)
Do u see him play csgo?? He is a clutch god u should've see him play pubg and csgo he is not cheating
Jello Jelly (1 month ago)
That’s what happens when youve been a professional CSGO player for a shit long time...
Valerio Pilo (1 month ago)
you took the video from shroud, gave it a other name and upload it to your account?
HowTO MVP (1 month ago)
0 recoil on this cam
mo m00 (1 month ago)
played against shroud yrs ago in the cs glory days an i gotta say he jus is tht good its fuckin scary an kinda frustrating but meh thats the way it goes somtimes stop being butthurt an get good innit :D
Nick Wilson (1 month ago)
These "pro" level players are just as bad as the steroid using body builders who claim to be natural. There is some weirdness to how he plays. He has to sit there and convince his fan base that he's not cheating. That is pretty weird too. So.
War Oliv (1 month ago)
That happens to pretty much every good pro. In CS people would accuse others all the time. There's nothing weird in how he plays, his muscle memory is just really good. I've been playing CS for a long time, flicks like these are normal after a few thousand hours.
Steven Lopez (1 month ago)
shroud is a shameless cheater as you can see in this video move to 2:35 he has aimbot and its auto head its so clear that his a cheater guys 100 percent
dust2 (7 days ago)
L Ms yes you can cheat at tournaments
SeafightVDUBLYFE (11 days ago)
L Ms actually you can, and people get caught for it all the time
Ksus Susk (11 days ago)
that's why he is a millionaire by playing video games and you are broke.
Alief Aditya Permana (26 days ago)
It called muscle memory. He play csgo from 0 to international tournament. Can you imagine how many hours i mean thousand of hour playing fps game.that should make him easy playing pubg because it his habbit . You'll say he is cheating or something because you just play fps game in pubg(battle royale)
NGUYEN LARRY (26 days ago)
Steven Lopez hey, ur that guy at 2:35
Hunter Wratten (1 month ago)
trash players always accuse good players of cheating ......
Monster123cz (1 month ago)
He only has good skills
Sluntung Junior (1 month ago)
He not cheating he just born to FPS Games
opet ja (1 month ago)
he can see enemy everyway..cheat show him where are enemy
NGUYEN LARRY (26 days ago)
opet ja u stupid lil cunt, u may wanna get rid of ur headphones if u dont need them
Ioannis Holden (1 month ago)
This is just speculation, guys shroud doesn't cheat
Reece Kinsey (1 month ago)
I'm sure dude doesn't cheat. He was a pro in counter strike and that's really all about headshots and having fast reaction. His headsets are obviously really good too. Dude just has insane reaction time and headshot accuracy.
Jared Morton (1 month ago)
9:40 he knew someone was in that building. He even checked it through the window. Then once he shot the other guy. He predicted that guy was going to pop out.
JZP The Legend (1 month ago)
3:21 he knew it was obvious so he had to make things clear and explain once again lied to people. Excuses every day, advanced aimbot can recorrect easily, it's 2018 hackers learned to make legit hacks ofc "pros" use aimkeys Thats why he's missing sometimes because he can use the aimbot only when he need it. If a cheater repeatedly shot one legit one cheated then you can't tell if it's hack or not.
NGUYEN LARRY (26 days ago)
JZP The Legend ok
JZP The Legend (26 days ago)
NGUYEN LARRY ikr. He is pro ofc indeed, no doubts. But sometimes u can see something so fuccking damn weird in his aim. That he uses a Marco to shoot m16 fullauto everybody knows but no big harm just A Marco but aimbot is Pure evil cheating that should be punished.
NGUYEN LARRY (26 days ago)
JZP The Legend dude u play l4d2, he plays csgo, dont act like ur an expert
NGUYEN LARRY (26 days ago)
JZP The Legend then upload a video to prove that ur pro
JZP The Legend (1 month ago)
Zachary PUBG and more ehh... kid... listen here, ill try to speak as Simple as possible for your limited brain. Nobody said that we suck, actually im that "pro" that I see something is wrong with his gameplay. Basically I Play since I was kid. I am The best l4d2 player. So I know exactly how The games work. And trust me, he is not legit. He was cheating in csgo so He is here. Just he wasnt "caught" yet. Btw. He is not using his cheats all The Time. To look more legit, also On such A high Level of skill, There is no need to use cheats blatantly, only such A Small amout of help is used from the hack, that unexperienced People thinks its legit.
Andre mollsen (1 month ago)
Hes a god bois
Pteribledactyl (1 month ago)
not sus... he could hear them coming up the stairs.. prefire explained
eulogio ostulano (1 month ago)
If you played as much as a gamer plays, everything that u do that you feel is wrong you definitely learn quickly, and then pretty sure all what u learned it'll all becomes second nature. Example he probably takes a shot at a spot and his brain and other senses then takes everything into factor and gives him a probability of success and executes. Funny thing is though he's always learn but he could readily adapt to any situation. I've been a console gamer u would love to try my hand on some FPS on PC. He's got a pretty good set up. Those head phones you could accurately pinpoint where an enemy is. Shourd your crazy good that people are confused on how. Love what your doing keep on doing you.
eulogio ostulano (1 month ago)
Sorry Shroud miss spelled your name. But in future idk when or what ever tech be out there at that time. But it would awesome to play?
Ali Tariq (1 month ago)
he's on steroids people.. wake up!!!!!!!!
reevus (1 month ago)
when you call a professional cs go player a cheater. You're probably noob
Akhil Saju (2 months ago)
8:44 Just...
EcHö (2 months ago)
for fuck sake people did u all forgot his a ex professionals counter strike player? its common to have fast reaction for counter strike. fucking salty kids
Crystal Matt (2 months ago)
The guy is a pro csgo player of course he's going to run it at an easier shooting game like pub
micheal trentham (2 months ago)
If he cheated he wouldn't be able to okay pro league😂 he even uses an eye tracker to prove it lmao
The Canucklehead (2 months ago)
all about knowing how the guns handle, knowing the architecture of buildings with enemies inside and anticipating their moves based on the internal structure. Beyond that his aim and awareness is just unreal. Hes a pro, and theres a reason for it.
Chris Seger (1 month ago)
He's a PC gamer, it's apples and oranges. Fact is, when you're talking about pro gamers, they're almost exclusively on the PC platform. I'm not a platform elitist, I love playing some games on my PS4, but PC is where most of the competitive action is at.
XXX GAMES (1 month ago)
I wanna see him play on my xbox one s console and my pubg version and see his results...
Alejandro CM (2 months ago)
the walls on this kid are blatant, he's a good actor though
OmPenyuk (1 month ago)
Alejandro CM huh?
VeryDaddy (2 months ago)
he doesn’t cheat. he used to be a professional csgo player. if you watch his old csgo vids, he’s 10 times better in those because he actually tried. in pubg he’s good but if you wanna excuse him for cheating, watch his csgo clips.
WSF M1ck10v1n (2 months ago)
It's obvious that he hacks but all the little fanboys will defend him... Many "pro gamers" have been caught hacking, it just depends how stupid they are with the hacks. But I just hope that one day he and DrDickHead appear in a Logan Paul video with some rope.
NGUYEN LARRY (26 days ago)
WSF M1ck10v1n so ur just jealous with em,ok
L Ms (29 days ago)
Borrow him your pubg acc and you can know it by yourself
rian mari caharian (2 months ago)
Shroud hacking issue still on for over a YEAR. Get over it
WSF M1ck10v1n (2 months ago)
Yeah... I don't hack so... clearly
rian mari caharian (2 months ago)
WSF M1ck10v1n keep being salty, you'll NEVER be as good as him roflmao.
123manny321 (2 months ago)
100% cheater
Ran (2 months ago)
Pro sound user, milliseconds reaction time, beast aimer. & a cool guy. Re-watch on half a second speed or even 0,25, none of the flick kills are weird.
The Lonely Pigeon (2 months ago)
Dat ending though. Oh btw, I knew you were being sarcastic anyway. But you shouldn't do this kinda of title because they'll be alot of haters coming at ya.
The Lonely Pigeon (2 months ago)
More like superb game sense.
Zage13 (2 months ago)
It's obvious this dude is cheating. He makes it seem like no other steamer had been caught with hacks on during the stream but it happens and it's pretty clear he's a cheater.
michael wolfe (2 months ago)
10:28 landmine! Lol
MaNtICoRe_ YT (2 months ago)
He can here enemys
Low rank gaming (2 months ago)
Low rank gaming (2 months ago)
Shroud does not cheat guys he is right with the snapp and change because I do that all the time
Diego Guaraz (2 months ago)
2:23 AHAHA auto aim? REALLY !?
EJ Swart (2 months ago)
how i ask you ... how the fuck does this man do it
T J (2 months ago)
#SNAP# recorect.. hahaha, what aload of bullshit..
T J (2 months ago)
1:52. using Aimbotter, autotigger bot.. on the sniper... this type of bot is realy hardt to se, but my job for tha last 20 yeas is to se smal details like this.. and im werry exsperienst whit FPS hacks! Modern 2018 aimbotts, autobots and Trigger bot ar alsow programmed to miss alot!
xtok ar (2 months ago)
the point is ur opinion doesn't fucking matter on internet.u fighting about something that u dont even do shit about ur shitty life.its like how discontent is ur life is?and do u even remember valve anti-cheat system like?just think u arguing about a streamer thats possibly cheat(im not saying shroud cheating),what benefit it give to ur life?u wont get his stream view,u will get nothing.even if he got banned just think about the other people who hacking.goddam sometime i just want to die seing this kind of people.and why even i bother writing they never learn
michael stromberg (2 months ago)
No way he would risk cheating. Dude was a pro csgo. When u play a game enough especially with a mouse u can snap right on ppl.
DarkeyMonPlayz (2 months ago)
He is Aimbot himself
jakemch (2 months ago)
everyone loots sooooo slow i hate it lmao
KingT Gaming (2 months ago)
But he looks for players he isn't tracing players through walls.
Kuja (2 months ago)
i mean its easly to say cheater if you are bad at the game, i see nothing weird, that kind of plays happen to anyone who plays alot, the only difference, he is better at the game and he is good at it
jedlow (2 months ago)
5:58 when aimbot goes wrong XD
jedlow (2 months ago)
silent aimbot??? dont know that.
Kurtis Oxley (2 months ago)
he uses macro's... Technically not cheating, but its exploiting... when the M16 fires like an M249... somethings wrong.
C9 ExoGenesis (2 months ago)
just unsubscribe to this chanel
red Diamond (2 months ago)
Of course he cheats he's WHITE! Plus mouse and key board are easier! Never trust a pussy ass white boy in anything. You fucks are dirty evil cheats at everything just look at trump! Smh
BORIS KERO (2 months ago)
Sour Paxx Kids (2 months ago)
People are just so mad that a former pro CS:GO player has god aim
Aaron Ratliff (2 months ago)
I believe it's called skill
Fahim Anjarpul (2 months ago)
Shroud not cheater he is real pro player...
KMART (2 months ago)
That's from years of pro level CS playing. Tournaments, scrims, majors...i mean he was considered one of the most skilled in NA so I don't know why people think his aim wouldn't carry over to this game
bryan marante (2 months ago)
You guys are just haters shroud is a god
JahJah (2 months ago)
tmw you are so good that people accue you of cheating

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